'Touch the motherfucker,' Zach said as he released his grip on my hand.

I couldn't believe my ears. Was the young stud actually telling me to touch his cock?

I felt like I was in the grandest possible wet dream. Afraid I might wake up at any moment, I quickly but gently reached under the waistband of the teenager's boxer-briefs. My hand made contact with Zach's half-hard cock. It felt hot and totally awesome. As I rested my hand on the stud's joint, I felt it begin to pulse and to get harder. The feeling shot directly to my head, making it swim with lust.

As Zach's joint continued to harden under my hand, I gathered my courage and began to gently rub it to encourage its growth. I also allowed my hand to touch the teenager's big balls. Man, it was incredible to feel this young stud's package respond to the loving manipulation of my hand!

'Yeah, girl. That's good. Feel your man's joint.'

Zach's words of encouragement made me crazy with a lustful desire to please him.

After a minute of gentle fondling, Zach's cock was completely hard. Jeez, I could feel it was a long, thick tool!

'Pull the fuckin' thing out of my boxers.'

Zach's instruction was like music to my ears.

I quickly withdrew my hand from under the waistband of Zach's boxer-briefs and, reaching into the front opening, pulled the huge hard tool out of the opening.

The young stud's fuckin' hard cock was throbbing so close to my face I couldn't even focus on it. Pulling my head back a few inches, I was immediately hit with the intoxicating smell of Zach's crotch. It was a heady mixture of soapy crotch smell and the unmistakable smell of precum. The smell shot to my brain like the most powerful aphrodisiac on the planet.

I was on a lust high as I drank in the sight and smell of Zach's amazing cock. I stared mesmerized. The fucking thing was rock hard and gently throbbing. I could see precum beginning to leak out of the big mushroom head.

I don't know how long I stared at his beautiful tool before Zach's voice broke my reverie.

'Jack me, girl,' he whispered. 'Make me feel good.'

There was nothing I wanted to do more in the moment than to make this young stud feel good.

I reached over and started to give the handsome teen a hand job. My head spun as I worked the young stud's joint with my hand.

In my excitement at handling Zach's hard tool, I must have been jerking him too fast.

'Take it slow, girl. Make it last. Work my hard cock nice and slow. Get a good slow rhythm going on that fuckstick.'

Eager to do whatever would give the young stud the most pleasure, I slowed the pace of my loving stroking of his rigid cock.

I stroked the big tool from top to bottom, spending some time working his big mushroom cockhead with my fingers. The stud would leak precum and I used that to lubricate his cockhead and thick shaft as I continued my slow hand job.

Occasionally, Zach would moan quietly as I worked his tool. To me, the sound was like the finest symphony.

'Feels good, girl,' Zach said. I could hear lust in his voice. 'Keep working my cock with your hand. And don't forget my fuckin' balls.'

His balls? Fuckin' yeah! I reached back into the teenager's boxers and pulled his big balls out in the open. Wow, the stud's balls were hot to my touch and felt incredible in my hand. I dropped Zach's rigid cock and focused on gently stroking and pulling his big balls. Knowing they were full of the young stud's hot cum make me wild with lust to worship them.

After a few minutes working his balls I moved back to his cockhead to find that my manipulation of his balls had made him unleash a big load of precum. Excited by this, I used it as a natural lube to go back to working his big cockhead and thick shaft with my hand.

I repeated this cycle several times, working Zach's big balls to generate an additional load of precum and then using my hand to smear the sticky stuff over his cockhead and shaft.

As I began to use one hand on his cock and one on his balls, Zach interrupted.

'Pull my fuckin' pants and boxers down.'

The young stud helpfully lifted his ass off the seat. I was at an awkward angle, but that didn't deter me from grabbing his jeans and boxer-briefs at both sides and beginning to gently pull them down. I was leaning over his crotch as I struggled with the teenager's clothes and when they cleared his crotch his rigid tool popped clear and immediately slapped back against his stomach with a loud snap.

When I paused for a moment to stare worshipfully at the rigid symbol of Zach's masculinity, Zach spoke impatiently.

'Fucker, I told you to get these goddamn clothes down!'

I pulled myself away from the sight of Zach's leaking teenage bone and, with some effort, managed to get his jeans and boxers down to his ankles.

Zach had been unbuttoning his shirt while I pulling down his pants and when my head returned to his midsection I was greeted by his awesome chest and hard abs. His hard leaking cock jutted upwards from his crotch toward his chest. Man, there could not be any finer sight in the universe! I never wanted the moment to end.

'OK, girl, now it's time to finish your man off. I want you to suck the fuckin' cum out of my cock and balls.'

Dazed by the sight of Zach's awesome crotch and torso, I just hovered there without moving.

'Do it, bitch. Get the fuck down on me, NOW!'

With that, Zach reached over and, placing his right hand around my neck, began pulling my head into his crotch. He wasn't rough with me, but I knew I didn't have any choice in the matter and needed to submit to his demand to be sucked.

Without further urging, I stuck out my tongue and began licking his mushroom cockhead. I lapped up the precum that was coming out of his head and circled my tongue around the head. The taste of the teenager's cock and precum made me more turned on than I had ever been before in my life.

I took the head into my mouth and lovingly tongued it. It felt so fucking natural to me to service the stud this way.

A minute later, I felt the pressure of Zach's hand on my neck begin to push me slowly down on his big cock. I let the hot cock push its way into my mouth, doing my best to work the big tool with my tongue, lips and mouth. Jeez, the stud was hung big!

Zach's hand stopped pushing down, but he left it on my neck as I started to piston up and down on his cock, not quite taking half of it into my mouth.

Zach's hand never left my neck as he began to thrust his hips up on each down stroke of my head. I would gag a little whenever the big tool would hit my throat, but did my best to keep servicing the handsome teen the way he wanted.

'Good, girl. Suck your man's cock. You're making that hard fucker feel real good. You don't need to deep-throat me right now. You will learn to do that in time. Right now, you need to work the cock good until you earn your reward. You want my cum, bitch? You want this hard cock to dump a big load of cum into your throat hole, bitch?'

Crazy with lust, I could only eagerly moan my agreement as Zach held my neck and worked his hips up and down to force his big dick in and out of my mouth.

'Yeah, bitch, I know you like this big cock. Well, you're doin' real good. Get ready for your reward, girl. I'm going to cum, and you're gonna drink it all the fuck down!'

There was no room for disagreement with Zach's instructions and it didn't even occur to me not to do exactly what he told me.

A moment later, the teen's big balls drew up fast and Zach began a series of quiet grunts as his cockhead swelled and like a firehose began shooting out one hot cum load after another into my submissive mouth. The feeling of having Zach cum in my mouth was overwhelming. I wanted desperately to hold all of the stud's cum in my mouth, but there was simply too much of it. It began dripping out the sides of my mouth. Instinctively, I began to swallow the hot cum in little gulps. I could feel the teen's warm spooge make its way down my throat into my belly. I swallowed again and again until I had taken all of the teenager's babymakers into my tummy. The warmth in my belly was unreal. It felt so fantastic. There was something about servicing this demanding teen and then eagerly swallowing his load into my belly that seemed totally natural and satisfying to me.

I nursed Zach's still-hard tool until I had squeezed and swallowed all of the residual cum out of the head.

Zach gently released my head, and I got myself back into my own seat.

My head was spinning and my senses were totally filled with the taste and smell of the young stud and his cum.

I glanced down at the crotch of my jeans and was startled to realize I had cum a second time in my pants without touching myself while Zach had made me go down on him.

Zach looked over at my crotch as he pulled his boxers and jeans over his still-hard cock.

'Did you cum while you sucked me off, girl?'

Looking up at the handsome teen's face, I immediately admitted it.


'Good bitch.'

To be continued.


Pete Smith

[email protected]


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