Zach got out of the car and without stopping to wait for me headed to the snack bar, where the restrooms were located. I stumbled out of my side of the car, anxious not to further piss off the young stud. Zach had already demonstrated to me that he would compel my compliance with his sexual demands by physical force if necessary and I didn't want to risk further displeasing him. I had left my socks in the car and my shoes were untied, making it difficult to try to catch up to the swiftly moving teen athlete.

As I followed after Zach, I noticed that the movie screen was black and there were only a handful of cars left in the drive-in's parking lot. The movie had obviously ended some time ago and almost all of the patrons had left. By the time I reached the entrance of the snack bar, Zach was not in sight. Most of the lights were off and the snack bar had obviously closed for business for the night. I tried the door and found it unlocked. A clock inside informed me it was a little after one in the morning. I figured Zach was already in the men's room and I headed to the back where it was located. As I turned the corner of the snack counter heading to the bathroom, I collided with something big and solid. I stopped dead in my tracks. There standing directly in front of me was the cute teenage boy from the snack counter I had encountered earlier in the evening. The kid was holding a mop with both hands and I realized I had bumped into him while he was mopping up the floors for the evening. I could see that a few beads of sweat had formed on his forehead. For an instant, I found myself wondering what it would be like to lick the sweat from the kid's forehead. My gaze then dropped from his forehead to his eyes. The boy's beautiful but expressionless brown eyes held me for a moment until I nervously broke off the contact. I stumbled toward the rear of the building to the restrooms.

Nervously pushing my way through the swinging door to the men's room, I found Zach inside waiting for me. He looked impatient.

'Get into the last stall freak.'

I obediently walked to the end of the line of toilet stalls and entered the last one. When I turned around, I was a little startled to find Zach standing directly in front of me.

'Dipshit, put the toilet seat down and have a seat.'

As I turned to put the toilet seat down, I heard Zach lock the stall door. I turned back around and took a seat. I found myself staring directly into the muscular stud's jeans-covered crotch. There was a lump there and I knew it was the teenager's incredible cock and balls. I felt myself begin to salivate a little remembering how the young man's big cock had felt inserted into my face and later forced painfully into my boy pussy, roughly pounding my tight hole until the hard tool emptied a big load of hot teen spooge deep in my guts.

My reverie was interrupted by Zach's voice booming above me.

'You ever been a toilet whore, freakboy?'

Confused, I pulled my gaze away from Zach's crotch and looked up into his face. The blond teenager was looking down at me contemptuously. Zach's face was both cruel and incredibly handsome.

Zach spit into my face. This time, though, I didn't make any effort to wipe the teenager's saliva from my face. By now Zach had trained me sufficiently for me to understand that when the dominant teenager spit in my face he was demonstrating his superiority over me. Wearing his spit on my face was a visible and undeniable badge that I knew the muscular young man was superior to me in every conceivable way. Zach was young, but through instinct and experience he understood he had the power to force weaker personalities to submit to his will. The handsome stud had used his naturally dominant mind and body to demonstrate to me how a real man uses a stupid bitch for his sexual pleasure. He sensed my need to serve a real man like him and instinctively knew that he could overcome my fear and resistance by applying some physical force to my inferior will and personality.

The realization that Zach had reduced me to a sniveling bitch who existed solely to service him in whatever way he demanded was actually a big relief for me. All my young life I had struggled to make sense of things in terms of my looks, job, friends and the other circumstances of my life. In this moment, though, as I sat on a restroom toilet seat with the demanding teenager's warm spit slowly dripping down my face, I felt like I had finally found my rightful place in the world. This is where I was meant to be. Nothing else I had tried to accomplish or prove had any meaning at that moment. I existed solely to be used by this naturally dominant young man. This was my role in the universe and I felt both tremendously relieved and incredibly turned-on to be present in the moment and open to Zach's physical and sexual demands of me. I needed to do exactly as this demanding stud ordered and being forced to submit allowed me to let go and be used by the confident young man, who I knew was everything I could never be. I didn't know exactly where Zach was taking me next, but my mind now craved obedience to his will. My little queer dick was definitely on board with the program, being trapped hard and throbbing in my pants.

'Toilet whore, open my jeans,' Zach ordered.

I reached out and carefully undid the buttons of the teenager's packed jeans. Peeling them open, I encountered Zach's grey boxer briefs, which were distended by his balls and half-hard prick.

'Carefully pull my meat and balls out of my boxers, faggot.'

I reached my hand into the crotch opening of Zach's boxers and felt the familiar warmth of the stud's awesome cock. I gingerly pulled the large teenage tool out into the open and then went back in for his big hairy balls.

The sight and smell of Zach's crotch only inches from my face was bliss. I felt deeply privileged to be this close to the blond teenager's impressive genitals. I knew this was the physical expression of Zach's manliness and masculinity.

'Freakboy, take my cockhead into your mouth and just hold it there without moving an inch.'

I eagerly complied, leaning my head forward and gently taking the teenager's big cockhead into my mouth. I lovingly closed my lips around the head. Immediately I could taste the remnants of the butter, cum and shit from the cock's rough fucking of my pussyhole. The taste hit my brain like a drug, and without thinking I began slowly lapping my tongue at the cockhead to get more of the taste into me. I could feel Zach's half-hard tool quickly respond by getting harder. Just as I started to get into working my mouth on his cockhead, Zach pulled his prick out of my mouth. An instant later I felt a painful whack to the side of my head.

'You goddamn cunt! I told you just to hold the fuckin' head in your queer mouth. If I want you to start sucking me, I will tell you. Now do like I say, shithead, before I knock your goddamn teeth out!'

I thought I had reached the point where Zach would no longer need to punish me to obtain my compliance with his demands, but realized I was wrong. There were deeper levels of submission I needed to reach to make the demanding teenager happy with my performance. Man, I desperately wanted to get there, knowing that the deeper I went in surrendering my will to his, the more at home I would find myself.

When Zach again presented his cock to my face, I took the head softly into my mouth and very gently closed my lips behind it. I noticed that the teenager was now completely hard -- either from my tonguing or from punishing a disobedient queer.

This time I held my mouth completely still as the young stud had instructed. My taste buds again savored the flavors of the teenager's mushroom cockhead. I noticed that although I experienced an irresistible impulse to begin tonguing and sucking the incredible cock inserted just inside my mouth, I didn't move a muscle. Zach's domination of my mind and body seemed to have completely displaced my normal impulses to act. Some deeper level of my personality had been reshaped to produce compliance with his instructions. An exhilarating sense of relief raced through my mind and body when I realized that I didn't need to make any of my own decisions when I was in the presence of this dominant young man. He would make my decisions for me. Zach would tell me what to do to satisfy his superior sexuality and personality. God, it was an incredible feeling of true place and relief to allow myself to let go in this way!

'I've always wanted to use someone's mouth as my personal toilet,' Zach informed me as I obediently held the mushroom head of his hard shaft just inside my mouth. 'But even the loosest whores I've fucked were too weirded out to try to take my piss. But I know a hungry freak like you will eagerly drink me down. Am I right about that, queerboy?'

It wasn't until Zach finally spelled it out for me that I realized what he meant by a 'toilet whore.' He intended to feed me his hot piss and expected me to eagerly drink it down like a human urinal! My mind registered rebellion against the idea of being used in such a disgusting way. At the same time, I noticed that my body keep completely still in compliance with the young stud's orders. I was again amazed at the way the dominant teenager's will had supplanted my own. This is what Zach wanted and I needed to allow myself to be used however he wanted.

I looked up at Zach's face to find him staring down at me, waiting for a response to his question about whether I would submit totally to him by accepting his hot piss into my own body.

Maintaining contact with his beautiful blue eyes, I slowly nodded my head up and down with his cockhead still lovingly encased within my moist lips.

A smile broke out on the blond teenager's handsome face.

'Good toilet whore. I knew you would be eager to satisfy me.'

The stud's smile made me even more eager to comply with his desires, however twisted they may be.

'We'll start slowly. I'll feed you a little of my piss to get you used to it. You can drink it down and then I will feed you more and more of it.'

I genuinely appreciated the teenager's consideration. This was a new situation for me and I now desperately wanted to be the best human urinal I could be for the young stud.

I waited anxiously to the first flow of Zach's urine, but the stud's cockhead simply sat in my mouth. I could tell Zach remained rock hard, apparently excited by using another human being in such a degrading way.

After a minute waiting, Zach spoke.

'Fuck, freakboy. I can't unwood with your lips wrapped around my cockhead. I think I'm gonna need to use your face to get off one more time before I'll soften enough to feed you my piss.'

Fuck, yeah! Zach intended to use my mouth to get off another load. The teenager's cum was like the nectar of the gods to me and I craved another feeding of it.

To be continued.


Pete Smith

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