A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #8

By : A. Williams

    When I awoke, it was still dark inside and out. I was snuggled up to Tommy's warm back, legs all tangled together and my face buried in his sweet smelling hair. I could hear him softly snoring so I stayed still, not wanting to wake him or move from this spot. It felt so damn good to be holding a man in my arms. Hard muscles, firm heavy body, all those manly smells and taste ... Uuumm ... I loved the very being of a man, of him ... My Tommy.

"Morning Billy," he said as he yawned.

"Don't think its morning yet Baby," I said tighten my arms around him.

"Hhhuuuu you feel so good," he said as he scooted closer to me.

    "You want coffee? I would love some strong coffee. I'll get it, you lay here Baby." I said untangling myself from him.

    "Come back soon Babe, I'm already getting cold," he said snickering and grabbing the blanket and covering up his head.

"Back in a flash," I laughed heading for the kitchen naked.

    On the way I stopped in the living room where all our clothes were tossed about and pulled on my boxers. Remembering the hot sex that we'd had only hours before, I smiled digging around for the coffee. I saw from the stove clock it was only midnight and I wondered how all the kids were at Penny's place.

    As the coffee perked, I thought back to Tommy and our lovemaking. No, it was not lovemaking ... it was hard raw lust filled sex. I snickered wondering if his ass was still bleeding from the bricks on the fireplace. That was heartless of me but it had felt so fucking good!

    The beeping from the Mr. Coffee machine brought me back to life and I had the tray, 2 cups and creamer ready to go. I added the pot and went up to the bedroom. Tommy had not moved and inch and I could hear him snoring again. Sweet baby, I thought... I love you so much. I poured myself a cup of coffee enjoying the aroma and sat in the recliner next to the bed. I turned on a small lamp and relaxed with my cup.

    I thought back over all our flirting... thought over our all our loving words that we had said to each other over the past four days. All the sweet hugs, all the secret kisses we had stolen, all the laughing.... That wonderful healing laughter between all of us, all 8 of us as a family. A new family, yes a great new family and I knew what I had to do. RIGHT NOW!

    I downed my coffee and went to grab my clothes off the living room floor, getting dressed all I could think about was our family. Me and my Tommy together for all time, with all 6 kids at our side. One big happy family, I would make that happen, right now.

    I grabbed Tommy's keys and jumped in his Cadillac and drove off down the road ... cell phone in hand. I made my calls, meet a few people and soon I had the SURPRISE ordered. It would be 3 days before it was ready for me to pick up, so I would plan something special for the weekend.

    I was back to the house and in the bedroom before Tommy woke. I was so hyped up with my surprise, there was no way I could fall back asleep. When I took the cold coffee back downstairs and brewed a fresh pot, I found myself humming. It had been years since I'd hummed, I was one happy man.

    I turned on some lights and looked around Tommy's house as the coffee brewed. Quite nice downstairs, state of the art kitchen, huge living room with the infamous fireplace... Haha. The Livingroom was open to a large dining room with a nice old wood table for 8, perfect I thought. A full bath off the kitchen and an office down the hall to a three car garage with a huge laundry room completed the first floor.

    I poured fresh coffee and sat in one of the recliners in the living room. I reclined putting my feet up and sipping my coffee, I thought, yes I could live here. Our taste were very similar, nothing fancy just comfortable and homey. I looked at all the photos on the walls, mostly of Tommy and the kids. A few with what I thought were his mother and father. One of his Father and Tommy building that table that was in the dining room. He looked to be about 16-17 in that picture.

    I moved back to the dining room for a closer look at the table, it was a fantastic job of wood cravings. Oak leaves were carved climbing up all four massive legs and on the head rest of each chair. All around the knee bottom of the table were the same vines and leaf carvings ... the work shown must have taken months to complete. It was amazing, just like my Tommy.

    I heard a mumble then a voice "What cha'doing Babe?" he asked a soft blanket wrapped around his naked body.

    "Just admiring your handy work. Here let me help you." I said coming forward with his boxers and a robe I snatched from the bathroom.

    Once dressed and seated at the table, I poured him some coffee with creamer and sat with him.

    "What time is it? Why are you dressed? I thought you were coming back to bed," he said all at once.

"It's 2am, I was cold and could not sleep Baby." I answered smiling.

"Sorry love." He laughed "This coffee is fantastic, you make it?" he asked smiling back at me.

"Yep... that was me, need more?" I asked

    "Not yet. You were looking at the table? What do you think of it?" Tommy asked me hanging on my every word. I knew this was important.

    "It is one hell of a piece of art, those carvings so detailed and delicate. It must have taken ya'll years to finish Baby... its beautiful." I said sincerely.

    "18 months to be exact. Dad and I started on it my senior year of high school. Took us all that school year and all that summer, we'd barely finished it before I left for college. That was when he still treated me as a son and loved me. That was before he knew I was gay. Never spoke again after that, only got the table because he left it to me when he died." He finished drinking his coffee with no tears no sadness, just factual and to the point.

    "You know the rest Billy, I tried to be ... normal... wife and kids. Same as you Babe, sorry didn't mean to be a downer." He smiled weakly and pulled our hands together. Intertwining our fingers he kissed my hand, "That's what I was missing ... your hand. Makes all things right again." He smiled full of those dimples I love.

    "Let's have an early morning feast of leftovers from that fantastic restaurant Baby! I'll heat everything up in the microwave... NO...NO...First beer and jam! Yes Tommy crank up the tunes." I screamed jumping from my chair and grabbing two cold Bud Lights out of the fridge.

    When he started the music and "Old time Rock and Roll" by Bob Segar blared out, we danced like fools and drank in the wee hours of the morning. Letting all the bullshit go and just having fun just being with each other. We ended up in the middle of the floor, sitting with only 2 candles burning, no other lights on, eating our yummy leftovers. Talking about nothing at all but everything at the same time.

As we climbed the stairs for bed I said "I love you so much Tommy."

"I love you more Billy, so deep," he replied squeezing my hand.

    When we got naked and into bed the lovemaking started again... not lust... not raw sex like before true sweet love making. The best kind.

    I rolled him on his back and kissed his sweet lips. "Baby, I want you... I need you." I said softly as he moaned. "Yyyyeesss take me Babe."

    We kissed again a litter harder as our tongues slipped in and they swirled around together. I pressed my hairy body down on his and our hard cocks rubbed together. We both humped the other....more friction....more pleasure. I moved down to licking and kissing his throat. Lower still licking, sucking his chest and reaching his hard nipples, I could not hold back. I licked ...bite ...sucked hard while he moaned under me pushing my head lower....wanting my mouth on his hard leaking cock. I relented and deep throated him as he screamed, "Ooohh my fucking God ...YYyyeees."

    I grabbed and pulled those wonderful smooth balls and slurped my best but I wanted that sweet pink pussy again. Soon I threw his legs over his head and as my tongue found him he screamed again even louder "Daammnn...eat me...eat me...yyeess ssoo gggood....."

    I love Tommy's sweet pussy...it tastes so amazing ...I could cum eating that sweet hole. Fuck! Then he started to beg..."Fuck me...Please I need your cock...shove that monster in and make me cum Baby PLEASE." He pleaded.

    Yes lets cum ...I pulled away from his ass and pressed my hard cock head to his hole..."Ready baby?" I asked.

"Yes please...come inside me." He said.

As I slowly pressed in ... as we both groaned at the intense pleasure of the penetration.

    I leaned over and we locked lips as I went in deep to my balls. I rotated circles and felt his swollen love button. I knew it would not be long till the first explosion. I keep the kiss going as I started pulling out...back in...out ...back in...out... back in ...rotate. Tommy broke the kiss and moaned "Yes babe, just like that I'm close...please."

    Out ... back in ...rotate... out back in rotate and ......Tommy blasted moaning in my mouth and that set me off. Fuck his ass was pulsing and grabbing my dick so hard... fucking paradise!

    Wanting a second, I fucked right through our orgasms. I moved Tommy on his side and one leg over my shoulder. Making short rapid trust now right on the sweet button of his, I could feel it start to swell again. "Ffuucckkkkkkkkkkkkk." Tommy screamed. "Bbbiilllyyyyyy Ooooo...yyyeeesss...you are gonna mmaakkee mmmmmeeeeeeee cum again....Yes yes faster...." He first rope of cum hit on the wall six feet away... huge splats here and there and I came deep in his ass again, much better than the first...over and over.

    I collapsed on his chest, holding some of my weight on my fore arms. We were both struggling for breath but Tommy started to laugh.

"What?" I questioned wondering what could be so funny.

    "God My babe, you are the best lover I have ever had. I can't be screaming when the kids are sleeping. What are we gonna do Babe?" he asked snickering.

"Ear plugs?" I replied laughing too.

That healing wonderful laughter...................That's all you need really.

Part 9 coming soon...thanks for reading and posting...please leave comments....A..


A. Williams

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