Chapter 8

Callum walked into the kitchen, he saw Dustin walking his plate over to the dry sink and set it down. He wiped his mouth on a kitchen rag. His eyes went wide as he saw Callum enter.

"Did you hear me, lad? The carriage is here."

"Yes, I did. Should I go pack anything?" Dustin asked, wide eyed.

"I don't believe so." Callum answered, giving it some thought for a moment. "We should be only one night, returning the next day." Callum scratched his chin, thinking. His mind was made up. "No, pack nothing. We will conduct our business, and then return home." Callum looked at Martha, and smiled. He stepped toward her, extending his hands out to her. "Will you be alright in our absence?"

Martha took his hands in hers, and smiled up at him. "I shall, and I shall be waiting for your return to your home."

"Excellent." Callum said. He leaned forward and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "My heart will be sad until I return." Callum whispered to her.

"Oh,..." she began to cry, lifting her apron to her eyes. "my boy..." her voice was full of soft sobs. Callum turned and walked away from her. Dustin went to walk around her, but she reached out, grabbing Dustin pulling him to her, giving him a tight hug, patting his shoulder softly. Dustin, not accustomed to this, with 'family', patted her shoulder as well, lightly hugging her. "You watch him..." she said, pulling back, "keep him safe." She sobbed again.

"I will." Dustin smiled at her, wanting to comfort her, but not knowing how. He quickly decided, and then leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. "You have my word on it." He turned and followed out the door. He trotted to catch Callum and stopped at the gate, his mouth and eyes wide open at what was holding the carriage door open.

"You alright, sir?" Owen asked, smiling with a twinkle in his eye, seeing the look from young Dustin.

"Yes, yes...fine." Dustin gulped, as Callum stepped into the carriage. "I was talking to an older gentleman yesterday..."

"My father, sir. He has taken ill. He asked me to take over for him." Owen said, looking Dustin up and down quickly.

"I see."

"It should be a pleasant drive, gentlemen. If you need anything, just bang out on the roof."

"We will, thank you, Owen." Callum said, sitting on the rear bench. Owen closed the door after Dustin climbed in, sitting across from Callum on the other bench. Owen turned, and climbed up and sat on the flat driver's bench, picked up the reins, and pulled out the snap whip. He let it sing in the air, and the two horses sprang to life, pulling the carriage down the road. Dustin and Callum rocked a bit with the start of the carriage, but soon settled into the motion of the rocking of the coach on the springs. Callum settled back into the seat, staring at Dustin.

"First time in a carriage, Mr. Perkins?" Callum said in his full authority voice.

"Yes, sir." Dustin responding to the voice out of reflex. Callum smiled. He leaned forward, extending his hand. Dustin smiled, and took it with one of his. Callum pulled him, dragging him over to his bench. Callum looked into Dustin's eyes, wrapping his hands around Dustin's slender, lithe body. Callum went nose to nose with him. Their eyes were locked on one another.

"We have several hours this carriage, you know."

"I know." Dustin gulped hard, slowly wrapping his arms around Callum's back.

"I have an incredible longing for you."

"I as well." Dustin's eyes softened, and he was going limp in Callum's powerful grasp. "What of the driver?"

"As long as he is driving, I see not a problem. Would you not agree?" Callum was brushing his lips over various parts of Dustin's face. Dustin was licking his own lips with desire, wanting Callum, wanting to be taken by him, fully. Dustin reached up a hand and placed it at the back of Callum's head. Dustin was breathing heavy under Callum's touch of his lips on his face, neck, and ears.

"Won't you take me then?" Dustin asked, then he squirmed against Callum, moving his butt onto Callum's lap. "I so want you to take me...please."

"Mmmm," Callum moaned softly, taking Dustin's right ear lobe in between his lips, sucking it, pulling at it, making Dustin moan softly at the touch. "I will take you so many times before we reach the ship, you will be begging me to stop."

"I doubt very much that I would beg you to stop, my big, powerful man." Dustin moaned softly, rolling his head to give Callum more of himself. Dustin reached up with his free hand, undoing his own pantlet buttons, reaching between he and Callum, leaving the flap in place. He pulled the free hand out and wrapped it around Callum's shoulder, running his fingers up through Callum's hair, twirling a curled lock, making it tighter. Dustin moaned as Callum was working his mouth all over Dustin's neck.

Callum drew back, letting go of Dustin, slipping his tunic off, tossing it to the bench, opposite them. He reached down and undid his own flap buttons, leaving the flap in place, but kicking off his buckle shoes. Callum returned to Dustin, who, now laid flat on the bench, his legs wrapped around Callum's waist.

Callum grinned at his beautiful youth stretched out below him and reached his hands up under Dustin's shirt, sliding them up over Dustin's flat stomach, up over his ribs, his fingers found the small round medallions and fingertips rubbed over them, making Dustin inhale deeply through his nose.

Dustin stretched his arms up over his head, resting the backs of his hands against the coach wall, looking up at Callum with soft loving eyes as he was being probed. Dustin loved the feeling it was giving him, charging him with a power that he didn't know how to control. He felt himself growing in his pantlet, wanting to expose it to Callum, but also loving this feeling of being manhandled.

Callum pulled his hands back down, and grasped the bottom of Dustin's shirt, pushing it up, exposing Dustin's pale skin more and more, until it was gathered at the base of Dustin's neck, and under his arms. Dustin lifted himself a little and let the shirt be pushed up and over his head, it being tossed to the floor of the carriage. Now, half naked, Callum grinned even more, as he bent down, running his hands up Dustin's outstretched arms, holding them in place gently, as Callum kissed and licked over Dustin's perfect medallions on his chest, taking his time over each one, loving it as he went, making Dustin moan softly. Then Callum moved his head and buried his face in Dustin's right armpit, kissing and licking at the thin hair that was there, reveling in the smell of it, making love to it. Callum moved to the other side, to the left armpit, doing the same as to the right. Dustin was moaning louder as he felt he was being taken, letting Callum have his way with him. Dustin was so hard now, he was almost in pain from it. He could feel his length twitch in the pantlet, under the loosened flap. He so wanted Callum to open it, to take him in his mouth, to play with him, to release him from what was building in him.

Callum pulled back, and then moved down Dustin's chest as far as he could in his sitting position. Callum shifted and got to his knees on the coach floor, his hands sliding up and down Dustin's arms, over his ribs, and stomach, and then back up again. Callum was kissing over Dustin's stomach, down toward the flap of the pantlet. Callum could see the tip of Dustin's hardness poking out slightly from the top of the flap, smiling to himself, he was going to wait a while before he took his prize. He focused on Dustin's flat stomach, kissing, licking, chewing on the pale skin, making Dustin flinch and breathe deep with every touch.

"Quintan..." Dustin moaned, "please take me..."

"Not yet, my love." Callum said as he moved up to Dustin face, kissing him softly, on the cheek, the chin, his temple, then kissing his ear. "I wish to have this last for the entire trip."

"Oh..." Dustin moaned. "I don't think I can wait that long." Dustin pulled in more air as Callum was sucking his earlobe. "I have to have you...have you in have me so in a state....please."

"I love it when you beg me." Callum said, and then took the earlobe again, sucking it more, and then putting his tongue tip inside Dustin's ear, driving Dustin over the edge.

Dustin moaned louder as he was filled with so many charged emotions, he didn't know which way to go or what to do. But, Callum did.

Callum took the flap of Dustin's pantlet and slowly, teasingly, pulled it back. He saw that Dustin was fully erect, slightly standing off of his stomach, the length almost reaching his navel. Callum saw that it had been leaking, and there was a trail that connected between the widened slit and Dustin's pale skin of his lower stomach. Callum smiled to himself for having brought that on. Callum turned, and looked at Dustin, who had rolled his head slightly, making eye contact with Callum.

"Would you care to have me clean you from your desires that are coming from your tip?"

"Oh, yes." Dustin exhaled all at once. "Yes, take it. Take it all."

Callum smiled and turned his head. His mouth hovered over Dustin's tip. Callum stretched out his tongue, touching the puddle that was on Dustin's stomach. He drew it up, licking it slowly, making Dustin hiss through clenched teeth. Callum followed the trail back to Dustin's slit, licking at it, spreading it open further with his tongue. Dustin placed his hands in Callum's hair, digging his fingertips in, moaning softly. Callum smiled to himself and pulled back.

"You like that." Callum said softly, turning his head to look over at Dustin.

"Yes...yes..." Dustin panted.

Callum opened his mouth as he turned his head back and let Dustin into his mouth, wrapping his lips tight around Dustin's length, sliding down, taking him almost fully. Callum stopped, shaking his head slightly, then drew himself back on Dustin, even tighter. Dustin moaned as the pressure was so pleasurable to him. Callum reached his left hand up, fingers began to rub over Dustin's balls, tickling them softly and Callum slid back down the length. Back and forth, softly touching. Dustin was constricted in his pantlet. He felt a deep need to spread his legs, but couldn't. Dustin slowly urged Callum to pull off him.

Callum sat back on his legs, watching as Dustin swung off the bench seat, pushing his pantlet down, exposing his now naked body to Callum. Callum smiled, as Dustin kicked the panlet off into the pile of clothes on the carriage floor. Dustin leaned back into the corner of the carriage seat, looking at Callum with total lust in his eyes, spreading his legs, one on the floor, the other bent up, his right foot on the bench seat, his hard length standing up, his tight balls wanting, waiting.

Callum half stood, bending as he was against the roof of the carriage, then reached up, pulling his own shirt off, tossing it away. The flap off his pantlet had dropped open and his own hard length was exposed. Callum looked at it, then at Dustin, smiling out of the corner of his mouth. Callum pushed the pantlet down and stepped out of them, then removed his stockings. Dustin reached up and wrapped his fingers around Callum's hard length, pulling at it a few times, Callum watched him as he slowly got back to the floor on his knees. Dustin leaned forward so as not to lose his grip on Callum. Callum brought his face to Dustin's. Their eyes locked on each other.

Dustin leaned in further, parting his lips, tilting his head slightly as Callum opened up as well. They blended into each others mouths, becoming one. Callum, letting Dustin become more forceful into him, knowing that Dustin was about to become a ravenous beast with passion. As Dustin's passions took over even more, he let go of Callum, bringing both hands up, clasping them to each side of Callum's face, pulling him in more. Callum moaned softly in Dustin's mouth, as Dustin's tongue pounded against Callum's. Dustin slowly pulled back from the intensity of the kiss. He took in a deep breath and slowly let it out. Dustin opened his eyes, looking into Callum's.

"I so must have you." Dustin spoke softly. "I have to have you now."

"Then, command me." Callum smiled. "If you must have me, tell me what you desire most."

Dustin's eyes widened, he knew exactly what he wanted. "Sit up on the bench." Dustin said in a firm tone. Callum got off his knees and did as he was instructed. Dustin got off the bench and spun to the floor, kneeling. He smiled, looking at Callum's thick, long length. Dustin spread Callum's knees apart a little more. He spun back up, putting his back to Callum, as Callum smiled, putting his hands on Dustin's hips. Dustin leaned back, lowering himself onto Callum's tip, using one hand to guide Callum's shaft to Dustin's wanting hole. Dustin rolled Callum's tip back and forth over his opening a few times, spreading out the clear fluid coming out. Dustin stopped the motion and lowered himself onto Callum. Dustin gasped as he penetrated himself and then moaned loudly as he slid down onto Callum, taking almost all of Callum in one motion. Callum gripped his hands tighter on Dustin's hips, feeling the tightness of Dustin's insides against him. Dustin moaned loudly, sliding fully down now on Callum. Dustin waited a long moment to catch his breath, resting his hands on Callum's knees.

Slowly, Dustin began to move, rising and falling on Callum, lifting himself, and then sliding back down. Callum was breathing harder behind Dustin. Dustin closed his eyes as he moved, taking Callum in fully, wiggling himself a little, and then rising again, then lowering himself, keeping with the motion of the carriage. Dustin was breathing harder, being filled with the thickness, he loved it so. Dustin would flick his tongue out to wet his lips, then take in a deep breath and then exhale with a groan.

The movement was bringing it on in Dustin. He could feel Callum rubbing over something deep within him, loving the feeling, wanting more of it. Then, as they were both lost in the wraps of what they doing, the coach bumped, making Dustin moan loudly, then another bump, rocking the carriage, and again Dustin moaned, tightening his grip on Callum's knees. Dustin lost all sense of control, shooting his streams out, arching and then hitting the carriage floor, Dustin throwing his head backward, groaning deeply with every pulse of his hard length.

Callum felt the clamping of muscle on his own length and pursed his lips as he knew his own eruption was upon him. He relaxed once, letting the feeling take him, control him, as he shot deep into Dustin over and over again, moaning now himself. His hands were clutching Dustin's sides, lifting his hips in a rocking motion, hanging on as the carriage was rocking to and fro, making the feeling more intense and deeper to both of them. Callum slowly exhaled, as he watched Dustin lean forward, still clutching Callum's knees.

"You alright, my love?" Callum asked, as he moved one hand up Dustin's back to his shoulder.

"Yes..." Dustin exhaled, then took in a deep breath, "that was the most..."

"I know, I felt it as well." Callum said as he leaned his head back against the seat, his eyes going toward the roof of the carriage, his hands clenched on Dustin. He drew in a deep breath, and then let it out slowly. He flexed his length inside of Dustin, who looked back over his shoulder, as the carriage bounced again, making him moan. Callum smiled.

"You fill my heart so." Dustin said in a soft voice.

"Not as much as mine, dear lad." Callum said as their eyes locked. "I love this so, very much."

"As do I." Dustin said, slowly lifting himself off Callum's softening length. Dustin looked down as he pulled off of Callum. He clenched his muscles as he felt himself beginning to lose the fluid that Callum had deposited into him. Dustin smiled to himself, wanting to keep it always inside of him, and turned and sat on Callum's lap, wrapping his arms about Callum's neck. His legs bent at the knees, straddling Callum. They stared into each others eyes for a long moment, and then Callum leaned in and kissed Dustin, running his hands across Dustin's back, pulling him into Callum, wanting him more. Dustin eagerly opened his mouth to his powerful lover, letting him in, taking every part of his tongue in his wanting mouth, sucking it, pulling on it, drawing more of it in. Dustin was moaning in Callum's mouth.

Callum was running his hands over Dustin's sides, then his back, feeling himself firming again, but this time it ached from the previous use. He loved how Dustin was pulling on his tongue, drawing it in more into Dustin's hungry mouth. Callum was breathing deeply in and out of his nose, moaning softly against Dustin and the draw he was bringing in Callum's lust. Callum moved one hand lower and found Dustin's length, growing firm again, at what they were doing to each other and the lust in Dustin that could not be satisfied. Callum pushed against Dustin, turning, lowering him to the bench seat as Dustin was running his hands all over Callum.

Callum pulled back for a moment, taking in another deep breath, looking at his young lover. He smiled wide at the beauty of the boy below him, his heart filling with total love, wanting to scream out how much this boy meant to him, what he did to him, for him. Callum's eyes softened as he stared. Dustin squirmed his butt against Callum and his softened length, as legs were straddled, wrapping around Callum. Dustin locked his ankles together and pulled his legs, bringing Callum in with them, the soft length pushing into the tight crack that was Dustin, the tip resting against his opening.

"I so want you." Dustin moaned.

"I am sated, for the moment." Callum exhaled, then smiled wider. "But, you are so beautiful." Callum said softly, as he put one hand to Dustin's hair, pushing back the long locks of his bangs. "I have never loved anything as much as I love you." Dustin smiled at Callum's words, wiggling his butt against Callum, trying to get him to rise again.

"I suppose my beauty was born just to entice you, to have you, to want to use me..." Dustin whispered as he wrapped his arms about Callum's neck. He continued to wiggle himself against Callum. "to take me...over and...over, again."

Callum moaned softly, feeling his length pushing at Dustin's opening. "Your words...they are a lure to me,...making me want you...pulling me like...a Siren's song." Callum said, as he exhaled into Dustin's mouth, leaning closer, then kissing him passionately, deeply, pushing his tongue even deeper into Dustin's open mouth. Callum worked his tongue for the longest time in Dustin, as hands moved down Callum's back, digging into muscle, pulling at the soft skin. Dustin was moaning under Callum's spell, wanting him again, more and more.

"Then take me..." Dustin moaned as he pulled back, pushing his head into the firm bench seat, "take me...over and over."

"Oh, Dustin." Callum moaned, kissing him softly, wrapping his hands around the back of Dustin's head, "you have drained me of my energy, my mast will not rise without pain." Callum whispered into Dustin's ear, licking at it, sucking his lobe. "I wish to wait till this evening. I need time to recover from you and your lust."

Dustin stopped squirming against Callum, almost deflated. His hands went around Callum's neck, pulling him closer. "I understand, my love. I would not wish to hurt you, or to cause you pain in any way."

"You, are a true wonder." Callum whispered as he sucked Dustin's lobe, then released it. "I have no idea how you manage to continue so, without being sated."

"To be near you, to feel you, brings so much in me." Dustin whispered back, as he clenched his arms about Callum's neck so tight. "I have never loved someone so much in all of my life." Dustin moaned softly. "I have been alone all my life, until showed me what love is, all about..." Dustin rolled his head slightly, kissing Callum on the cheek, Dustin's arms going tighter about Callum's neck, "you mean the world to me."

"As you do to me." Callum whispered in return, rolling his eyes back in his head with what Dustin was doing to his ear now, then trailed down his neck. The carriage bumped again, making them hop on the bench and grunt together as they came back down on the hard bench.

"Quintan..." Dustin moaned.


"Will you make love to me in the Great Cabin on the Dover, when we reach her?"

"I will, my lad...I promise you." Callum said, as he smiled, taking Dustin's ear again in his lips, Dustin softly moaning.

"Oh, I want that so..."

"Your wish, is my command." Callum whispered as he took the earlobe again in his lips. Dustin moaned.

"Then I have you take me, again." Dustin said, with hazy eyes. Callum only smiled.


Callum was looking out the window of the carriage door. His gaze caught trees and shrubs along the side of the road as the carriage rocked to and fro, as it moved along the road. Dustin was leaning against his chest, peacefully sleeping, Callum had his arms around Dustin's chest, holding his arms in, keeping him in place.

Callum leaned his head forward and looked down at Dustin's beautiful face, the soft skin, the strong features, yet still so boyish. Callum saw a hint of stubble on Dustin's chin, very faint, a light blonde, only visible in the sunlight as it came through the carriage door window. Callum turned his gaze, looking down at his youthful love, taking in all of his features as his eyes went along. Even though they were now dressed, Callum loved the thin body laying against him, how soft Dustin's skin was, how much heat he actually put forth when they were naked together. Callum smiled to himself, thinking that he would not need a bedwarmer in the winter, as he now had Dustin to keep him warm on those long winter nights,either in their bed or even on the Dover.

Callum shifted himself a little on the bench, his wounded leg stretching out, Dustin laying between Callum's legs, Dustin's back to Callum's chest, long slender legs, strectching out, his feet against the carriage wall, while Callum's right leg was hanging off the bench, his foot on the carriage floor. Callum put his head against the carriage wall, and his eyes became heavy, his mind a fog, his thoughts were disjointed, the rocking of the carriage was making him drowsy. Callum closed his eyes, opened them again, trying to fight sleep, his eyes, heavy, closed again, his thoughts were of Dustin and the Dover, as sleep finally won the battle.

Callum woke, his eyes opened, closed, then opened again. He felt motion, like the sea, but yet it was different. He wasn't sure of where he was, but, he sure that Dustin was not where he had been. Callum rolled his head to the right, looking about the carriage, and he knew where he was, but, there was no Dustin. A feeling of panic set into Callum, and he sat up on the bench, both feet on the floor. Callum leaned forward and stuck his head out the window, looking toward the front of the carriage. Callum could see one of the horses, as it was at a trot, the carriage rocking to and fro still from the horses pull on it.

"Driver!" Callum called out, as he looked up toward the front end of the carriage. Callum's eyes went wide with surprise as the windswept face of Dustin leaned over the edge of the carriage, smiling back at Callum. "What the devil are you doing?!" Callum yelled.

"Up, talking to Owen." Dustin said back.

Callum only shook his head, and then chuckled at the sight of the boy in Dustin coming out. "Very well then. Ask Owen how far?" Dustin disappeared out of sight and then leaned back, grinning as his hair went wild from the wind.

"He thinks about an hour, possibly less."

"Very good." Callum said, as he started to sit back.

"Quintan?" Dustin called. Callum leaned back out to answer. "Do you need a stop?"

"To stretch, yes."

"There is a brooke coming up. Owen can rest the horses there, if that's alright."

"That will do. I could use a drink about now." Callum smiled and then sat back on the bench. He chuckled to himself, the vision of Dustin's boyish face still fresh in his mind. He bounced on the bench as the carriage pulled off the road, coming to a slow stop. Callum had spread his arms out, bracing his hands on the coach walls to support himself. He reached over and opened the door, throwing it open. He stepped out down the on the stirrup step, then to the ground. He stretched himself, rocking his back to and from, then side to side. Callum watched as Dustin jumped down off the carriage, then stood in front of him with bright eyes. Callum smiled wide.

"When did you join Owen?"

"About two hours ago, I would venture." Dustin smiled, and then looked over his shoulder as Owen led the horses to the small brook to let them drink, then Dustin looked back at Callum. "You were sleeping so soundly, I climbed out and up on the side. It was like climbing the rigging on the ship actually."

Callum laughed out loud, then grabbed Dustin by the shoulders, pulling him into him for a tight hug. "You never cease to amaze me." Callum let him go. Dustin kissed Callum on the cheek and then turned and walked down to the horses. Callum watched as Dustin walked near one, reaching a hand out, touching him slowly, gently, then running his hand along his side and then his neck. The horse lifted his head from the water, looking back slightly, then snorting, letting Dustin know that the horse knew he was there. Dustin stepped closer toward the neck, then ran his hand along the muscle line, under the horses neck, up toward the head. Callum smiled watching Dustin, as Dustin looked back at Callum, grinning.

A minute later, Dustin backed away a few steps, as Owen stepped into the water, grabbing the bridles of both horses, lifting their heads, then started pushing them back away from the water. The carriage responded with the horses movements, everything was backing up. Callum watched Owen take masterful control of both animals and coach, watching everything at the same time, getting the carriage back to the center of the grassy area. Owen pulled the reins forward and used them to tie the legs of the horses to one another, closest leg to closest leg, to keep them from moving. Owen turned and walked over toward Callum.

"I should rest them about half an hour, sir, if that would be alright. Their really not used to this much of a journey. Unless you're in a hurry, sir."

Callum looked up at the position of the sun, then back at Owen. "You think Portsmouth in about an hour, then?"

"I do, sir."

"Very well, rest your team. I have the better part of the day left for my business with my ship."

"Thank you, sir." Owen said, as he tipped his head a little, in a nod. Callum watched Owen walk back to the horses, and Dustin, who was standing with them, patting them as they lowered their heads, nibbling at the sweet grass at their hooves. Callum turned and started to walk about the small glen they had stopped in.

He reached down and kneaded his wound with his hands over the top of his pant leg. It was still aching him, though he would never admit it to anyone, not even Dustin. He stopped walking and just rubbed at it. The bandage under the pant leg was unnoticeable, but Callum knew it was there. Dustin knew it was there when they were naked together, but Callum never let it show how much it really hurt.

Callum let go of the leg and continued walking about. He neared the edge of the grassy area where shrubs grew up, acting like a barrier to the edge. He stepped near and opened his pantlet and relieved himself into the bushes and then he shook himself and fastened up the flap. He turned and walked back toward the brooke, hearing the water run as he neared, walking past the carriage, the horses, Dustin, and Owen. Dustin turned his head and watched as Callum walked by him. Dustin smiled at just the sight of him. Callum continued to walk by, and then reached the edge of the water. He bent down and cupped his hands, scooping water, and then drank it from his hands. He scooped more, drank again, and then reached down and scooped more, then splashed it over his face, then rubbed his hands over his face briskly. He stood up, shaking his hands of the water. He turned and walked back toward the carriage.

Callum reached the carriage and opened the door, climbing in. He felt so tired. Not having slept much the night before, the activity with Dustin during the morning and the day, his mind working on overdrive about the Dover, the long trip in the carriage, and yes, his still relatively new wound. Everything was wearing Callum down. He sat on the bench seat, stretching out his legs on the floor, sitting at an angle, and tried to relax.

Dustin walked up to the door of the carriage and looked in. He saw that Callum had crossed his arms over his chest, leaning back on the bench, his eyes closed. Dustin loved watching Callum in whatever he did, awake or sleeping. He was beautiful to Dustin. Dustin slowly reached out and touched Callum on the elbow. Callum opened his eyes and looked toward who was touching him. Callum smiled seeing Dustin there.

"What are doing, my love?" Callum asked in a hushed voice.

"Watching you, beloved. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Not at this moment. I am eager to reach the Dover." Callum said in a sigh.

Dustin firmed his grip on Callum's arm. "The horses should be ready soon, I would think."

"I'm sure. Would you ask Owen for me, please? I am tired and eager to get underway again."

"Certainly. I will be back in a moment." Dustin smiled, turned and walked away.

Callum settled into the hard bench seat, trying to get comfortable. Dustin returned and smiled. Callum smiled back seeing his young love looking so bright.

"You know, I have noticed that you seem to be quite taken with the horses. Is that what has brightened you, or is it Owen?" Callum gave Dustin a smirk.

Dustin knew at once that Callum was feeling a little jealous of Owen at his remark. Dustin looked at Callum with soft eyes.

"Owen is very nice, and is quite helpful. But, it is the horses that have captivated me." Dustin smiled. "I have never been this close to one before. I have seen them, been around them, but, not close. They are loving, gentle beasts, that truly are a gift from heaven."

Callum smiled. "You truly like the beasts?"

"They are so beautiful , and strong. Yes, I like them very much."

"Very well. We used to have a horse, when I was a boy. I remember that it was out in the old stable most of the time." Callum frowned, "I don't think he liked me very much."

"Really, that's too bad." Dustin said.

"He was some kind of work horse for my mother, I don't remember him much, only that he was very large, and bit me from time to time." Callum said, giving thought to the memory. They were interrupted in their conversation, as Owen walked up. He smiled at the pair.

"I should think we are ready, gentlemen." Owen said as he grasped the door, holding it for them. "If you please, we will be on our way."

Dustin climbed in and joined Callum. Owen closed the door and secured the handle.



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