It seemed a strange time for Zach to have a craving for more popcorn, but I knew I needed to follow the dominant young stud's instructions without question. I reached over the front seat and grabbed the big popcorn tub. Pulling it back over, I saw that most of the popcorn was gone. Zach had instructed me to get extra butter on the popcorn and there was about a half-inch of greasy yellow butter covering the bottom of the container.

I extended the tub to Zach, but he just ignored it and instead grabbed the blanket from the front seat. 'Get the seat covered up with this,' the muscular teenager instructed me, throwing the blanket at me. 'I don't want no fuckin' butter on my leather seats.'

Confused, I just looked at him imploringly.

'Dipshit, spread the blanket out over the seat and tuck it in all along the back of the seat real tight.'

I followed Zach's instruction and with his help got the blanket spread over his leather back seat and tightly tucked it in all along the back of the seat.

'Now get your hole lubed up for me with the grease.'

When I again paused confused as to what the dominant teenager wanted me to do, I saw the unmistakable look of anger appear on Zach's face. I felt panic, but didn't know what the hell he wanted me to do. Zach worked his cheeks and mouth and a moment later forcefully expelled a huge wad of spit all over my face. The warm beer-smelling saliva stung my eyes and I could feel it quickly begin to drip down my startled face. It was humiliating to be spat upon by this demanding younger guy. Still, I made no attempt to resist his rough treatment of me.

To emphasize his point, the angry teenager reached out with his right hand and slapped my face hard, shooting my head sharply and painfully to the side.

'You're a slow learner, asshole. Unless you want to take me dry, you need to get your pussy lubricated for my big cock. Now use your goddamn fingers to scoop some butter out of the container and work it into your hole to get it juicy for me.'

When I reached up to wipe the teenager's voluminous spittle off my face, Zach stopped me.

'Leave my spit on your face, cunt. It will help you remember your place.'

At least now I realized what the dominant teenager wanted me to do. I knew that Zach intended to fuck my hole with his hard cock no matter what. I realized that there was no way I could take the huge fucking thing dry. It would surely kill me.

Having no choice, I used two fingers to quickly scoop some of the gooey yellow substance out of the tub and began gently rubbing the goop against my asshole.

Zach was impatient with my tentative efforts. 'Let's get going, you goddamn whore! Scoop out more and get your fingers working in your pussyhole or I swear I'm gonna fuckin' take you dry right now!'

I anxiously complied Zach's instructions and diligently went back and forth between the popcorn tub and my assring, working my butter-covered fingers into my tight hole.

After just a minute or two, it began to feel good to have my slick fingers working my tight asshole. I noticed that my dick was starting to harden for the first time since I had gotten into the back seat.

The reaction of my little faggot dick to having a couple of fingers working my hole wasn't lost on the young stud.

'That's it, bitch. Work your hungry hole with that fuckin' grease. Feels good, doesn't it, girl? You like having something hard stuffed into your pussy?'

I was a little lost in the pleasure of my fingers in my hole and Zach's dreamy sex talk. Zach wasn't pleased with my failure to respond to his question and unleashed another torrent of spit across my face.

'I asked you a fuckin' question, bitch! Do you like having something hard forced into your tight pussy? Does the goddamn whore need something hard working her hole?'

The finger fucking and the tough teenager's spit dripping down my face released what was left of my inhibitions. This time I responded eagerly to his questions.

'Oh, yeah. Please, Zach. I need it. I need to have something hard shoved up my fucking pussy. Oh, god, fuckin' please!'

My little queer dick was now completely hard and beginning to leak precum onto my belly as I continued to work two fingers deep into my asshole.

'Good whore. I know you're a hungry bitch. You just need a real man to show you what you were put on earth for. You're a fuckin' hole that needs to be filled and pounded by a real man. Is that right, cunt? Do you need a real man's hard cock forced inside you and fuckin' you raw like the stupid whore you are?'

The demanding teenager's talk made me high.

'Oh, god, yes. Please, Zach! I need you inside me. Goddamnit, I need you to use my hole with your cock!'

'Now you're gettin' with the program, asswipe. Pull your fingers out of your hole and let me see if you did a good job.'

Reluctantly, I slowly withdrew my slick fingers and my assring slammed shut as soon as they cleared the opening. My hole felt empty and hungry to be filled by something again.

'OK, girl. That looks good. Looks like you've gotten that hole nice and slicked up for your man's hard cock. Is that what you want, bitch? You want me to thrust this fuckin' hard meat into your tight pussy? Do you need to be used by a real man?'

Looking down as Zach's crotch, I saw that he had unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his cock and balls out. The teenager's cock was rock hard and throbbing gently. Man, the goddamn fucker was long and thick!

My anxiety at taking such a big cock into my tight hole was overcome by my lust for this demanding teenager. The empty feeling in my hole and Zach's rough sex talk had me delirious and desperate to be fucked hard by the masculine young stud. Zach intended to use me roughly for his own pleasure and at that moment there was nothing more on earth I wanted than to submit to the tough stud's sexual demands.

'God, yes. Please, Zach. I can't stand it. I need you inside me. Please fuck me. Goddamnit, please!!!'

'Take it easy, bitch. You'll get what you need. I intend to pound your pussy alright. Don't worry about that. I will fuck your hole so hard it won't feel complete unless it has my goddamn hard meat shoved up it 24x7!'

I was on my back as Zach grabbed my ankles and spread them out, exposing my butter-lubricated hole to his rigid pole. He scooted himself forward until I felt the tip of his mushroom cockhead touch my assring. The contact was fuckin' electric!

A moment later Zach rubbed his big hot cock gently up and down against my hole. In response, I could feel my assring involuntarily begin clenching and unclenching.

'Yeah, I can see your hole is hungry for my cock. Is that right, girl? Is the bitch real hungry for her man to get his hard cock inside her pussy? Is that what you want, girl? Do you need to be pounded by a real man, bitch?'

'Oh, god, yes. Please, Zach. Please, fuck me. I need you inside me. Please fuck me NOW!!!'

'No problem, cunt.' With that, I felt Zach's big cock begin to press forward against my tight assring. I grunted in pain as the big mushroom head of his cock tried to get inside. Even with the lubrication and my eagerness to take him inside, Zach's cockhead was too big to easily penetrate me. Undeterred, the young stud simply thrust forward. Then I felt it: Zach's big cockhead lodged just inside my hole! My assring tried desperately to close behind the young stud's big cockhead, but couldn't.

The sensation of being penetrated by the dominant teenager's big cockhead was totally wild. I had the symbol of Zach's masculinity inside me. He had dominated my mind and body and now was going to fuck me for his own pleasure.

'Feels good, girl. Your hole is nice and tight around my cockhead. Now be a good whore and open up and take your man inside your pussy.'

I felt Zach's big teen cock begin to penetrate my hole further. I grunted in both pleasure and pain as it forced itself forward. I had only been fucked twice before in my life. In both cases, it had been by dicks much smaller than this teenager's big meat.

As the hard cock continued pushing forward, it seemed to push the breath right out of my lungs and I found myself struggling to get air.

'Nice tight bitch. Your pussy is real hungry. I can tell that, girl. It's warm and moist in here. It's grippin' me real tight. I've got about another four inches to get inside you. Now, open up your goddamn twat and take the rest of my fuckin' cock!'

Zach thrust his long hard cock all the rest of the way up my painfully stretched hole. I could feel the teenager's pubic hairs against my asscheeks. My head was spinning with lust and pain. The kid's big cock seemed to extend halfway up my intestines. My hole felt so incredibly full and stretched. It felt like a goddamn telephone pole had been shoved inside me.

'Nice, bitch. Your pussy is gripping my tool real nice. How's that feel, girl? Do you like being filled with my big cock?'

In response I could only moan incoherently in pleasure and pain at the young stud's deep penetration of my mind and body.

Zach seemed satisfied, and in the next moment I felt him begin to withdraw his hard cock until only the head was lodged in my hole. It felt like he was pulling out all of my insides with him.

Without pausing, Zach roughly thrust his hard tool all the way back into my clenching hole. Fuck! I cried out in pain as the handsome teen's huge cock roughly pushed through my hole's defenses and again bottomed out deep inside my body. I was groaning and crying at the intense sensations caused by the painful insertion of the kid's big tool.

'Yeah! Feels good, doesn't it, girl? You like being fucked by a real man, don't you?'

I could only grunt in pain and pleasure in response.

Zach then began roughly shoving in and out of my hole. I would grunt and groan every time the young stud penetrated me fully with his amazing hard cock and then just as quickly withdraw it until only the head was lodged inside my clenching tight hole.

Some of the young stud's sweat dripped from his chin onto my lips and I eagerly took in the warm salty fluid with my tongue. It was totally awesome to be tasting the masculine teenager's salty sweat as he roughly pounded my boypussy with his demanding cock.

Over my own moaning, I could hear Zach gently groaning each time he forced his hard cock all the way into my clenching hole. The sound of the young stud's groans were an incredible turn-on to me. I felt so proud to know that my body was giving the young stud pleasure!

'Good girl. You're doin' great. Work your hole on my cock. Make your man's cock feel real good. Show me you need this hard cock poundin' your hungry pussy!'

I did my best to work my pussyhole around the demanding teenager's thrusting cock, grunting loudly each time the big fucking thing bottomed out in my stretched hole.

Zach would pause occasionally in his fucking, simply keeping his rigid tool buried all the way inside my painfully stretched boypussy.

After maybe 15 minutes of rough fucking, I suddenly felt an electric shock in my crotch. I looked down just in time to see my little queer dick jerking wildly up and down before it began to explode with shot after shot of hot faggot cum. The first two shots hit me in the forehead and the rest began unloading up to my shoulders, chest and stomach. Zach continued to fuck me roughly as I came and each thrust seemed to force another big load of cum out of my cock and onto my chest and stomach. As I came violently, my boypussy clenched tightly again and again around Zach's pounding tool.

The feeling of my spasming ass channel must have set the muscular young stud off, because just as I was finishing cuming I heard Zach begin a series of urgent grunts and felt his hard cock begin to pulse in my pussyhole.

'Fuckin' bitch, yeah!' Zach yelled as his rock hard tool began to erupt buried deep in my hole. 'Take my hot cum, you fuckin' whore!'

The dominant young man's cock pulsed again and again inside my painfully stretched pussyhole as it angrily spat its hot teen spooge deep inside me. I lay there passively as Zach pumped me full of his hot cum.

Eventually, Zach's fucking of my pussyhole slowed and he withdrew his big tool from my widely stretched hole. I groaned as the hard cock pulled back and cried out in pain as the big mushroom cockhead cleared my assring.

My hole felt empty and itchy without the muscular stud's big tool shoved up there. I immediately began wishing that the dominant teenager would re-insert his tool into me and begin roughly fucking me again. That didn't happen, though, and I focused on the feeling of the large amount of warm teen spooge Zach had injected deep into me. It felt deeply comforting to have had the teenager use my hole to get off and reward me with an injection of his straight babymakers.

Getting my head together, I looked over at Zach. Sweat was running down his face from the rough fuck he had just put to me. I was a little startled to realize he had fucked me with his clothes on. He had simply pulled his cock and balls out of his pants and then forced his hard tool into my submissive hole. He was a real man who had fucked an eager and groaning naked bitch with his demanding cock with his clothes still on. The feeling of being totally naked before this natural stud unleashed a wave of submissiveness that traveled quickly through my mind and body. My glazed eyes fell onto the teenager's amazing cock, which was still hard and jutting out butter-stained from the opened crotch of his jeans.

'Good girl. That's two down and one to go.'

To be continued.


Pete Smith

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