'OK, get to work, queer. Work my joint until it feeds you another load of my spooge!'

I quickly complied with Zach's instruction, lovingly licking at the teenager's awesome hard cock.

I spent some time sucking his mushroom cockhead before licking down the hard thick shaft to the young stud's balls. I eagerly lapped at the teenager's big balls for a couple of minutes, before taking first one and then, with some effort, both of Zach's big orbs in my mouth. I could feel the heat of his balls in my mouth. Driven by lust and a powerful need to worship the source of this amazing stud's masculinity, I hummed and moaned in pleasure with his balls gently encased in my eager mouth.

My worshipping of his nuts definitely pleased Zach.

'Oh, yeah. That's great, girl. That feels real good. Work my nuts with your mouth and tongue. Worship those goddamn motherfuckers! Make your man's balls feel good. They've got an another load of hot spooge to feed your hungry face. Do you want that, bitch? Do you want me to feed you a hot load of my cum directly into your queer belly?'

With mouth my totally occupied, I couldn't speak, but I did moan loudly and passionately around the blond teenager's balls enclosed between my lips.

Zach got the message.

'Yeah, that's what a man likes to hear from his bitch! I know you need what I'm giving you, girl. I know you're an eager whore for my cum. That's great. Don't worry, I intend you give you what you need. Oh, god, yeah! Keep working my fuckin' nuts with your mouth like that. Get that hot load ready to feed the hungry whore!'

Zach's dirty talk drove my mind and body to new levels of need to submit to the demands of the blond stud. My tongue was practically immobilized by the teenager's big balls stuffed into my mouth, but I worked my lips and mouth as best I could to make the muscular teenager's nuts feel great.

I worked Zach's balls in my mouth for several more minutes before the young stud spoke again.

'OK, bitch. That's real nice. Now, get your hungry mouth back onto my hard tool.'

I was reluctant to release the young man's hot balls from my mouth and moaned quietly around them to signal that I wanted to continue servicing them.

Zach, though, didn't give a shit about what I wanted at that moment.

The teenager whacked the side of my head with his hand to get my attention.

'Hey, bitch! You better the fuck listen to what I'm telling you. You need to get onto my cock right now, unless you want me to start pounding the shit out of you. Suck me, right goddamn NOW, whore!'

I instantly released the demanding teenager's big balls from my mouth and immediately moved my mouth back to his mushroom cockhead.

I could see that my loving servicing of Zach's balls had caused the teenager's cockhead to release a big load of precum all over the head and shaft of his straining tool. The pungent odor of his precum hit my nose and brain, ratcheting up my need to service the young man. I felt deep pride at knowing that my servicing of his balls had produced this reaction from his amazing body!

I eagerly lapped away at his mushroom cockhead and hard shaft, taking his warm, salty fluid into my mouth and stomach.

Once I had cleaned all of the precum from his throbbing tool, I took the teenager's cockhead into my mouth. I moaned and hummed as I closed my lips around the end of his big hard tool. It was total bliss to have the warm mushroom cockhead encased between my lips!

Zach, though, didn't appear to be in the mood for an extended work session on his cock right now. He began pushing it forward into my mouth until his cockhead reached the entrance of my throat. I gagged and pulled back a little.

Zach didn't immediately try to force me to take it and I resolved to do everything I could to swallow the big hard motherfucker. On my own, I began to take more and more of the teenager's big cock into my face.

I gagged again when the mushroom cockhead hit the entrance to my throat. I withdrew a little and worked the first few inches of his shaft with my tongue and mouth. My work was rewarded with more precum from his cockhead, which I eagerly swallowed down.

I wanted to take more of the teenager into my face, but would gag every time the thick shaft poked the entrance to my throat.

Zach quickly tired of my voluntary efforts. The demanding teenager knew what he wanted and didn't give fuck about any discomfort I might experience. In fact, it was a turn-on for him to keep taking me to the next level of subservience to his desires. He would never be able to try to force a real girl to submit to all of his sexual demands without likely facing arrest for rape or assault, but he instinctively knew that a queer like me would go all the way with him, even if that required him to use some force to get me there.

He decided to take the mouth fuck into his own hands -- literally.

I felt his strong heads suddenly grip my head.

'OK, girl. Your mouth feels good on my cock. But you've got to learn to take a man's meat all the way if that's the way he wants it. And fuck, that's what I want. I want you to take the whole fuckin' thing into your face. You can do it. You just need to let go of any resistance to allowing me all the way inside. You need to trust me. I'm going all the way inside your throat and you're gonna take it, one way or another. It'll be best for you if you can try to open up to my cock.'

I desperately wanted to be able to comply with the young stud's demand on my throat, but worried that his big meat might choke me to death.

A natural alpha male, Zach sensed that I wasn't quite ready for this next step and used his powerful words to try to coax me into submission to being deep-throated.

'Girl, I want you to let me know you need me inside your throat. I know you're nervous. That's cool. I've definitely got a huge fuckin' tool, but I promise you I won't suffocate you with it. You need to trust me. I intend to use your throat hole with my hard cock, but I don't want to kill you. Do you understand what I'm tellin' you, girl?'

I looked up nervously at the young stud with about four inches of his hard cock inserted into my face. I wanted to accept what this demanding teenager was telling me, but there some still a part of me that was terrified.

My pleading eyes maintained contact with Zach's beautiful blue eyes as he continued talking to me.

'Like I said, faggot, I know your nervous. That's fine. We just need to get you beyond that. I think you know that this is what you were put on earth for -- to be a hole for me to stuff my hard cock into. We just need to get past whatever is left of your resistance to being a total hole for me. I could beat you until I break your will, but I don't think that's necessary now, is it? You know you need this, right?'

My brain was reeling with fear and lust, unable to sort through the situation.

Zach scowled at me.

'Goddamnit, faggot! You need to let me know you understand what I'm saying. I'm gonna take your throat with my fuckin' cock and you're gonna fuckin' submit to it. Got it, freak?'

I found myself nodding up and down with Zach's cock in mouth, giving the tough teenager the signal he sought that I would submit to having his hard virility shoved down my throat.

'OK. Good, girl. That's what a man likes to see. I know it isn't going to be easy to take the whole fuckin' thing, but it's gonna happen, so just stick with me on this.'

I felt the teenager's powerful hands grip my hair really tightly and then his big hard cock began to move forward a little in my mouth. The first movement was almost imperceptible, but then I felt the mushroom cockhead again hit my small throat hole. Like before, I began to gag as the thing tried to enter my throat. This time, though, instead of having the cock withdraw from the opening, it continued to push forward!

Despite my best intentions to allow the cock to enter my throat, I continued to gag and reflexively began trying to pull my head back to escape the penetration.

Zach was unperturbed by my resistance and simply held my head firmly in place impaled on his cock.

'I thought we were past this shit, faggot. It's time for the bitch to take her man into her tight throat. This is gonna happen and it's gonna happen right fuckin' NOW!'

I again desperately tried to pull back, but Zach's hands simply gripped my hair even more painfully. Shit, it felt like the muscular stud was going to pull the hair out of my fucking head!

For a moment, my need for relief from the demanding teenager's intensely painful grip of my head exceeded my fear of having his tool forced into my throat, I found myself holding perfectly still in his grip.

Zach interpreted the pause as evidence of my final submission to his demand that I deep-throat him. Still gripping my hair tightly, he slowly began pulling my head forward into his crotch.

A surreal instant later, I felt the big mushroom head of the teenager's cock enter my tight throat. I immediately felt the urgent need to gag, but before I could react, Zach continued to pull my head slowly but forcefully onto his big hard tool.

The hard cock was stretching my throat beyond anything I could imagined.

Somehow the shock to my body of being penetrated by a so improbably large object suppressed my gag reflex. Time seemed to stand still as the hard cock continued to plunge itself into my face, until Zach had pulled me completely into his crotch and my face was crushed against his pubic hair.

My mind was having trouble getting itself around the fact that I was now completely impaled on the young stud's enormous cock. The mushroom head of the huge tool seemed to reach to my stomach!

'Oh, fuck, yeah! I'm all the way inside your throat hole now, girl. God, it feels so good. Your throat is so fuckin' tight around my goddamn cock!'

My brain registered the urgent need to get the huge fucking thing out of my throat and to get some air into my lungs, but I could feel Zach's powerful hands hold my head firmly in his crotch, not allowing for the possibility of any resistance to his hard cock's demands. My arms lay passively at my sides as the young stud held me in place impaled on his tool.

After what seemed like an eternity, but in reality was probably only a few seconds, Zach began slowly pulling my head away from his crotch. When his mushroom cockhead cleared my tight throat hole, I began gagging and coughing wildly.

After several minutes of gagging and coughing, I had recovered somewhat and looked back at the young stud standing directly in front of me. My gaze naturally fell first on the teenager's crotch immediately before my face. There the young stud's cock stood out, proud and rock hard. The thing was so fucking big I couldn't believe that it had just been sheathed completely in my throat! I could see that the hard tool was coated from head to base with saliva from my mouth and mucus from my throat, confirming that it in fact had been inserted fully into my face.

I looked up at Zach's face, half expecting him to punch me because of my failure to deep-throat his big cock without almost choking to death. Instead, the teenager had what looked like a half-smile on his handsome face.

'You did good, girl. I know I've got a big cock. It's natural for you to choke on a big piece of meat like mine the first time it gets pushed all the way into your submissive throat hole. But I want to get off quickly so I can feed you my piss. So I'm gonna fuck your face now and I need you to take my cock all the way without protest. Understand?'

I didn't trust myself to speak. Instead, keeping eye contact with Zach, I just silently nodded my head to acknowledge I understood what the blond teenager expected from me, even if I wasn't sure I could deliver on it.

'Good bitch!' Zach announced happily, his half-smile breaking into a full one. The smile on the handsome teenager's face filled me with a longing to make him happy, even if it might kill me.

In the next moment I felt the muscular teenager's powerful hands return to gripping my hair tightly on each side of my head. Zach's hands maneuvered my face directly back in front of his cock, which was completely hard and dripping precum from the big mushroom cockhead.

'Here we go, girl!' Zach announced before pulling my head completely into his crotch in one quick movement.

It was a surreal experience as Zach worked my head repeatedly up and down on his rigid tool. I would gasp between throat pluggings, taking in whatever air I could get into my lungs.

Several times during the face-fucking I came close to passing out from lack of oxygen. At those times, Zach would leave just the head and first few inches of his cock in my mouth as I desperately choked air into my lungs. When he could see I had recovered sufficiently, he would resume his forceful fucking of my face, bouncing my head up and down into his crotch.

My brain registered Zach's quiet groans of pleasure at using my throat. I found myself going to a totally different place -- one that allowed me to submit completely to the demanding teenager's sexual wants and needs.

I don't know how long Zach fucked my face, but at some point I heard his groans begin to get louder and more urgent.

A moment later, I felt his thick hard tool pulsing deep in my throat. It took me a moment to realize that the muscular teenager was pumping his hot teenage spooge directly into my belly!

After he finished cuming, Zach pulled his cock out of my face. After quickly catching my breath, I instinctively began to lick his still-rigid tool clean.

When I had finished cleaning his cock, Zach told me hold his cockhead in my mouth without moving. Nothing happened right away. After a minute or two, though, the rigid tool unwooded ever so slightly in my tired, warm mouth.

To be continued.


Pete Smith

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