My senses were still totally filled with the smell and taste of Zach and his hot cum when he leaned over in my direction and opened the car's glove box. The back of the young stud's head and his beautiful neck and back were within a foot of my face. As he searched for something in the glove compartment, I found myself instinctively moving my face forward just a little toward him. I could feel the heat radiating from the teenager's muscular body. Closing my eyes and breathing in, I took in his smell. It was an awesome and heady aroma -- a mixture of soap, teen sweat and his cum.

'Where the fuck is it?' I heard Zach muttering as I was lost in my own world of his amazing smell. 'I know she has one in here.'

I took the opportunity to take in a second breath of Zach's aroma and held it in my lungs as I held the pot smoke in my lungs earlier tonight. The handsome teenager's smell shot through my mind and body like mainlined heroin. My body felt totally alive and electric, as if it had been designed for this moment and experience.

'Ah, here the fuck it is,' I heard Zach say. His voice seemed somewhere in the distance.

Pulling away from the glove box, the back of Zach's head brushed my nearby face. I felt a shock of electricity from the slight touch.

'Hey, watch it, shithead,' the teenager warned me. 'You don't get fuckin' near me unless I tell you. Got it?'

I didn't respond to Zach's comment. I felt totally buzzed from having been so close to the young stud and allowed that stoned feeling to radiate through me.

I lost track of the moment until I heard Zach speaking again.

'Here. Take this into the restroom and get yourself ready for me.'

I slowly turned toward Zach, not completely sure where I was or what was happening. I was stoned on this dude's presence and smell and just sat there with a glazed look on my face as I stared into the teenager's handsome face.

'Jeez, asshole. You look like you're totally fucked up. You gotta keep your shit together. We got a ways to go tonight. It's just one down and two to go.'

Zach tossed some kind of box toward me, but my body wasn't working and it bounced off my chest and fell to the car floor in front of me.

'Listen to me, asshole. You gotta keep with the program. Get your fuckin' head together and do like I'm tellin' you. RIGHT NOW, FUCKER!' Zach was practically yelling at me and his anger cut through my mental fog.

'Take the fuckin' box into the goddamn restroom and get your hole ready for me, NOW!'

Through sheer force of will, I made my body bend down and pick up the box and then got myself out of the car. The cold air helped clear my head as I stumbled toward the restroom, which was located at the back of the snack bar. As I passed the snack counter, I instinctively turned toward it. The good-looking kid who had served me popcorn earlier was there and our eyes met for an instant before I quickly turned away. I got myself into the restroom and headed for the last stall. I locked the stall door and sat down on the lowered toilet seat. For some reason, I felt safe locked behind that flimsy metal door.

Then I looked down at the box I had been carrying in my hand. It was labeled 'Summer's Eve Douche with Ultra Cleansing Formula.'

Huh? What the fuck was I supposed to do with a woman's douche?

'Take the fuckin' box into the goddamn restroom and get your hole ready for me, NOW!' Zach's words echoed in my head. A moment later, their meaning hit me like a ton of bricks: the young stud wanted me to douche my asshole so he could fuck me with his big teenage bone! 'We got a ways to go tonight. It's just one down and two to go.' I realized now that Zach intended to use me to get himself off three times tonight.

I don't know why, but the shock of the situation seemed to pass as quickly as it had arisen. I found myself eagerly opening the box and examining its contents. Scanning the written instructions, I tried to figure out a way to accomplish the mission the sexually demanding teenager had sent me to do. I had used enemas on myself a few times before and therefore was familiar with the task at hand. The question was one of logistics: How could I get the douche nozzle and fluid into my ass in such a small space?

Settling on a plan, I quickly removed my shoes and pulled my jeans and briefs off. My cum-stained briefs reminded me that I had already cum twice this evening without touching myself just from being near Zach. My little dick began to harden as I thought about that. I needed to get on with the task at hand, however.

Using my clothes as a cushion, with difficulty I got on my back on the cold concrete floor. I lifted my legs up and rested them on the top of the toilet tank. With my right hand I slowly inserted the douche nozzle through my tight assring and then carefully released the fluid into my ass. I heard a few people come and go while I remained on my back in the restroom stall with my legs in the air and the douche fluid in my ass. I imagined someone looking under the stall door and finding me on my back with my legs in the air, but knew I needed to finish the job Zach had sent me to do. This is what the young stud wanted and therefore it was what I wanted -- no, what I needed -- to do.

I left the fluid in my ass for a few minutes before getting off the floor and opening the toilet seat. Sitting down, I quickly released the contents, grunting a little as my hole emptied itself. I had taken a shit that afternoon and there wasn't much shit involved. Still, it felt good to clean out my hole. The douche had focused my attention on my hole and I noticed it felt empty as I wiped it clean with big wad of toilet tissue. I hurriedly pulled my clothes and shoes back on.

When I emerged from the stall, I was relieved to see that no one was there. Quickly tossing the douche box into the trash, I headed out the restroom door. Forcing myself not to look in the direction of the snack bar and the young teenager there, I made my way back to Zach's car.

I opened the passenger door to Zach's car, but he stopped me before I could get into the front seat. 'It sure took you fuckin' long enough, girl. I hope you cleaned your pussy out good. My fuckstick doesn't like getting into a dirty cunt. Now, get into the back seat.'

When I paused, Zach yelled at me. 'You stupid fuckin' cunt! Get into the back or I swear I will beat the crap out of you right now and leave you in the fuckin' parking lot!'

Afraid that others might hear the altercation, I quickly got into the back seat. Zach joined me from his side. He looked angry and for a moment I thought he might carry through on his threat and punch me.

'Get undressed. Take everything the fuck off, faggot.'

This time I didn't hesitate. The back seat was cramped, but I worked quickly to remove my shoes, pants and shirt. Zach watched me carefully as I complied with his instruction to get naked.

When I had gotten everything off but my briefs and socks, I stopped and looked nervously into the demanding teenager's face, hoping that I had satisfactorily complied with his order.

Zach eyed me with a look on his face I couldn't read. Disgust, maybe? I didn't have long to ponder the question, though. In the next moment, the young stud's right hand flashed out and slapped me hard across my left cheek. My head shot to the right and for a moment I was too shocked to process what had happened.

'You goddamn fuckin' shithead! You're fucking up! You are a freakin' faggot who will do exactly as I say, when I say it. Otherwise, I will beat the crap out of you. I swear to God I will beat you to a bloody pulp, queerboy. Now, I said to take EVERYTHING the fuck off, so goddamn it, FUCKIN' DO IT, NOW!!!'

My left cheek was stinging from Zach's slap and I didn't want to incur his further wrath. For the first time, I was really scared that the tough teenager might actually hurt me. Like a bat out of hell, I pulled my socks and briefs off.

Now I was completed naked in the back seat. The car's heater had been turned off for a while and I shivered from cold and fear. I stared at the car floor and noticed my dick was completely soft and retracted.

Zach didn't speak and I tried not to move a muscle as I continued to stare at the floor. It felt completely humiliating to have stripped off at the young stud's orders and to now have him eyeball my naked body silently. Having him sitting fully clothed next to me somehow added to my sense of humiliation.

'Alright, fucker. It seems like maybe you're finally gettin' with the program. If you follow my instructions exactly, I will not hurt you. Now, be a good little bitch and reach over the front seat and get the popcorn container.'

To be continued.


Pete Smith


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