A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #1

By : A. Williams

    My new life started that faithful day in May, when my three small sons' and I decided to head down to Atlantic Beach for the weekend. Tom, five... Josh, six and Lewis seven, are the spitting images of me. Dark tanned skin, brown eyes and black hair. I though am very hairy and older, 37 years old and a lot taller, 6 foot 3. My name is Bill Clarkston, a single Dad of these 3 bundles of energy and the greatest joys in my life.

    Their mother, Laura and I split 2 years ago when I couldn't hide I was gay any longer. We were best friends before we were married and still are now. The divorce was easy and she wanted me to raise our sons. Laura thought the kids should have more of a male presence in their lives and I was over joyed to take on that roll. I work from home as a freelance writer which gives me the flexibility to have more time with the boys and parent better as well.

    We all headed out for our weekend trip, minivan packed full of things 3 little boys could never possibly need for a weekend but couldn't leave home without. We sang songs all the way there and the one hour trip was full of laughter and fun so it seemed too fly by. Soon we were at the small family focused hotel, we checked in and with the help of a patient bellhop and quickly put our things in our room. We could hardly wait to hit the beach, so we changed into our swimming suits and I lathered us up with sunscreen. Then I laid down the law, "Okay boys, these are the rules... no throwing sand... no fighting... no going out too far and no splitting up. We all stay together and if you have to pee, for God's sake... pee in the ocean." "Yes Sir!" I heard in unison.

    We headed to the minivan that we had parked next to the board walk. There the boys and I grabbed all our beach gear out of the back and headed to the sand to set-up. Every guy had a job and working together we were done in no time. Umbrellas up, folding chairs set up, cooler and beach blanket at the ready. "Off you go fellas, remember ... not too far." I said grabbing a chair.

    I relaxed but watched them like a hawk. It was so much fun watching my boys enjoying each other and playing so well together. Yes...I am a proud parent. After about an hour, I called the boys out of the water for a rest and snack. While we sat munching on apples and drinking juice boxes, another Dad came along and started setting up next to us. He had three cute little girls following him and they all looked just like their Dad. All four of them had blonde hair, blue eyes and the sweetest dimples on their faces.

    Their Father had one hot smooth body that was not wasted on me. Damn I could tell he was carrying a huge weapon in that small suit and that nice tight ass... yum... yum. Just like the boys had done for me, his girls helped him set-up too and they were soon in the water playing happily. They seemed to be about the same age as my boys. We finished our snacks and the boys were right back in the water, playing nicely with his girls.

"Those boys your sons?" he asked smiling and melting my heart. "Yes, all three." I answered.

    "My name is Tom Henry, nice to meet you." He said smiling. "I am Bill, Bill Clarkston." I stumbled. "Nice to meet you too. My youngest is named Tom as well." I recovered laughing at the connection.

    "Your girls?" I asked. He looked out toward the water at them lovingly, "Yes my special baby girls, your boys are so good with them. Look, they are having a ball together," he said smiling

"Yes they are, aren't they? The simplicity of youth." I commented.

    "Yes it was so simple back then wasn't it? If you liked someone... just asked... Will you come and play with me?" Tom said snickering.

    Not one to let an opportunity pass by, "Tom ... Will you come and play with me?" I asked standing and extending my hand for his.

    "Ooooh yeah... yes Bill ... hell yes please play with me!" We ran into the water hand in hand. The kids were pleased that we had joined them and we all splashed and dunked each other for hours.

    Tom and I called a break and we both got the kids situated under the umbrellas. Then we passed out lunch, seems we think alike... lunch was PB&J sandwiches and potato chips along with juice boxes. As the kids ate, we talked and he repeated my own story back to me in vivid color. Except that his wife did not want the girls... she wanted a whole new life and never called or visited. Poor precious sweet girls I thought.

    Soon the kids were all asleep on the beach blankets, thanks to the fresh air and exercise. I pulled out my private Daddy bag. And passed Tom an ice cold Bud Light "Yes man... thank you Bill... been dying for a cold one all day. Beach and beer go hand in hand.... Man after my own heart? Bud is my favorite." Tom said laughing and drinking.

    "Glad to be of service, I have plenty more." I said. He pulled out his own Daddy bag and said "We have twice as much Friend." Then he laughed hardily and I feel in love. Tom almost sounded like he was singing when he was laughing. It made me feel so happy inside just to hear it.

    "Bill, can I speak openly?" Tom asked. I smiled, "We all are friends here. You can say anything you like Buddy," secretly hoping it would be about US.

    "I am very attracted to you, we seem to have lots in common. Kids, both divorced under similar circumstances and both gay," he paused and I filled the void.

    "I live an hour away, work from home... free-lance writing. I have not been with anyone since my divorce and I find you very appealing, very." I reached over and took his hand raised it to my mouth and tenderly kissed it but did not release it.

    "I am in no hurry Tom. In fact the opposite really. I am looking for a partner, a life partner. Tell me more about you." I said interested in anything he would share.

    The next hour I found out Tom was 40 years old and had a sister that helped with the kids. He lived about 10 minutes from us and worked servicing planes for Delta Airlines. We liked the same music, the same movies and both loved the beach.

    So far so good I thought, we live close... he has a good job and female help for those sweet girls. Lots more in common than I was hoping for honestly. Yes Mr. Tom Henry was turning out to be one fine catch..................

Part #2 soon..........Thanks for reading and posting...........A....


A. Williams

[email protected]


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