Chapter 6

Callum pulled away from Dustin. He smiled at his young lover, giving him soft, loving eyes. He reached up with one hand and cupped it under Dustin's chin. Dustin smiled back at Callum, with deep appreciation of this man before him, his one true love.

"Dress yourself." Callum said, in a soft voice, " Then come down and join us for supper." Callum smiled. "The evening is upon us. And then after we are finished, I want to sate my lust for you, here, in our bed."

"Our bed?" Dustin asked, thinking about it. He looked over at it, then smiled.

"Yes, our bed." Callum said, grasping the youth's arm, turning him to face Callum. "This will always be 'our' bed. I will take you over and over again in it."

"I look forward to that." Dustin said in a cooing voice.

"Now, dress yourself." Callum said, and then turned and walked out, leaving Dustin there only with his thoughts.

Callum entered the kitchen, and looked about him. Martha was busy setting the touches to the table. There was a bowl of steaming stew, a board with sliced fresh baked bread, and place settings for three. Callum brought his gaze to her. He smiled, looking her over. Her tattered dress, her old apron, her grey hair, and sad tired eyes. He had grown very fond of her since yesterday, and their first meeting after so many years. She reminded him of his mother, but, yet she was different. He was pleased, very pleased that she was accepting of the way that he and Dustin were toward each other, giving him no restraint or side glances of the fact. Was this love that he felt toward her? A love of a son toward a mother? Perhaps. He knew that he would explore that later. For now, she made the house comfortable, and a home to him, and his love. His thoughts ran to the ship, his ship, the Dover. Could he be like this aboard her? Passionate toward his love? Expressive? He doubted it.

English sea Captains were something to be feared and respected. Above all else, aboard ship, and at sea, they were the law, and sometimes God himself. Not to be questioned, only to be obeyed. Their power was absolute, pure, and without question. The crew would always follow orders, it was expected. And if not, punishment was to be exacted, brutal, concise, to control order. And truly, that is what it came down to, control.

On a Ship of War, each and every man had a duty to perform, a purpose, and if there was no order, no 'control', all could be lost, including the ship itself, at the precise moment. Callum had witnessed it, experienced it, when he taken the two French frigates. The first, with ease, as he took 'control' by fooling the French Captain, the second was by purely better sailing and firing. Again, that came down to 'control', knowing how your vessel works, knowing how is handles in any sea, knowing how your men work together, a 'controlled' pattern to make things mesh. Callum understood it, and how he understood, was from the tutelage of Captain Powers.

Captain Powers was unlike any man Callum had ever known before. He had a commanding presence, just being near him made you respect him. Never a cross word came from his lips. He was supportive of his men, knowing there bounds and limitations, and like a true commander of men, knew how to motivate them, to make them excel beyond their limits. Callum so admired Captain Powers that he strove to emulate him and his actions. He was intelligent enough to know that he had to put his own personality into those emulations, and soon gained the entire respect of the crew. Callum was fair and impartial toward the men, as Powers was. Respect, Callum learned, was earned, that was due to the writings of one particular individual, one, Benjamin Franklin, a revolutionary from the previous Colonies, but nonetheless, a most brilliant man, who spoke on this point with great length. Callum read everything from him and his hand. Everything Franklin said was true. Callum saw it time after time. He changed the way Callum thought, even though it was not condoned by the Admiralty.

Powers always told Callum not to make friends with the crew, that they needed to respect him to maintain order and control. 'Men need that in order to function under fire.', Powers constantly told Callum that. He found it to be true. 'Firm, yet compassionate', the words of Franklin. Callum was able to blend them together to make his men respond. He really didn't like to say that they 'loved' him, but he knew down deep, that if he had to, if it came down to it, he could order them to their deaths and they would obey.

Callum smiled, as he sat down at the table, closing his thoughts off. He looked up at her, standing in front of him, her hands on her hips, looking sternly at him. He knew that he had missed something that she had said. He gave her apologetic eyes.

"Honestly, Quintan. Did you not hear me?"

"Aunt Martha, forgive me. I was lost in thought. Please,..." Callum held out a hand toward her.

She half smiled, and took his hand. "Master Perkins."

"What about him?" Callum, looking lost.

"Do you have any idea what is keeping him?"

"When I left him, he was trying to dress. Shall I go and fetch him?"

"Only if he wants something hot to..." Her voice trailed as Dustin walked in the kitchen.

"I am sorry to be late. I was having trouble with my pantlet. It would seem that the button holes have shrunk down." Callum and Martha looked at him, and then toward themselves and they both chuckled. "Did I say something?" Dustin looked back and forth between them. Callum turned in his chair.

"Have a seat, lad." Callum said, still chuckling.

The three sat at the table, setting out their supper. Dustin ate, as if it were going to be his last meal on Earth. Martha kept giving him side glances, as the conversation went back and forth between Martha and Callum. She asked what he had been so lost in thought over, and he related it to her. She understood him better now, hearing what he said. A tear welled in her eye. Callum looked at her with a quizzical look.

"So much responsibility for being so young. I feel they place too much on our young men."

"It is for a reason, you know, Aunt Martha."

"And what reason could be so important to make a young man into an old one before his time?"

"It is for the safeguard of our way of life, our freedom against a tyrant that would rule the world with an iron fist, taking everything that we hold dear, making us live under his way, and his rule."

"Do you speak of the King, or of Napoleon?"

"That is treason."

"It is an opinion, good sir. And you know it."

"I serve in the King's Navy."

"I am aware of where and of whom you serve. It has kept you from your home and your family for years."

"And, your point, my dear?"

"Is...not to trade one tyrant for another. Simply that."

Callum was angered by what she had said, but slowly eased up, something Franklin had written, 'never to go to bed angry'. Callum smiled softly. "I see your point. I serve whom I serve. It affords me a life that I enjoy."

"To that, I understand." She replied. "But, when does it end?"

"When this war is over. We shall return here, and never return to the sea."

Her eyes welled. "Truly, Quintan, truly?"

"Truly, my dear. Life here is good, and I could become quite used to it. It is not as exciting as life aboard ship, but it has its...pleasant aspects." Callum reached out a hand and took hers, lying on the table. "Mostly it has to do with you, and your company."

"Ohhh, what a charmer you are." She said in high pitched tone, "Just like your father. He was a charmer as well." Martha leaned toward Dustin. "You need to watch him closely. He might charm your watch out of your pocket."

"I believe he already has." Dustin said, with his mouth full. Martha and Callum laughed out loud. Callum placing his hand on Dustin's shoulder, patting him.

"Well done, ...well done." Callum laughed.

Martha lifted the tips of her aprons and dried her eyes. She got up from the table, picking up dishes, looking at the pot of water on the stove, that was slightly steaming. She carried the dishes she had over to the dry sink and set them on the counter. She turned round and watched as Callum was carrying the last of them toward her. She reached out and took them from him.

"I will go and fetch the wash off the line then." Callum said. "I do not wish to have the dew on them in the morning."

"I will do that, my boy."

"Now, now, my dear. I think you have done more than enough today. A fine supper, that stretched my belly, washing, cleaning, surveying young men bathing," Callum winked at her. "I would say it was a full day for you."

"Well, the highlight of the day was the bathing." She returned the wink. "I suppose I should retire. Leave all as it is. I shall take care of it in the morning. Hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight, that is, if there is not too much noise in the house."

"Was there last night? I think not." Callum said, quickly.

Martha looked at Dustin, who was blushing beet red. "It was the absence of noise that kept awake."

"I see." Callum said, leaning down, kissing her forehead. "Go off to bed, you devil."

She chuckled, and slapped his butt as she walked by. She gave Dustin a kiss on the cheek as she walked by him, making him blush again. He got to his feet as she walked out. Then he looked at Callum.

"She's a treasure, isn't she?" Dustin asked in a low tone.

"That she is indeed. I wish I had a dozen of her. The problems of the country would be solved with her wisdom and her heart."

"I truly agree." Dustin smiled as he stepped toward Callum. Callum put a hand on Dustin's shoulder, and leaned in, kissing Dustin. Dustin melted to him, wrapping his arms around Callum's chest and back. Dustin kissed Callum passionately, trying, it seemed, to climb inside of him. Callum wrapped his arms around his love, drawing him nearer, kissing him back just as passionately. Their embrace lasted for what seemed an eternity to them. Then Dustin pulled back from Callum.

"Should we pull the wash from the line?"

"You're right, we should. Thank you for reminding me. Come on." They walked out the back door and pulled the clothes off. Callum looked over his uniform, seeing how bright and shiny it was in the early moonlight, and the light streaming from the kitchen window. He smiled at it, and then plucked it, too, from the line.

They carried the wash upstairs and opened Callum's bedroom door. They set the wash on the bed and began to fold it. Once it was folded they opened the drawers at the bureau against the wall. Callum filled one drawer, giving Dustin another. Once they were filled, Callum opened another and put a few more things in it. He closed it and looked at Dustin, who was kneeling on the floor, placing the last of his items in the drawer. He closed it and looked up at Callum. He smiled up at Callum, who bent down and kissed Dustin softly.

"I shall go and blow out the lights down stairs. I will return in a few moments." Callum said in a low voice.

"I cannot wait for you to return." Dustin said with soft eyes. Callum smiled, and then walked out of the room.

Once downstairs, Callum walked around the three rooms, the living room or parlor of the house was secure, the pantry of the house was closed, and then into the kitchen. Callum checked the door, making sure it was closed tightly, as the wind was picking up outside. He closed the window that was open, that looked out over the flagstone area behind the house. He made sure the stove was latched securely on the firebox. He blew out the candle on the table and turned down the lantern that was hung on the wall. He walked carefully up the stairs and came back into the bedroom. Dustin had moved the candle to one of the candle stands next to the bed, and he was already in it, waiting. He had his arms, folded and behind his head, undressed in the bed, the covers turned back, Callum could see his naked body lying there, Dustin's cock laying over his thigh, firming up slightly. Callum gave him a slight smile, Dustin giving him a look in return of lust and desire. Callum closed the door. He began to undo the buttons on the flap of his long pants. He kicked off his buckle shoes, sliding them under the bed. Callum could hear the wind outside the window above the bed, rattling the glass panes. Callum pulled the shirt over his head, and shook his head to free his pony tail of restraint. Callum tossed the shirt to the foot of the bed, and then slowly, almost teasingly, slid out of the long pants.

Dustin watched him remove his clothes, and was softly licking his lips. He watched Callum peel off his stockings and drop them on the floor. Callum's length hung long and thick below him, as he pulled back the bed covers, exposing more of his lover in the bed, down to his ankles.

"Now, this is our first night in our bed together. Which part of me will you have first?" Callum asked.

Dustin squirmed in the bed, giving that little boy look he did so well. "Which parts can I have?"

"Any of them." Callum said softly.

"Then I choose...all of them." Dustin said with a grin, as he rose up off the soft mattress, leaning toward Callum. His arms went around Callum's neck. "I will have your lips first." Dustin whispered as he kissed Callum softly and then went in deeper. He pulled back, looking into Callum's eyes. "Then I will take your mast. And then...I think I will take your...anchors." Dustin said as he reached down and clasped Callum's balls, making him moan softly.

"That is good, as I will be taking your bum and making it my slave the rest of the night."

"Do you swear?" Dustin whispered, as he felt Callum's firm hand on one cheek.

"You have my word. I wish to fill you, over and over again."

"Do your worst to me then, sir." Dustin said, pushing his hips out, into Callum's hand.

"My worst will come to you soon enough. But first, you were going to take my mast?"

Dustin smiled, and then got down on all fours. He leaned forward and licked Callum's rising 'mast'. He licked the sides and then the rising back of it, and as it came to full attention, he licked at the shiny tip. He opened his mouth and sucked at the head, pushing the foreskin back with his lips, licking it all over, removing the clear fluid that was coming out of the slit at a furious pace. Dustin took it by the base in his hand, and tipped it up, licking the tender underside. Callum drew in air through clenched teeth, placing his hands in Dustin's hair. Dustin took it in further into his mouth, using his lips and his tongue on it.

Callum rested his knee on the mattress , his wounded leg was still standing on the floor, as Dustin took more of him in, giving him tight suction, drawing out more of the clear fluid. Dustin swallowed it as he hummed with it sweetness. Callum felt his balls being tossed about in a hand, felt fingers tickle them softly, making them move and respond on their own to the touch. Callum let out the air that he had taken in through his nose. He redrew a fresh breath through his clenched teeth, watching Dustin's naked form below him on the bed, highlighted by the candlelight. Callum ran a hand over Dustin's shoulders, and then down his spine, softly, slowly, then he leaned a little bit, running his hand down into Dustin's canal, brushing over the opening with one finger, making Dustin moan on his member.

Callum started to rock his hips slowly, pushing himself in and out of Dustin's mouth. Dustin groaned on Callum, then looked up, turning his head slightly. Callum could see that Dustin was trying smile on Callum. Callum kept going, feeling good at what they were both doing to him. Dustin squeezed Callum's sack, and pulled down on it. Callum still had his hand in Dustin's crack, and he entered Dustin with a finger, making Dustin moan louder on him.

"You want that, do you love?" Callum whispered. "You want me there instead, don't you?" Dustin pulled off for a moment, looking up.

"Oh, yes. I do, I really do."

"I shall give this to you," Callum said as he took himself by the base. He slapped it against Dustin's cheek a few times. "but first, you must give yours to me."

Dustin got up on his knees. He stared Callum in the eyes. "You want me in you first?"

"I do. I want you to fill me up. I have longed for it all day, since we were in the stable. I wanted you to take me then."

"Why didn't you say something?"

"I'm saying it now. Take me, lay me out, plant your seed in me, in my belly." Callum turned and lay on the mattress, he lifted his legs, bending them at the knee. Dustin spun around in between Callum's legs. He looked at the beautiful form nestled in the mattress below him. He was dripping from his tip with excitement. He didn't know what to do first.

"Board me." Callum said, spreading himself wider with his hands. "Give it to me."

Dustin got down a little more and guided himself to the opening. He looked at his tip, and then into Callum's eye, and back at his tip. Dustin pushed in. It was incredibly tight on him. He didn't think he was going to go in.

"Push in harder." Callum whispered. Dustin did as he was told and broke through, into Callum. They both took a deep breath, Callum putting a hand on Dustin's shoulder. "That's it. Now, slide it in more...yes, that's right...more, love, more....yes..." Callum said softly. They were forehead to forehead. "You like it, don't you?"

"Oh, yes, very much."

"It's tight, feels so good...with love." Callum whispered as he dropped his head back to the pillow.

Dustin leaned in and kissed Callum deeply. Callum wrapped his arms around Dustin's smaller shoulders, pulling him in even deeper. Callum lifted his legs and put them around Dustin's thin frame, feeling him sink deeper inside of him. Dustin rocked his hips in and out between Callum's legs. Callum's long length was pinned between them. Callum lay there, letting Dustin take him, all of him. Callum took in a deep, slow breath, looking at Dustin in the candle light.

"Oh, this is so good." Callum said in a low voice. "I love feeling you fill me up."

"I love being in you, but, I love it more when you're in me."

"Soon enough, love." Callum said in a soft tone, running his hands over Dustin's back. "Fill my need. I want you so bad."

"You can have me, anytime."

"And I will." Callum moaned softly as Dustin was pushing into him, bottoming his cock out against Callum's ass. "Just like yesterday...fill me up."

Dustin went to work, sliding in and out of Callum. Dustin lifted himself on the bed, thrusting in and out of Callum's hole, bracing his hands on the mattress, locking his elbows, watching Callum's face as he went in and out. Callum slowly closed his eyes, as Dustin was pounding into him, making the bed creak and moan softly as he moved. Callum exhaled as he felt Dustin swell inside him, stretching him a little wider. Dustin moaned softly.

"Yes...yes..." Callum said, opening his eyes, watching Dustin's grimace. Callum knew Dustin was at the edge, and then Dustin opened his mouth, and Callum felt it inside of him, Dustin's cock throbbing, pulsing. Callum knew he was being filled, and took in a new breath with it. "Yes...keep going, my love, keep going."

"Ohhh." Dustin moaned softly.

"You like that, that feeling, don't you?" Callum asked, rubbing his hands all over Dustin's back.

Dustin let out a deep breath through his open mouth. He brought his lips together, and then licked them softly to wet them. He opened his eyes, looking at Callum. "It is so good when I go off. It makes me tingle all over."

Callum smiled, feeling Dustin wiggle his hips into him, feeling his firm length still there, inside of him, flexing, moving slowly. Callum took in a deep breath through his nose. Dustin shifted a little on him, like he was going to get up. Callum pulled him in tighter, looking up at him.

"Where do you think you're going?"

"I was going to get off..."

"I do not think so." Callum said, refirming his grip on Dustin. "I am not through with having you there, just yet."

Dustin smiled. "Am I enough for you there?"

"You are perfect there, the right size for me." Callum moved his hands down and filled them with Dustin's slender, smooth, tiny cheeks. His hands kneaded the muscle in them, pulling them, forcing Dustin into him more. "I love your weight on me, the way you feel against me, the way you move."

"It is you that is better on me." Dustin said softly. "I love it when you take me, force yourself in me. Your hands are so strong on my body. I..." Dustin's voice trailed off, his eyes turned downward away from Callum's.

"You what?" Callum asked softly. "Dustin...we have no secrets from each other, not now. Say what you like."

" you."

Callum smiled up at him. "That wasn't so hard, now was it?" Callum asked in a soft voice. Dustin returned his gaze and shook his head in reply. "For you see...I love you as well. You have become my everything, my heart." Callum squeezed his hands tighter on Dustin's cheeks. "I want you with me till my dying day, right here, doing this, together."

"Honestly?" Dustin asked, his eyes becoming wet. Callum nodded his answer. "You make me so happy, Quintan. My heart pounds so heavy when you are with me."

"Mine as well." Callum smiled upward. "I have had many people in my life, but, none had touched me the way that you do. No one has ever filled my heart or my thoughts like you. I love you so, Dustin." Callum picked his head up, touching Dustin's lips with his. It was soft and tender at first, Dustin parting his lips slightly, letting the tip of his tongue move over Callum's lips. Callum parted his and they fell into each other, tight, forceful, each breathing through their noses.

Callum felt Dustin firming up again, inside of him, the thickening of Dustin's length spreading Callum open again, filling him all over again. Callum softly moaned in Dustin's mouth, as Dustin took his hands and slid up the bed under Callum, clasping Callum's shoulders. Dustin began to rock his hips, sliding his length in and out of Callum, pushing in deeper and deeper. Callum was breathing through his nose more rapid and shallow with the thrusting of Dustin, as Dustin was becoming more forceful in Callum. Callum finally pulled back, laying his head back on the pillow.

"Oh, God." Callum whispered. "Yes...give it to that..."

"It feels good?" Dustin asked, tightening his grip, thrusting more forcefully.

"Ohhh, does...yes..." Callum was moaning softly. "Bring it to me...yes...give me your all...oh, yes...uh,...uhhh..." Callum felt in him, that feeling as his length was trapped between their lithe bodies, sliding up and down between their soft skin, his balls tightened up, as they were also trapped, and then he let go, shooting his manly fluid between them. Dustin felt the pulsing of Callum and lost all control, he too, let go, shooting up into Callum, pushing in as deep as he could get, bottoming himself out against Callum. They were watching each others eyes, as they pulsed in and against each other.

"Quintan..." Dustin exhaled slowly.

"What is it, my love?" Callum exhaled softly, moving one hand up, bringing it to the back of Dustin's head.

" love you."

"And" Callum smiled.

"Will you board me now?" Dustin asked with that little boy look. Callum smiled in return.

Hmmm...I thought you would never ask."



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