A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #5

By : A. Williams

    After a lunch of Hot Dogs and chips all 8 of us packed up and put all our beach gear away in the vans. We decided to load up all our suitcases and check out of the hotel before heading to the Water Park. All of us stayed in our swimwear with shorts and T-shirts as our cover-ups.

    When we were about ready to leave, Tommy came over our van to talk over the directions to the park. I was just opening the door to climb in so I stepped back to look over the map with him. I could feel his body heat on my back, I closed my eyes and moved back against him. On contact we both moaned softly.

    He snaked his arm around my waist and pulled us closer together, eliciting another moan from me. "God I want you so much Billy," he whispered in my ear as I slightly wiggled my ass on his rock hard cock. "Fuck Baby, I want you more," I said my lust rising. "The kids are watching us Babe, be good now Pops," he teased but what he said was so true.

"You have to let me go first, you horny man." I whispered.

"No, one more wiggle from your ass first, then I let go," he snickered.

I gave him more than that, I moved up and down on his hard shaft.

    "Fuck, Billy ... Uummm. You could make me cum right her... right now. God I want that hot ass of yours so much," he moaned in my ear as I struggled free from him.

"Not here not now....sorry Baby, little eyes are watching... little ears are listening... Daddy hats need to be on. Let's roll," I said. I jumped in the van and off the boys and I went with Tommy and girls following close behind.

    I couldn't help but snicker at our hot flirting, my Tommy did bring out my daring side. I could see in the rearview mirror he was talking on the headset to someone on the phone. I wondered what he was up too... hoping it was all good and everything was okay.

    We arrived at the water park 30 minutes later and we all of piled out of the vans. We stripped to our swim suits and ditched the sandals putting all our stuff in the vans. The park was not huge but nice size but today not busy at all. One tall water slide got all our attentions so we paid and started the climb up the steps, Tommy was behind me, he was hanging back four or five steps, watching my ass with as huge dimple grin on his face.

    When we reached the top he slapped my ass hard and whispered in my ear "Can't wait to bury my face in that perfect ass of yours Babe."

    The young park guy that was handing out the cloth mats for people to sit on as they went down the slide, smiled and winked at  me obviously hearing that comment. I know my face went bright red as I elbowed Tommy's ribs. "You horn - dog, stop it!" I sort of growled low.

    "Ouch, what was that for? You know you love it Babe," he snickered and the park guy laughed as well. "Yes I do love it boyfriend but we need to help the kids, focus Daddy," I said snickering but serious at the same time. Tommy got my hint and helped the older kids go first. After, I went down with the 2 younger boys and it was great fun.

    They had lots of park people watching out for the kids at the bottom. So the next trip Mary asked me "Mr. Bill will you go down with me this time and we can see who can scream the loudest?" I smiled, she had reached out to ME! Wow, I felt incredible lucky. "OK Sweetheart you are on....but what does the winner get?" I questioned her.

    She scrunched up her pretty face deep in thought "How about a hot fudge sundae from the ice-cream place I saw here in the park?" she asked hopefully. "Deal!" I yelled. We shook hands on it and grabbed our mat. We positioned ourselves at to top and counted down together. "3...2...1." I pushed off and Mary started to scream and laugh so loud and hard, Oohh the joy of youth I thought but I could not help but laugh along with her.

    At the bottom I grabbed her up and out of the water yelling "You are the winner Mary....Mary wins...Mary wins. You want cherries too?" "Yes Mr. Bill please, extra cherries." She laughed out loud, high in the air above my head. We climbed out of the water Mary still in my arms, I could not believe how light girls seemed compared to boys. "What did she win?" Tommy asked smiling wide and wrapping us up in his strong arms.

    Soon we felt the arms of five more kids around our bodies. We were all wrapped up in a group hug again. "She won a large hot fudge sundae with extra cherries on top, right sweetie?" I asked her smiling ... I was so happy, my man and our kids all wrapped up together in a family hug. "That's right Daddy, fair and square." Mary said firmly.

    "OK everybody, you heard the lady.... A few more rides on the slide then Ice-cream for everybody!" Tommy said loudly. I sat Mary on her feet and kissed her cheek and all the kids went back up the steps to the slide for a few more rides.

    Tommy was still holing me as he slowly brought his lips to mine and when they touched, it was pure magic and my heart melted. He pulled back "Thank you for that with Mary, she is a sweet girl. She seems to have been enchanted by you, same as her Daddy Babe," he said smiling wide. "I am enchanted by you too Baby, please kiss me again," I said.

    This time he did not hold back, pressing into my lips hard and pressing his tongue against my lips. As I opened up for him his thick hot wet tongue slipped in my mouth. We moaned as our tongues wrestled together and we tasted each other's sweet mouths. What pure bliss, something as simple as kiss from this man could totally encompass me.

    I pulled back before things became too heated and released him from my arms. We took a seat, side by side, in the lounge chairs and I reached for his hand. "There's my man," he said smiling lacing our fingers together. "Babe, will you go out to dinner with me tonight?"

I was surprised "Tommy I'd love to but the..." I started to say but was interrupted.

    "Wait now," he said raising his other hand. "I called my sister Penny on the way over here and asked her if she would watch all 6 kids tonight so we could go out to dinner. She was so excited I had met someone, she was screaming in the phone. She is probably making all kind of plans for them tonight, games, movies and they will definitely make cookies together. She completely adores kids, to bad she can't have any of her own. She keeps the girls for me when I work, so will you go to dinner with me Billy?" He raised our intertwined hands and placed a small kiss on mine looking at me with big hopeful eyes and that wonderful smile.

How could I refuse? Yes, Mr. Tommy Henry was melting my heart for sure.....................

Part #6 soon...........Thanks for reading and posting.......A.........


A. Williams

[email protected]


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