Chapter 4

Callum dropped his pantlet to the straw and stepped out of them, then pulled off his stockings, tossing them aside. His long thick length standing out in front of him, making Dustin smile at him in the candle light seeing it. Callum slowly knelt down over Dustin, taking one hand and slipping it behind Dustin's neck drawing him up a little out of the straw, being careful of the bandage still wrapped around his thigh.

"You are the most beautiful thing, I have ever seen." Callum whispered.

Dustin smiled, lifting his hand from his thigh, draping it over Callum's shoulder. The look in his eye was soft and lustful. "I have wanted this for so long." Dustin whispered. "Since I first came aboard the ship." Dustin sighed. "Won't you take me?"

"With pleasure, sir." Callum smiled and then bent down and kissed Dustin passionately. He lay him back in the straw, and then worked his hands over Dustin's thin, smooth stomach with one hand, down to his long cock. Callum's fingers wrapped around it, gently, yet firmly. He pulled on it a few times, making Dustin moan in his mouth. Callum loved it when Dustin did that. It made him more confident in what he did, knowing it pleased Dustin in the way he touched him.

Dustin pulled back, breathing deeply and hard, his breath rushing in and out of him, as he looked down, watching Callum run his hand up and down him. Their eyes moved to each others and Callum smiled, licking his lips very slightly.

"What do you want?" Callum asked in a soft voice, making Dustin almost coo.

"Anything...everything." Dustin looked up in Callum's eyes, as he squirmed his butt around in the straw. "Whatever you want to do to me...I will do to you as well." Dustin moaned softly. Callum smiled at the thought of it. Him doing it to Dustin, and then Dustin doing it to him...yes. Callum's long thick cock flicked up and down.

Callum slowly moved down over Dustin's tight, soft chest, licking one nipple after the other, and then moving down further, licking his navel, twirling his tongue in it. Callum loved the smell of the boy under him, earthy, musky, needing a bath, but it was filling his nostrils, bringing his desire up more. As he circled the hole in Dustin's stomach, Callum's cheek kept bumping against the slick skin of Dustin's hard length against his cheek. Callum slowly turned and licked at the fat head of it, licking at the clear fluid oozing from it. Dustin arched his back when Callum did that, clenching a hand in Callum's hair, pulling a little.

"Yes...oh, yes..." Dustin moaned, arching his back a little more. Callum grinned and then opened his mouth, taking the head in, slowly, letting his tongue run over it, then slowly he swallowed more of the length. He had some trouble with it, as he had never done this before, but with some effort, he relaxed his throat muscle and was able to finally take the entire length, making Dustin moan loudly as he was bottomed out. Hands went into Callum's hair, fingers digging into hair at the scalp, pulling slightly. It drove Callum on. He slid up and down on Dustin, tightening his grip with his lips and his tongue, running it up and down the backside of Dustin's length. Moan after moan filled the air in the stable, Callum shifted his hips, so he was more comfortable, and was enjoying what he was doing very much.

"Oh, my God..." Dustin panted and moaned, "oh, my God...Quintan...I'm going to..." Dustin breathed out and then took another deep breath in, rocking his hips up, arching his back, "uhhhh..." Dustin moaned, as he shot out into Callum's mouth, blast after blast. Fingers clenched Callum's hair tightly, and then as the blasting eased, so did the grip.

Callum held the shots in his mouth. It was a strange feeling to him, in his mouth. It was very warm, salty, like the sea, yet thick. He pushed it back to the back of his mouth, running his tongue back and forth over Dustin's long length. He slowly swallowed what he held, not knowing what else to do with it. He took a deep breath through his nose, and pulled off of Dustin. He turned his head, looking up at Dustin. His eyes clenched shut, his head tilted back in the straw. His arms tight, still fingers in Callums locks. Slowly, Dustin calmed and relaxed into the straw. He took a few deep breaths.

"Well..." Callum said, softly. "That was..."

"Ohhh, that was absolutely heavenly." Dustin finished.

Callum smiled. He turned his head slightly, licking Dustin's softening length. "I agree."

Dustin let his grip go of Callum's hair. He sat up, resting on his elbows in the straw. He smiled at Callum with a half smile.

"Now, it is your turn." Dustin said with a devilish grin. "I will do to you, what you have done to me, much more."

Before Callum could answer, Dustin spun around, pushing Callum back into the straw. His fingers of one hand encircled the base of Callum's thick length. He tugged at it a few times, making Callum moan softly. Dustin got over it, looking at the long, broad slit, seeing the clear fluid oozing out of it. He hungered for it, and became lost in it's magical grip. He licked it up, immediately loving the taste of it, he wanted more. He milked it up the length with his fingers, making Callum moan with the movement, it brought more out of him. Dustin smiled and licked it up, and then opened his mouth and slowly took the thick length in, going back and forth over the head at first, using his hand as well, drawing the foreskin back and forth over the tip, and then licking at more of the clear fluid. Callum was moaning at each pass.

Dustin knew what he wanted to do now, and with each pass down the thick shaft, he became more masterful in his technique. Callum moaned each and every time Dustin went down further on him, rocking his hips upward as Dustin went down. Soon, a tight suction rhythm was going between them. Callum was breathing harder and harder, Dustin was moving up and down faster and faster. Dustin's other hand moved up and cradled Callum's hanging balls, tossing them back and forth, slowly they began to tighten. Dustin was unaware as to what it meant, but Callum was feeling it deep down.

Callum's hand went to the top of Dustin's head, as the motion was going and going on his length. Callum knew he was getting close, his breathing becoming labored. Dustin was so lost in what he was doing to Callum, he didn't notice how Callum's balls had drawn up, and then Callum moaned deeply and loudly, letting everything go in Dustin's mouth. The hot, thick fluid filling his cavity, each pulse making Dustin swallow the liquid being shot up. He backed his mouth off a little, still maintaining his tight suction on Callum.

Finally, Callum eased his breathing, taking in a long last deep breath. His hands went through Dustin's long thick curls. Dustin pulled off and crawled up to meet Callum's face.

"You alright?" Callum asked, stroking a cheek of Dustin's face.

"I am. You?"

"Perfect. Absolutely perfect." Callum answered, looking into Dustin's sparkling eyes, in the candlelight.

"Did I taste like that?" Dustin asked, stroking one of Callum's nipples.

"You tasted heavenly." Callum answered, his eyes closing under the touch of Dustin on his nipple.

"You were very salty." Dustin cooed.

"Have any left? Let me taste it." Callum replied. It drove Dustin on. He slid up a little and fell on Callum's mouth, opening wide, so Callum could take and taste a little of himself. Their tongues fought with one another, and Callum felt desire rising up in him again, his length growing hard again. He pulled back looking at Dustin. "You're right. I do taste saltier than you do." Callum kissed Dustin again, softly. "You're sweeter, and I love it." Callum kissed him again, then pulled back. "I want it from you again."

"Really?" Dustin asked, as he wiggled his hips against Callum.

"Yes." Callum kissed him again. "Again and again. I will never tire of it." Callum smiled. "Do not expect to sleep tonight."

Dustin lift himself up and then lay back in the straw. He spread his legs out wide, giving Callum a view of his tight hole, his balls slightly hanging and his length already moving, getting hard again.

"I hadn't planned on sleep at all." Dustin smiled, reaching out a hand toward Callum. Callum took the hand in his and spun up in the straw, laying on top of Dustin. Dustin wrapped his legs around Callum's waist, putting his arms around Callum's muscular shoulders. "I planned on making you the happiest man in the world." Dustin smiled as he rocked hips in the straw, under Callum. Callum grinned and then fell into the base of Dustin's neck.

Predawn light came. The candle had burned out on the shelf at the rough window a few hours before. Callum slowly stirred, his eyes fluttering as he woke. He looked about him, his surroundings unfamiliar until he looked to his left, seeing the sleeping form of Dustin, curled up next to him. Callum lifted his hand and gently stroked the long hair of the youth next to him, bringing a smile to Callum's face. He leaned in and gave Dustin a soft kiss on the cheek, then slowly lay back on his back.

Dustin stirred in the relative darkness. His arm going across Callum's chest, his hand slowly working up to Callum's right ear, as Dustin's leg came over Callum's. Callum could feel Dustin's hardening cock against his hip. Dustin lifted his head, nuzzling his nose into the base of Callum's neck, then the soft kisses started. Callum wrapped his right arm around Dustin's shoulders. Their lips met and Callum kissed Dustin softly, then Dustin pushed in for more. The soft kisses became more deeper and heavier, and finally, Callum fell under Dustin's influence, wrapping his arms around him, rolling him back into the straw. Dustin spread his legs wide, and then wrapped them around Callum.

"Take me, Quintan." Dustin whispered into Callum's ear, "Oh, please, won't you take me?"

"You will always be mine." Qunitan said, as Dustin felt the tip of Callum's long thick length at his entrance. Callum pushed once, going through, making Dustin moan, wrapping his arms around Callum's neck and shoulders. His hands clenched Callum's back. Callum pushed in more, making Dustin moan again, even louder this time, then more and more, as Dustin rocked his hips up in the straw, bringing his heels to Callum's lower back. Callum sank all the way in, Dustin rolling his head to one side, his eyes clenched, and his breathing was rapid.

"You love me being in you, don't you?" Callum asked in Dustin's ear.

"Oh, yes...yes...your big one inside of me,...burrowing my hole...I can almost feel you in my gut, you're so long..." Dustin panted out.

"When I'm done..." Callum grunted, as he kissed Dustin's neck below his left ear, "I will want you inside of me."

Dustin turned, with glassy eyes to scan Callum's in the near darkness. "Yes? You want me inside you?"

"Yes...I do." Callum said, as he began to slide in and out of Dustin. Callum watched Dustin for a time. "You like it, don't you?"

"I love it..." Dustin panted, "I need it."

"Then I shall give it to you all of the time. All of your days."

"Oh, yes...oh, God, yes." Dustin moaned, as he tightened his grip around Callum, with his legs, and his arms. It drove Callum on, loving the touch, the desire he was putting into Dustin, the lust he was trying to satiate in himself. He felt that he couldn't get enough of this boy. He had never felt this way before about anything or anyone. It was strangely compelling to him. He moved quicker now. His breathing shortened, he felt sweat on his brow, Dustin was loosening his grip on Callum, but his moaning was more and more. Then, Callum felt it, deep down inside of him. His toes began to curl, and he felt the pull in the backs of his legs,...yes, yes...and then he let go. His thick member was erupting inside of Dustin now, shooting hard and way up inside of the youth. Callum slowed his hip action into the boy, as his spurts began to subside. He took a deep breath, looking down at Dustin, who's head was laying to the left again, his eyes barely open, licking his lips to try and make them moist, breathing heavy. Callum came to a stop in his motion. He leaned down and kissed Dustin all over his neck and ear, then Dustin turned his face to meet Callum, and their lips met. Callum was almost voracious in his kissing on Dustin. Dustin loved it, tightly wrapping himself again around Callum.

Dustin pulled back from Callum, looking at him with soft eyes. A slight smile crept across his lips, and Callum lost himself in those soft eyes, again. He parted his lips and fell onto Dustin's. Dustin moaned in Callum's mouth with the feeling that was going through his body right now, as Callum pulled out of him. Callum slowly lifted up, he shifted and rolled over into the hay.

"How do you want me?" Callum asked. Dustin's eyes went wide. He really had no idea which way to take Callum. Callum smiled at the look Dustin was giving him. "How about I lay on my back, and you..." Callum said softly, "bring that wonderful stick of yours to me." Callum pulled Dustin, who was already shifting, getting between Callum's legs.

"Are you sure?" Dustin asked, resting on his hands in the straw, rubbing his hips back and forth on Callum's. Callum grinned, looking down their bodies.

"I am so very sure. I want this so bad. I want you."

"Have...have you ever done this before?" Dustin asked, in a nervous voice.

Callum slightly smiled, reflecting to when he was in school. "It was done to me, yes."

"By whom?"

"My schoolmaster, when I was very young. He would take us in the night now and then." Callum raised a hand and brushed Dustin's cheek with his fingers. "Then some of the older boys would do it to me as well." Callum's eyes hardened. The lingering memory was not very pleasant to him. He refocused on Dustin, over him, and then smiled. "But, with you, I know it will be different. It's what I want with you." Callum whispered, rocking his hips up, letting Dustin's hard length drag across his opening. Dustin exhaled, feeling Callum move under him, Dustin's cock hardened even more. He got up on the palms of his hands, letting Callum guide him to his target. ", push in a little...uhh...yes...a little, more of you in me...yes." Callum said in a low voice, as he watched Dustin slowly sink into him. Callum looked up, seeing Dustin's eyes were closed, he was breathing in and out of his nose. "That's right...all the way in...yes, like that...more...more...yes."

"Oh, God." Dustin moaned, pushing his hips inward toward Callum, slowly, so slowly. "You are so tight on my stick, so warm." Dustin exhaled.

"You like it?" Callum moaned softly.

Dustin opened his eyes, licked his lips, looking down at Callum. "Very, very much. Do you like it?"

"I like it because it's you inside of me." Callum replied, rocking his hips a little. "I want only you in there." Callum smiled, a devilish smile. "Now, Mr. your worst to me. Take me like you would an enemy ship."

Dustin returned the smile, pulling back out, and sliding back in hard. He watched the reaction from Callum, looking at his eyes rolling back in his head and then closing. Dustin slid in and out with great purpose, using his toes as leverage in the straw, slapping his hips against Callum, the only contact between them was Dustin's length inside of Callum and the constant slapping of skin against Callum's tight ass. Callum was breathing heavy through his mouth, as Dustin was working him, in and out, breathing heavy himself. Dustin could feel the hole he was sliding in and out of was getting looser as he moved. It wasn't long now that Dustin could feel the tightness on his balls, that feeling way down deep inside of him, knowing it was building. He wanted to hang on to it, that wondrous feeling, and then it happened, he felt it let go, shooting up and out of his length, inside of Callum. He kept pushing and pulling, in and out, as he kept shooting more and more. Dustin moaned loudly, throwing his head back.

Dustin came to a slow halt in Callum. Callum smiling, and then relaxing his own body, trying not to let Dustin slide out of him. They looked at one another, then Dustin, smiling, fell onto Callum, wrapping his arms around his neck, Their lips came together, again, parting and then the battle for tongue domination was on. Callum relented control, letting Dustin become more and more aggressive in his mouth, enjoying it immensely. After a few minutes, Callum felt Dustin ease up, letting himself slide out of Callum. Dustin let go, and rolled to the straw, breathing heavily, but easy.

"I think we should head into the house." Callum said, rolling to his die toward Dustin. He eyes went up and down the beautiful young body next to him. "I am not sure when Martha rises." Callum slowly got up from the straw, grabbing his clothes, starting to put them on. Dustin watched Callum as he got dressed. He was smiling, watching this beautiful man.

"Quintan?" Dustin asked softly.


"May I ask, how old are you?"

Callum looked down at him, as Dustin rolled to his side, raising himself up on one elbow.

"I'm twenty-two, this past year. I thought you knew that? Why do you ask?"

"I had thought you were older than that." Dustin looked nervous, now that he said it, quickly getting to his feet, looking Callum in the eye. "Not that you look's just that..."

Callum chuckled, "I seem to be more...experienced. Is that it?"

"I mean, you made Captain, you've done so much."

"To be so young?" Callum asked taking Dustin's chin in one hand. Dustin nodded. "I've pushed myself hard to get here where I am. I never wanted anything else. I, too, was surprised making Captain. It was only through the bad fortune of Captain Powers being killed, but you know that." Callum's eyes narrowed, as he let his hand drop away from Dustin's chin. "What's really on your mind?"

Dustin looked down at the straw, then back up slowly. "What are we going to do?"

"You mean, when we go back to the ship?" Callum asked. Dustin nodded, looking sad. "How you think we won't be able to do what we've just done aboard ship?" Dustin nodded again. "There is always a way, Dustin."

"I know, but, I don't want the rest of the lads to find out. I could hurt your career, not to mention what they might do to me."

"Ahhh. Now the truth comes out." Callum smiled, putting his hands on Dustins smooth shoulders. He leaned forward and kissed Dustin, softly. "Not to worry. We will be careful, we will be guarded, and we will wait for putting back into port."

"Then I will be missing this..." Dustin said as he clutched Callum crotch with one hand.

"To miss something, makes obtaining it, finally, even better." Callum winked. Dustin removed his hand. "Besides, by the end of the fortnight, you might be completely done with me."

"Oh, no...I'll never, ever, be done with you." Dustin put his arms around Callum's shoulder, going face to face. "Never." Dustin kissed Callum deeply.

They walked up the stairs of the house, opening the door to Callum's room. Callum walked over to the bed and turned it down, then fluffed up the pillows. It was still dark outside, the dawn would soon be there. Callum got out of his clothes, dropping them to the floor, and got into bed. Dustin watched Callum glide in between the sheets, his heart beating rapidly, his cock stirred in his pantlet. Dustin got undressed and slipped into the bed on the other side, nesting in next to Callum's side. Dustin kissed Callum's neck at the base and slowly worked up to his ear.

"Sleep now." Callum whispered. "We will rise soon."

"Are you sure?" Dustin whispered, tonguing Callum's ear.

"Aren't you ever satisfied? Yes, I'm sure." Callum turned his head, kissing Dustin. "Sleep now, here next to me." Dustin stopped and lay still. He slowly closed his eyes.

Callum woke, with the morning light streaming in through the window, filtered by the soft thin curtains that covered it. He looked at Dustin, sleeping next to him, and smiled out of the corner of his mouth. He slipped out of the bed, and put his clothes back on. He picked up his shoes and walked out of the room, and down the stairs. He smelled coffee coming from the kitchen and the wood burning in the stove. He walked into the kitchen and saw Martha standing at the dry sink, peeling potatoes.

"Morning." Callum said softly, making Martha turn toward him.

"Morning, Quintan." She set the potato and then knife down. She reached to an open shelf and pulled off a cup, taking it to the stove and poured coffee for him. Callum sat at the table, as she set the cup down. "I trust you and the young lad didn't keep the chickens up all night?" Callum looked shocked as he reached for the cup. Her words told him that she knew of last night. He wasn't sure what to say for a moment. "Those old hens are fussy and will not lay if they don't get proper sleep."


She put a hand on Callum's. She patted it, gently. "He is very lovely, your young man. If I were much younger, I might fancy him as well." She smiled as she sat next to Callum at the small table. "My Bryce was always fancying the young pretty ones as well."


"My son. Your cousin." She said with a sad look. "He was a little older than you."


"He died of the Typhoid, almost ten years ago now. Oh, he was a fine, good looking lad, built like his father, that one. He was very...desirable to some."

Callum smiled, knowing what she meant. "I don't remember meeting him."

"He only met you once. It's no doubt you don't remember, you were only about two or so, as I recall." She patted his hand again, as he sipped his coffee from his other hand. "You know, it is none of my business about what you do. I just wanted to let you know that what you do is alright with me, not that it matters."

Callum set his cup down, looking at her old soft grey eyes. He smiled gently. "It does matter what you think, my dear. You seem to be the only family that I have left." He took her hand in his. She smiled.

"Most kind of you." She patted their hands together. "So what are your plans for today?"

"Well, I thought I would venture back into town. I wish to secure some workmen for repairs to the house and the stone fences, to start."

"That will take money, Quintan."

"I know." He smiled. "I have money for it. We need to make sure the house doesn't fall into any more disrepair. It is obvious that it has been neglected for quite some time, wouldn't you agree?"

"Well, yes, I would, but..."

"Then it is to be done. You know these people here, are there good workmen to be had?"

"Quite a few, yes."

"Good, then I'll see to it. Are there things here that you need as well?"

"Oh, Quintan, you need not worry for me, my dear. There is nothing that I truly need."

"Something that you want then, no doubt." Callum scanned her eyes. "Do not hesitate, Aunt Martha, truly."

"I am fine, my boy. An old woman does not require much. Now, I will go out and gather some eggs. If the chickens did what they could, without sleep."

Callum smiled, and then blushed. "I shall be more courteous to their needs in the future." She returned his smiled and got up from the table. She picked up a small basket by the back door and walked out. Callum sipped his coffee in the quiet of the kitchen. He felt something behind him, and then a pair of hands slid over his shoulders and down his chest over his soft cotton shirt. He loved the feeling of being touched, and closed his eyes. He felt lips on his neck below his ear, and they slowly worked down to the base of his neck.

"She will be back in a moment." Callum said in a soft voice.

"I can't help myself. You're just too beautiful."

"Thank you. But, you should know, she knows of what we did last night." There was a pause and slight jerk from the touch on Callum. Lips were withdrawn, and Dustin came around with a look of total horror on his face. "It's alright, pull yourself together." Callum said in a solid voice.

"But...I can't stay...I..."

Callum stood, grasping Dustin by his upper arms at the shoulders, his grip very firm. "You can stay, you will stay." Dustin closed his eyes, tilting his head toward the floor. "You listen to me..." Callum began. "this is my house, my home away from the Dover. She has no problem with what we did last night. As a matter of fact, it seems to run in the family." Callum frowned, then looked at Dustin, who's head was still tilted forward. Callum tuck a finger under the soft chin and lifted up. Dustin opened his eyes, they were misting. "Dustin, no one has ever made me feel the way you make me feel. And no one, I mean no one is going to drive that away from me. Do you understand?" Dustin nodded. A tear dripped from his right eye. "This is my house, and you now, are a part of it, and it will always be that way. Are we clear on this?"

"Very clear, sir." Dustin said, standing at attention, like he was being given an order.

"I will not have us living in fear, here in this house." Callum leaned in and kissed Dustin. He pulled back, slowly, opening his eyes, looking at this beautiful young face in front of him. "This is now your home, here, with me, and with her, as long as she stays. Are you alright with that?"

Tears dropped from Dustin's eyes, rolling down his soft cheeks. "No one has ever wanted me before. I have never had a home, except for the ship."

"I want you." Callum said flatly, looking deep into those wet pools before him. "I want you more than anything else in this world. I want you more than the Dover. And now that I have you, I won't let you go." Dustin threw his arms around Callum's neck, squeezing him tight. Callum wrapped his arms around Dustin's waist, lifting him off the floor a little, as Martha walked in, they were kissing each other.

"I trust I'm not interrupting anything, gentlemen?"

Callum and Dustin pulled back from one another, looking toward the back door and Martha, setting the basket down. Dustin used the palms of his hands to wipe away his tears. He smiled at her. She could see that the young lad was in a state. She walked over and pulled another cup down from the shelf, walking over to the stove, pouring coffee, and then handing it to him. Dustin smiled at taking the cup from her old fingers. She smiled and lifted a hand and cradled his cheek for a moment.

"The chickens obviously didn't mind the company last night. They did their job and filled their nests." She said, looking at Callum, raising an eyebrow. She looked back at Dustin was blushing a deep red. She stepped closer to him. "It's alright, young sir, had I been them, I might have enjoyed the company as well." She winked, then turned toward the basket. Dustin's mouth fell open, and then he looked at Callum, who was sitting back down at the table.

"After breakfast, would you care to go into town with me, Dustin?" Callum asked. Dustin slowly pulled himself together.

"Why, yes, of course." Dustin replied, softly.

Callum smiled. "Then, come and sit down. Enjoy your coffee. It's going to be a long day, I think." Callum winked.

After breakfast was completed, Callum and Dustin readied themselves. Callum gave Martha a kiss on the forehead and they walked out of the house. The walk to town was good for Callum's leg. It was feeling better and better all of the time to him. They reached the mercantile and walked in. Callum talked to the proprietor about securing workmen. He was given names and told where to find them in town. Callum had Dustin pick out some things and then they were bundled up. Callum saw a few more things that he wanted for the house and himself and purchased them as well. They left the mercantile, in search of the workmen. It wasn't long before Callum found one of them. They talked for a while about what Callum wanted done and then made the arrangement to meet at the house. They shook and Callum and Dustin walked toward the open farmers market in the Square. Callum and Dustin picked out quite a few things and had them bundled as well. They said their thank you's and set off back toward the house.

They set their bundles on the small table, Callum telling Martha about securing a workman, who would be there shortly, more than likely. Callum gave Martha the bundle from the Square. She opened it, seeing all of the vegetables and some dried salt beef. She remarked on how nice they looked and would set about making a hearty stew. Callum smiled down at her.

He asked her to open the last bundle on the table, turning and watching her open it. Inside, there were combs, brushes, and a large looking glass. She turned and smiled at him.

"You remarked that there wasn't one here in the house." Callum said.

She lifted it up by the handle. "An old woman doesn't want to look at herself." She said, raising an eyebrow toward him.

"I do not see an 'old woman'." Callum said. "What I see is a beautiful soul, that required something, but wouldn't ask for it."

She reached up and patted his cheek. "You're a charmer, you are." She smiled and looked over at Dustin. "You need to be careful of that one." She said to him, nodding her head back toward Callum.

"How well I know." Dustin blushed and smiled, then looked at Callum. They were interrupted by a knock at the door. Callum stepped out of the kitchen and walked to it, opening it. Martha and Dustin heard Callum's voice and another.

Callum shook Bockman's hand, thanking him for coming. Bockman was older than Callum by a few years, probably in his early thirties. He was as tall as Callum, with dark brown hair in a long pony tail, with matching eyes. He seemed to be muscular under his loose, tattered clothing, the signs of a workman. His hands were rough, showing that he was not afraid of work and did it often. Callum , who was a good judge of people knew that he chosen well. Callum stepped out on the step, closing the door behind him. They walked around the house, Callum showing Bockman what he thought needed doing, loose stones in the walls cracking in the old mortar, the old roof needing replacement, probably the windows requiring new oakum to seal against the winds of the winter and rain. Bockman saw other things, that Callum did not, then explained them. Callum nodded agreement to it. They had reached the back of the house. Bockman looked at the privy standing there, looking rough as well. Callum smiled briefly, saying, yes it needed work as well. Callum's thought was toward Martha, making sure she was taken care of here. Bockman agreed, having known Callum's mother and Martha coming here to take care of her till her passing.

They walked out to the stable, Callum smiling at the memory of what happened there last night. It stirred him, filling him with warm, loving thoughts of Dustin. Bockman was talking, but Callum wasn't hearing him, lost in his own thoughts. Callum snapped back to where he was, as Bockman placed a hand on his arm.

"Are you alright, sir?" Bockman asked.

"Yes,...yes, fine. I was just thinking, that's all. What were you saying?"

"I was saying, sir, that the house should be done first, and the stable here is really not as important."

"Yes, of course, you're right." Callum looked at the stable. "I mean, it's only for the chickens, right?"

"Yes, it is." Bockman, smiling slightly.

"Well, then. Shall we have a look at the fences, then?"

"If you wish." Bockman replied, but hesitated a moment.

"Something wrong?"

"You do realize, sir, that with everything you wish to have repaired, sir, well..."

"Well?" Callum saw the hesitation in Bockman's eye. "Is it too much for you?"

"It's not that, sir."

"Then what is it? Out with it, man."

"It will take a considerable amount of time, that's all, sir."

"I see." Callum said, flatly. "You're not under the impression that I want this overnight, are you?"

Bockman smiled. "No, sir, I am not."

"Well then. Would you consider more men, then?"

"Well, that would be more of an expense, sir."

"But, it will get the repairs done in less time."

"Yes, of course."

"Then, I do not see the problem. Recruit whom you need." Callum said, flatly, as if he was standing on his Quarter Deck, giving orders.

"Very good, sir, I will."

"Now that that's settled, shall we go back to the house?" Callum held out his hand, guiding the direction. He and Bockman walked up the path, side by side. Bockman finally set down a price, for himself and the others needed. Callum agreed to it, reluctantly, not being used to having to pay for repairs, having the repairs to his ship done by either crew or shipwrights. This was all new to him. They shook hands, agreeing that work will start the next day, giving time to Bockman to recruit and arrange for materials. Bockman walked around the house to leave, as Callum entered the back door. He smiled at Dustin and Martha at the dry sink, together peeling vegetables.

"And what are you two about?" Callum asked, closing the door behind him. Both Martha and Dustin looking over their shoulders toward him.

"I am teaching the young master how to prepare supper."

"Adding to your long list of talents, Dustin?" Callum smiled as he walked up next to Dustin, putting a hand on his shoulder, looking down at the dry sink. "Soon, you may be replacing Carson, especially if Aunt Martha teaches you how to cook." Callum stepped around Dustin and came beside Martha. "So, it would seem that everything is arranged for the repair of the house. Mr. Bockman will start tomorrow, and he will be bringing others with him, as well."

Martha looked up, smiling. "I am very glad, Quintan. It is a very good thing that you have done. There is little or no work in this area. Most of these families here have little, or nothing at all. I know the Bockman's have small children to feed."

"Well, as long as they can provide for the repairs, I am happy to pay for it." Callum said, giving her a kiss on her forehead.

"And how much, if I may be so bold?"

"Two hundred Quid." Callum said flatly, turning away. He heard the knife drop in the dry sink.

"Two...hundred?" She stammered out.

"Yes." Callum turned to her, she now spinning around, her eyes wide. "I felt that it was reasonable. Why?"

"You don't have that kind of money, do you?"

"Yes, my dear, I do." Callum smiled. "So...once things get going here, tomorrow. I will be taking Dustin back to Portsmouth, and then we will be returning after that."

Dustin turned and looked at Callum, confused. "I'm sorry, what?"

"Your purse." Callum said. "Your part of the prize money from the capture of the vessels. It's waiting in Portsmouth for you with the paymaster. Besides, I want to check the progress on the Dover." Callum smiled, and then looked toward her. "We will return the next day."

"Quintan," Dustin said, "I can wait until leave is done for my purse."

Callum smiled. "I know you can. But, something is nagging me to check on the Dover. I have an uneasy feeling about her. I am not sure what it is, but I cannot help feeling that something is wrong."

"Alright." Dustin said. "How are we to get there?"

"I will go back into town and secure a carriage."

"I can do that for you, if you wish."

"Alright. That will give me some time to get my uniform brushed down." Callum smiled.



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