Donatien started lathering up my asshole with a glob of salve. He gave a command, and I found my legs being flipped up into the air and spread farther apart, my hips suspended slightly above my head. Don walked around to in front of me, holding his gigantic cock in his hand and pulling it in gentle, long strokes. He placed the bulbous head of his member at the entrance of my hole and rotated it around gently for some time. I whimpered quietly, paralyzed by fear of the anticipated but unknown. He told me to take a deep breath, and, as I did, he brutally entered me to the point where his dick helmet breached past my sphincter muscles. I threw my head back, my vision crowded by a sea of the muscled legs of my audience, and bellowed in pain and frustration, all of my veins bulging. I gritted my teeth, remembering that I had wanted this - that I had come for this - just not from Donatien. From Doug.

'The first breach of the virgin,' the master announced in full voice, as a ripple of applause and murmurs of enjoyment and admiration fluttered through the circle of satyrs that surrounded me. I quickly realized, however, that writhing about would only push the assault ram deeper sooner, so I went rigid. Don whispered endearments at me, telling me to relax, that it would be far less painful if I relaxed and went with the flow. His hands ran across my belly, abs, and pecs, and he gently massaged me, helping me to relax.

As I relaxed, Don commented on how beautiful my body was and on how sure he was from my reactions that I must really be a virgin to the touch by man. His eyes sought Doug in the crowd around us and beckoned him over. I could hear Doug's cock slurp its way out of a young satyr's ass, as he extracted himself and walked over to us. Don expressed his pleasure at Doug's gift of my body for this ceremony and kissed him on the lips. From the murmurs in the crowd, I could tell this was a distinct honor. I heard Don tell Doug that, for his reward, he could join in the final ceremony on the altar, and Doug thanked him profusely and backed toward the crowd.

It was then, while I was relaxed, that Don pushed his cock into me two or three more inches. I started to tense again, but his helmet had found my prostate, and started rubbing back and forth on that, which produced sharp flashes of pleasure in my cock that were far beyond anything I had ever felt before. I moaned loudly.

'Furrowing the field,' the master announced. The crowd voiced its congratulations.

'Oh, God, oh God,' I moaned. I could feel precum bubbling up and out of my pisshole.

'Oh sweet baby,' Don whispered to me. 'You've never felt this before, have you?'

'Oh, God, no,' I moaned back at him.

'Never realized it could feel this good, did you?' he pressed.

'Oh, God, oh, God. No!'

'Shall I stop or continue?' he asked. I hesitated and he pulled out from the prostrate and then rubbed back on to it with his dick head. The pleasure of the contact flooded back. I couldn't help my response.

'Oh, no, don't stop. Don't stop, please.' I wailed.

He, of course, had no intention of stopping, but there were murmurs of approval from the crowd, and he obviously was pleased at my acceptance of his power over me. He gave a command, and the tension was completely erased from the chains on my wrists, and I arched back. I didn't fall; however, because Don's strong hands supported me under my buttocks. He arched forward over me and his lips and teeth went to my nipples and abs. My throbbing cock was rubbing back and forth in the hair on his belly, and the combination of that sensation and the rubbing on my prostate made me cum again.

'He came! The life-giving rains!' the master announced to the audience in jubilation, and there was another round of cheers and celebration.

The cock head continued on past the prostate another inch, and I was filled with pain.

'Plowing,' the master declared. The tension in the room was electric.

'Oh, ah. A-h-h-h. Please.' Another inch and, 'Oh, God, no. Stop, please. You're splitting me. I can't - '

A command was given and my arms were pulled back up and Don was putting his mouth very close to my ear.

'Sssst,' he was whispering insistently to me. 'You must want it. You must want it for your own good. The ceremony is fixed. There is no alternative. I'm going to take you completely, one way or the other. But there are consequences if you don't want it.'

'Oh, oh,' I moaned. 'It hurts. How much more? I can't take it.'

Don laughed bitterly in my ear. 'Can't take it? I'm only about half in myself now, and you are going to be taking it for hours - by cocks of all sizes.'

'Oh, no, no, please,' I cried. Another inch in and I lurched and moaned deeply.

'Plowing deeper,' the master declared over my moans of pain. Both he and I felt the wetness that now lathered his cock.

'I confirm a new field. Virgin, unplowed ground!' he yelled in triumph, and he pulled his cock out of me to show all that it was smeared in the blood of my ass canal. Excitement buzzed in the crowd.

'The ceremony is now validated and can proceed!' the master declared to a round of applause and louder buzzing and a great release of tension in the room. Obviously we had passed some sort of portal of the action.

He crouched and his lips and tongue went to my asshole. His ministrations were soothing, even if a little scary. I primarily was glad that he had stopped the plowing. When he came back up he leaned back down to me and put his mouth beside my ear.

'It's only this time you will feel the pain, I promise,' Don said. 'The drug I gave you will both increasingly loosen you and take away the pain. At some point there will only be pleasure. But for now the pain is necessary. You must be shown to have a virgin ass. The ceremony requires it. It also requires that I plow the field and plant the seed. After this first time, there will only be pleasure in it.'

'Oh, oh,' I whimpered. 'But can you go more slowly?'

'I can mix more pleasure with the pain,' Don answered. And to my groans and moans, he reentered me with his hard ramrod to where his cock helmet rubbed over my prostate again and slowly rotated his cock around in my ass canal with his hand wrapped around the root of his cock. That indeed, increased the pleasure, and my moans and sighs and grunts showed the increased satisfaction. Once more, upon command, the wrist chains released, and I arched back, which jutted my pelvis into Don's and forced his cock deeper up my canal, but this time not with nearly the pain I had experienced before.

'Tell me,' Don commanded in a louder voice. 'Tell me what you want me to do to you.'

'OK, OK,' I whimpered. 'You can do it.' But I gasped as the cock reached the deepest point it had attained earlier, a good six inches in.

'A second furrowing of the virgin fields! A sure harvest is a well-plowed field.' Don announced to his adherents.

'Tell me. Tell me in your own words. Let me know you want it; that you consent to this taking of your virginity. To the dedication of your virginity to the master of this coven. Tell me.' and them more softly into my ear. 'It will happen regardless. There are dire consequences if you don't declare your willingness. I like you. I want you to pass the initiation.' He took the root of his cock in his hand and rotated the embedded end in my ass. My ass canal responded, widening to him and sending ripples of pleasant sensations through the muscles of my channel. This, in turn, made him gasp at the rippling across and around his embedded dick, and his eyes caught mine. And the flash in those violet eyes confirmed that we were on the brink of an action he could not control and that was inevitable. He was going to fuck me deep. I knew that now. Nothing was going to prevent that. Doug would not be the first to reach my core. What the hell. I'd come here to be fucked. Curiosity had sealed my fate.

'Take me,' I cried. The crowd bubbled over in exclamations of approval and awe.

'What do you want me to do?' Don screamed.

'Fuck me!' I cried. 'Fuck me deep! Plow these fields and plant that seed. Please, now. Finish. Now. Fuck me hard, fuck me deep. You are the master of my body.'

Don plunged into me that last four or five inches. I screamed in pain and he screamed in ecstasy.

'To the root! Reaching the good, virginal soil!' Don declared triumphantly, and the crowd roared its appreciation.

Immediately, he pulled nearly all the way out, and I sharply took in breath, which exploded back out of me as he plunged back to the root.

'Oh, God, oh God, oh, God,' I screamed, as he repeated this deep plunge several times, ending in the loud gush of 'The seed of the master! The seed has been planted deep and true in virginal soil.' The sensations of my innards being drowned in his semen washed over me. The cheers were deafening, reverberating around the stone walls.



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