Dustin gently wiped the dried blood away from Callum's wounds, rinsing out the cloth in the basin, and then wringing it out, then reapplying it. Callum sat in silence as Dustin continued his ministrations. Dustin took his time and was careful around the stitch points, as they were puffed and swollen. 

"Am I hurting you?"

 "No." Callum answered quickly. 

"Quintan," Dustin said, lowering the cloth, "are you angry with me?" 

Callum's eyes shifted, and then went soft. He took Dustin's hands in his, and gave him a half smile. Dustin relaxed a little, seeing the warmth of Callum's eyes, the touch of his hands to his. 

"Dustin...how could I be angry with you? I am angry with myself, actually." 

Callum took in a deep breath and slowly exhaled. 

"Angry over quite a few things, but you are not one of them. You are the one thing that brings me joy, I could never be angered at that." 

Dustin half smiled in return, hearing those words, and resumed his cleaning of Callum. It wasn't but a few more minutes, and Callum was looking better. The door opened and Owen reappeared carrying a shirt. He closed the door and stepped up to the two of them, looking Callum over, smiling softly. 

"It looks a far sight better now, I must say." Owen said quietly. 

"Here is that shirt I spoke of." Callum took it from the outstretched hand. 

"I thank you. Most kind." "Don't mention it." Owen smiled briefly.

 "Do you require anything else, sir?" Callum lifted his eyes.

 "Yes." Owen cocked his head slightly.

 "No more 'sir', remember?" 

"Quite right. My apologies, Quintan." Owen smiled again. 

"I shall hitch the team and get the coach ready. If you gentlemen will excuse me?" 

"We will be down presently, after I change." Callum said, nodding toward Owen and returning the smile. Owen gathered a couple of things at the window and then left the room, leaving Callum and Dustin alone. 

"Need I ask?" Dustin asked Callum, raising an eyebrow. 

"Ask what you'd like." Callum said, flatly, as he rose up off the bed, slowly pulling off his bloodied shirt. Dustin rose to his feet, and placed the cloth on the edge of the basin on the floor. 

"Apparently, I missed something while I was sleeping last night." Dustin walked up behind Callum, as Callum was pulling the new shirt over his head, and then as he tucked it into the top of his long pants, he turned and looked at Dustin. Callum could see his eyes flashing in the morning light, there was more than anger there, it was almost...pain, a longing. Callum finished his shirt and then reached out and placed his hands on Dustin's shoulders, squeezing his fingers gently, but firmly. 

"You missed quite a bit, whilst you slept." Callum said, and then chuckled. 

"It's funny, I was just saying to Owen last evening that you could probably sleep through cannon fire." Callum pulled Dustin a little closer to him. 

"And you have proved me correct." Callum leaned forward and kissed Dustin on the forehead, then leaned back. 

"You missed quite a bit, that is certain." Dustin's eyes welled up, looking at Callum. 

"Please..." Dustin whispered, "won't you tell me?" Callum saw the hurt in those beautiful full eyes. He knew he was causing this boy, that he loved so much, pain, a deep, wrenching pain. Callum pulled Dustin to him, wrapping his arms about him, engulfing him, holding him tight. Slowly, Callum began to rock side to side, slightly, gently, trying to soothe Dustin. 

"I shall. On the drive home, I promise." Callum whispered into Dustin's ear. Dustin lifted his arms and placed his hands on Callum's back. 

"Now, let's gather our things and be off." Callum turned and kissed Dustin's ear. 

"We don't want to keep Owen waiting...or our dear Martha, now do we?" Dustin pulled Callum tighter to him. 

"You're right, of course." Dustin whispered in return. He slowly let go of Callum and turned. Dustin picked up the basin and the cloth. He walked to the door and opened it, then left the room. Callum finished dressing, slipping into his shoes and then putting his tunic on. He reached up and pulled out his ponytail and fluffed it a little. He scanned around the room, seeing if there was anything else, but did not see anything. He turned and went to the door, as Dustin met him there. 

"The packages are downstairs." Dustin said, softly. 

"I'll make sure they are loaded on the coach." 

"Thank you. I had almost forgot." 

"Shall we?" Dustin asked, holding out his hand, leading the way.

 "After you, my love." Callum said with a smile. They turned and walked down the hallway to the stairs, and slowly walked down, emerging into the large room of the inn. The long counter to their left. Dustin turned to the right and took a few steps as the packages were there on a bench. Dustin picked them all up and turned back to Callum. 

"Need a hand?" 

"No, I have it." 

"Down the counter, round the corner, there is a door that leads to where the carriage is." Callum said softly. 

"Aren't you coming?" 

"I will join you in a moment. There is something I need to take care of first." Callum said, making Dustin's eyes go wide. 

"It will be alright, I assure you." Callum smiled briefly. Dustin hesitated, then turned and walked away. Callum watched him. 

"You are a lucky man, Callum." Came the voice from behind him. Callum did not need to turn to know who it was.

 "To have something so fine as that, at your beckon call." 

"Indeed." Callum said without turning round. 

"Must find you one, as well." 

"I wouldn't mind having yours." 

"Not possible. I am totally committed to him." Callum said firmly. Farrow stepped up beside Callum going shoulder to shoulder with him, not looking at one another. 

"Come, have coffee with me before you leave." Farrow said, as he stepped forward to the counter. He grabbed two mugs off the counter with one hand, and a large metal pot with the other. He turned and walked over to the closest table and set them down and pulled out a chair, as Callum slowly joined him, pulling out his own chair, watching Farrow pour carefully. 

"So, you are returning to Birmingham?" Farrow asked, Callum nodded in reply as he sipped his coffee. 

"Then you return, in a week or so?" Callum nodded again. 

"Upon your return, I'll make sure you have the best room, if you so wish." Callum set his mug down, looking at Farrow. 

"Why the change of heart, Farrow?" Farrow sat back in his chair, holding his mug with both hands. 

"I thought about it most of last night. You made me see something." Farrow leaned forward again, putting his mug down on the table. 

"Callum,...I wish to apologize." Callum was surprised, but did not show it, only narrowing his eyes at Farrow. He had never heard Farrow say that he was sorry for anything that he had ever done or said as long as Callum had known him. 

"Well, this is cause for celebration. Farrow, giving an apology? I'm not certain how to take it." 

"With sincerity, I assure you." Callum thought for a moment. 

"Alright, Farrow. Apology accepted." Callum took another sip of his coffee, and then stood as Dustin came round the corner of the counter. Their eyes met, Dustin had another look of hurt in them. Callum softened his seeing Dustin and gave him a half smile. Dustin eased a little. 

"Well, I must be off." Callum said, standing, holding out his hand. Farrow stood and took it, giving it a firm grasp. "I might take you up on your offer. I thank you." 

 "Safe journey." Farrow said, letting go of Callum's hand. He watched as Callum walked away to join Dustin. Together they went round the corner of the counter.

 "Everything alright?" Owen asked, holding the carriage door, as Callum and Dustin emerged from the inn. Callum stopped, looked at Dustin, and then at Owen. 

"Yes. Shall we be off? I'm looking forward to Martha's cooking." Callum put an arm about Dustin, guiding him into the carriage, and then he smiled at Owen. Callum stepped up into the carriage. Owen closed the door and then climbed up on top. Callum sat back in the seat, hearing the snap of the reins and then the carriage jerked forward. Callum looked out the window to his left as they drove along, watching the buildings slide by, the people that were walking along the streets at this time of the morning. He could smell the sea still, hear the faint sounds of gulls in the distance over the clatter of hooves and wheels of the carriage. It wasn't long before they left Portsmouth and were out on the road. The smell of the sea was now gone, replaced with the smells of earth, the grasses of the fields, the sparse trees. The carriage settled into a slight rocking motion as they traveled along. Callum shifted in his seat to get more comfortable. He noticed that Dustin was just sitting there, hands folded on his lap, staring forward at the carriage wall. 

"Are you alright, Dustin?" 

"Why do you ask?" 

"Well, as you are just sitting there, with a blank stare, I can only assume that you are troubled." Dustin turned on the seat, facing Callum.

 "Yes, I am troubled." 

"Alright." Callum replied, turning to face Dustin. 

"Tell me your troubles." "Farrow." Dustin said sharply. Callum smirked.

"I can see where that might trouble you." 

"You have a history with him." 

"Which I explained." 

"Not completely. And then you are in some kind of fight? You have yet to explain that. I wake up and you're all bloodied. And you have Owen giving you aid for your wounds?"

 "He offered." "What was the fight about? Was it with Farrow?" 

"Yes, it was with Farrow. It was about old feelings that he's been harboring." 

"Over you?'

"Partly, but more about himself, really. Farrow is a soul adrift in a vast sea, alone, and quite miserable, I might add." Dustin just stared at Callum. 

"And where does that leave us?" Callum smiled, and took one of Dustin's hands in his, giving it a gentle squeeze. 

"It leaves us together, side by side." Callum smiled wider. "I love it when you anger. It makes your eyes shine."

 "Don't tease, Quintan. I find no humor in this." 

"Ohhh, I see. You were expecting something else, weren't you?" Callum let go of Dustin's hand. 

"A different outcome. Is that what you want?" A tear welled in Dustin's eye, and then rolled down his cheek. He looked down and away. 

"I didn't think so." Callum said softly, reaching up and tucking a finger under Dustin's chin, lifting his face. 

"Dustin, you are the world to me. I told you that, and that I love you. That is not going to change. You have nothing to fear from Farrow." Callum watched Dustin's eyes, as they welled more. 

"Do you believe me?" Callum asked, letting Dustin's chin go. Dustin nodded slowly. 

"Good. There is only you in my heart."

 "I'm sorry, I was worried." 

"Understandable." Callum reached out and wrapped his arms about Dustin and then slowly pulled him in. Dustin cradled his cheek against Callum's chest.

 "I would not let anything happen to you." Callum said softly over Dustin's head. Dustin wrapped an arm about Callum's waist. They sat like that for the longest time, as the carriage continued on its way. Callum looked out the window, watching the countryside slide by, feeling comfortable holding his love in his arms. Callum had drifted off holding Dustin, but came awake, as he felt the coach slow, and then ease off the road. He let go of Dustin and sat up, looking out the window. The carriage was indeed stopping. 

"You think something's wrong?" Dustin asked. 

"I'm not sure." Callum said, as he opened the door. 

"Owen probably wants to rest the horses. Let's get out and stretch." Callum followed Dustin out, closing the door behind him. They looked and saw Owen up with the team, looking them over. "Anything wrong?" 

"No, just giving them a rest." Owen replied. 

"We're more than half way now." Callum nodded and then looked at Dustin, smiling.

 "There, you see? Nothing to worry over. Let's stretch our legs. He'll need some time with them." Dustin began to walk with Callum over an open grassy area. Several stone fences were off in the short distance. They walked toward the fence closest to them. 

"Quintan..." Dustin said softly. Callum looked over at him, as they continued to walk. 

"I was wondering something." 

"What is that?" Callum asked, as Dustin had stopped. Callum took a couple more steps and then turned, looking back. 

"Are you ever going to take me again?" Callum smiled and stepped toward Dustin.

 "Here? Now?" Callum asked as his smile widened. 

"Well, not here." Dustin looked over his shoulder back at Owen, who was still tending to the team and the harnesses, then Dustin looked back at Callum. 

"I was just wondering because you haven't made any move or attempt since we were aboard the Dover." Callum went face to face with Dustin, then leaned in and kissed him, deeply. Dustin melted into Callum's grasp. Callum worked Dustin's mouth and tongue furiously, giving rise to Dustin's length. Callum could feel it against him, climbing, growing. Dustin was beginning to moan softly in Callum's mouth. Then as Callum moved one hand downward, sliding from Dustin's back, down his waist to his tight butt, Callum squeezed gently, making Dustin moan more in his mouth. Callum slowly pulled back, looking Dustin in the eye. "I want you so very bad." Dustin whispered. 

"As do I." Callum looked back toward Owen, and then back at Dustin. 

"Once we are back on the road. I will take you over and over." Callum said, making Dustin sigh softly. 

"Come, walk with me. We will wait till Owen tells us that the team is ready." Callum said, as he smirked, holding his arm out for Dustin, who took it, and began walking with Callum toward the fence again. 

"It is lovely here, don't you think?" Dustin asked softly. 

"Yes. Reminds me of home, and where our dear Martha waits." 

"Yes, it does look like that, doesn't it?" Dustin stopped, then looked up at Callum. 

"You called it 'home'. Do you think of it as such?" Callum turned and looked at Dustin. 

"For right now, my true home is the Dover." Callum smiled wide. 

"And also, wherever you are." Callum put his hands on Dustin's shoulders. 

"You complete me, Dustin. Without you, I am lost, at sea. I do not wish to become like Farrow, devoid of love. As long as you are with me, I am whole, and at home." Callum pulled Dustin to him and hugged him tight. Dustin returned the hug, wrapping his arms about Callum's waist. They held each other for the longest time, letting the gentle breeze blow over them. Callum could feel Dustin sob against his chest. He patted Dustin's shoulder with one hand. 

"There now, lad. All will be right, very soon. Trust, that there is a plan." Dustin lifted his head, looking into Callum's eyes, searching. 

"Might I know what that plan is?" 

"In due course." Callum said, smiling again. He leaned down and kissed Dustin softly. 

"Know that you are a major part of it, and your continued happiness. Once we complete our upcoming mission, all will be right, I assure you." Dustin's eyes flew wide. 

"You're leaving the service, aren't you? You've decided. Surely, not for me?" 

"I have decided to leave the service, once the war is over. I...we, shall begin country life." Callum was smiling again. 

"Wouldn't you like that?" 

"As long as it's with you." "Of course. Unless, you have another waiting somewhere." Callum said, with a wink.

 "Quintan, again you jest. I find no humor in it." Callum laughed softly. 

"You will." He looked up, seeing Owen beckon to them. 

"Ah, it looks as though Owen has the team ready. Come, let us be off." Callum said, turning Dustin and then walking them toward the waiting carriage. Once there, Callum guided Dustin inside, and then smiled at Owen. 

"Two or three hours at best to Birmingham?" 

"Three hours, I would say." "Very well then." Callum said. 

"That should put us there before supper. Remember what I said about you joining us at the table." 

"I do indeed." Owen returned the smile, then looked at Dustin, winked, and then back at Callum. "And you need not overtax the team." "Oh." Owen said quietly. "Then, I won't." 

"Good." Callum replied, and then stepped up inside, sitting next to Dustin. Owen closed the door, giving a half smile, and then climbed up on top of the carriage. He took the reins and gave them a snap and the carriage lurched forward, back onto the road. Callum, put a hand on Dustin's knee, then squeezed it gently. Dustin grinned, and jerked, being ticklish there. Callum looked over as Dustin was squirming under his hand, trying to get away.

 "I think you are caught." 

"Quintan." Dustin squealed as Callum squeezed some more, Dustin putting his hands on Callum's, trying to get free of the grip. 

"Yes, definitely caught." Callum said as he turned, still squeezing Dustin's lower thigh. He caught the top of Dustin's pantlet with his free hand, as Dustin slumped against the far wall of the carriage. Callum pulled at the pantlet, as Dustin squirmed a little more, using his hands against Callum's arms, trying to free himself, but to no avail, Callum had him trapped, and pinned. 

"Quintan." Dustin squealed again. Callum slid his hand down from the top of the pantlet, over the now hardened length, grasping it, squeezing it, as he watched Dustin's reaction, then slid his other hand up Dustin's thigh, cupping his hand under Dustin's crotch, kneading his balls in his pantlet. Dustin moaned, spreading his legs wider for Callum's hands, closing his eyes, and breathing deeply. Dustin ran his hands up Callum's arms, gripping them now and then as Callum was squeezing him. Dustin opened his eyes as he felt his flap being opened. He met Callum's gaze as they stared at each other as Callum undid each button, one at a time. Dustin licked his lips, knowing what was going to happen, wanting it more and more with each button being loosed. Dustin watched as Callum leaned forward and then went down over Dustin's flap. Dustin gasped as he felt the first lick from Callum's tongue on his length, then all of a sudden, the warmth of Callum's mouth all over his hardened length, taking all of him in the first moments, and then slowly sliding off. Dustin moaned loudly at being taken, lifting his hands, placing them on the back of Callum's head, letting his fingertips work into Callum's long hair. 

"Oh, God...Quintan." Dustin moaned softly, as Callum drove a hand into Dustin's open flap, grabbing Dustin's balls, encircling them, squeezing them gently as his mouth slid up and down Dustin's length in rapid motion. Dustin felt trapped by his clothes. He was breathing deeply as he leaned forward and grabbed his shirt, lifting it up and over his head, tossing it to the other bench. He worked his shoes off, using the heel of his foot against the bench, one shoe at a time. All that was left was his pantlet, but he didn't want to stop Callum from working him over. Faster and faster Callum was working Dustin's length, making Dustin moan and breath harder and deeper. It wasn't long before Dustin could feel it building in him, wanting to let go. Dustin knew that was what Callum wanted as well. Dustin moaned loudly as he couldn't hold back any longer, clutching Callum's hair more, he let go in Callum's wet mouth, sending pulse after pulse, making Callum pause to take it all in. Dustin moaned again, as Callum started moving his mouth up and down. Callum slowed his motion as Dustin eased in his pulses, but stayed hard. Callum slowly pulled off, looking up at Dustin as he did, then smiled as his mouth cleared Dustin's tip. Dustin opened his eyes, seeing a trail of his white load coming from the corner of Callum's mouth. Dustin tucked a couple of fingers under Callums chin. 

"Bring it to me, Quintan." Dustin said softly.

 "I wish to taste it with you." Callum moved slowly toward Dustin's face, going nose to nose with him. Callum stared into Dustin's soft eyes for a long moment. He opened his mouth and brought his lips to Dustin's. Dustin sent his tongue into Callum's open mouth, tasting the remnants of himself there, probing deeper and deeper as he wrapped his arms around Callum's shoulders. Callum slid his hands up and down Dustin's sides, feeling the soft skin under his fingers. Dustin was so warm to the touch, Callum loved it, the warmth driving him on, as he put more of his body weight against Dustin. Callum pulled back and smiled wide, then slowly began to remove his tunic. Dustin watched him start to get undressed and knew he would soon be taken. He wiggled and got out of his pantlet, dropping them to the carriage floor. Callum removed his tunic, tossing it to the other bench and then pulled the shirt off, tossing it as well. Dustin reached a hand up and slid it up Callum's chest. Callum watched the fingers move slowly up his chest, then sideways to touch his left nipple. A single fingertip traced its outline, gently, softly, sending a shiver through Callum. He moaned softly to himself, then kicked off his shoes. Callum slowly undid the flap on his long pants and then rose up off the bench, giving Dustin the moment to adjust his position, sliding down on the bench a little and spreading his legs. Callum worked the pants off, tossing them to the other bench, then turned back to Dustin, sinking to his knees. Callum looked Dustin up and down. The young smooth body before him on the bench, his soft pale skin, glowing from the sunlight coming through the windows of the carriage. Callum moved slowly down, getting in between Dustin's legs. He made eye contact with Dustin as he began to lick Dustin's balls, then moved slowly down below them, tracing his tongue tip down below them towards Dustin's opening. Dustin lifted his legs a little more giving Callum more access to him. Callum slowly tongued each side of Dustin's tight opening, the smooth skin, so soft, the scent of Dustin filled Callum's nostrils, there was also the scent of cotton present from Dustin's clothes. Callum flicked his tongue tip over the opening again and again, making Dustin moan softly, almost at a whimper. Dustin was pushing back against Callum's tongue to try and get more of it, but Callum held back. He wanted to enjoy this moment for as long as possible. 

"Quintan...please...take me." Dustin moaned softly. Callum pulled back, looking up at Dustin's pleading eyes. 

"Not yet." Callum said, and then went back in, this time driving his tongue deeper through the opening, tasting Dustin fully, Dustin moaning louder with the entry, and then Callum putting his full mouth over the opening, applying a deep tight suction to it, thrusting his tongue deeper, then removing it, then in again, back and forth. Dustin was rolling his head side to side from it, his hands went to the top of Callum's head, grasping his hair, pulling at it gently, making Callum go deeper into him. Callum reached his hands up Dustin's sides, grasping Dustin's chest firmly. Dustin's feet went into the air, as he rocked himself more, arching his back. The motion of the carriage was also helping Callum's cause, as he moved against the rocking, making himself go deeper into Dustin. Callum had watched as Dustin became hard again from Callum's onslaught. Fingers tightened more in Callum's hair, as Dustin moaned louder, almost a painful moan, but Callum knowing it was total pleasure. His tongue moved back and forth, in and out a few more times. 

"Quintan...Quintan..." Dustin moaned,

"I'm going to...going to..." Dustin threw his head back and erupted, sending volley after volley up Dustin's chest. Callum could feel the spasm of Dustin on his tongue. He tightened his mouth even more, making Dustin moan louder, almost to a scream. Slowly Dustin relaxed as the orgasm eased, and he lay his head back on the bench and loosened his fingers. 

"Oh, my God." Dustin whispered through his hard breathing. Callum slowly removed his mouth and shifted his position, getting up from the carriage floor. Dustin was still breathing hard, as Callum worked himself up on the bench between Dustin's spread legs. Callum used his thighs to rock Dustin's legs up a little and worked the tip of his own hard length to Dustin's wet opening. He pressed against it, making Dustin moan softly, feeling it was there and then Callum pushed, the opening spread to accept him. Dustin took in a deep breath, bring his hands up, grasping Callum's hips. Their eyes made contact again, Callum's gaze deep and lustful, Dustin's almost glassy from the intense feelings running through his body. 

"Yes..." Dustin hissed out, 

"yes...I want it...give it to me." Callum pushed more, breaking through the ring, making Dustin moan. Callum slid in slowly, carefully, more and more. Dustin was sucking in air as Callum moved in deeper and deeper. Callum buried himself to the hilt inside Dustin. Callum could feel the softness of Dustin's balls against his skin. He looked down and grinned, then back up into Dustin's glassy eyes. 

"Is this what you wanted?" Callum asked softly. Callum rocked himself deep and hard inside Dustin, making him gasp as the carriage hit a bump in the road, slamming the two together. Callum grunted. 

"So much, yes." Dustin moaned, sliding his hands up Callum's back. They stayed motionless for a long minute, feeling the rocking of the carriage, bringing them together, back and forth on the bench. Callum slowly began to move, sliding himself in and out of Dustin with small motions, Dustin was breathing hard again, then Callum moved out more, and then back in, going slowly, watching Dustin's reaction to his movement. Dustin closed his eyes, and licked his lips, breathing in deeply, then exhaling with another soft moan. Callum braced his hands on the bench, to each side of Dustin's shoulders and shifted himself a little, using his hips to send himself in and out, taking his time, enjoying the tight feeling on his length, the warmth and the wet. He loved being inside of Dustin, watching him under him, giving him a feeling of total love. Callum leaned down toward Dustin, kissing him, deeply, as he continued his sliding in and out. Callum's tongue worked Dustin's mouth over and over, as Dustin wrapped his arms around Callum's neck. Callum could feel and hear Dustin moaning in his mouth. Callum bent his elbows and lowered himself to Dustin. Their bodies touched fully, Callum could feel the sticky fluid on Dustin's chest against his own, as he moved his arms about Dustin's neck and shoulders, lifting him off the bench. Slowly, Callum moved in and out of Dustin, rocking with the motion of the carriage, as Dustin wrapped his legs around Callum's hips, locking his ankles together. Callum was now breathing heavily through his nose as he still worked Dustin's mouth with his tongue, not letting up for a moment. Callum continued his motion, but could feel his urge to release building, getting nearer. Dustin struggled to pull away, looking into Callum's eyes. 

"I want you to go off inside me." Dustin whispered. 

"Don't pull out. I want it in me." 

"Whatever you want, my love." Callum whispered in return, as he continued his motions inside of Dustin. Longer and more even now were the motions Callum was making inside of Dustin, making deeper moans escape from Dustin. Their eyes were locked to one another. Callum breathing deeply through his nose, Dustin moaning again, loudly. Callum felt it, felt the euphoria build in him, and then took in a deep breath and rolled his eyes back, letting go inside of Dustin. Dustin moaned louder as he felt the pulses from Callum, going deep inside of him, again and again. Callum slowed in his motion, easing a little, milking himself inside of Dustin, making more warmth between them. 

"Oh, my God, Quintan." Dustin moaned, between deep breaths. 

"I can feel you inside me...filling me...it's so wonderful." 

"No,..." Callum breathed out,

"it's perfect, perfect like you." Callum leaned back down and kissed Dustin deeply again, this time leaving his mouth open with no tongue, giving Dustin the opportunity to probe instead. Dustin took advantage of it and thrust upward, deeply, filling Callum's mouth. They moaned softly into each others mouths. Callum stopped his slow motions in and out of Dustin. They pulled away from each other, each with a glassy eyed look. "That was truly amazing." Dustin exhaled. 

"That was just the start." Callum replied, softly. 

"There is plenty of time left before we reach home. You need not think that we are done." He smiled softly and then kissed Dustin again. Dustin squeezed him tight to him, wiggling himself against Callum. Callum pulled away from Dustin and then raised himself up and off the bench, pulling out of Dustin slowly. Dustin spun up on the bench and grabbed Callum with both hands on his cheeks, holding him fast as Dustin leaned in, kissing Callum over and over. Callum raised only one hand, cupping the back of Dustin's head, the other went to his softening cock, pulling at it, making it harden again. Dustin slid over the bench as he held Callum firmly, straddling Callum, coming to rest on his lap. Dustin rocked his narrow butt, pushing Callum's firming length behind Dustin, trapping it between his soft butt cheeks. Dustin slid his butt up and down on the back of Callum's cock, stirring him more to full hardness, as Callum ran his hands up and down Dustin's back. Dustin reached down with one hand, grasping Callum's hard length, then lifted his hips, placing himself over Callum's tip. Dustin looked down and, teasing his own opening, rolling Callum's tip back and forth over the wet. Slowly Dustin lowered himself onto Callum, letting it slide into him a little at a time. Dustin hissed out air through clenched teeth as he released Callum's cock with his hand, then placed both on Callum's shoulders. Dustin bottomed himself out on Callum's thighs, then rocked his hips a little, watching Callum as he did it. Callum growled softly at the feeling, putting his hands on Dustin's hip, lifting him a little, then setting him back down. 

"You like that, don't you?" Callum asked, watching Dustin's reaction. Dustin licked his lips. 

"So deep..." Dustin hissed, "so good." Dustin tilted his head back, as the motion of the carriage was rocking them both. 

"I want it like this all the time." Callum slid his hands up Dustin's back, pulling him to him.

 "Then, we'll have to hire Owen more often." Callum said softly, feeling the motion of the carriage spurring him, then another bump sending him deeper into Dustin, making both of them moan loudly. "Ugh, yes, long drives in the country." Dustin tipped his head forward, he rocked his hips back and forth on Callum, against the motion of the carriage. They went nose to nose. Dustin's eyes were getting glassy again. Callum took in a deep breath, and then kissed Dustin, as he exhaled through his nose. Callum pulled back, feeling the build again, as the motion and the wet was taking him. 

"Dustin...I feel it coming again." 

"Fill me, Quintan...fill me..." Dustin moaned, 

"make me scream." The rocking motions helped as Dustin kept moving his hips back and forth, sliding Callum in and out of him. 

"You bring it on me again." Dustin moaned softly. 

"I can feel it...it's almost here,...yes,...yes..." Callum clenched his hands on Dustin's shoulders as he let go of himself, erupting again inside of Dustin. Dustin felt it, and cut loose himself, rocking his hips still, dragging his balls back and forth over Callum's skin. Dustin's load was oozing out of his tip, running down over his hard length. Callum looked down, watching it, then brought his gaze up to Dustin, watching Dustin's face with his closed eyes, and his bottom lip trembling slightly. Dustin slowly opened his eyes, and rested his forehead on Callum's shoulder, breathing deeply in and out. Their motions stopped between, all that was left was the rocking of the carriage. 

"Oh, God, Quintan...I ache." 

"As do I." Callum replied. "But, in a good way." Dustin smiled, and lifted his head, looking Callum in the eye. He kissed Callum softly, then looked down at his softening cock, covered with his thin white fluid. Dustin looked back at Callum and smiled wide. 

"We're a sight." Dustin said softly. 

"That we are. But, a wonderful sight, wouldn't you agree?" 

"Oh, yes." Dustin said, wrapping Callum tighter with his arms. 

"Can we stay like this till we stop?" Callum smiled out of the corner of his mouth.

 "Don't you ever get enough?" 

"Of you? No." Dustin kissed Callum softly again. 

"I love it with you inside me." 

"As do I, but I feel myself softening and slipping out of you." Dustin looked down again, and then lifted his hips up. Callum indeed had gone soft and fell out, leaving Dustin with an empty feeling. Dustin shifted off Callum, and lay out on the bench, next to Callum, one leg off the bench, the other bent. Dustin folded one arm behind his head, cradling himself, the other hand slid slowly down his chest. Callum watched as Dustin watched Callum's face as he continued his hand downward, then his fingers reached the white fluid Dustin had released. He slowly swirled it around on his skin, still watching Callum's face. Callum flashed his eyes up at Dustin and then back down, making Dustin smile, he knew he had him. Dustin rolled his hips a little on the bench. Callum shifted quickly off the bench, getting to the carriage floor. He hovered over Dustin's softened length, watching Dustin's fingers move it, tracing through the fluid. Callum licked at the fingers as Dustin moved them slowly, taking in the fluid, then he licked over the flaccid length, taking more fluid. Callum used his tongue to move the soft length around to get more and more, Dustin watching the whole time, loving every moment of it. It wasn't long before Callum had taken everything that there was to have, leaving Dustin clean. Callum smiled up at Dustin and then moved down a little, rubbing his chin over Dustin's softened length and then back and forth over his hanging balls. Callum kept smiling as he watched Dustin's reaction to his movement, Dustin slowly opening his mouth, breathing shallow in and out. Callum lowered his head a little and licked at Dustin's balls, then using his tongue tip, lifting them one at a time, then letting them drop. Dustin began to moan again, and then put his free hand to the top of Callum's head, silently telling Callum to keep going. Callum opened his mouth and took one in, sucking on it gently, tossing it about his mouth with his tongue, then released it, taking the other and doing it all over again. Dustin groaned now at the feeling, making his flaccid move on it's own, slowly beginning to firm up, climbing upward on Dustin's stomach. Callum pulled back a little and watched it begin to grow again. 

"It is clear that you like that as well." Callum said softly. 

"It aches so." Dustin moaned out. 

"It has been used too much." 

"Not near enough, I think." Callum said, leaning closer, moving up Dustin, kissing his stomach, and then his lower chest, stopping at his right nipple, blowing on it, watching it tighten, and then kissing it softly, then nipping his teeth gently on the tight tip, making Dustin wince at the touch. Callum looked into Dustin's eyes. 

"You have yet to take me." He smiled softly, with a devilish smile. "And I, too, want to be taken by you."

 "I don't think I can." Dustin said softly.

 "I feel spent." Callum moved closer to Dustin's face, Dustin's eyes pleading with Callum. 

"But, you must, my love. I told you I was going to take you over and over." Dustin put his arms about Callum's neck and shoulders. 

"Quintan,...couldn't we rest for a while? Can you just hold me for a bit?"

 "Every moment brings us closer and closer to home. Are you sated?"

 "I am almost sorry to say this, but,...yes...for the moment." Dustin said, giving Callum a soft eyed look, like the true little boy. Callum grinned wide, then kissed the little boy look that he loved so much. 

 "An honest answer." Callum said softly.

 "We shall rest for a while then." He got up from the floor and reached for his long pants. He slipped them on, and then reached for the clean shirt Owen had lent him, pulling it over his head. 

"Shall I dress?" Dustin asked, making Callum look over at him. 

"Not unless you wish to. But, I prefer to have you like this." Callum said, as he sat back down on the bench. He held out one arm, beckoning Dustin to join him. Dustin smiled and spun around on the bench, lying against Callum, under his arm. Dustin draped one arm on Callum's thigh. With the rocking motion of the carriage, it was not long before both were slipping into sleep. 

"Quintan...Dustin..." Came the distant voice. Callum stirred, Dustin below him, lying naked on his lap. Callum breathed in deeply, then feeling the rocking, he knew they were still in the carriage. 

"Quintan..." The voice called out again. Callum shifted a little, and got out from under Dustin. He leaned out the window, looking toward the front of the carriage, the wind blowing his hair back a little. 

"What is it?" Calum called out. 

"Birmingham. We are almost there." Owen said, as he looked down over the top edge of the carriage at Callum. 

"Very well. Thank you." Callum called back, then ducked back in, turning toward Dustin, who was beginning to stir himself. 

"We are almost there. We had better finish dressing." Dustin sat up, reaching out, grabbing clothes. He dressed quickly, as did Callum, smiling at Dustin now and again, seeing his reaction to being so close to home, looking like he had been caught at something. Once dressed, Callum sat back down on the bench, watching Dustin struggle with his stockings.

 "Do you require assistance?" Callum asked. 

"No, I'm fine." Dustin asked, looking at Callum. 


"It looks as if you are in a struggle." Callum chuckled. Dustin looked down at the stocking, seeing that it was heel up, then back at Callum. 

"You tease me so, Quintan." Dustin turned back his attention to the stocking, turning it, shaking his head.

 "Why is that?" 

"All in good fun, lad." Callum replied, looking out the window, seeing the outskirts of Birmingham coming into view. Houses dotted here and there, along with some trees, hedge rows, and the occasional cow or small flock of sheep. Callum felt the carriage slow, and the rocking motion eased. Dustin looked out the other door window, and then turned back to Callum, looking excited. 

"There is the house, Quintan." Callum leaned over, seeing only the stone fence from his angle, and a minute later, the edge of the corner of the house. The carriage stopped and the door closest to Dustin opened. 

"We have arrived, gentlemen." Owen said, holding the door open. Dustin grinned and stepped out, looking up toward the house. He turned and looked back as Callum was stepping out of the carriage, then back up toward the house. All three of them could hear noises, hammering, sawing, but saw no one. Callum reached into his tunic pocket and pulled some notes and handed them to Owen. 

"What is this?" Owen asked.

 "Payment for a pleasant and safe journey." Callum answered. 

"You have already supplied enough payment, Quintan, when we were in Portsmouth." "That was only half, as I recall." "Quintan..." Owen began, but Callum wrapped his hands around Owen hand, stopping him. 

"It pleases me to do this, and it's what was agreed upon. Now, we shall go up and see Aunt Martha, and tell her to expect you for supper." Callum smiled, then looked at Dustin. 

"Let us not forget the bundles." They walked around to the back and opened the canvas flap, pulling out all of the packages and their things, and then walked back around toward the gate. Owen opened it for them. He looked at Callum, nodding. 

"I shall return, Quintan, after I return the team and wipe down the carriage." 

"Very good. We shall see you in a while then." Callum nodded and then walked up the stone walk toward the front of the house. Dustin was already there, waiting. Callum nodded at him to go in. Dustin opened the door and walked in. 

"Aunt Martha?" Dustin called out, Callum smiling hearing him. 

"Aunt Martha? We're back!" Dustin disappeared into the kitchen, Callum assumed. He smiled wider, hearing Martha's voice talking to Dustin, as he came through the door, setting the packages he carried down, then turning and closing the door behind him. Callum looked up as Martha and Dustin entered the room. Callum smiled at seeing her again, wearing the same old dress and apron. He took a couple of steps toward her, as her hands went out, then her look changed, her eyes narrowed as she cupped his cheeks in her hands. 

"Quintan Callum. What on earth happened to you?" Then her eyes went wide with surprise. 

"Were you in a brawl?" "Well..." Callum started to say. 

"And an officer in His Majesty's Navy? Is this what you went to Portsmouth for?" 

"Nooo." Callum said, still being held in her hands. 

"It was a misunderstanding, really." 

"And, this misunderstanding required a doctor to stitch you back up?"

 "Well..." She let him go, turning back toward the kitchen. 

"Honestly, I really don't know what to think..." she muttered, more to herself, walking past Dustin, looking him up and down for a moment, then continued on. Callum walked by Dustin, who was watching Callum. 

"You were a lot of help." Callum said, following Martha. 

"Sorry." Dustin whispered.



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