I was nothing if not persistent, so I went back to my research. This time I researched everyone in the mayor's office until I discovered that the mayor's deputy chief of staff was a member of Donatien's coven. All right, I thought, I'll just look for someone in that office that trumps his influence.

And it wasn't long before I did. I was just about to get into my car outside a gay bar one evening, when I noticed a big, black Cadillac parked down the street that I had remembered being there when I had arrived. The car had a low-number tag on it, which indicated it was an official car. I got in my car and watched for some time before a man emerged from the car and walked slowly, in hesitating steps, toward the gay bar. When he passed under a lamp post, I recognized the deputy mayor. His walk slowed, and when a noisily amorous couple approached and entered the bar, the deputy mayor changed his mind, retreated to his car, and motored off into the night.

I researched him thoroughly and planned our encounter for the shower at his golf club. Everything was set up, I displayed myself with a half hard-on in the cascading water, and he showed his interest, but in an instant my plan changed. I decided to play heavily to his obvious need. He was a bear of a man, shorter than average, stockily built, although not yet going beyond slightly padded to fat, and his body was very hairy. But his most distinctive feature was his cock, which, when he first entered the shower was hardly in evidence at all beyond an unusually large, bulbous rosy dick helmet. Although he was obviously aroused by me in the shower, his dick never increased in size beyond four inches. It seemed to be over two inches in diameter, however.

I decided that lack of length was at the root of his sexual tension and that if I relieved him of this burden, he would be putty in my hands. So, I left him there in the shower and cleared out of the locker room before he returned to it.

I did some architectural work for the city and thus was able to wrangle an appointment with the deputy mayor in his office one Saturday afternoon. I had indicated my schedule was so tight that this was the only time I could meet with him, and he assured me over the phone, having no idea we'd already met in intimate circumstances in the golf club shower, that he'd be alone in the office on Saturday, but would be working that day.

I arrived at his office in a tight turtleneck sweater, making sure that the bulge of my nipples showed, and tight pants, making sure that the bulge of my basket showed off well, and carrying two cups of coffee, his laced with Doug's magic cock pills.

He recognized me immediately and presumably realized that I recognized him from the golf club shower room as well, so there was an unacknowledged sexual tension in the air from the start. He dutifully drank his coffee while we were looking over architectural drawings, he sitting away from his desk in his desk chair and me perched on the edge of the desk in front of him, one leg planted in the carpet and the other one swinging gently between his spread legs, mimicking a intimate pumping action there and conveying in no uncertain terms that I was invading his space in sexual terms.

I watched as the capsules took their effect, him not realizing that his cock was rising far beyond its normal limits because of drugs rather than because of his unusual attraction to me and my obvious coming on to him. After a while, I decided to take him out of his misery, and, indicating the tenting of his pants, I said, 'I can't notice but that you are aroused by me. Would you like me to take care of that for you?'

He blustered as I stood and stripped off my sweater and pants and gave him a good shot of me naked.

'We've met before,' I said, 'In the shower at the golf club. Remember this?' I waggled my cock before his eyes. 'I had the feeling you wanted me there. Well, you can have me here if you like. Your cock seems to be interested.'

He just sat there paralyzed, hovering on the threshold of giving into his long-resisted sexual desire for male-on-male sex and weighing what he had to gain against what he might lose. Only his eyes and cock betrayed his deep desire, but his failure to actively try to stop me was, in itself, a decision. I knelt before him and slowly pulled down his zipper. I freed his cock, which was a respectable six inches in length now, and he stared at it in fascination, as if he wondered where such a nice cock had come from. His fantasies were being realized. He was a full-blown stud now, and he thought that I alone was making him this hard, which, in fact, was technically true.

I pulled his pants and briefs off his legs and went to work on his tool. He put his hands on my head, threw his own head back, and enjoyed his good fortune. My hands went to the buttons of his shirt, and I exposed his heaving chest and torso and ran my fingers through his chest hair. He was grunting and moaning in a way that indicated that he already was close to coming, so I pulled my mouth off his now-big cock, stood, and then straddled the arms of his chair with my legs, positioned my asshole on the bulbous head of his cock and descended onto him. I pulled his face to mine by his tie and deep kissed him until, on about only the eighth journey of his cock up and down my ass canal, he came in a big splattering of pent-up semen. His cock remained hard, however, thanks to the properties of the drug, so I pumped him for a few more minutes, his cum providing an adequate lubricant.

He sighed and moaned and told me how good it was and that he'd never imagined that it could be like this or that his cock could get as big as it did. He freely attributed the latter to my charms, and I didn't disabuse him of his belief.

He put his mouth at my ear, obviously not wanting anyone else to hear in this deserted building, and asked me if I could fuck him too that it was his fantasy to be fucked by a beautiful stud like me.

I complied. I rose from the chair arms, brought him up as well and turned him to his desk. I pushed his torso down on top of piles of official papers and then crouched behind him and worked his hairy butt cheeks and asshole with my tongue and lips and stroked his still-engorged cock with a hand. He moaned and twitched for me. I entered him as gently as I could, and, although he winced in pain, he pleaded with me to continue splitting him. I pushed in as far as his prostate and rubbed that with my penis head until his cock produced precum, which I spread around his helmet with a finger. He was relaxing now and begging me to take him fully. My cock slowly but smoothly glided in to where I could feel his pubic hair merging with mine at the root of my cock. I slowly and relentlessly pumped him deeply and shallowly, in turn, until he spurt another load through my fingers and down the drawer fronts of his desk. Then I finished him in swift deep strokes that had him huffing and puffing and yelling in ecstasy. After that I grabbed the tie and arched his back up to where I could reach his lips with mine and gave him a final, deep kiss.

Several 'consultations' and half a bottle of Doug's magic capsules later and the deputy mayor was ready to put the force of his office behind a raid on Donatien's coven. I told my vice detective lover that the way had been cleared, and he went into action. Although I had been prepared to blackmail the two into doing my bidding, I was delighted that they were accommodating me on the strength of my attraction and their individual needs alone.

The detective gave me the date of the planned raid, and I rented a cabin in the mountains for the summer and moved Doug there, not wanting to be in town when Donatien's operation came down. I told the detective, and only the detective, the general location of when we'd gone and gave him my cell phone number so he could inform me when the deed was done. But I gave no one the specific location of where Doug and I would be. Two weeks after we had moved to the mountains, my cell phone rang, and the detective informed me that Donatien and most of his crew were behind bars.

I settled in to nursing Doug and trying to recover as much of his libido as I could.



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