Callum stood at the edge of the table, smiling. He had a warm feeling run through him, watching Owen with Martha, then looking at Dustin standing there, beaming, he too watching Martha and Owen. Callum was trying to put a label on the feeling that he was having, but it escaped him. Callum looked down at the table, seeing it covered with linen, place settings, glassware. It was like he was about to dine at an admirals table. He was pleased.

"If you gentlemen will have a seat," Martha said softly. "I shall have your supper out in a minute." She turned and opened the oven door. She used a heavy cloth with both hands and reached into the oven and pulled out their supper. The smell of it filled the room.

Dustin and Owen stepped up to the table looking hesitant as to where to sit. Callum looked at Owen, then held out a hand, directing Owen to the chair at the far side of table toward the back door. Callum directed Dustin to his right, and Callum sat opposite Owen, leaving the chair across from Dustin for Martha. As they sat, she came to the table with their supper.

The shepherd pie was golden brown on top. Steam rose from the slits that she had made prior to baking it. She set it down on the table near Owen. Picking up a knife, she sliced into it, then reached for Owens plate. She picked up a large spoon from the table, and served it up on the plate, then handed it back to Owen. She went round the table, serving Dustin, and then Callum, and finally for herself. They waited for her to sit and then they all began to enjoy her labors.

Owen was obviously enjoying what was before him. All of them could hear him make small sounds as he ate more and more. Callum ate slowly, watching Owen enjoy his meal. Dustin had cleaned his plate and was eyeing the baking dish to Martha's left. She saw the look and reached out a hand. Dustin was quick to hold out the empty plate to her to have it refilled.

"I was going to ask," Callum began, sitting back a little in his chair, "you obviously know about horses and their care." Owen looked up from the last of his supper. He smiled briefly at Callum. "Would you be willing, when the time was right, to show Dustin how to care for them?"

"Are you considering keeping horses?" Owen asked.

"Yes. When the time is right." Callum said, as he had lifted the wine bottle from the center of the table. He leaned across and poured wine for each of them. Martha raised an eyebrow at him, which he caught as he poured for her. He stopped as she opened her mouth to say something to him.

"Very well then," Owen smiled at Callum, then looked at a beaming Dustin, "I would be happy to show him." Owen looked at Martha, seeing her eyes upon him. "May I say that this was truly wonderful?"

"You are too kind, good sir." Martha replied, smiling and blushing slightly.

"I only wish that my mother cooked as well."

"Now, you should not say such things," Martha scolded gently, "your mother is a close friend of mine, as you well know. She does her best." She set her fork down, picking up her wine glass, sipping from it.

"I never said otherwise, dear lady." Owen said, placing a hand softly on hers. "Tis a pity that she cannot make it taste as you do." Martha blushed again, looking down at the table and then back at Owen.

Callum watched the two, smiling to himself. He lifted his own wine and sipped of it, then set the glass down. Owen was a natural diplomat, Callum thought to himself. He could probably talk his way out of any situation. Callum thought that, only for a moment, that such a man could be useful, useful to end this conflict that they were engaged in. Callum thought further that if Owen could smooth Martha so quickly, so efficiently, what could he accomplish on a world level. Callum let his thoughts drift away, as he watched Owen, watched him smoothly lift his own wine and sip of it, in an artful way, one of practice Callum thought.

"Would you care for more, my boy?" Martha asked, bringing Callum back to the reality of where he was. He smiled at her.

"Thank you, no, my dear. I have had enough, and enough is as good as a feast. It was excellent, however. Worth the boast, I'd say."

"You have hardly eaten since coming home." Martha said softly. "I was beginning to think that you preferred ships food rather than my own cooking."

"Perish the thought, my dear. I have raved over your cooking." Callum looked up at Owen and then at Dustin. "Have I not, gentlemen?" They both nodded in reply to his query. Callum put a hand on hers, resting on the table. "I only wish that I could sneak you aboard and give my steward lessons. As I have said, I think the crew would be happier, and would certainly work harder."

"Too kind." Martha replied, pulling her hand away, and then using it to pat Callum's. "We have had this conversation before." Martha rose from the table, gathering dishes as she stood at the edge. "I might need a stick to whip some of them into shape, as I know of the reputation of most sailors." She winked at Callum and then smiled at Dustin, who looked like he was caught with one hand in the cookie jar. "Present company excepted, of course." She chuckled, then turned toward the dry sink.

"Well gentlemen, shall we retire to the drawing room?" Callum said, as he stood up from the table. "I think we should take our wine in there and continue our discussion."

Callum sat on the end of the settee, Dustin near him in the middle. Callum beckoned Owen to a chair across from him, and waited for him to sit and be comfortable. Once they were in place and nestled, Callum lifted his wine once again and sipped of it. Owen followed suit, Dustin was looking back and forth at the pair of them. He really didn't care for the wine, but went with the motions, holding the glass in his hands, resting them on his lap.

"So, when are you possibly thinking of adding horses?" Owen asked, setting his glass down on the table beside him.

"Certainly after the war is over. There is still much to be done here, I know." Callum leaned forward a little. "I was wondering also if you could give any idea to Mr. Bockman of the reconstruction of the old stable. I'm afraid that right now, it is only fit for the hens to roost in."

"I would be happy to. As long as it would be near suppertime." Owen answered, lowering his voice and looking toward the kitchen door for signs of Martha.

Callum chuckled. "You know, of course, that you are always welcome to join us. The lady herself said so."

Owen looked back toward Callum. "My good sir, you know that timing is everything." Owen sat back, making Callum laugh out loud.

"Quite right, my dear fellow, quite right." Callum looked over at Dustin, and then patted his closest knee, then turned back to Owen. "I wouldn't ask, and I wouldn't want it presented as an imposition. Please, you must tell me if it is."

"On the contrary." Owen smiled softly toward Callum. "It cannot be an imposition, between friends."

Callum smiled wide at the words, then extended his hand. "Excellent then." Owen took the hand in his own, giving it a firm squeeze. "Then, whenever you can." Callum loosened his grip and Owen withdrew, sitting back again.

"How many are you speaking of?"

"How many...?"


"Oh, yes..." Callum turned and looked at Dustin, "I'm not sure, actually. What do you think Dustin? Three, four?"

Dustin's eyes lit up, finally being brought into the conversation. "Oh, I would think four." Dustin looked at Owen. "Don't you think so as well?"

"Well, I would think so. We keep six, for pairing purposes for the teams. I think that in odd numbers, they begin to group themselves and start bad habits. In even numbers, they pair with each other, and are easier to handle that way." Owen looked at the two of them across from him. "So, are you thinking for only riding purposes? Or are they going to work?"

"Work?" Callum asked.

"Work. You know, such as plowing, or pulling a cart or carriage?"

"Oh, I see." Callum said, scratching his chin. "I would think only for riding purposes. I hadn't given any thought of them actually working."

"I can't see you doing any farming or anything."

Callum drew slight offense from that statement. "Really? And why is that?" He asked in his authority voice.

"Simply, my good sir, you don't have enough land to do any farming, that's all."

Callum calmed himself. "Oh, I suppose you're right. Hadn't thought of that either."

"And then, of course, there is pasturing, and feeding. Water is no problem, that can be pumped from the well easy enough. But, you haven't the ground enough to support pasture for them. So, you will have to purchase hay, and grain."

"I see." Callum said, softly, scratching at his chin again, getting lost in thought. "True, you have given me much to think about, but do you think it's possible?"

"Yes, very possible."

"Very well." Callum said, sitting back, lifting his glass again. He sipped from it again, tipping it up all the way now, as it was drained. "More wine, gentlemen?"

"No, thank you." They both replied to him.

"If you will excuse me a moment?" Callum rose to his feet and crossed the room toward the kitchen.

When they were alone, Owen looked at Dustin, his eyes softened. "Are you alright?"

"Why do you ask?" Dustin replied with his own question, his tone was tense.

"It appears that something is bothering you."

"Really? I think you might know what that is." Dustin's reply was curt.

Owen narrowed his eyes at the tone. "I'm afraid that I don't. Would you care to enlighten me?"

Dustin scooted forward in his seat to the edge. "Alright,...I've seen the way you look at him." Dustin said in a low tone, glaring at Owen. Owen smiled and sat forward himself.

"I think you are mistaken, my lad."

"I think not."

"Well, rest assured I am not..." Owen searched the ceiling for the proper words, "...gazing to try and step in." Owen looked toward the kitchen for a moment and then back at Dustin. "He is very pleasant to look at, you will agree, however, I know that he only has eyes for you. That is very certain." Owen, sat back, watching Dustin blush. "You have doubts, don't you?" Owens mouth opened wide with a sudden revelation of thought. "At the tavern. It was what happened at the tavern, wasn't it?"

"You know what happened at the tavern?"

"Oh, only part of it. He would not speak to me of it. I only rendered him aid, because he asked, and then he really didn't. I just knew. It was a...silent request, you might say."

"I see." Dustin said, looking down at his wine. He lifted his eyes, catching Owens, "He didn't speak to me much of it as well."

"That's the kind of man that he is. You will learn to deal with that, I'm certain."

Dustin smiled briefly. "I suppose you're right. I'll have to."

"Have to what?" Callum asked as he reentered the room.

"Have to learn all that there is regarding horses." Owen said, in answer to the question. Callum retook his seat, but sat closer to Dustin now. "We were discussing what Dustin knows and doesn't know regarding horses." Owen said, looking at Dustin briefly, and then at Callum. Dustin smiled, as Owen was covering for him. Dustin felt more at ease with Owen now. Owen rose to his feet and retrieved his glass from the table. "Well, gentlemen, I must be off. I have chores to be done early in the morning before light. I will bid the lady of the house a good night. If you will excuse me now?"

"Certainly." Callum said, watching Owen walk into the kitchen. He turned and looked at Dustin. "You haven't really touched your wine. Don't you like it?"

Dustin looked down at it, and then up at Callum. "I'm sorry. I guess I'm not used to it."

Callum leaned closer to Dustin, going nose to nose with him. "It's alright, my love. You don't need to." Callum smiled softly at him, and then kissed his nose tip. "It may be an acquired taste. Nothing to be ashamed of." Callum reached down and gently took the glass from him, setting it on the table next to the settee. "I should have asked before I poured it for you. Next time, I'll ask before hand."

"I love you, Quintan." Dustin said, softly.

"I love you, as well." Callum said, giving Dustin a quizzical look. He was interrupted in asking anything else as Owen reentered the room. Callum got to his feet, setting his glass next to Dustin's.

"I so want to thank you for having me for supper this evening." Owen said, reaching out his hand. "It was a wonderful evening."

"As I said earlier, you are most welcome here, anytime." Callum replied, taking the firm grip once again. He put his other hand to Owens shoulder, patting it gently. Owen pulled his hand and extended it to Dustin, who smiled and took it eagerly.

"And, thank you, young sir. We shall be having many more discussions. Quite soon, I hope."

"That we will." Dustin smiled wide. "Thank you."

"The pleasure was all mine." Owen smiled. He let go of Dustin's hand and walked to the front door, opening it. Callum and Dustin were right behind him. Owen walked out and down the path to the new front gate. They watched as he opened it, walked through, then closed it behind him. A few more steps, and he began to fade away in the darkness as they watched. Callum put his arm about Dustin's shoulders and pulled him to him. Dustin leaned his head against Callum's chest and neck. He put a hand on Callum's chest, the other around the small of Callum's back. They stood there for a long minute, and then Callum closed the door, turning, he took Dustin in his arms, looking down at the boyish face he loved so much, looking into those soft eyes that were deep pools to drown in, Callum closed his own and leaned down, kissing Dustin deeply, passionately, pulling him even closer into him.

"Ahem." Came the voice, breaking the kiss and each other apart. They both looked toward it. Seeing Martha standing in the doorway of the kitchen. "I'm sorry to interrupt."

"That's quite alright, my dear...I was...uh...." Callum stuttered. Martha just shook her head, and then took a few steps closer toward them.

"Quintan Callum, when are you going to understand?"

"Understand?...Understand, what?"

"That I know what's going on, between you and Master Perkins. Understand that it is your house and you may do as you will within it. Understand that it is perfectly alright with me, your dotty old aunt." Martha just shook her head, as she turned and walked back toward the kitchen. "Honestly, ...and to think he is my dead sisters son."

Callum just stood there, looking after Martha, his mouth open. He felt fingers on his chin, and the pressure, gentle pressure, turning his face back to where he was, looking into Dustin's eyes.

"She has told me several times when we were in the kitchen together that she is so happy that you have discovered who you are and that you have found love to share, after so much pain and loss in your life." Dustin said softly, his eyes searching Callum's. "If I have helped with that, to bring that to you, then I am complete."

"Dustin...without you...there would be no love." Callum reached both hands up and gently cupped Dustin's soft face. "You are the only thing that I have ever truly loved in my life. You are why I am what I am. You are the most important thing to me in the world." Callum slowly leaned forward, lightly brushing his lips to Dustin's. The kiss became long and deep between them.

Owen walked down the road in the almost complete darkness. He knew his way well enough, but it was the light in the distance that comforted him, growing brighter as he approached the village. The tall wall that surrounded one side of the village cast a dark shadow on the road. Owen walked at a slower pace as he drew nearer to the village. He wasn't certain at first, but he could almost sense movement, other than his own, as if he wasn't alone. Then he stopped as he heard that movement. His eyes went wide trying to take in as much in the darkness as he could, but struggled to see anything. Then to his left, he saw the figure step forward toward him.

"Dinner went well, with the Captain?" Came the voice from the dark.

Owen eased a little, recognizing it. "What are you doing out here, Kelsey? In the dark?"

"I wanted to talk to you, Owen." Came the response from the dark, then slowly Kelsey emerged into the pale light from the village.

"We have already said what needed saying." Owen said, flatly. He started to walk away. "Good night, Kelsey."

"Owen, please." Came the voice from the dark, closer now, and then Owen felt the touch of fingers on his arm.

"As I said, there is nothing more to discuss."

"So, you have shifted your gaze then,...toward him?"

Owen stopped at the words, looking at Kelsey in the pale light. "You are gravely mistaken." Owen spat out, then pulled his arm away. "I said, good night." Owen continued on his way, but as he walked he heard the footsteps rapidly approaching from behind him. He turned and Kelsey collided with him, wrapping his arms around Owens neck, their lips meeting in the collision. Owen let his arms hang at his sides for a moment and then he lifted them, grasping Kelsey firmly, pushing him back. Once freed, Owen glared at Kelsey. "What do you think you're doing?"

"He will not have you." Kelsey said in a low voice.

"You're right. He will not. Don't be a fool, Kelsey. He has eyes for another."

"Who? That boy?"

"Yes, that boy." Owen said, backing up a couple of steps. "That boy means everything to him, and nothing is going to come in the way of it, I assure you."

"But, I saw the way you looked at him. I know what you want."

"You have no idea what I want, nor did you ever." Owen said in his own low tone. "That is part of the problem. You try and read too much into what I'm doing. You cloud everything. This is why we could never make it together."

Kelsey stepped toward Owen again, reaching out, grasping Owens upper arms. "I only know that I want you, that I need you."

"You don't know what you need. Again, another part of the problem." Owen shook his arms free, and backed up another step. "All you know is that you need to get off, and you don't give a damn about anything else, or anyone's feelings. The last part of the problem." Owen backed up one more step. "Now, I have said good night. Let us leave it at that, shall we?" Owen turned and walked down the road, leaving Kelsey standing in the pale light.

"Quintan?" Dustin asked as he pulled away from the deep kiss, catching his breath.

"What is it?" Callum asked softly in reply, opening his eyes.

"Are you going to take me tonight?"

Callum smiled wide, tipping Dustin's chin up with a finger. "Over and over, if that's what you wish."

"I so wish it." Dustin answered in a soft tone. "Over and over, being filled by you."

"Do you want to go up now?"

"I do." Dustin grinned and squirmed a little in Callum's arms. "I will be ready for you, in our bed. But you should go and say good night to Aunt Martha first."

"You're right, my love." Callum smiled wide and then bent down, kissing Dustin gently, "I will see the lady of the house and then join you."

"Don't be long."

"I shant be a moment." Callum said softly, then let go of Dustin and turned toward the kitchen, Dustin watched him walk away and into the small hall. He smiled to himself and turned and walked to the stairs.

Dustin walked up the stairs, turning into their room. It was dark. He crossed to the head of the bed, finding the small table, striking a match, lighting the candle in the holder. He blew out the match and lay it down on the stand. He quickly got undressed, tossing his clothes in a pile at the foot of the bed, on the floor. He turned and pulled back the comforter that covered the pillows and the bed, and climbed in, half covering himself, waiting, longing for what was to come.

"I wish to thank you, my dear," Callum said as he stood behind Martha at the dry sink. She was washing dishes in the tub, and then drying them with an old cloth. Callum placed his hands on her shoulders from behind her. He bent down and kissed her left cheek, making her smile. She reached up and patted one of his hands, smiling at the touch and the kiss.

"You are very welcome, my boy." She went back to what she was doing, then raised an eyebrow, looking up at the window, seeing their reflection together. "Are you off to bed then?"

"I am." Callum answered. "I think that I am feeling the wine."

She smirked, mostly to herself. "Perhaps Master Perkins is feeling it as well?"

"No...he really didn't care for it. I finished his off for him."

"I see." She watched Callum in the reflection. "Then, he is of clear head?"

"I would suppose so."

"Very good. Perhaps a body might have a good nights sleep then."

Callum let her go, and turned and leaned against the dry sink, raising an eyebrow toward her. "Are you trying to tell me that you haven't slept well recently?"

She did not look at him, but kept washing dishes. "I have said that this is your house and you may whatever you see fit to do in it."

Callum deflated hearing her words. "Martha, my dear...this is as much your home as mine, perhaps more yours actually. I feel that I must apologize..."

She turned to glare at him, stopping what she was doing. "Quintan Callum!" She said sternly, "When are you ever going to get such notions out of your mind?" She shook her head, resting her hands on the edge of the sink. "This was your mother's house. I was here to help her in her final days. She asked me to wait for you to return...and now you have." Martha lowered her head.

"And now, your thinking of leaving, aren't you?"

She looked back up at him, with wet eyes. "I had thought of..."

"What? Going to live with your daughter? In Chestershire?" Callum turned and grasped her, pulling her to him, hugging her. "No, my dear. This is your home, and forever. If that is what you wish, and I for one, wish that you decide to stay." Callum bent down and kissed her on the top of her head. "You have made this your home, or at least, I think you have. You have friends here, family. Do you wish for something more?"

"I only wish for you to be happy...and to be kept safe." Martha tilted her head up, looking into his eyes, as they ran with tears. "I'm not sure that I could stand to lose another son." She said quietly.

Callum smiled in return to her. He bent down and kissed her forehead gently. "I swear to you, I shall not let that happen." He straightened, kissing her one last time. He let he go and turned and walked out of the kitchen. He stopped in the room that he, Dustin, and Owen had had their talk. He half smiled to himself, remembering how good the talking had made him feel. He looked up at the narrow stairs and slowly walked up them.

Callum stepped into the room, gently closing the door behind him. He could see Dustin in the bed, the comforter in between his legs. Dustin lay on the pillows, his arms above his head, his hands clasped behind his long hair. His right leg was bent, his foot resting on the bed, his leg naked, exposed, as was his chest, the smooth fair skin that Callum loved to touch, waiting for him and him alone.

"Aunt Martha alright?" Dustin asked in a low voice.

"Yes." Callum answered as he crossed the room, coming to the end of the bed. He kicked off his buckled shoes and pulled his shirt off over his head, dropping it to the floor. Callum watched Dustin look him up and down, finally making eye contact with him. "Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?" Dustin blushed for a moment, dropping his gaze, then met Callum's eyes once again.

"You think me beautiful?"

"Fairest of the fair." Callum said softly as he climbed onto the bed. He reached out and pulled back the comforter that covered Dustin, exposing him and his treasure that Callum desired. Callum brought his face to Dustin's, still making constant eye contact. "I so desire you." Callum whispered. Dustin melted into the pillows.

"So, what are you going to do about it?" Dustin asked as he unclasped his hands and lowered his arms around Callum's neck.

"I will start with this..." Callum said as kissed Dustin with deep affection, making Dustin melt more into the bed, feeling more of Callum's weight on him. Callum sent his tongue deep into Dustin, filling him up, making him want more and more, to be taken, to be loved. Callum slid one hand down Dustin's side, coming to his soft firm butt. Dustin slid a little letting Callum's fingers take more of it, clasping it firmly in his strong hand. He moaned softly into Callum's mouth, knowing what was coming. Callum pulled his tongue back slowly, then his lips left Dustin's slowly, but he remained so very close. Callum's eyes were on Dustin's, each had a sparkle to them in the low candlelight of the room. Dustin felt a pressing to his opening, a soft pushing and then it began circling the opening, rubbing softly and slowly. Dustin moaned at the touch. He so loved being probed by those strong fingers, knowing in the back of his mind that would followed by something larger, thicker, something he longed for that Callum still had in his long pants.

"You like that, don't you?" Callum whispered. Dustin moaned softly in reply. "You love it when I touch you there, don't you?"

"Yes." Dustin said with a moan, feeling the movement against him again.

"Would you like something else there?"


"Tell me...tell me what you want there."

"You. All of you."

"You'll have to do better than that, my lad. Tell me what part of me you want there." Callum said, then softly kissed Dustin again, continuing to rub against his tight opening with only a fingertip. "I want you to tell me what you want me to do."

"You know what I want." Dustin whispered, wrapping his arms tighter around Callum's neck, pulling him in closer, wiggling against the touch of his opening. "I want you, your length...your mast," Dustin kissed Callum and then exhaled into his mouth, "...your entire thickness inside of me. I want you there all night, and all of my days. I never want anything else."

Callum grinned slightly and then slid out of Dustin's grip. He kissed his way down Dustin, over his chest and then over his stomach. He moved himself further down the bed, alongside Dustin, kissing and touching, using his lips and his tongue tip, moving slowly and steadily. He moved past the smooth skin of Dustin's groin, using one hand to lift Dustin's leg higher, bending it toward Dustin's chest, giving Callum more room to move along further down. He reached his target, finally, touching Dustin with his tongue, over the mark, the opening. Callum slowly licked at it, lovingly, kissed at it, and then as Dustin moaned a little louder, Callum moved in for the kill, putting his lips over it, giving it tight suction, sending Dustin into a spasm of grasping at the comforter, moaning louder, splaying his legs wider, giving Callum more of him. Callum went inside with his tongue, moving slightly on the bed, working himself in between Dustin's lifted legs. Callum opened his eyes, seeing Dustin rolling his head from side to side as Callum worked his hole with his tongue and his lips.

Dustin went to grasp himself, his hard length, but Callum reached up and pushed his hand away. Callum clamped his hand on Dustin's and pressed it into the comforter, as he went deeper and deeper with his tongue.

"Oh God...Quintan...please..." Dustin moaned, "...please give it to me."

Callum pulled back a little, looking up in the soft candlelight, making Dustin glow. Their eyes met for a moment, Dustin had a hungry look, a wanting, full of lust. Callum recognized it. He smiled to himself.

"I thought you liked it when I did this to you."

"" Dustin panted. "I want you...inside me...please."

Callum went back to his assault on Dustin's hole with his mouth and tongue. Callum could feel Dustin opening up for him, getting more open and relaxed with his muscles. Dustin began to moan again with each flick and movement of Callum's tongue and then he put his lips over Dustin's opening, giving it tight suction, Dustin almost screamed with the sensation. Callum smiled to himself, and then released Dustin slowly. He climbed up off the bed and stood at the edge, looking down at his love, his life, laying there below him, spread out, almost spent.

"As many times as we've done this...." Callum said, slowly unbuttoning the flap on his long pants, " many times as we have been together....tonight I want to make love to you. I want you to feel what I feel for you...I want to never forget this night as long as we're together, as long as I'm alive."

Dustin watched as Callum opened his flap on his long pants, letting his hard length spring out. Dustin licked his lips seeing it, and then moved, scooting toward the edge of the bed, he reached up with one hand, grasping the hard length, and then opened his mouth. Callum watched and waited for a moment, and then Dustin swallowed him, letting his lips clamp down on his tender, soft skin. Callum threw his head back at the feeling that was on him, letting Dustin lick at his tip and swallowing the fluid that was coming from it, feeling Dustin's firm grasp on his base and the feeling of another touch on him, enclosing around his balls, gently squeezing them, rubbing them, letting them know that they too were in need of attention by Dustin's love and hand. Callum let his long pants drop just a little, still covering his tight butt, letting Dustin continue to work him over, sucking him, kneading him, wanting him.

"Oh,'re going to make me erupt, " Callum exhaled, "...make me go off in your mouth." Callum said softly, Dustin only moaning over Callum's length. And then it happened, Callum moaned loudly, grasping Dustin's long locks, clenching his fingers, holding Dustin in place as he let go, shooting volley after volley into Dustin's greedy mouth. Dustin swallowed everything Callum gave him and still wanted more. Callum tilted his head back, breathing hard as his orgasm began to ease. He could feel Dustin's fingers gently tickling his balls, the moistness of his warm mouth surrounding him. He flexed himself a couple of times as he looked down, and slowly released his hands from Dustin's hair. Callum smiled and then bent down, as Dustin lifted, meeting him. They kissed long and deep, Callum could taste himself in Dustin's mouth. Slowly, Dustin pulled away and lay back on the bed, spreading his legs wide, bending his left knee. Callum watched as Dustin slowly grasped himself, pulling at his hard length in a teasing fashion, then sliding his hand down over his balls, rubbing them, looking at Callum, then he slowly began to finger himself.

"It waits for you." Dustin whispered. "Come and fill me up. Give it what it wants."

Callum grinned and felt himself harden all over again. He felt the lust and desire build in him watching Dustin play with himself. It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen in his life. He knew that Dustin more than craved him, that he was doing everything possible to lure Callum in. Callum absentmindedly stroked himself watching the scene unfold before him on the bed. Dustin went palm deep with his middle finger, running it in and out, his other hand stroked his length and then would move down to his balls, rolling them around, and then back up to the shaft. The entire time Dustin was looking at Callum, licking at his lips, rocking his hips, breathing hard, his eyes narrowed at the feeling he was giving himself. Callum was almost drooling watching Dustin start to work his opening faster. Dustin was panting at the feeling, arching his head back into the pillow, then stroked himself in time with his other hand movement. The moans became louder now, and Dustin rolled his eyes back in his head. Callum leaned forward and put his mouth over Dustin's tip, knowing it was about to happen, and then it did. Dustin moaned loudly, arching his back, sinking into the bed, his finger still embedded inside himself. He sprayed into Callum's open mouth over and over. Callum caught it all, then swallowed. He licked at Dustin's tip, as if to draw more from it. Dustin slowed in his motion on himself, and then finally came to a stop. He sighed through his heavy breathing. Callum slid a hand up Dustin's chest, caressing a nipple and then moved on up to Dustin's throat. He ran his hand over the smooth skin and then gently felt Dustin swallow. Callum drew his hand back and licked at the tip again and then moved himself up the bed and kissed Dustin softly.

Dustin wrapped one arm around Callum's neck, pulling him down to him. Dustin was wild with passion, kissing Callum deeply, probing his mouth with his tongue, pulling his taste from Callum. His other hand remained where it was, his finger still deep within himself. Dustin moaned deeply in Callum's mouth, feeling his own spot, making himself leak all over his stomach. Callum lifted himself a little, taking Dustin with him, then wrapped his arms around the naked youth, holding him tight, letting Dustin work out the passion. Callum was still hard, but his long pants were still on him, barely down, only the flap open, barely covering his butt. He tried to pull back so he could get out of them, but Dustin would not let him go. Callum tried again to pull back, but Dustin was fierce in his hold on him. Callum gave in to the passion, letting Dustin probe and pound his mouth, while Callum tightened his grip about Dustin's chest. Callum felt Dustin beginning to ease up, as he felt Dustin pulling back, going deeper into the pillow. Callum pulled back as well, looking into those sparkling pools in the candlelight.

"Quintan," Dustin whispered, "please...I'm begging you to fill me up."

Callum smiled a brief smile and shifted on the bed, letting Dustin go. He swung to the edge of the bed and stood. He was watching Dustin below him, as he slowly removed his long pants, stepping out of them, kicking them to one side. He started to get back on the bed, seeing Dustin shift a little, spreading his legs. Callum positioned himself at Dustin's tight bare hole and slowly slid in, making Dustin take a deep breath, as Callum slid in, he grabbed the backs of Dustin's thighs, pushing his legs apart and up even more, giving Callum more access as he entered. Dustin reached his arms up and put them around Callum neck as Callum lay on top of Dustin, covering him, resting most of his weight on his forearms. Callum was buried into Dustin as deep as he could go and just lay there, filling Dustin, feeling his warmth inside and out. Callum went eye to eye with Dustin, kissing him softly, then rubbing nose tip to nose tip.

"Is this what you wanted so badly?" Callum asked in a soft voice. Dustin just nodded his reply. Callum continued to rub noses with Dustin. "Shall we stay like this all night?"

"Could we?"

"Whatever you want, my love, whatever you want."



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