When I awoke, still very groggy, I found I was completely naked, with my arms suspended from overhead hooks with chains and my legs spread apart and attached by chains to a stone floor as well. We were in some sort of stone vault. I had what seemed to be a wooden stool supporting me from behind and below so that I didn't drag my arms out of their sockets against the chains in my unconsciousness.

I felt wetness all over my body and became barely conscious that all of my body hair was being shaved off me with foam and straight razors, except for the hair on top of my head and my eyebrows. A man I barely remember from the crowd at the party was working on my right armpit and Doug, himself, was quite carefully shaving my pubic hair and my balls. Someone else was working on a thigh and a calf.

They were pretty much finished as I came at least partially out of my stupor and began to test my chains. Doug was washing me off - everywhere - with a wet, scented cloth. I found that all of my limbs had a bit of freedom of motion, but not much. The hooks of the chains attached to my arms and legs ran in groves along the floor and stone ceiling, and the grooves ran up into pillars in front of me and behind me, which indicated that the position of my body could be readily changed without freeing me. My wrists and ankles were heavily padded where they were cuffed to the chains. I had never felt so exposed and controlled before in my life.

I would have let everyone know how little I appreciated being trussed up like this, but I was still groggy and was completely awed by what I could see. About fifteen feet in front of me, in the middle of the room, was a low-slung altar, with a large brazier on top, which was emitting heavy, musk-scented smoke. But even more awesome were the men in the room. Although I recognized several as having been at the party in the mansion and the sexual allure had been heavy in the air there, the current context of their presence here was highly confusing and had entered an entirely new sexual dimension. They were swirling about the stone vault and all were naked to the waist. All wore tight, latex-like red leotards, open at both the crotch and the ass. They all were in superb shape, well-endowed to a man even though of widely different body builds and types, and all had at least half hard ons. They also all wore horns on their heads, which made them appear to be satyrs, which, no doubt, was what they were pretending to be. They were drinking heavily from flagons, and many were smoking joints or popping pills as they glided about the room, touching each other intimately in passing.

Then, out of the smoke, appeared the host of the party, Donatien. In contrast to everyone else, he was entirely naked, except for the horns and a black leather belt crisscrossing his chest. He was heavily tanned, which could hardly be discerned through the hair that covered his body in profusion, absent only here and there to accent how it flowed in channels over his body. His violet eyes had a new luster to them, whereas he had borne the slight illusion of the Satanic when I had met him at the party, now he was the devil full blown - a devil of extreme sexuality and allure. Every inch of him exuded illicit sensuality. But what I couldn't take my eyes off was his cock. He was horse hung and was in full erection - and no doubt had taken something that would keep him so for a good long time.

I was growing more aware of my surroundings and started rattling my chains, trying to break free. But Donatien just walked up to me and pushed the stool off to the side now that my legs could more or less support my own weight. With a big grin on his face, he backhanded me smartly across the mouth, stunning me. Then his mouth, tongue, and teeth started to brutalize my pecs and nipples. He grabbed my head in both of his hands and went into another deep kiss on my lips. Once more his tongue pushed capsules down my throat. But instead of blacking out this time, the drug made me feel powerless, but increased my sensitivity to touch, and I also could feel my cock hardening and my ass canal loosening. Still intent on struggling my way out of this, I bit him on the lip. He pulled away and gave me a startled look. Then he laughed, licked at his lip with his tongue, and backhanded me across the cheek again. My head snapped back and he sank his teeth into my neck. I could feel him sucking at my blood. He only did this, though, long enough to demonstrate to me the totality of the power he had over me in this situation.

For the next half hour or more, Don played my body with his lips, teeth, and fingers. His mouth wound up on my cock, where he worked it in front until I thought I was going to explode. He let me rest briefly and then approached me from the rear, pulling my cock between my legs and alternating between working it and my asshole with his mouth.

All the time he was doing this, the rest of the men were working their way into a sexual frenzy. Right in front of me, I saw Doug bend a willowy young man forward over at the waist, enter him from behind in one long, continuous slide that had the young man panting and moaning, and begin pumping him in deep thrusts. While doing this, Doug was staring intently at me, and I had the sensation of him entering me rather than this anonymous young man. Another man was sucking the dick of Doug's partner, and in short order, yet another, heavily muscular man was riding Doug from behind as well. Doug threw his head back and laughed with pleasure.

The brazier had been moved from the altar, and a young man was stretched out on his back on the top of the table. Below him a beefy black man was spread-eagling the young man's legs and pumping away at his ass with a big, thick cock. A man covered in colorful tattoos was straddling the young man above and both were engaged in a vigorous 69 sucking. In one corner of the room, a completely hairless satyr was trussed up in a sling made of black leather straps and was being blown by one muscle man and fist-fucked by another, whose sweat glistened and wavy tattoos undulated in the light from torches placed along the walls. A third man was languorously sucking the toes of the bald guy. And in another corner, another lithe, young man was strapped up to a hook by leather straps, and a tormenting satyr was flicking his back and buttocks with a riding crop and was inserting a thick dildo into his ass. The young man was writhing and twisting, but he was screaming repeated exclamations of 'Yes!' and 'More, deeper!' at the top of his lungs. Another muscular giant had a black satyr up against the wall. The giant was supporting the black man with beefy hands clutching his buttocks. The black man's legs were wrapped around the small of the giant's back and the giant was pounding away in the black man's ass with his club of a dick. A third man was fingering the giant's ass and working up his own cock with his hand.

I swiveled my head and saw, nearly at the edge of my peripheral vision, a satyr holding a flagon high over his head, letting wine stream out. Some of the wine managed to hit his mouth, but much of it was streaming down his face and onto and down his chest and belly. A second satyr was licking the wine off the torso of the first as it flowed down his glistening, marble-white skin. A third satyr was behind the first, his face planted firmly between the marbleized youth's butt cheeks. And, as I watched, he stood and took his engorged penis in his hand. His tool was fascinating; it was long and thin, with a rosy, bulbous helmet, and had a pronounced curve up toward his belly. It looked very much like an Oriental crescent sword. And, as he pierced the ass of the first satyr, I had the image of that bulbous helmet head dragging along the ass canal as it skewered its prey.

I swiveled my head back and saw that a tall, thin redhead was stretched out on his belly between me and the altar. A muscular blond lay full length on top of him, his arms atop the redhead's arms, the fingers of their hands entwined. Their heads were cheek to cheek; the blond's powerful thighs held those of the redhead's close together. Only the way that their fingers flexed and unflexed in a rhythmic fashion; that their faces shared an intense, yet faraway look; that the redhead moaned quietly; and that the blond's thighs twitched and his buttocks gently undulated revealed that the redhead was being deeply and tightly plowed.

I saw that the eyes of both the redhead and blond were focused on my own methodical taking under the ministrations of their dark, hairy master. Looking around the room, I could see that, in fact, nearly all of eyes of those around me were swimming in semen and fixed on what Don was doing to my body. I was the centerpiece of this party. No, obviously this was a ceremony of some sort rather than a party. I felt Don's teeth tighten around the root of my cock, and his index finger, deep inside my ass, was rubbing relentlessly across my prostate, further engorging my cock and bringing me to the brink of cumming under a sensation in my cock that I had never experienced before.

I heard a scream of ecstasy from one corner of the vault as the bald man in the sling shot arcs of cum on the chest of his tormentor, and from Doug as he arched his back to find the mouth of the man who was riding him and launched his load up the ass of the willowy young man he was servicing. The man strapped to the hook in another corner strained his head back and joined in the scream, as the dildo with which he was being prodded was pulled out, and his body was lifted off the ground by one dick entering him from behind and another joining the first as it enter him from in front. His body lurched and twitched and bobbed up and down against the piston motion of the two dicks slowly disappearing up his stretched ass hole in a counterplunging drilling action. Legs planted firmly on the ground, the bulging-muscled torsos of the fucking duo leaned away from their shared toy, every vein bulging and rolling wildly and their mouths open in a tenor-baritone duet of intense pleasure.

The redhead stretched in front of me let out a loud groan, as the blond, going up on his knees, pulled the redhead's buttocks up with him and pumped him in five long, hard strokes with his throbbing cock before pulling out and spewing cum up the redhead's back. The blond fell back on his haunches, and the redhead came on his knees, turned, grabbed the blond by his calves, wishboned his legs, and plunged his dick into his partner's ass to where his strawberry pubic hair merged with vanilla fluff. As the blond arched his back and threw his head back and screamed in surprised pain laced with pleasure, the redhead started pumping away like mad.

All of this was too much for me; I had never imagined, not to mention seen, anything like this. And I shot off a load of semen down Don's throat. Don now lost focus on my cock and balls and moved back to in front of me. At his command, the chains on my wrists slackened considerably, and Don was pulling my head down to his crotch with both hands. The wet tip of his bulbous dick head pushed at my mouth, forcing it open. Gently, at first, he guided me in giving him suck and then, more insistently, he began to face fuck me, guiding my head in rhythm with his strong fingers. I gagged as he forced his enormous cock deeper toward the back of my throat. But when I thought I wasn't going to be able to take another breath, he pulled out of me, the chains jerked me back up to a standing position, and he moved around to behind me.

Don let out an animal howl, and we were receiving the full attention of the room now. Everyone disengaged from what they were doing and formed a circle around me, choosing their favorite vantage point from which to see me violated. Some were stroking themselves as they watched. Some were being stroked from behind by others, and Doug and few others had their arms entwined around and their dongs up the asses of some of the younger satyrs. Still, while he was even then slowly fucking another from behind, Doug's eyes were locked on mine, and I felt he was sharing in everything that Don was doing in what was approaching the centerpiece of my ritual deflowering.

Standing right behind me, close to me, Don placed his palms on my hips and was gently stroking my butt cheeks with his thumbs. His breath was hot against the back of my neck, and I felt that huge tool of his running up the small of my back. He kissed me tenderly, and I trembled as I felt that bulbous head of his cock stroking its way down my back and into my crack.



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