Relief poured over me along with Don's semen that was bathing my insides. I thought I had survived the ritual. That it was all over now, that it would all get better. But nothing was happening. Well, nothing beyond the master satyr pulling out of me and marching around the circle, waving his still-engorged dong and exhibiting the mixture of his semen and my intestinal blood dripping from the gigantic organ. He had left me there, trussed up with my legs spread wide and cum and blood dripping out of my ass onto the floor. And then, when he had made a couple of victory laps to the appreciative comments of his coven, he returned to stand in front of me, positioning his pelvis between my suspended torso and spread legs.

He gave me a big, devilish grin, and declared. 'You are worthy, Sir. You have proven you are a virgin, and you have willingly and chastely given your virginity to the master of this coven. No part of you is a virgin now, and I have had the honor of taking you in every way. I am well pleased. Now, it is my duty to prove my manhood, my superior sustaining power to my men. The duty is over. The pleasure now begins. A well-plowed field is a productive field. The more seed planted vigorously and continuously, the more abundant the harvest!'

I barely had time to form my protest, when he pushed in between my legs, dripping, but very hard dick in hand, and slowly remounted me up his root. As he had promised, though, the drugs had set in and the initial deflowering had passed. I felt more pleasure than pain now, as his man meat slid slowly and fully back into me and, for what seemed to be forever, pumped me both deeply and shallowly. His long, slender fingers dug into my butt cheeks, and he guided me back and forth on his long, thick ramrod. His mouth went to mine in a brutal kiss and then to my nipples, which he ravished with his lips and teeth. After an eternity, he came in another gusher, which he announced to the cheering crowd as a second seeding. He pulled out of me, came around behind me, and entered me again from behind. He wrapped his arms around my torso, bringing me very close into his chest, and he stroked and kneaded my pecs and nipples with his long, elegant fingers. We came together that time, which he was quick to point out to those encircling us as a third seeding enhanced by abundant rain.

At his signal then, the chain lowered me to the floor, minions unbound me, and Don continued to pump me in various positions, with me, now beyond pain and into my own zone of new-found ecstasy, increasingly finding and matching his rhythm and giving into the power and urgency of him. I was his now, and he knew it. We moved as one in the center of the floor, him enjoying my hairlessness and me enjoying the feel of his profuse, silky body hair. And when he came for the fourth time, with me fucking myself on the prone master and running my hands through his chest hair, and he slowly beat me off, while, entwined, we tenderly kissed.

When he had made me come again at last, he rose from me and signaled the rest of the men in the room, who descended on me, carried me over to and laid me on top of the altar, and, approaching me from every angle, filled my every orifice with dicks of varying lengths and thicknesses as I lay panting and moaning on the cold, hard stone.

'Feeding the masses from the abundant harvest,' the master bellowed over the rutting masses.

I certainly hadn't counted on this part of the ritual, the throwing of the sacrifice to the mob. I was being covered in semen and came at least twice more that evening that I could remember. I had never produced semen this often or this fast. It must have been the drugs. But then, I'd never been in an orgy like this before.

I lay with my butt at the edge of one side of the altar and my head dangling off another end. The redheaded satyr was holding my head in his hands and face fucking my mouth from above. Someone was pouring wine on my chest and belly and licking me off there, paying special attention to my nipples and my navel. I felt my legs being wishboned and a cock entered my ass. I knew in an instant it was the satyr with the curved crescent sword cock, as a cock head was dragging across my prostate and kept dragging up my ass canal, changing the curve of the canal itself, giving me a sensation of my innards being stretched forward. I felt the weight of a man on my belly, and my own cock was entering a moist channel and being massaged by undulating walls as it slowly explored the depths of someone unknown. That unknown person was slapping his own cock on my abs and dry fucking me between my pecs as he worked his ass back and forth on my dick. Hands were deeply massaging my pecs and nipples; tongues were running over my legs. The thinner cocks at my mouth and anus were replaced by much thicker pieces. I gagged at getting past the helmet of a big, ropey-veined cock at my mouth and labored under a baseball bat-headed cock forcing purchase at my hole. When it was in several inches, I was turned on the altar, being spun on that big cock, and it continued pumping me from behind. My legs were being spread wide by multiple hands to give the batsman as wide a channel as possible. What he had been denied in length had been made up in breadth, and I was panting and moaning and grunting at the effort of taking him in. My cock was swallowed from below and yet another satyr was licking and sucking my balls. I was being faced fuck from below now. I reached around with my arms and placed my hands on this satyr's butt cheeks, only to find that he was being fucked from behind the man with the extremely curved dick again. I followed the curve of the root of the dick with my hands until it had disappeared altogether and then I cuddled and pulled at the balls of the man sticking him. Now there were two satyrs on my chest and belly, one fucking the other.

At some point, I vaguely remembered four cocks pushing into me at once, two at either end, but by then I was close to blacking out again. The last separate phase of this ordeal that I remember was of the swirl of men falling back from the altar upon command and Doug coming up on the table, laying down behind me on the altar and gathering me tenderly in to him. His long, thick cock entered me and held there near the entrance until my sphincter muscles grabbed his bulbous dick head and pulled it in to where it rubbed against my prostrate. He let it rub there for a few minutes, as I trembled and moaned and sighed quietly within his arms. None of the rest of what had happened now mattered to me. The pain I had been through before was worth the reward of this pleasure. I could not have imagined that anyone could work my prostate as well as Don had just done, but Doug proved that to be wrong. I vaguely remember thinking that Doug had better be very careful that Don not find out that Doug quite possibly was the better lover.

The rest of crowd in the room was drifting away. This is what I had been fanaticizing about for the past week, entwined in Doug's strong arms, his horse-hung dick snaking up my ass canal, filling me to the limit. The drugs and the stretching and stuffing I had already experienced had taken away all of the pain. It was better that the pain was with someone else and pure pleasure was reserved for my long-anticipated fuck with Doug. All I felt now was Doug's need and urgency, his need to fill me with his hot, heavy cock. He was sighing and moaning with me now, pushing deep into me, slowly and rhythmically pumping me with his manhood, sidesplitting me deeply as he had promised he would do. I suddenly knew that I was here because Doug wanted me, not because the master needed another sacrifice. And that thought made me fearful for Doug. I needed to guard against the overflowing feelings I had for Doug at least as long as we were on display to the master's coven.

As my body calmed and went into a slow coordinated movement with Doug's rhythm, I felt him lift my leg high into the air, and, looking down my torso, I saw those violet eyes of the dark master, boring into me. I had to be careful now. I gave him a smile as if he owned me, as if he were my one and only lover, as if I were letting Doug fuck me only because the master had granted him this reward.

The master wrapped one hand around my engorged dick, which he gently stroked. His thumb was on my piss slit, probing and opening and closing it in a pleasurable rhythm. I watched, guarded but also completely lost in my gentle but relentless deep fuck from Doug, as the master's lips went to my leg. He tongued the surface from knee down to where the leg met the groin. This tickled and sent flashes of pleasure up and down my legs, but the real pleasure I was feeling was from Doug's cock in my ass canal, being rotated around and given short pumps at various depths by his long fingers that managed to manipulate his cock inside me, while rubbing an index finger on my prostate. His cock had a crock in it, and he was making me yip and moan by dragging his dick helmet around my ass canal walls.

'Rejuvenating the seed,' I heard the master declare in a loud voice. My attention was jerked back from the sensations in my ass canal to those in my leg, as the crowd buzzed and a drum started a slow, but steady beat from the corner of the vault.

Donatien had found a pulsating vein on my leg in the crock of the groin, and I felt the pressure as he, first, deeply kissed me there, and, then, slowly sank his strong teeth into the vein and drank. For some reason, I didn't even notice and was feeling more pleasure from the sucking than pain. I was becoming woozy, though, which, no doubt, added to my lethargic attitude about Doug and Don's combined renewed assault on my body. If I had thought the thorough deflowering of my body at the hands of the satyr master was to be all there was to this ceremony, I obviously had been badly mistaken. I thought I heard a low, but sustained murmuring of the crowd of men whose close presence around the altar I felt more than saw. And a drum started a slow beat somewhere off in a corner of the vault.

The fear of being drained of blood slowly worked its way into my brain. Donatien had sucked on a vein earlier in this ordeal as a signal of his total control over me in this place, but I hadn't thought about the ramifications of that to this point. Sensing my reaction and the reintroduction of a higher level of fear, Don pulled away from me and whispered reassuringly to me. 'This is where the ritual parts ways on the virgin's declared willingness as opposed to a rape,' Don said to me. 'We drink sparingly from the willing; we drain the unwilling. Relax. I see that Doug is giving you deep pleasure. Go with those sensations. Never fear.' And he returned to sucking gently at my leg, which began to feel numb.

Doug was kissing me deeply on the neck, and then I felt his teeth break into my carotid and he, like Don, was sucking my blood. A flash of concern went through me, wondering if Don knew that he was sharing this rejuvenation with Doug. Strangely enough, this was increasing my own pleasure, and I decided that Doug could look after himself. As Doug sucked, I could feel his dick lengthen and thicken, and he was plowing farther into me than anyone else had gone this evening. He must be over eleven inches into me. I'd never heard of a fuck this deep. But, as far as I could care, this could go on forever. His hand was roughly rolling and kneading one of my nipples, and his own moans had increased in intensity and had an animal edge to them. I wondered briefly if someone like him could lose control and fuck someone else to death. If so, I was weakening and wouldn't be able to do a thing about it. The fingers of his other hand left the rotation of his dick and the stroking of my prostate and I felt them going to the entrance of my ass and pushing the opening even farther apart, and at least two more inches of his dick entered me. He had been holding something in reserve. I moaned loudly and groaned and grunted, and wondered just how far into my intestines a baseball bat could go. If this was leading to death, it must be one of the most pleasurable ways to go.

I felt Don detach his teeth from the vein in my leg and tongue his way up to my balls. He sucked those momentarily, and then I felt his lips at the underside of my cock, right where it entered into the ball sap. He was holding my cock up against my belly and was licking the bulging vein there that was pumping blood into my engorged cock.

'The purest of the pure.' he declared to the coven, and then he sliced his teeth into the vein, and, whether from what Doug's rod was mining or Don's lips were sucking, I came in three gigantic spasms. Don had sensed that I was ready to cum and had his mouth over my dick to accept my hot semen.

'The last of innocence,' the master declared to the room, semen bubbling out of his mouth. 'The essence of the sacrifice; the mingling of the purest of the life juices. The end of the ritual!' The room erupted into loud cheers and screams. He returned to gently sucking blood from the root of my throbbing cock, Doug shot off fourteen inches deep, deep inside me, and I heard the drum pick up the beat and sound of its tempo, as I slowly drifted into unconsciousness.



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