Chapter 3

The carriage slowed on the bumpy cobblestone road, waking Callum. His head was banging against the side of the carriage wall. Again, he could hear the snoring of the sleeping Eddington, seated across from him. He looked across at the noise maker, shaking his head slightly, the slumped form on the bench seat. Callum's attention was diverted a moment as the driver slid open the slit from the cab, looking in at him.

"Beggin your pardon, sir." The driver said. "There's a fork in the road ahead. Which way is it to be, sir?"

Callum stuck his head out the window, to get his bearings. He smiled to himself, knowing where he was, then pulled his head back inside. He looked up at the slit, "To the left, driver. It won't be too long from there."

"Very good, sir." The driver replied, and closed the slit. Callum looked out the window to his left, seeing the different little farms that dotted around the landscape. He was almost home, and it felt to good to him. Eddington stirred and looked about, not knowing where he was. Callum looked at him with one eye, then back out the window.

"Where are we, Captain?" Eddington said after he yawned.

"Almost to my home, Mr. Eddington." Callum replied dryly, rubbing his hand gently over his wound.

"Leg bothering you, sir?"

"A stiffness from being cooped up so long, that's all. Once I'm home, I'll have a walk about the fields." Callum smiled. "That'll take care of it."

Eddington returned the smile to the Captain. The coach continued to bump itself along the way. Callum looked, seeing the slit open again. The driver didn't need to say anything to Callum. Callum half stood, opened the door and leaned out., grasping the rail at the top of the coach for support, looking ahead.

"Yes, there it is." Callum said aloud, making the driver look over his shoulder. "Up ahead there, driver. That house on the little mound, see it? The one facing this way?"

"I see it, sir." Replied the driver.

Callum reentered the coach, closing the door. He rested back on the bench again, looking across to Eddington.

"Good to be home, sir?"

"In a manner of speaking, I suppose." Callum, looking out the window again. "It never really was home for me. It was always my mother's home. My true home is the Dover, I suppose."

The carriage slowed, and then came to a stop. The driver climbed down, and then opened the door. He stepped out of the way, letting Callum step out. Callum leaned a moment against the carriage, looking at the small stone home, with it's blackened tattered roof. The stone chimney to the right side had a bit of smoke rising from it. Callum could smell grass from the fields about, and the scent of lilac drifting in the slight breeze. He looked at the stone fence with a dilapidated wooden gate at the break in the wall. Callum stepped forward and put his hands on it, feeling the roughness of the weathered wood. He turned and looked back at Eddington and the driver.

"Forgive me." Callum said softly. "It has been some years since I've been here."

"Quite alright, sir." Eddington said.

"Shall we go up, then?" Callum asked, with a half smile.

"We, sir?"

"Yes." Callum looked at the driver. "Driver, there is a gate up the way, with a stable in the rear of the house on the other side of the mound. You can refresh the horses there. I'm sure that there will be something on the stove or in the oven for you." Callum smiled, then looking at Eddington. "Come, Mr. Eddington, join me in my home. You can make your acquaintance of my mother, and partake in her hospitality." Callum said as he stepped through the small gate. Eddington followed him. They went up the pathway to the step of the stone house. Callum, reaching the door was uncertain of what to do at first, knock, or just walk in. He stopped short, as the question was taken out of consideration, as the door opened.

"May I be of assistance to you gentlemen?" The older lady asked. She scanned their faces, and came back to Callum, then recognition set in. A hand went to her mouth, the other clutching her apron. Her eyes narrowed and went wet. " heaven...Quintan Callum, it is you, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is." Callum was confused, not knowing who she was.

"You, all grown up, and in your uniform." She almost squealed. "She would have been so proud of you, lad, so very proud." The older woman, leaned forward, giving Callum a slight hug.

"Would have?" Callum asked, slightly confused.

"Your mum." Her look changed, seeing his confused look. "Didn't you get my letters?"

Callum shook his head, as she took his hand. "Oh, my boy, I am so very sorry. Your mum, she passed almost two years now. I wrote you, but you must have been at sea. I would have thought that they would have caught up with you, and when you never came home, well...I..."

"I'm sorry, I'm not sure..."

"Oh, me manners, keeping you out on the step like this, and you just coming home. Come in gentlemen, come in." She backed into the house, next to the door, letting them by her. "And you, you probably don't even remember me." She said, looking at him again, he frowned and slightly shook his head. "I'm Martha, your mums sister. I came here from Cambridge to be with her toward the end."

"Aunt Martha." Callum said softly.

"That's right. Oh, you look like your father, so much. He was such a handsome man, too."

She said as she turned and walked toward the back of the house. They followed her, into the little kitchen. She turned, looking them both over. She pursed her lips and put her hands on her hips. "You're both so thin, and so pale. It's like they don't feed you in the Navy. Set yourselves down. I'll put something in you that will put some meat on your bones." She turned, as Callum and Eddington just looked at each other, then sat at the small table.

Eddington looked at Callum, leaning forward a little. "I'm sorry about your mother, sir."

"Thank you, Mr. Eddington," Callum replied in a soft voice, "it's quite alright, I assure you." Callum smiled. "My memories of my mother are good. I only hope her passing was..."

"It was very quiet." Martha had turned back from the stove, after stoking it. "She went to sleep one evening. It was very peaceful for her."

"That's comforting to hear." Callum said, feeling uncomfortable, not knowing what to say or do, feeling like a complete stranger here, in this house he grew up in. He had always longed for the sea, watching the men that served from the town, go off and then return quite some time later. He would listen to their stories of the sea when he and his mother had gone into town, as she knew most of everyone that lived there.

Callum never knew his father, growing up without a man in his life. His mother had only told him that he too, was a sailor. Callum wanted to go to sea, not because it was what his father did, it was a way out of the life that his mother lived, a way out of this little farming area, that he never really cared for. The area was pretty enough, yes, but it was dull and carried no luster for him. He craved for new things, new places, new experiences, and knew that he would never have that living here.

"So, my boy, how long are you here for?"

"My ship should be ready in a fortnight. I should report before then, however to make sure all is at the ready." Callum answered, perking a little.

"Well then, perhaps in the next few days, we can get you settled back into your home."

"Martha," Callum said, getting to his feet. He stepped forward, taking her hands. "To me, this is my mother's home, and now it seems to be yours."

"Oh, my boy." Martha said, a tear running from her eye. "It was never my home. It is yours now. I am here, just waiting for your return. You take your time deciding what you want to do with this place." She said, patting the back of his hand. "Now, you sit, and I'll have something for you in a few minutes." She took her hands back and went back to the stove.

The driver joined them from the stable, saying that the horses were being rested, watered, and fed. He was asked to join them at the table by Callum, and they all sat and ate well. Callum enjoyed Martha's cooking very much, and only wished Carson could cook like her.

Conversation went back and forth about the Admiralty, Callum's adventures at sea, of Captain Powers, he being Callum's first commander upon leaving school, the only real man in his life that had influenced him. Martha listened to everything that was said, and then as the hours began to pass, Eddington knew it was time to leave. The driver went out to the stable and hitched up the horses, and Callum walked Eddington to the gate. As the carriage pulled up, Callum shook Eddington's hand.

"I am sure I will see you again, Captain, in Portsmouth. Thank you very much, sir."

"Thank you, Mr. Eddington, for bringing me home."

"I'll see to it that the crew is paid their shares, sir, not to worry. I will have the driver fetch you back to Portsmouth."

"Thank you, again. Good bye."

Callum watched and waved as the carriage drove away, Eddington waving out the window. Martha came down the path to stand next to Callum. Callum looked down at her, smiling.

"Do you have a trunk?" She asked.

"No." Callum didn't even think about it leaving the Dover. "I didn't pack anything at all. I don't suppose there is a mercantile in town, is there?"

"There is. Near the square. Are you going to buy new clothes?" She seemed almost shocked.

He cocked his head slightly at her. "Does that surprise you?"

"A little, yes."

"Would you care to accompany me into town, then? I am quite certain that there are a few things that are needed here as well." Callum said with a twinkle in his eye.

The walk into town was good for Callum and his aching leg. It seemed to take the stiffness out, and the stitches were feeling better on him. They entered the mercantile, Martha introduced Callum to the proprietor. Callum went through a few things and made some selections, clothing and personal items. Callum looked around some more, seeing a few things that he didn't really know if they were needed or not. He thought he should look around the house a little and get more information. He paid for the items he had chosen, and they were bundled for him.

They next went to the Square, the butcher, and to the open farmer vendor, whom Martha knew well. Callum was introduced to all of these people and more started to gather about them, especially the younger girls, as Martha kept talking about her nephew, the sea Captain. Callum had become the talk of the town all of a sudden, as not much seemed to go on around there. Old men showed up, just to have a look at him, nodding their approval, talking amongst themselves, some of them being old salts themselves. Those that had served, shook Callum's hand. Callum nodded in respect to them and to their service. And then slowly, he and Martha made the walk home.

Early evening came. Martha was in the kitchen. Callum had been shown his old room, which hadn't changed much since he had been a boy. He didn't remember the bed being as large as it was though, which seemed strange to him. He had decided to walk around the property that was his home. He changed his clothes, getting out of his uniform, then took his time walking about, feeling his leg grow stronger, his hobble was becoming less and less as the muscle was healing on it's own. He saw just about everything there was to see, looking at the old stone wall of the fence, seeing that it was in a state of disrepair, and truly needed tending. He would have to do something about that. He made his way back to the house. Once there, Martha looked him over.

"You are in need of a barber." She said, putting her hands on her hips. "A fine sea Captain such as yourself. You're a sight, skin and bones, hair everywhere. Take this stool and go out on the back step."

He did as he was told, and in a few minutes, she joined him, with a rough comb and shears. He sat down, and she went about it, combing and cutting, saying it was like currying a horse tail. He chuckled to himself. Within a few minutes, she was done, brushing off the locks that she had cut.

"That's better." She said more of a matter of fact. "It's more than anyone can ask. I think it will do. Tis a pity there isn't a looking glass here. I will draw you a bath later, if you wish. It will remove the itchiness."

"I can do that myself." Callum said, looking over his shoulder at her, smiling.

"As you wish. Supper will ready shortly." She turned and started back toward the house.

"Thank you, Aunt Martha." Callum said softly, making her stop. He rose off the stool and walked over, coming around her. He bent down and gave her a kiss on the forehead. She wiped a tear from her cheek. He stepped aside as she walked back in the house. Callum retrieved the stool and followed her in. She turned from the stove, and had him turn around. She reached in her apron with one hand, and then gathered up his hair in the back, pulling it tight, forming a ponytail. She tied it with a black ribbon she had from her apron, letting the length of the ends of the ribbon dangle a little on his shoulders. She turned him around, and smiled wide.

"That will do nicely. Yes. A fine looking sea Captain you are now." She said, Callum kissing her forehead again. He pulled back as there was a knock at the door. His eyes narrowed, and he turned and walked toward it. He opened the door, and in the dusk, he made out a familiar figure.

"Good evening, Captain." He said, and saluted with his fist to his forehead.

"Perkins! How ever did you find me, lad?" Callum said, stretching out his hand, grabbing the youth and pulling him inside. "Aunt Martha!" Callum called out, "come and meet someone. Good to see you, lad, good to see you." Callum said, patting his shoulders.

"Thank you, sir. You too, sir." Perkins was smiling wide, looking his Captain up and down. He had never seen him looking like this before. Civilian clothes, a loose white cotton shirt with billow sleeves, knicks that were tight, showing almost everything, that were flapped in the front, knee high stockings, and his buckle shoes. His hair was cut and pulled back, looking very dapper, with black ribbon tying it up. His face was excited and his white teeth shining. "I have your trunk, Captain. I noticed you didn't get a chance to pack it and get it loaded, so I took the liberty..."

"Perkins, you're a savior in disguise. How good of you, my lad. I could give you a hug. You made my night." Callum said, stepping past Perkins, through the door, reaching for the trunk. Perkins, spun and grabbed the handle first, looking up at Callum.

"Beggin your pardon, Captain, but, you're leg, sir. Wouldn't want you to strain it, sir."

"Oh." Callum said, looking down at the youth, who was picking up the trunk. "Quite right, I suppose. Well, lad, bring it in, then." Callum said, waving Perkins inside. Watching his arms stretch and flex, Callum could see from the light shining from inside on the boys bright face, his sinews flexing with the strain of the load. Callum moved and grabbed one end, giving the youth a stern look, who shifted position, and then went to the opposite end.

"That's right, together now, here we go." Callum said, giving Perkins a raised eyebrow. They got the trunk inside and set it down in the front room. Callum hated to admit to himself that it strained his wound, and he thought to himself, how in the world did Perkins get it this far? "Ah, Aunt Martha," Callum said, seeing her come in the room, "allow me to introduce to you, one of my crew, Mr. Dustin Perkins, my helmsman. He has the best set of eyes on the sea." Callum said, smiling. "Mr. Perkins, may I present my mother's sister, Martha." Perkins bowed his head slightly in her direction, while Martha tried her best curtsey. Callum smiled at both of them, and then chuckled.

"Good heavens, Quintan, when you yelled like that, I was expecting The Prince of Wales, or an Admiral at least."

"Why, Martha, it's better than that." Callum said, steeping next to Perkins, putting his arm around the youths shoulders, squeezing him to him. Perkins smiled up at his Captain. "You see, I value his life and the lives of my crew more than anything else in this world. It's better to have him here, than any old stuff shirt Admiral, I'll say." Callum looked over and down at Perkins. "Wouldn't you agree, lad?"

"Indeed, sir, indeed." Perkins smiled up at him.

"Now, how about we get this up to my room?"

"Aye, sir."

"Supper will be ready shortly, gentlemen." Martha smiled out of the corner of her mouth, and turned and went back toward the kitchen, leaving Callum alone with Perkins.

"Now, belay that 'sir' while you're here." Callum said, turning to look the youth deep in his sparkling blue eyes. "Here, I'm Quintan." Callum smiled, putting his hands on the youths upper arms.

"Alright, si...I mean, Quintan." He looked down for a moment and then back up into the deep piercing hazel eyes of Callum. "I'm Dustin." Perkins whispered. "Now, how should we do this?"

"Do what?" Callum asked, lost in those deep sparkling pools.

"The trunk?"

"Oh, yes, the trunk. I almost forgot." Callum said softly, letting go of the youths muscular arms. "The trunk...the trunk...let me see...alright, you take this end, and I'll heft the other end. You go first up the stairs, and I'll follow."

"Your leg."

"It will be alright." Callum said, smiling. "It's doing much better now."

They hefted the trunk and made it up the narrow stairs, turning and going into Callum's room. They set it down, sliding it against an open wall, near the door. Perkins was looking around the room, seeing the window, with curtains, the bed larger than a bunk on the ship, the candle stands with the thick candles on them, and the small bureau against the far wall.

"It's larger than your cabin aboard the Dover."

"More than twice over, I should think." Callum said and sat on the bed. He hadn't tried it yet. It puffed up when he sat on it. It was thick and soft. He knew in a moment it was goose down. He smiled up at Perkins. "So, Dustin, would you care to tell me how you found me?"

Perkins turned and walked over toward Callum. He stood near him at the foot of the bed. "It was Mr. Arvin. He said that you would probably be going to Birmingham after London. He said he had heard you mention it a few times. I checked in town, and everyone gave me directions here. You seem to be popular with the townspeople."

"I see. Very astute of you. I must remember to be careful of what I say around Mr. Arvin in the future. So, what are your plans?"

"My plans?"

"You have a fortnights leave. What are your plans? Are you going home?"

"Oh, I have no home, no family. I will go into town and secure a room at the inn for the night, and then back to Portsmouth."

Callum sat up. "I won't hear of it. You'll not stay at any inn, you will stay here, with me,, that is." Dustin looked like he was going to protest. Callum held up his hand. "I insist." He grinned wide. "Captain's orders." Callum winked. "It's too bad you didn't think to pack the books from the Captain's Cabin." Dustin's eyes went wide, he spun away from Callum and went to the trunk. Callum watched him open it, then he reached in and pulled out some books, turning back to face Callum on his knees.

"But I did. I was hoping we could continue the lessons."

"You are a little plotter, aren't you? It was your plan the whole time, wasn't it?"

Dustin looked a little sheepish right at that moment, like he was caught with his hand in something that didn't belong to him. "You're not upset, are you?" Dustin asked quietly.

Callum reached out with one hand, grabbing Dustin by the wrist, pulling him to him, wrapping an arm around his back, making Dustin drop the books.

"I applaud original thinking. How could I be upset with you?" Callum said, lowering his face to Dustin's, his head tilting back, his lips parted, moist and full. Callum softly touched them with his own, and then pressed in deeper, then using his tongue to enter, meeting Dustin's, making the youth moan in Callum's mouth.

"Suppers ready, gentlemen." Came the voice from the bottom of the stairwell. They pulled back from each other slowly.

"I'm not hungry." Dustin said, as he stroked Callum's face with one hand.

"I am. I'm starving for you." Callum said, diving back into the youths mouth. Their tongues played with one another for the longest time, then Callum pulled back, looking into Dustin's eyes. "But, if we don't go down there, she'll be coming up here." Callum scanned Dustin's face with his eyes. "We'd better go. We have a fortnight to do this."

Callum kissed him again, softly. "My God, you taste good."

Dustin got up from the floor, Callum saw the bulge in the front of his pants, smiling wide at its size. "What am I suppose to do with this?" Dustin pointed down with a finger.

"Get clever." Callum winked, as he got up from the bed. He crossed the room, and opened the door. "Come on, then. Let's be off." Dustin turned and followed him.

The supper was plentiful and very good. Callum was amazed at how much he ate, as he always ate like a bird. But, he was even more amazed at how much Dustin ate, and it looked like he was still going.

"I think he might pop, Aunt Martha." Callum said, watching the youth devour everything in front of him.

"Don't you feed your crew? Are they all sticks and bones on board your ship?" She shook her head. "It's a wonder they don't let us women aboard your ships just to cook for you. The King's Navy would benefit from that, I assure you."

"I have no doubt that it would. I'll submit your suggestion to the Admiralty, the next time I'm in London." Callum chuckled.

"Do not mock me, Captain." She said sternly. "You know I speak the truth."

"That you do, my dear, that you do." Callum sais and smiled.

Martha sighed. "I'll have to go back into the square tomorrow, if the lad is going to be staying here with you."

"With us, yes. Unless you object?"

"No, after today? How could I object?" Martha said, looking across the small table at Callum.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, that the son, has returned home. And, he is well. Your mother would have been so pleased to see how you have made your life." Martha said, with a smile. She reached out a hand and patted the back of his. "Now, it is time for me to retire. Leave everything as it is. I shall take care of it in the morning." She rose from the table. Callum and Dustin rose as well. They said their good nights and watched her walk out of the room. They stared at one another for the longest minute and then sat back down at the table. Callum could see the look on Dustin's face, like he wanted to say something, but couldn't. Dustin pushed back his plate.

"Did you get enough?"

"Indeed I did. I only wished Mr. Carson cooked as well."

Callum chuckled. "I had that same thought earlier today. Perhaps I'll find a way to have Carson spend some time with Aunt Martha. Might improve morale aboard ship, eh?"

Dustin chuckled, looking down at the table, and then slowly lifted his gaze toward Callum. There was that look again. Callum could not figure out what was bothering the youth. He shook his head of it, and decided on a direct approach.

"What's on your mind, Dustin?"

"I...I...don't know how..."

"Just say it." Callum whispered, leaning in a little.

"I really enjoyed...earlier. Upstairs." Dustin whispered.

Callum leaned forward more. Dustin came toward him a little. "As did I." Callum said softly. Callum leaned in the rest of the way, going nose to nose with Dustin. "I said I was starving for you." Callum whispered. His eyes went back and forth, looking Dustin in the eyes, getting lost again. "I'm still starving." Callum whispered, Dustin closing his eyes.

Callum came the rest of the way, gently touching his lips to Dustin's, then a hand came up and gently pulled Dustin even tighter. Lips parted, and tongues began to touch one another. Dustin moaned again softly in Callums mouth, as Callum could feel Dustin's surrender to him.

Callum slowly rose from his chair, still locked in the deep kiss with Dustin, slowly forcing Dustin to tilt his head back, and then slowly sit back in the chair. His back was stopped by the back of the chair, and he had nowhere else to go. Callum pressed forward, giving more weight to Dustin, pushing his mouth even more onto his. A hand slid down the front of Dustin's shirt and then made its way over his stomach and onto the top of his pant. Dustin felt fingers probing down lower and finally touching where he desired most, as he spread his legs wider.

Callum worked his fingers over the rising bulge in the pantlet, rubbing it back and forth with fingertips, Dustin moaning the entire time in his mouth. Dustin raised a hand and clasped it gently to the back of Callum's neck, pulling him to him, not letting Callum do everything. Dustin was rocking his hips now on the seat of the chair, moaning in Callum's mouth, Callum pushing and rubbing over the hardened bulge. He loved the feel of it, the taste of Dustin, the excitement of it all. He had never done this before with anyone, and he was so pleased it was with this beautiful person seated below him. He was happy knowing that he was making Dustin feel good with his touch, his rubbing, his kissing.

Dustin let go, and slowly pulled away from Callum, looking down, watching the rubbing going on over his crotch, his hips rocking in the seat.

"Oh, I'm going to erupt." Dustin said softly, tipping his head back, looking at Callum. Callum stopped his rubiing, smiling down at his youthful face.

"Not yet." Callum whispered, wrapping both hands about Dustin's face. "Let's go someplace where we cannot be heard. I have an idea. Come with me." Callum turned and walked over to the back door, opening it. Dustin got up from his seat and followed. They walked down the little path, past the outside privy, out to the stable.

Such as it was, a dilapidated old stone building, a few chickens trying to roost. They entered the half door and Callum could see a candle sitting on the ledge of the wall. He found a match and struck it, lighting the candle. There were three empty stalls, each had a little straw in them, pushed up against the back wall and on the dirt floor. Callum took Dustin by the hand, and led him to the far one, away from the door. He turned and drew Dustin toward him, smiling at what he knew was about to happen. He looked Dustin up and down in the low candle light, and then began to undo the buttons on his shirt. Dustin watched as he was being undressed. The shirt was removed and tossed aside, then the pantlet was undone on the flap and then the interior buttons. The flap dropped downward by gravity, and Callum reached for the undergarment, pulling at the string that was tied. He undid the slip knot and then ran his fingers in the waistband, loosening it, then pulling it down slowly. Dustin's length was long, but not to thick, the head was swollen, and was pushed to the left side. Callum released it, letting it stand outward on it's own. He could see the tip shining in the candlelight.

Dustin had been looking down, and then slowly brought his gaze up, looking Callum in the eye. He smiled, and then began doing the same for Callum, that been done for him. Buttons undone, and then the shirt tossed away. The pantlet was undone, and then Dustin reached in, as Callum wore no undergarment, pulling out Callum's long, thickening length. It was nearly double Dustin's and thrilled Dustin to see it almost erect, as he had seen it flaccid onboard ship in the cabin, amazed at how long it was in that state, and now, aroused, it was very impressive. Dustin wrapped his fingers around it, and pulled it a few times, making Callum breathe deeply. Callum placed his hands on Dustin's shoulders, rubbing them with his thumbs only as Dustin pulled on him.

"You like that, Quintan?" Dustin whispered, kissing Callum on the neck, and then moving up to his right earlobe.

"Yes...very much." Callum whispered, tilting his head back, moaning.

"I'm going to do something for you."

"What would that be?" Callum asked, taking a deep breath.

"You'll see." Dustin said, and then let go of Callum's ear. He slowly dropped to his knees and began to lick at Callum's tip, making him moan, and then slowly Dustin opened his mouth, taking Callum in, licking at his head as his tongue went by, going deeper into his mouth, swallowing Callum. Dustin looked up, watching Callum as he went back and forth on the thick length. He smiled to himself, loving every moment. He had never done this before, and he wanted it to be right for both of them.

"Oh God,'re bringing it on." Callum moaned, knowing that he was going to go off. He pushed Dustin slowly off him. Dustin grinned and then wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, as he stood up. Callum watched as Dustin finished removing his clothes, tossing them aside, and then lay back in the straw, spreading his legs out a little, giving Callum a view of his body in the candlelight. A view that would engrained in Callum's mind for the rest of his life. Dustin lay there in the straw, his smooth hairless body, his length pointing up and to the right, his balls, hanging just so, as Dustin folded and tucked an arm back behind his head, his other hand resting on his thigh, his long brown hair spread out in the straw, giving Callum a look of mischief, and then a half grin.

"So? Are you just going to stand there?" Dustin still half grinned, "Or are you going to take me?"



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