'Oh, hi, Zach,' I responded as blandly as I could, trying to hide the conflicting emotions I was feeling. 'Just finished closing up.'

'Busy night?' he asked.

'Oh, I may be going out later. I'm not sure yet. A friend is supposed to call.'

'I meant did you have a lot of customers tonight?'

Shit, I thought. I had been too ready to utter my prepared line about being busy and needing to get some place.

'Oh, not really. It was pretty slow tonight. Everybody else left at nine and I closed up by myself.'

'Cool, man.'

My anger quickly drained away as I took in the sight of Zach sitting behind the wheel of his beloved Mustang. I was staring openly at the handsome teen's friendly, smiling face like I was in some kind of fucking trance. A few moments went by before I realized that neither of us was saying anything and I was just standing there basking in the young stud's raw masculinity. Embarrassed, I quickly turned away red-faced and began fumbling with my car keys.

'I . . . I gotta get going,' I said as I nervously tried to get my car key into the doorlock. It was dark and my hand was shaking a little from either the cold or fear, making it difficult to get the fucking thing into the lock.

'How's your car running, man? Did you have time to replace your battery today?'

My mind was telling me to just get into my car and get the hell out of there, but some for reason I turned back around to face Zach's open car window. Zach sat there with a pot-fueled grin looking like he wasn't feeling any pain. He also didn't seem like he was in a hurry to get anywhere. He seemed to be making small talk with me like maybe he actually liked me. I couldn't fucking help myself and began to feel being drawn to him.

'Oh, yeah,' I offered lamely. 'I put a five-year battery in this afternoon.'

'Great. Hey, you want to try some of this? It's good fuckin' shit, man.'

Zach was holding a unlit half-smoked joint in his hand. I felt a war quickly erupt between my head and my emotions. My head was telling me to get the fuck out of there, but my emotions were telling me to let go and allow myself to be drawn to the young stud.

Zach spoke before I had a chance to respond to his invitation one way or the other.

'C'mon, man, get in,' he said, reaching over to open the passenger door to the Mustang.

Even as the voice in my head continued to tell me to get out of there, I found myself getting into the passenger seat of Zach's car.

'Try this fuckin' shit out. It's awesome, dude.'

Hearing Zach call me 'dude' was somehow reassuring -- like he was treating me as just another normal guy the young stud might hang out with, instead of like a fucking fag that deserved to have the crap beat out of him just for the fact of being queer.

As I held the joint in my mouth, Zach leaned over and lit it with a lighter. I gingerly took a puff, but immediately began coughing. I had always been something of a square and I had only smoked marijuana a few times before. I wasn't used to holding the acrid smoke in my lungs.

'Hey, take it easy, man. This is fuckin' good shit. Just take it in real slow and hold it deep in your lungs for as long as you can.'

I tried again. This time I managed to hold the smoke for maybe five seconds before coughing it out.

'Yeah, that's the way, dude. Now you're getting it.'

I didn't think I was doing too well, but Zach seemed to think so. His reassuring comment -- and the buzz I quickly began to feel -- made me finally start to relax.

Zach took a puff from the joint and held it in for ten or fifteen seconds before finally exhaling. Wow, I thought, that's great.

I must have had an impressed look on my face.

'It's just practice. Here, man. Take another hit.'

There were only about a half-dozen hits left on the joint, but by the time I let out my final puff of smoke, I was definitely high and feeling no pain. Being stoned allowed me to relax and just be in the moment.

'Pretty awesome shit, don't you think?'

I had to consciously focus my mind in order to process Zach's comment. Turning to him, I didn't speak, but could feel a silly grin displayed on my face.

'Yeah, it's good shit alright,' Zach said with what looked like a small smile.

'Have a beer if you want, man.' I looked at him uncomprehending. I followed his glance to the back seat to see a closed cooler resting there. My brain wasn't running on all cylinders and I just shook my head no.

'Hey, I was headed to see a movie at the drive-in. Do you wanna go with me?'

I noticed that there was the slightest pause between Zach's comments and my ability to process what he was saying. I had experienced this before the few times I had been stoned and it didn't bother me. In fact, it forced my analytical mind to take a break and allowed me to get more into the moment.

Zach was asking me if I wanted to go with him to a drive-in movie, was that right? Looking at his friendly, handsome face, my head automatically nodded yes. I immediately had the thought that I had made a mistake, but in the next moment the thought passed and I returned to dwelling in the pleasant stoned sensations in my mind and body. I could feel that my dick was hard in my jeans, but that didn't bother me.

There was only one drive-in movie theater in the area and it was on the outskirts of town. It took us about 15 minutes to get there and neither of us said anything on the way. Normally in such a situation I would feel compelled to try to fill up the time and space with conversation. Instead, the pot allowed me just to chill and enjoy being in the company of this incredible stud. The temperature was dropping outside and Zach had turned on his car heater. The heat felt great blowing against my stoned face. As my hard dick gently throbbed in my pants, I felt both relaxed and horny.

Zach paid for the movie and drove almost all the way to the back of the theater parking lot. Jeez, I thought, it's going to be hard to see the fucking movie screen from back here. Zach kept the Mustang's engine running so we could enjoy the warmth of the car's heater.

'How ‘bout a beer, man? Why don't you get us both one.'

I pulled two beers from the cooler on the backseat. Instinctively, I opened Zach's for him before I handed it to him.

'Cool, man. Thanks.'

While Zach took a long swig of his beer, I opened mine and began slowly nursing it. I didn't really like beer, but wanted to drink along side my new buddy.

'Hey, let me get a blanket.'

Zach got out of the car. I was confused as to what he was doing until he opened the trunk and got back into the car with a big flannel blanket.

'Yeah, this will help keep us warm,' he said tossing one end of the blanket over to me. We spread the warm flannel over the lower halves of our bodies. The blanket gave me a physical connection to the handsome stud that made me (and my dick) feel awesome.

As Zach sipped his beer, he started talking about his girlfriend (Sally? Sara? Who the fuck cares?). He said they had plans to come to the drive-in tonight, but that at the last minute her parents had made her stay home to babysit her little brother. Zach said her parents didn't care for him, but that didn't matter to him and his girlfriend.

Hearing Zach talk about his girlfriend was a major turnoff for me and for the first time since I had gotten into his car at the station I felt my dick deflating.

Then his patter took a turn that also caused my dick to turn from limp to hard.

Zach said he and his girlfriend really liked to get it on at the drive-in. He said she was sexually excited by having sex in a public place and he liked to take full advantage of that by fucking her six ways to Sunday. They had fucked a couple of times in the restroom stalls and he would cum like a shooting star when he would hear someone else in the bathroom while he pumped her pussy with his hard prick. He said they always liked to park the car at the back of the theater parking lot so they were less likely to be caught getting it on.

Zach's comment about he and his girlfriend parking at the back of the theater for some privacy while they fucked stuck in my head. I struggled for a moment to get my pot-addled brain to focus on why the comment seemed significant, but just as quickly let the thought go. The young stud was again talking about his sexual prowess and I needed to put my full attention on his words. My dick was certainly getting with the program, having resumed its full hardness at Zach's sex talk.

Zach's talking about his sexual encounters brought me back to the many times he had described them to me at the station on the morning after they had occurred. I dimly realized, however, that this time something was different: it wasn't the morning after; it was the night of. Zach's words again interrupted this thought and I let it go, instinctively craving the handsome teen's sex talk over anything and everything else in the world in that moment.

'She drops her fuckin' inhabitations here, man. I'm tellin' ya she becomes a real cum-hungry whore. And I'm just the stud to put it to her.'

My hard little dick pleasantly throbbed underneath my jeans as Zach continued.

'I like to start by having her go down on me. I push my cock into her mouth as far as I can, making her choke and gag on the fucker. After I've dumped a load into her mouth, I push the fuckin' thing into her tight pussy and pound her hard. Man, the car really rocks up and down with the force of our fucking. The bitch really screams when I slam my big meat in and out of her pussy or asshole. She gets real hungry for my big cock, and she'll take as many cum loads as I want to give her.'

Even more than the pot, Zach's sex talk was making me high. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat as my dick throbbed in my pants and leaked precum into my briefs.

'But she's not the only bitch I'm interested in fucking.'

Confused, I looked over at Zach's handsome face to find him staring at me with a sly smile on his face.

Zach pulled the blanket toward him, leaving me and my crotch uncovered. I instantly felt exposed and extremely nervous.

Zach's eyes traveled down to my crotch. I was nervous as hell. I hoped that in the dark he couldn't see my hard dick throbbing in my jeans.

'You like me, girl?' Zach asked. I knew he was now looking directly into my face as he asked the question, but I just stared nervously at the floor.

Shit, I thought, what the fuck is going on? Why was Zach calling me 'girl'? Did Zach know I was gay and did he plan to beat the shit out of me once he got me to admit it?

'Girl, are you hard just from sitting next to me?'

I couldn't get my mouth to open. Anyway, I didn't know what the fuck I could say in the circumstances.

'Yeah, girl. I can see your faggot clit is stiff and throbbing. Are you hard from sitting next to a real man?'

Again I couldn't get my mouth to work.

'Answer me, bitch!' Zach said to me firmly.

The teen's rough instruction seemed to override my frozen brain circuits and I answered his question from instinct.

'Ah, I, yeah, ah . . . Yes.'

'Yeah, you're a bitch who needs to serve a real man. Is that right, girl?'

I was struggling to process the teenager's questions and understand my role here. I could feel I was shaking a little in fear, but for some reason the thought of trying to escape never entered my mind.

Maybe it was the combination of the pot and my sheer sexual craving for Zach, but the fear seemed to pass quickly through my body and mind and then dissipate.

'Is that right, girl? Are you a bitch who is hungry for a real man like me?'

This time, I found myself quickly responding.

'Yeah. I mean, yes, Zach. I want to serve a real man like you. I need you. I need you a lot.'

'Good. Thanks what a man wants to hear. I knew you were a fuckin' cocksucker from the first time I saw you pop faggot wood hearing about my cock's exploits.'

That comment made my head jerk up and look the handsome teenager directly into his face. His beautiful brown eyes seemed to grip me like a tractor beam.

'That's right, asshole. Your faggot prick is small, but not that fuckin' small!'

Zach chuckled at his own remark.

I realized I should feel insulted, but Zach's eyes continued to grip me. Besides, I really couldn't deny the truth of what he was saying. In a way, it was a huge relief to hear him say out loud what I already knew was true.

'But, ya know, I've never had a bitch fuckin' cum just from sitting next to me. I guess it takes a real hungry cockwhore for that.'

This time I realized immediately that Zach was referring to the time I had cum in his car on the way back to the station from the auto parts store.

Instead of being embarrassed at having the incident brought up openly, I again felt a sense of relief. It was true that I had cum just from sitting next the young stud in his car and hearing him talk about how he planned to thoroughly fuck some girl's ass.

'Do you want it, girl? Do you want me on top of you fuckin' your pussy with my big cock?'

Zach's sex talk was driving me crazy, dissolving what little was left of my will to resist submitting to his demands.

As the handsome teen continued to talk, lust shot through my mind and body. I just continued to stare into his eyes mesmerized.

'You want to feel my weight on top of you as I take you and make you into the fuckin' bitch you really are?'

I almost came when he said that.

'Bitch, you need to answer my questions. Understand?'

I didn't hesitate. Looking directly into his eyes, I said, 'Oh, god, yes. Please, Zach. I want you so much. I need you inside me.'

Apparently satisfied with my response, Zach's face broke out into a friendly smile. Man, seeing the look of pleasure on the handsome teenager's face was the biggest turn-on in the world for me. I had made him happy and there was nothing on earth I wanted more than that.

'You're going to love havin' me inside you. Sure, I'm a demanding motherfucker, but you can be sure I know how to use my cock in a hungry bitch like you. You'll take my fuckin' cock however I want. I'm gonna fill up your holes with more spooge than you can handle, you fuckin' cumwhore!'

Shit, his rough sex talk was bringing me to the edge of cuming!

Zach knew exactly the effect he was having on me and looked directly into my eyes.

'Show me how much you want me, girl. I want you to cream your panties right now.'

My breath was ragged and I realized I was quietly moaning in response to Zach's words.

'Shithead, you will fuckin' cum, NOW!'

Zach's words were like an instruction delivered directly to my painfully hard dick and my balls, bypassing my brain. It never occurred to me to touch myself. I knew instinctively that Zach expected me to cum just from his hot talk.

'UNLOAD YOUR FUCKIN' CUM NOW, BITCH!' Zach screamed at me.

The tough teen's words seem to draw the cum involuntarily from my balls and I felt it racing from my balls to my dick. Then my dick began to throb and violently erupt hot load after hot load into my briefs.

It was humiliating to be cuming next to this teenager just from his proximity to me, but that didn't seem to make any difference to my body. In fact, at some level, I realized that Zach's control over my sexual response was a huge turn on for me. The young stud's power made me cum like I had never cum before. Moaning loudly, I shot a half-dozen times in my pants.

After I had finished cuming, I looked down at my crotch to find the hot cum beginning to soak through my jeans. Jeez, I had shot a huge load! I could smell the strong odor of my cum in Zach's car.

'You need to get cleaned up now,' Zach said matter-of-factly. A little startled by his voice, I looked over at the handsome teen. He didn't seem embarrassed or anything. He was just giving me an instruction. Instinctively, I knew I needed to do whatever he told me to do.

'Go into the bathroom and get cleaned up,' he said. 'Then get us a big tub of buttered popcorn on your way back. Make sure they put extra butter on it. Got it?'

Without waiting for my response, Zach turned toward the movie screen and casually took a sip of his beer.

Although dazed, I managed to make it to the restroom. There I used up all of the paper towels in the restroom trying to get my messy crotch cleaned up.

I reluctantly proceeded to the snack counter to get popcorn. I hadn't been able to get all of the cum out of my briefs and jeans and could smell it as I reached the counter. I was embarrassed, but I needed to do as Zach instructed. The guy behind the counter was a goodlooking kid who was maybe 15 or 16. As he handed me the popcorn, I remembered Zach's order to get extra butter.

'Oh, could I have some extra butter on this, please?'

The kid paused as he seemed to smell something in the air and then glanced down at my still-wet crotch. Looking up from my crotch to my eyes, a big smile flashed across his face. I felt my face completely flush from embarrassment. He put extra butter on the popcorn and handed the tub back to me still with a smile on his face. 'Enjoy yourself, man.' Humiliated, I quickly turned away.

As I began to walk back to Zach's car, I realized the pot I had smoked earlier had almost entirely worn off. I felt the chill in the air and began to wonder what the hell I had gotten myself into. Maybe I should call a friend or a taxi to pick me up and take me back to the safety of my apartment.

My head was still entertaining this thought as I found myself back at Zach's car and getting in. Obviously, something more than my head was in charge of me in the situation.

'Great, man,' Zach said as I handed him the big tub of popcorn. 'I've really got the munchies.' He threw the blanket back over us.

I didn't know what was supposed to happen at this point. Was that it? Did Zach just like the power he felt in being able to make a faggot shoot off in his pants simply from being in his presence?

I stared forward at the movie screen in the distance. There was some kind of car chase going on and I realized I didn't even know what movie was playing. I had been so absorbed by Zach's sexual energy I was oblivious to everything else.

No longer stoned, I began to feel embarrassed at what had happened earlier. My crotch was still wet from my effort to clean myself up and it was a little uncomfortable. I began hoping that Zach would decide we should leave and he would take me back to my car so I could get home.

Zach, though, seemed perfectly happy drinking his beer and eating popcorn from the tub on his lap. Popcorn is not my favorite, but I would reach over occasionally in an effort to act like there was nothing wrong.

About 15 minutes had passed when I reached over to get some more popcorn. As my hand entered the bucket, Zach quickly grabbed my wrist. For a moment, I had the crazy thought he wanted to hold my hand. He held my wrist firmly with one hand as he used the other to place the popcorn tub on the floor of the car. Then he maneuvered my hand under the blanket. He very slowly ran my hand along his stomach. I could feel his rock hard abs under his shirt. This intimate contact with the young stud made my head swim with lust and I immediately felt high again.

Zach continued to push my hand down until my palm reached his jeans-covered crotch. There I felt his big, half-hard shaft and the mound of his nuts through the material of his jeans. The young stud gently held my hand against his crotch. I was too afraid to move a muscle. I could feel his prick begin to stiffen under my hand and my little dick responded by getting completely hard again in my still-wet pants.

A moment later Zach pulled my hand away from his crotch a few inches. I thought maybe that was all that was going to happen. He just wanted to give me a thrill by letting me feel his big joint. But then he reached over with his other hand and unbuttoned the top button of his jeans. Oh, god, I thought, is he really going to take the fucking thing out of his pants?

Then I heard him pull the zipper down on his jeans. The sound almost made my heart jump out of my throat.

To be continued.


Pete Smith

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