Chapter 5

It was late afternoon. Callum had been ushered out of the house by Martha. She had told him that she would take care of his uniform for him, giving it a good launder, as she put it. Callum smiled, realizing finally that there was no argument to made with her, that she would not win. He relented and walked out to the back pasture area behind the house.

Dustin had walked back into town to secure a carriage for the trip back to Portsmouth. Callum knew he would be gone a while, but he didn't think it would be this long. He felt the breeze in his hair, coming out of the west, northwest, from behind him. He walked the fence line again, putting his hands out, feeling the tops of the tall field grass run against his fingers. He smiled to himself at the touch. He reached the back corner of the fence and looked out over the wide expanse of the neighboring fields. He slowly scanned all of the horizon. It was not like being at sea, where you could see for dozens of miles. Here, on land, there were trees in the distance, rolling small hills, brush, and the occasional house, with their fence lines as well.

Callum turned and walked back toward the old house, coming from behind the old stable. He reached the back of it, and came around the side, looking in at it. His mind wandered back to the night before. He and Dustin, making love to each other here, in the dirty straw. He smiled at the memory engrained in his mind of Dustin laying in that straw, candle light highlighting that beautiful body that was below his own. He felt himself stir with the memory. He stepped in for a moment, the chickens were clucking and walking about him. He smiled again, and then turned and walked out, going up the path to the back of the house.

He saw his uniform, hanging from the line outside the house, along with other clothes as well. He walked up and put his hand out, touching the cloth of a shirt that was blowing in the good breeze. It was damp, but soft to the touch, he bent down and smelled it. It smelled clean, like a soap of some kind. He smiled softly, and turned, hearing something behind him. The bright, beautiful face of Dustin was coming around the corner toward him. They smiled at each other. Dustin picked up the pace a little as he drew nearer.

"You were successful, I take it?" Callum asked, his hands clasped behind his back.

"I was. There will be a carriage here in the morning. Probably more late morning, as the driver was telling me."

"Very well, then." Callum smiled, looking at young Dustin. "The afternoon breeze seems to agree with you." Callum reached up and touched a cheek of Dustin's face with the backs of his fingers. "It brings your color to you."

"Thank you."

"Would you walk with me? Unless you wish to take a rest from your trip back into town?"

"I would enjoy a walk with you."

Callum stepped forward, Dustin turned and walked beside him. Callum was about a half head taller than Dustin, and larger in size, but not by much. They seemed to fit each other nicely. They continued down the path toward the old stable. Dustin smiled as they walked up. Callum knew that the memory was still good for Dustin as well as for him. They stepped inside. The chickens clucked and walked away quickly. Callum turned to face Dustin.

"I have a lust for you." Callum said. "It has been burning in me since this morning."

"Hmm, what is to be done about that, I wonder?"

Callum leaned forward, and scooped Dustin up with one arm, going around his waist. Callum kissed Dustin deeply, and was very firm against him, almost taking Dustin's breath away. Callum's other hand went down and clasped over Dustin's crotch and squeezed tight. Dustin moaned in Callum's mouth. Slowly Callum pulled back. Dustin took in a deep breath, watching as Callum dropped to his knees. He knew what was coming next, as Callum still had his hand on Dustin's crotch.

Callum undid the buttons on the pantlet, dropping the flap. He leaned forward and swallowed Dustin's hardened length in one motion, making Dustin moan. Callum began to work it in and out of his mouth at a furious pace, enjoying the feeling of the smooth skin in his mouth, sliding back and forth across his tongue and over his lips.

Dustin was very much enjoying what was being done to him. He placed his hands on Callum's long hair, and let his head tilt back, taking in more air, and then letting it out slowly. He could feel Callum kneading his balls, and Dustin wiggled a little, letting the pantlet drop to his knees. Dustin loved how Callum could be so firm, yet so gentle, and with his pace on him, it was not long before he felt the oncoming eruption. Dustin stood very still, feeling it well up in him. How he loved that feeling as well. He moaned, and then it let go, pelting Callum's tight mouth, volley after volley, Dustin moaned as he went off, Callum taking it all in.

"Do not swallow it, Quintan." Dustin said softly, pulsing his last. Callum slowly pulled off. He looked up at dustin, who was smiling down at him. "Wonderful, absolute heaven." Dustin sank to his knees in front of Callum. "Kiss me. I want to taste myself."

Callum opened his mouth showing what he held, tilting his head to one side slightly. Dustin hungered for it and dove in. His tongue worked all around Callum's open mouth, Callum keeping his tongue out of the way for a minute, and then brought his to life, together they mixed and took from one another, until they both swallowed Dustin's offering.

"Your lust cannot be sated yet, can it?" Dustin asked, with that little boy look.

"It can never be sated when your with me. I lust for you constantly."

"And I, you." Dustin replied, kissing Callum softly. "Now, may I have yours?"

"Anytime you wish."

Dustin reached down and started to undo the flap buttons on the panlet. He took his time, looking back up into Callum's eyes now and then. The flap dropped forward and down, and Callum's long thick length fell out and forward, the head was half covered by the foreskin. Dustin smiled, and looked up in Callum's eyes.

"I am going to make you wet, and then I want you take me." Dustin cooed.

Callum's eyes went wide, as he watched Dustin go down to him, lick his tip and then swallow the head. He pulled tight, making the foreskin slide back and forth, Callum took in a deep breath as Dustin went further on him, swallowing more and more. Dustin was making Callum so wet, that it was dripping from Dustin's lips. Dustin pulled off, kicked off his shoes, and then wiggled out of his pantlets, tossing them aside. He spun and put his butt up to Callum, letting Callum's length slide up in between his cheeks. Callum reached down and grasped the smooth, firm hips below, then rocked himself back a little, allowing his tip to find its mark. He slowly pushed in, making Dustin moan and grunt. Further now, a little more. The head opened up the hole, now the thick shaft followed, slowly, pushing in, going deeper, slowly. Dustin was gasping for air. More, more, slowly, finally Callum was buried all the way in. He gave himself a moment, as Dustin was tight on him. He loved it, the feeling of the pressure, the warmth, the wetness. Callum began to rock his hips, in and out, slowly. Dustin was on all fours, letting Callum slide in and out. Dustin looked over his shoulder, watching Callum take him. He breathed in and out deeply.

"Yes,...yes...go deep...yes, like that...deeper...uhhh."

"Love it." Callum said, breathing deeply. "Love being in you."

"Pound your lust...pound it." Dustin moaned softly. Callum was driven on with Dustin's request. Callum would pull out almost all of the way, and then would start to slide back in, but Dustin was rocking back toward him, slapping his butt against Callum, making Callum's balls swing. Callum got a good grip on Dustin's hips and started to move faster. Dustin felt the pressure on a certain spot every now and then, it drove him wild when it got touched. He wanted more. Dustin raised a little and Callum was hitting almost every time. Dustin raised himself up, leaning back against Callum. Hands went around Dustin's chest and waist, as Callum continued to drive inward.

Dustin leaned his head back on Callum's shoulder, turning his head, as Callum turned his, lips finding each other, tongues began to battle as the constant pounding of Callum's length inside Dustin, the spot being pounded every time now. Dustin felt himself hard again, and slid his hand down, taking himself. He pulled in rhythm with Callum's thrusts, but then Callum's hand took over for his. Dustin reached up and Callum's head with his free hand, clasping the back of Callum's head in his hand, holding his face tight to his own. Dustin moaned, being hammered from behind and pulled on from the front. He moaned deeply in Callum's mouth and cut loose again, shooting out over the straw and the dirt floor.

Callum felt the throbbing and pulsing from Dustin's cock, and finally was losing the battle. He felt it coming on in him as well. Callum went deep into Dustin's mouth with his tongue, spreading Dustin's mouth wider. Callum moaned, as his cock flexed, and then spurt after spurt filling Dustin's insides. He still held Dustin's softening cock in his hand, pulling on it now and again. Dustin was going limp under Callum, from the exertion. Callum supported Dustin's weight with his other arm. Slowly he stopped his movement in and out, and pulled his tongue back. Dustin was breathing heavy with the exertion still. Callum slowly pulled out of Dustin, letting his own softening cock drop downward, riding in Dustin's crack.

"Do you think it's possible for two men to be in love?" Callum asked, softly kissing Dustin.

"I think anything is possible, with a man like you." Dustin said, with that glowing look in his eyes.

"I think I'm in love with you, Dustin Perkins."

Dustin pulled away, spun around, and came back to Callum. "Can it really be so, Quintan?" Dustin looked Callum deep in the eyes. "I have dreamt of it for so long. I have dreamt of being with you for so long. Since that first day on the Quarter deck almost two years ago."

"What day would you be speaking of?" Callum asked, kissing his beautiful young lad again.

"Captain Powers had given you the watch. You were on the Quarter Deck, the Captain was going below. You stood at the rail, your hands behind your back, tapping the toe of your shoe, like you do, when you are bored. You kept looking up at the mainmast, watching the billow of the sail. You looked over your shoulder at me and smiled, and then looked back up. I fell in love with you then, at that moment."

"I do remember that day. I remember it clearly. A good wind that day, we were sailing to the Azores." Callum smiled, Dustin was beaming. "You were so very young looking, like a little boy, your hair all wild and blowing into your eyes."

"You came over to me, and pulled a patch of string, remember and tied my hair in a tail?"

"I remember. That when I noticed your tight little bum, and that bulge you were sporting in the front. I had put my knee in your bum to steady while I tied your hair."

"Yes. I erupted in my pants right there. I thought everyone would notice. I took an extra watch that day, just to let the juice dry. It was actually my first time."

Callum chuckled, hearing Dustin's confession. "I wish I had known that. I might have been able to help with it."

"Quintan!" Callum's eyes went wide, hearing Martha call out. Callum got up, and went to the old open window.

"Yes!" Callum called back.

"I'm warming water for a bath for you!"

"Thank you! I'll be up shortly!" Callum turned and looked back at Dustin, who was trying to get back into his pantlets. Callum walked over, grinning, seeing the half hard length of him. "I don't think so." Callum said, taking the pantlets away. "My lust for you still lingers."

Dustin looked at Callum, and there was a look of mischief in them. "Well, really now?"

"Really. You do not dress, until I am satisfied."

"Yes, sir." Dustin said, again with that look. Callum pushed in him hard back into the straw. Dustin's feet went out from under him and he landed with a thud in the straw. Callum stepped over him and fell onto him, taking his balls in one hand, cupping and lifting them. Callum bent down, licked them and took one in his mouth. He sucked it, making Dustin squirm in the straw. Dustin spread his legs apart a little more, giving his lover more access to him. Callum slipped a finger into Dustin's stretched hole, feeling the wetness of it while he let go of one ball and went for the other. Callum's other hand slid inside Dustin's shirt, running over his smooth stomach and up his chest. Callum let his mouth open and let go of Dustin's sack.

"God, I love your tender body." Callum said and went back to licking Dustin's balls. Callum brought his hand back down and grasped Dustin's firming cock. He pulled it a few times, and then brought his mouth to it, using his hand to slap it a few times against his parted lips. Dustin winced, but loved it. Callum swallowed all of it in one quick motion, making Dustin arch his back and moan, Callum burying his nose in Dustin's thin hairs. Tight suction was applied, and Callum began to slide up and down on Dustin's length, making it wet and slippery. The suction increased on him. Dustin was arching his back again, driving himself into Callum's mouth. Dustin heard Callum grunt when he did it, so he tried it again, and again, thrusting himself into Callum's waiting mouth. A rhythm was set, and Dustin pumped into Callum's mouth. Callum was grunting with it, and then he felt Dustin balls tighten as he cradled them. He knew it was only going to be a moment or two now. And then Dustin gasped and erupted into Callum's mouth, taking all of it for himself, he reveled in the taste, and then swallowed, allowing Dustin to continue to pump into his mouth. Finally, Dustin eased through his orgasm, and settled back into the straw. Callum licked the last remnants off of Dustin's softening length. Dustin sighed deeply.

"Are you sated, yet?"

"Not quite." Callum replied, removing his wet finger from Dustin's hole, spinning up over Dustin. He grasped his own hardened length in his hand and began to pull on it. He wetted his hand and reapplied it, as Dustin lay there, watching him. Callum pulled hard and fast on himself. "Do you want it? Do you want my seed?" Callum asked as he pulled faster.

Dustin rolled a little in the straw, supporting himself, looking up at Callum, Dustin's mouth went wide as Callum took a deep breath and moaned. His tip began to ooze out white thick fluid and Dustin took it, catching it, licking at the tip, making Callum breathe deeper with every touch of his tongue. Slowly Callum began to stop pulling, Dustin was licking it all up on and off of his tip. Callum groaned and lay back in the straw, next to Dustin.

"I cannot wait for tonight to come." Dustin said, with a sigh.

"What is about tonight?"

"We share a bed for the first time, all night."

"Oh, I see." Callum replied, looking over at Dustin. "Now you may get dressed."

Dustin looked over at him. "Why, you..." Callum chuckled and grabbed Dustin, rolling him onto Callum, wrapping his arms around him, then sliding one hand down to his bare butt, grasping one cheek firmly and then squeezing. They kissed deeply, and then Dustin lifted his face. "I love you."

"I love you as well." Callum replied, kissing the tip of Dustin's nose. He lay his head back in the straw, looking up the beauty above him. "How did I survive all this time without you?"

"I was always with you, well for the last two years, at least. I watched you, dreamt of you, longed for you. I was always there."

"I know." Callum said, quietly. "It is time to get out of this straw and to go up to the house. I fear Martha will be searching for us soon." Callum rolled, with Dustin, dumping him in the straw on his back. Callum got to his feet and buttoned his flap on the pantlets. He turned and looked at Dustin, who was slipping his on, then tucked in his shirt. He buttoned up his flap, and stepped into his shoes.

Callum entered the back door first. He saw Martha at the stove, stoking the fire, and then shut the door. A huge pot of water was on top of it, steaming away. Callum smiled, knowing what it was for. Another pot was there, as well, steam rising from it, and it smelled wonderful to him. We walked over and stood next to her.

"Here now, make sure you stay out of the way." She said, pushing him with her hip as she opened the door. She reached in with her apron, pulling out a loaf pan, with a wonderful smelling bread in it. Callum turned his nose, following the scent trail it was leaving, as Martha walked it over to the window ledge, setting it down. "Careful, lad." She said, as Callum was leaning over the stove. She walked back up to it, closing the door, bumping Callum out of the way. "Honestly." She muttered, looking up at him with a side glance.

"What?" Callum said. "I'm hungry."

"It's no wonder." She replied. "Skin and bone, is what you are, skin and bone." She shook her head slightly. "I don't know what keeps you alive, I'll say." Martha muttering, as gave the smaller pot a stir, and then tapped the spoon on the edge. She turned, looking Callum up and down. "How was your walk?"

"It was good. Very good."

"Young Master Perkins back from the Square?"

"Yes, he was out near the stable a minute ago." Callum said, looking for Dustin through the windows in the kitchen. Callum did not see him.

"Such a good lad, he is." She said.

"Yes, he is." Callum replied, lifting the spoon to sneak a taste from the pot. She slapped the back of his hand before he could. He looked down at her, as she took the spoon away.

"No sneakin'." She replied. "You will take a bath first, then. Here, now. Help me take this pot of water out on the back step."

She handed Callum two clothes to grasp the handles. Callum gripped them and pulled the pot. It was incredibly heavy, but he slid it off the stove, turned with it, and struggled to the back door. She opened it, and pointed toward the old wash tub on the flag stone. Callum lugged it over and set the pot on the edge of the tub. He tipped it and poured it in. the water steamed the old wash tub. He looked to her as to what to do next.

"Go over and pump some more in." Martha pointed at the hand pump on a small stone tower near the corner of the house. Callum walked over and started to pump the handle. The water came forth and began to fill the pot. He pumped until it was almost full. "Now, put that in the hot water. I'll get you a soap cake and something to dry yourself with." She turned and disappeared into the house. A minute later she reemerged and set a rough looking cloth down along with a soap cake on a small table. Callum went back to the pump and started to pump more water into the pot. Callum picked up the pot and carried it back into the kitchen. He set it up on the stove. She ushered him out the back door, telling him to move on and get his bath before it got cold. Callum grinned out of the corner of his mouth and walked over to the tub. He started to pull off his clothes, his back to the window. When Dustin walked up, his eyes wide, seeing Callum naked and getting into the wash tub, his legs hanging out. His naked back and shoulders above the edge of the tub. Dustin walked up, without his shirt on. He came up beside Callum, standing over him, looking down. He smiled, seeing him in the water.

"Would you be so good as to hand the soap cake, please?" Callum asked, seeing Dustin's mouth wide open. "Close your mouth, lad, you might catch something." Callum said, raising an eyebrow. "What do you have there?"

"Huh?" Dustin asked, then looked down at his shirt, bundled up making a bag. "Oh, I checked the nests of the hens. I gathered the eggs."

"Oh, wonderful job, you." Callum took the soap cake and began to wash himself with it, as Dustin watched, almost drooling. Callum noticed and then looked at Dustin. "Why don't you take those into the kitchen, and then you can come back and wash my back."

"I would love to." Dustin replied, as he gulped.

"You'd best adjust yourself first before going into the house, then." Callum said, pointing with the bar of soap at Dustin's pantlet. Dustin looked down, not realizing that there was a large bulge in his front from watching Callum. Dustin struggled with it, trying to tuck it down with one hand. He turned red, and then turned and walked toward the back door. He looked again toward Callum as he entered. He went through the door and walked over to the dry sink, setting his shirt on the counter.

"What have we here?" Martha asked, looking at the half naked boy, walking up beside him.

"I gathered eggs from the nests." Dustin smiled at her.

"Well done, you." Martha pulled back the shirt tail and arms. She wrinkled her nose up. "Will have to launder this. It smells of the chickens now." She looked up at Dustin, smiling. "I'll candle them all. Hand me that stand, will you? Then you go out and get your bath after Quintan. Best hurry, as it will be cold water soon. Supper will be ready soon."

"Alright, then." Dustin turned and walked toward the back door. He smiled at the back of Martha, now candling eggs to make sure of them that there were no chicks forming in them.

Callum was undoing his bandage on his thigh, as Dustin walked up. Dustin leaned down on his knees, pushing Callum's hands away. He undid the knots in the fabric ends, and began to unwrap the cloth. Callum winced as the cloth was stuck to the stitches a little, and then took another deep breath. Dustin looked at the wound, it was a little red an inflamed.

"We should have doctor look at it again." Dustin said. "Cannot take the chance of you losing one of your legs." Dustin wiggled his eyebrows, Callum knowing his meaning, and then smiled.

"When we're in Portsmouth. I'll seek out a doctor there."

"I have a better idea." Dustin said, as he got back to his feet.

"Oh, really?"

Dustin walked to the back door and opened it. A minute later, Martha walked up next to the edge of the wash tub, rubbing her hands on her apron, looking down at the wound. Callum was horrified by her presence next to him. She bent down and touched his thigh over the stitches. Dustin leaned in over the top of her. She touched the skin and the stitches.

"I was wondering why you had a limp." She stood back up, putting her hands on her hips. Dustin leaned back up, quickly to get out of her way. "And why didn't you tell me?"

"I was under a doctors care. I didn't know that you were qualified..."

"I'll make a poultice for it. We'll have you ship shape in no time." Martha said, looking into the murky water, then back at Callum. "Honestly." She shook her head as she walked toward the back door. "Master Perkins. Get him out of there before his pod begins to wrinkle."

"I will, yes, ma'am." Dustin said, looking nervous, then back down at Callum.

"You really need to let me know before you do something like that." Callum sai, looking from Dustin, to his wound, and back at Dustin again.

"It seemed the right thing to do at the moment."

"I'm sure." Callum said softly, sitting forward in the wash tub. "Now, if you would be so kind as to wash my backside."

Dustin took the soap cake and rubbed Callum's shoulders and then down his back. Dustin scooped up water with his other hand and began to wipe off and rinse the skin. Callum wrapped his arms around his knees to support himself., as Dustin ministered the washing. Finally, Dustin had Callum stand. Dustin washed all over him, front and back, taking his time in certain areas, Callum watching him. Dustin had him sit back down, and then went back into the house, checking the large pot on the stove. The water was barely luke warm. Dustin grabbed the clothes and took the pot outside. He set it down, and slowly rinsed Callum off with the clean water. Callum, standing naked in front of Dustin was more than what Dustin could stand. He kept looking away from Callum's beautiful body, the long flaccid cock, hanging over the heavy balls. Dustin handed the towel to Callum and then dumped out some of the water on the flagstone. He added what was left in the pot and then refilled it at the pump. Dustin took the heavy pot back into the house and hoisted it up on the stove. He looked at Martha, who was watching his every move.

"He loves it when you dote on him, lad." Martha smiled. "He is beautiful, isn't he?"

"Very." Dustin exhaled, then smiled.

"I see it between you." Martha said, taking Dustin by the wrist. "His heart belongs to you, and no one else. Remember that."

"I will." Dustin leaned forward and gave her a small soft hug. "Thank you."

"You're welcome, my lad, very welcome."

Dustin returned to the flagstone. He took the cloth from Callum, and dried his back and buttocks, and then down his legs. Dustin made sure that Callum was completely dry. Callum went to put his clothes back on, but was stopped by Martha opening the door, looking out.

"Leave those things there. I will launder them in the morning. Wrap yourself and get your new clothes on upstairs."

Callum looked back at Dustin and smiled, wrapping the cloth around his waist. "Well, I guess that we've been told, haven't we?"

"She does have a way about her, doesn't she?"

Callum smiled wide. "She should be running the Admiralty. This war would have been over long ago."

Dustin chuckled. Callum took his hands and put them on Dustin's shoulders. "I'll go upstairs and get dressed. I'll be back in a few minutes. Avail yourself of the tub. Once I return, I shall give you a hand as well."

"I look forward to that." Dustin said, in a soft voice.

"Now, watch out for her, while you undress. I don't want her stealing looks at you." Callum said, holding up a finger and then winking.

"I'll be careful." Dustin smiled, watching Callum walk to the back door. He entered as Dustin was unbuttoning his pantlet flap. He shinnied out of them and settled into the washtub. Dustin could not remember the last time he had actually bathed in a tub. He slashed around, throwing water up on himself, then collected the soap cake, scrubbing himself.

Callum started to cross the kitchen. He was stopped by Martha clearing her voice. He turned and looked at her, standing there in just a cloth.

"That young lad is something of good stock. Do not take it for granted, Quintan. His heart belongs to you, and only you."

Callum smiled. "As I know, Aunt Martha. And, truly, my heart belongs to him. I know better than anyone the type of stock he is, and I will enjoy it and revel in it the rest of my days." Callum smiled wider at her. "Now, I will dress, and then will return to assist him."

Martha smiled at him, her hands folded together in front of her.

Callum left the kitchen and walked up the stairs. He reached over on the truck and pulled some of his new things. A new cotton woven shirt, cut down deep on the chest, with a weaving cord through it to pull it together, billow sleeves, and a folding collar. He slipped it over his head. He pulled the pants, long legged, a first for Callum, and slid them up on himself, tucking his length in the front. He button the half flap, then tucked the shirt in. He ran his fingers through his hair, to remove the matting from the water, and then pulled on the pony tail, he tossed its end out behind him. He grabbed the large cloth that he had wrapped around him and walked back down the stairs, through the kitchen, out onto the flagstone.

There saw Dustin in the wash tub, bringing a smile to Callum's face, as Dustin was not sitting, he was standing. The white from the soap cake was all over his body. Callum walked up behind Dustin, tossing the cloth to the small table against the house.

"I thought you were going to wait for me to help you with that?" Callum said in a low voice. Dustin turned, looking up at Callum, smiling himself.

"You could help me get it off."

"Be happy to help. Let me check on the pot of water inside." Callum smiled, looking Dustin up and down. His lust was rising in him again.

Callum turned and walked back into the house. He went to the stove and found the water luke warm. He grabbed the handles, testing them for heat. It was fine to him, and he pulled the pot off and walked to the door.

"He is certainly lovely, isn't he?" Martha said, looking toward the window, then back at Callum.

Callum smiled at her, as he reached for the door handle, as he had set the pot on the floor. "Yes, he is that. And you, quit peeking."

"At my age, it's all that I have left." She blushed. Callum smiled, again.

He opened the door, picked up the pot, and walked out on the flagstone. Dustin was using his hands, bent over in the washtub, to rinse the soap off his arms. He looked up as Callum came near with the pot. Callum went to the small table, which was tall, small in top surface and set the pot on the edge.

"Let me pour it out over you. Come over and kneel down under it, near me."

"Your pants, they'll get all wet." Dustin said, standing up in the washtub.

"Alright. If you're worried..." Callum pushed the pot back. He undid his pants, and slipped himself out of them. He set the aside, against the house. Dustin was wide eyed. "Now, if you please, the water is warm, come over and kneel." Callum slid the pot out to the edge and Dustin came over and knelt on a large flagstone below it. Callum tipped the pot a little and the water started to pour out. Dustin let it hit his cupped hands, and he rinsed himself, a little at a time, as Callum poured a little now and then. The front was clear and now Callum told him to turn around, and pour more onto Dustin back, letting the water run. Callum leaned down, holding the pot with one hand, and using the other to help rinse Dustin. Dustin let Callum do it for him, loving the touch of his hand on his soft skin. More water, more hand, and finally Dustin was rinsed. Callum tossed him the cloth to dry off with as he walked over turned the wash tub over, emptying it. Callum went back and retrieved his pants and stepped into them. He hopped a little getting them up and over his butt. Dustin chuckled, and then watched as Callum tucked himself and the shirt in.

"That is quite a look, Quintan. I have never seen anyone in long pants before. Those your new ones?"

"Yes, they are." Callum said, looking down them, then back up at Dustin, who's mouth was hanging open. "I see that you like them."

"They surround you, and let you bare your cargo in them, that's for sure."

Callum looked down. His 'cargo' was prominent and off to the right, slightly down the leg. "Hmmm, I see what you mean."

"I enjoy the view of it."

"I suppose I'll have to wear a long coat with them then."

"Well, unless your trying to get someone's attention, that is." Dustin chuckled as he dried himself with the cloth. Callum chuckled at what he said. Dustin wrapped the cloth around him and tucked the top edge down to hold it in place. Callum loved the look of the cloth around the smooth skin, Dustin's own 'cargo' pushing out a little under it. Callum sighed to himself. He couldn't wait for tonight himself. Dustin walked by him, looking at him, heading for the back door. Callum walked over to the wash tub, dragging it to the pump. He pumped the handle a few times, letting water get into it. He tilted it, and swirled the water around inside it, then turned it over. He picked the tub up and put it against the house, upside down to drain. He refilled the pot at the pump and carried it in, setting it on the stove.

"I would assume that you want more water heated?" Callum asked as he came in the door.

"It is always good to have water heating. I will need it for dishes and to launder some more of Master Perkins clothing. Some of them are in such a state, too. They will need some mending."

Callum chuckled as he put the pot on the stove. He turned and looked at his aunt. He leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead. "I think, Martha, that if you didn't have anything to do, you wouldn't be happy."

She slapped his butt as she walked around him to the dry sink. "I have plenty enough to do, young sir. Do not presume too much."

Callum chuckled again as he went to walk out of the kitchen. He was going to go have a look at Dustin, and possibly get a taste of what the night was going to be like. He grinned out of the corner of his mouth as he climbed the stairs and opened the bedroom door. In the middle of the room was Dustin, the cloth on the floor around his feet, holding only a shirt in his hand. He seemed confused to Callum. Callum looked him up and down.

"This is all I have." Dustin said. "My clothes are gone, the ones I was wearing."

"Well, if it was up to me, I wouldn't mind having you only wear your skin around the house. However, with her, I think it might be not enough. Methinks she had something to do with that." Callum smiled. "Why don't you put something of mine on. You should have some things out on the line. I'll check for you."

"Thank you."

"No, thank you, for the view here in my room. I know what tonight will bring now." Callum said, wiggling his eyebrows, making Dustin grin. "I have more pantlets on the chest, I believe. They will be a little big on you, but they will work until tonight." Callum said, and then closed the door. He walked down the stairs and then into the kitchen.

"Did you confiscate all of Dustin's clothes, my dear?"

She turned and looked at him. "Yes. That's what I was speaking of earlier."

"I suppose you want to walk around in his bare skin, then?" Callum smirked.

"I hadn't given that much thought, had I?" Then she lifted a hand to her mouth and chuckled. "It must be a sight, him, upstairs, with nothing to put on."

"Oh, it's a sight, that's true enough." Callum chuckled. "He has some things out on the line, doesn't he?"

"Yes, he does. They should be dry from the sun and the breeze by now."

"I'll check them."

"I will check them."

Callum chuckled again. "You have enough, my dear. I will do it, not to worry." Callum went to the door. "You know, we could tell him that they are still wet."

"You're a devil, you are."

Callum wiggled his eyebrows at her. "I am at that." Callum went out the door and felt some of Dustin's things on the line. They were indeed dry. He pulled a pair of Dustin's pantlets off, shook them, and then walked back into the house with them in hand. He smiled at Martha, holding them up, shrugging his shoulders, and then went upstairs. He opened the door and saw Dustin standing there trying to make a pair of Callum's pantlets work. Callum smiled. He tossed Dustin his own pair.

"She laundered them?"

"She did. And she said that she needed to mend some of your other things as well. They smell clean and feel clean. And besides, it looks like you are having a bit of trouble with mine."

Dustin looked down, as he was clutching some of the material, gathering it together to try and hold them up. He let it go, and the weight of the pant dropped off and over his hips. Callum chuckled, as Dustin looked up at him, smiling and then shrugging his shoulders. The pant dropped a little further doing that. Callum stepped forward coming up to Dustin. Dustin put his hands on Callum's shoulders, Callum took his hands and placed them on Dustin's hips. Callum leaned in and kissed Dustin softly and then pushed in more, kissing him more deeply. Dustin wrapped his fingers around Callum's neck, pulling him into him further.

"Supper's ready." They heard from the base of the stairs. Callum was tonguing Dustin furiously, slowly moving his hands around Dustin's thin waist to his back, pulling his crotch into Callum's own. Dustin was becoming firm against Callum, Callum loved to feel it grow against his own. Callum slid one hand down into the pant, running over one of Dustin's cheeks, and then taking one finger and running it up and down the smooth canal. Dustin was softly moaning in Callum's mouth as he did it. Slowly Callum pulled back. They were barely touching lips, Dustin was breathing a little hard, his eyes were soft and warm looking into Callum's.

"Can everyday be like this?" Dustin asked. Callum feeling his breath on his own lips.

"If only it could. I would very much like that, having you everyday, ravaging you everyday. And then the nights..."

"Quintan...if we were to, leave the service..."

"I would take you with me. You belong to me, as I you. Let us not talk of leaving the service. Soon, this war will be over, and there will be no need of the entire fleet. They will down it, cutting back for only the more experienced crews. I long for that to happen."

"I thought you loved the sea? Being in the service?" Dustin was looking deep into Callum's eyes. Callum smiled softly, then kissed Dustin softly.

"I do. But, I find that I love something more now."



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