'That feels good, babe. My cock feels great between your pretty lips.' For the first time during our drive-in 'date,' Zach sounded genuinely appreciative of me.

'Just keep holding it like that. I'm close. I'm gonna begin feeding it to you real slow. Just a little bit at a time, so you can get used to taking it in your mouth and swallowing it down. Understand, babe?'

I looked up at the muscular blond teenager with his cock gently enclosed by my moist lips. He was looking down at me with his beautiful blue eyes. If there was any part of my mind or body that was still holding back from a total desire to make this amazing young stud happy, it let go in that moment. I knew my one purpose in life was to serve this sexually demanding young man.

I gently closed my eyes to focus on the feeling of the big teenage tool resting in my mouth. It throbbed a little as it unwooded slightly more.

Then it happened!

Hot fluid slowly began emptying out of softening cockhead into my mouth.

True to his promise, Zach unloaded only a small amount of his urine into my mouth before stopping.

My taste buds were instantly hit with the strong, salty flavor of the young man's hot urine. It was amazing to me that I was actually taking the teenager's piss into my mouth!

'Oh, yeah! That's great, girl. You've got some of my good shit in your mouth now. Can you taste me? Of fuckin' course you can!'

The powerful smell and flavor of Zach's piss filled my senses totally.

'Drink me down, girl. Take me into your tummy. Fuckin' swallow my piss, goddamnit!'

Zach's shouted instruction shot directly into my brain and I found myself swallowing his hot fluid. His urine gave my stomach a warm and comforting feeling like I had just started sipping the tastiest hot chocolate on earth. The young man's piss tasted distinctively of the beer he had been consuming all evening.

'Fuck, yeah! That's a good toilet slave. You like the taste of me in your queer belly, buddy?'

I was still a little too shocked by what was happening to formulate any kind of response to Zach's question.

Zach didn't seem to mind, though, and a moment later I felt and tasted another small amount of his urine being released into my mouth.

When the flow stopped, I automatically took the fluid into my belly. Again, the beer-smelling piss filled my senses and filled my stomach with its warmth.

Taking the teenager's piss into my body was giving me some new kind of high for the evening.

The next piss installment was larger than the first two and I had to swallow it down in two careful gulps rather than one.

'Yeah, that's terrific, girl. You're a good fuckin' piss whore. I know you need more of this fuckin' stuff inside you -- and believe me I got what feels like a fuckin' gallon of the stuff in my bladder. But we need to pick up the pace or I'll have to be here all fuckin' night draining my trouser snake into your face.'

A second later Zach unleashed a full mouthful of his hot piss into me. I had to hold his cockhead very firmly between my lips in order to prevent any of the warm shit from escaping from my mouth. I wasn't sure how to proceed because I didn't see how I could begin to gulp the stuff down without either choking or having it pour out of my mouth.

Zach wasn't happy with my inaction.

'Let's get the fuck goin' here, asshole. I've got a huge serving of your favorite hot beverage in me and we gotta keep the good stuff flowin' into your tummy.'

I knew I needed to act, so I proceeded to try to take a first gulp of the stud's piss down my throat.

Things did not go well and I immediately began choking as the hot fluid entered the wrong pipe in my throat.

I involuntarily spit out Zach's cockhead and sprayed the remaining contents of my mouth inside the toilet stall.

I coughed violently trying to clear the pungent urine from my lungs and throat.

When I finally straightened back up on the toilet seat, the side of my face exploded in pain as the palm of Zach's powerful right hand made violent contact with my cheek.

'You goddamn fuckin' freak!' Zach yelled directly into my painfully throbbing face, spit angrily flying out of his mouth at the same time.

'I thought you understood your place here. I thought you finally understood that your only job here is to take me the way I want. You fuckin' failed, you goddamn worthless piece of shit!'

I was both terrified and ashamed. I thought Zach might really finally carry through on his earlier threats to beat the living daylights out of me. Weirdly, though, the stronger emotion was my feeling of deep shame at having failed to service the demanding young stud exactly the way he wanted.

Nothing happened for a moment. Then I felt my face being hit by hot liquid. I looked up toward Zach's crotch and was immediately hit in the eyes by his hot piss. I slammed my eyes closed.

As my closed eyes burned from the acrid urine, Zach's bladder unloaded onto my face and hair. When those were thoroughly coated, his hot stream began to soak my clothes. The flow was powerful and it felt like I was being hit by a firehose. It went on a long time before the flow finally slowly and then stopped.

The stench was incredible! My face, hair and clothes were totally soaked with the teenager's strong, beer-smelling urine!

I opened my eyes and desperately tried to blink away the sting of the angry teenager's piss.

'Stupid fuckin' faggot,' Zach said as I saw him tuck his soft, now-drained cock and his balls back into his jeans and button them up. 'You smell like a goddamn fuckin' urinal, shithead. How appropriate. You ain't gettin' back in my car like that. Good luck gettin' home. Maybe one of your queer boyfriends can pick you up.'

With that, Zach unlocked the toilet stall door and walked out. As soon I heard the men's room door close behind him, a wave of panic shot through my urine-covered body. I sat there on the toilet seat soaked and in shock, unable to get my brain to function at all.

I don't know how much time passed before the sound of the men's room door opening jarred me from my stupor and made me jump up about five feet from the toilet seat.

To be continued.


Pete Smith

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