Between high school and college, I worked at a service station pumping gas for a couple of years. During that time I encountered several hot young guys as co-workers. Zach was an 18-year-old stud who had recently graduated from the local high school and didn't seem much in a hurry to get on with his life. I'm not sure what Zach was interested in beyond sports, partying and getting laid.

Zach seemed to get a constant supply of pussy and liked to brag about it. He had played on his high school football and baseball teams and was very popular with the ladies. It was easy to see why girls dug Zach: At six feet one, Zach was handsome and muscular, with dirty blond hair. He was cocky and sometimes a screw-off, but he could also charm the fucking pants off you when he felt like it. I would blush like a 14-year-old schoolgirl whenever the young stud would flash his winning smile at me. Needless to say, I jerked off a lot thinking about Zach!

At work Zach would often tell me stories about his sexual conquests from the night before. He specialized in getting girls to have sex with him in his car, a vintage Mustang he kept polished and was very proud of. Zach would tell me about how the night before he and a girl would be in the back seat of his Mustang making out. Zach boasted that he was well-hung and really liked girls to go down on him. After making out for a while and feeling the girl up, Zach would be rock hard and would begin gently pushing the girl's head down toward his crotch. More often than not (at least according to Zach's telling), the girl would allow herself to be pushed down into the young stud's crotch. Zach would then unbutton his jeans and pull his hard cock out into the open. Zach would place his hands on the girl's head and gently coax her into going down on him. 'Oh, yeah, that feels good,' he would tell the girl encouragingly as she began to lick and suck the leaking head of his cock. 'Eat that hard motherfucker.'

When it came to giving head, the girls almost always limited themselves to licking and sucking the big mushroom head of the handsome teen's tool. Sometimes they would lick his cockshaft or maybe his balls. He said the girls usually just seemed to be going through the motions, however, and they never devoured his raging hardon like it was the best fucking meal they had ever been served. He would say that any bitch should feel lucky to be able to chow down on it.

When a girl was sucking his cock, Zach would have his hands on her head and try gently pushing her into his crotch. He said his big cock deserved to be sheathed in a bitch's tight throat, but the girl almost always coughed and gagged when his big mushroom cockhead began to penetrate her throat. The girl would often then pull off his crotch and lose interest in giving him head. This typically would piss Zach off and in retaliation he would hold the girl's head near his crotch by gripping her hair tightly with one hand. With his other hand, the young stud would furiously jerk his big prick directly in front of the girl's face until his cockhead pulsed and began to unleash an explosion of hot teen spooge all over her face and hair. Surprised by the ferocity and quantity of the young stud's unloading cum, the girl would try to pull her head away from his convulsing cock. Zach, though, would simply hold her head tightly by the hair, grimly informing her through his clenched teeth to 'Take my fuckin' load, bitch.'

Although Zach seemed to me to be particularly obsessed with trying to get good head, he also clearly loved to fuck pussy whenever he could. Zach described himself as a master fucker and reported that the girl always groaned in ecstasy as he pumped her with his hard young cock.

There was something even better than fucking pussy, Zach once confided to me. He said it was a major turn-on for him to take a girl's asshole with his big teenage bone. He found that girls didn't usually like the idea, so he had to sort of sneak up on them (or, more precisely, their tight assholes). After getting some head and eating the girl's pussy, Zach would fuck her pussy hard until he came in her. (Zach said he liked to take a girl without a condom whenever he could because it felt better that way.) Zach's teen cock would always remain completely hard after cuming and while the girl was recovering from the vigorous fuck he had just put to her, he would lower his cock down to the girl's asshole and gently but quickly begin to insert the cum-slick tube inside. Tired and startled, the girl usually didn't have time to react before the young stud had gotten the head and first couple of inches of his cock inside. Zach said he had learned from experience that the key at that point was not to wait but instead to quickly push completely forward into the girl's tight hole before it had time to protest the invasion.

Zach said the girl's asshole would grip his hard cock so tight he could cum almost just by forcing the whole fucking thing in and then holding it there deep as the girl's tight ass channel painfully spasmed again and again around his teen pole. The girl would groan in pain and beg Zach to pull the fucking thing out, but Zach would just tell her to try to relax her hole and enjoy it. This tactic didn't usually work, though, and Zach would begin working his hard joint gently back and forth a few inches in the clenching channel. After just a few in and out strokes, the warm moist tight grip of the girl's ass channel all along his throbbing prick would cause the fucking thing to pulse and then begin spitting a huge load of hot teen spooge deep in the girl's hole. Zach said the girl sometimes didn't realize he had cum in her asshole until he would pull his still-hard cock out of her hole with a audible plop and his copious cumload started pouring out of her outrageously stretched assring.

Zach boasted he could cum multiple times during an evening and enjoyed seeing how many times during an extended sex session he could cum. An ideal sexual encounter, he reported, was for him to cum in the girl's mouth (or onto her face if she wouldn't take his load in her mouth), followed by shooting separate loads into her pussy and asshole. He told me it was a major turn-on for him to know that he had filled a girl's mouth, pussy and asshole with his teen spooge. Usually he ended up getting off only once or twice in a girl. When he did manage to fill a girl completely up with his cum, however, he would get so turned on that after he dropped the girl off for the night, he would drive home and whack off a fourth load of cum in his bedroom before falling asleep completely satisfied!

Zach's demanding treatment of girls sexually made for a lot of single dates for him. The young stud didn't mind, though, as there seemed to be an unending stream of cute girls drawn to him like moths to a flame.

A couple of times during the time I knew him, Zach had what passed for him as a steady girlfriend. During these times, his sexual tales seemed to drop off precipitously. Yeah, he would report to me that the night before his girlfriend had slurped his cock or that he had fucked her pussy, but his heart didn't seem to be in it. Zach seemed to crave the excitement he felt when he pushed the head of a new girl down into his crotch and unleashed his big prick before her startled face. It must have been a sexual challenge for the young stud to see how many of the girl's holes -- mouth, pussy and asshole -- he would be able to penetrate with his demanding tool.

Whenever Zach would share of his sex stories with me, I would get rock hard in my pants imagining him fucking the mouth, pussy or asshole of one of his dates. I found myself fantasizing about what it would be like to be used sexually by Zach in the way he had used all those girls. I tried to keep my little five-inch hardon inconspicuous and Zach never seemed to notice it as he described his sexual conquests.

One time Zach reported to me that the night before he had been fucking a girl in her ass in the back of his car and they were going at it so wildly they accidentally knocked over an open bottle of Bacardi rum they were drinking. He said he hadn't been able to get the smell of rum completely out of his car carpet since.

Whenever I looked into Zach's Mustang I couldn't help getting completely hard as I imagined all the fucking the young stud was doing in there. I did my best not to accept rides from Zach because whenever I would sit with him in the car my little dick would be rock hard.

One time, after the rum spill, Zach and I drove in his car to the auto parts store toward of the end of the day on a Friday to buy a part needed for a customer's car. That was a big mistake. As usual, I was hard getting into Zach's 'fuck vehicle,' but when I sat down in the passenger seat and reached for my seatbelt I immediately detected the light smell of rum. That did it! My head was swimming as the smell transported me back to the young stud's story about how he had been pumping a girl's asshole when they knocked over the Bacardi bottle. As Zach talked away about something (I have no idea what), my dick was hard and leaking precum in my pants. Having this handsome young stud sitting next to me and knowing that the smell I was taking in every breath represented his sexual conquest of some girl's tight asshole, made me wild with lust. I did my best to act as calm as possible, but doubted I pulled it off very well. Periodically, Zach would look over to me after he had made some comment he expected me to respond to. I was too distracted to know what the hell he was talking about.

The worse thing, though, happened on the drive back to the gas station. In order to hide the hardon in my pants, I was resting the boxed auto part we had bought on my lap. It felt good to have the heavy box resting on top of my hard dick. A few minutes before we got back, however, Zach began telling me about the date he was going on after we closed up the station. He told me his date was the girl he had fucked in the ass before and knocked over the Bacardi bottle with. He said she told him it had felt so great to have his big cock shoved up her tight hole that she needed to have it again however she could get it. As Zach described how he intended to force his cock up her ass and fuck her hard until he unleashed a huge load of teen spooge up there, my head and dick couldn't contain themselves. Without warning, as Zach continued to describe his intentions to assfuck this girl, I suddenly felt my hard dick begin to pulse and start ejecting hot cum in my pants. Shit -- I was cuming! As Zach continued to talk casually, my dick pulsed again and again, filling my briefs with a big load of hot cum. I had never cum before without rubbing my hard little pud to accomplish it. Frankly, I didn't even know that I could get off without jerking my dick. Somehow, just being close to this young stud and hearing his sex talk about how he planned to use his demanding cock was enough to make me cum.

I was totally panicked knowing that the smell of my cum would soon be joining the smell of the Bacardi rum in Zach's car. Fortunately, we pulled back into the station just as I had finished cuming. I leapt out of the car almost before Zach had come to a complete stop. 'Jeez, man, what's your hurry?' Zach asked as I rushed away. I prayed that the layers of my underwear and pants and having the box on my lap had contained the smell of my cum before Zach had a chance to notice it. I quickly dropped the part box off on the counter and, picking up several clean rags, headed to the restroom. There, I pushed down my pants and underwear to inspect the gooey mess I had made in my crotch. Wetting a couple of the rags, I wiped clean my crotch and underwear as best I could. Shit, I thought to myself, I'm still going to smell of cum. As I began to think about how Zach had described his intention to ass-fuck that girl, my dick began to get hard again. In a moment, my little dick had become completely hard. Man, I had to get a grip on myself (and not, I chuckled to myself, on my once-again hard dick)!

Fortunately, there was only about a half-hour left before closing. I busied myself getting ready to close the station and did my best to keep out of smelling distance of Zach. Right at closing time, I got the hell out of there.

That night and weekend I jerked my dick more times than I could count. I would think about Zach making that girl go down on his hard cock before he roughly shoved it up her asshole, pounding her until he deposited a big load of his cum in her tight channel. By Sunday night, it felt like I had pumped out a gallon of cum. Fuck, I told myself, this young stud was turning me into a cum machine!

To be continued.


Pete Smith

[email protected]


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