A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #2

By : A. Williams

    The six kids started to stir form their slumber on the beach blankets under the umbrellas and it was Daddy duty once again. I kissed Tom's hand before releasing it after an hour, which made him smile great big and that gave me a tickle in my groin. Damn he was so hot!

    "Time for the pool!" We both sang out together, Tom and I. Seems we really do think alike, I winked at him and he blushed. So cute.

    All eight of us packed up and headed up to the boardwalk to put the beach gear in the back of the minivans. After that, we all went to the outside shower to rinse off the sand before jumping in the pool at the hotel. We helped all the kids not caring who's was whose ...boys...girls made no difference. Daddies are Daddies and take care of kids whoever they belong to.

    Tom and I stepped under to the shower to rinse and it took all I had not to pop a boner in front of the kids. Damn that water running down his firm ripped smooth body in that small swim suit, God help me. We were staring at each other and I didn't know he was having the same trouble as I was.

    We got the kids into the kiddy pool and sat down beside each other in the lounge chairs. We both had our Daddy packs so we each took a Bud out and popped the tops. Back to sort of relaxing but still watching the kids, we enjoyed the moment being beside each other. I took his hand, kissed it and laced our fingers together.

"Where do we want to go to dinner Tommy?" I asked?

    "WE .... Tommy?" Tom snickered. "No one has ever called me Tommy before. I love it Billy!" he quipped back.

I busted out laughing, he had me. "I love it too... Billy... perfect."

    "Back to dinner, I know a nice small kid friendly Mom and Pop place not far from here.....Great seafood and special menu for the kids, interested?" I asked Tom.

    "Sounds great Billy, count us all in," he replied. Then he softly said, "Billy, I really like holding hands with you. You are so sweet and from what I have seen, a great Dad." God this man keeps melting my heart... I am so falling for him... hard.

    "Tommy, you are a great Dad too... and our hands fit together perfectly. We seem to fit perfectly in a lot of other ways too, my special friend." I said my words full of my true feelings.

    We sat in silence, rubbing fingers and watching the six kids playing so nicely together. Suddenly it dawned on me the similarities to the T.V. show in the 1970's, The Brady Bunch. Six kids' all together, three boys and three girls from two divorced parents ... who were marring each other ... a blended family. Different for us, we were 2 men ... gay men ... but still so similar.

    I began to hum the theme song and Tom picked up on it right away. Soon we were singing the song out loud and laughing and adding our names and suddenly I kissed him. He was shocked but pulled me tight as we pressed our lips together and the fireworks exploded. After a few seconds we found or senses and released each other.

    "Tom I am so sorry, please forgive me. That was so stupid...I got carried away. It will never happen again.... I promise." I begged my heart beating wildly from that kiss.

    "Billy, I felt those huge sparks... don't apologize to me ... I loved every second of our first kiss and I long for many, many more sweet kisses." Tom said as he grabbed my hand and laced our fingers back together, holding my hand tight.

    We allowed the kids to play in the pool for another ½ hour and called them out. As they dried off I said to Tom, "Call our room when ya'll are all ready to go out for dinner. Its close enough we can all walk to the restaurant. Room 506, Ok?"

"Sure thing Billy, give us an hour. I'll call." Tom said as he winked.

    All eight of us went thru the back-doors from the pool into the lobby and elevator. We were pushed to the back while several couples go in up front. Tom took the chance to grab my hand again as everyone stared at the numbers above the doors. He raised my hand to his lips and kissed and I returned the sweet favor before anybody noticed.

    We all rode to the top floor ...#5 and all walked out, the boys and I going left. Tom and the girls going right as I heard, "Daddy I am so hungry...me too...yes Daddy." I had to smile, precious girls. The boys and I got down to bathing and getting dressed, in an assembly line style. One in....5 minutes he's out another in... 5 minutes....and in 20 -30 minutes we were all done bathing. Another 10 and we were all dressed and waiting for Tom's call.

    I turned on the T.V. to Tom and Jerry cartoons and I grabbed a cold Bud from the mini fridge. We waited through a whole 30 minute show before the phone rang, "Give us 30 more minutes Billy and we will meet you guys at the elevator." Tom said. "Sure Tommy, no problem." I replied.

    My oldest, seven year old Lewis asked. "Pop, we going to eat soon?" I snickered, "Son girls take lots longer to get ready than boys. Mr. Tom said about 30 more minutes Buddy, OK?"

    He laughed seeming to understand, "I really like Mary and she's very funny." Lewis said. "She's nice too," he added.

I had to ask, "How old is Mary?" He snickered "Lots older than me Pop. 9 years old," he said.

    I smiled, into older girls I thought. "I will treat her nice, like a gentleman Pop. Watching out for her and all like you taught us."

    It was so hard to hold back my snickers, "You do that son, make me proud." I said with a nod and a wink.

    I grabbed another Bud and watched the old cartoons finding myself giggling along with my sweet boys. After another episode and another Bud, it was time to meet Tommy and the girls at the elevator. I gathered my keys, wallet and keycard for the door and we headed to the elevator. Tommy and the girls were walking to us from the end of the long hallway. I had to smile as Lewis rushed forward to hold Mary's hand and escort her down the hall. My other boys followed Lewis, Tom 5 years old and Josh 6 years old. They took the other two girls hands as well.

    Damn, Tommy looked good. Tight white shorts showing off his smooth legs, dark blue tank-top... that make his blue eyes sparkle and he was smiling wide making those dimples deep on that handsome face.... Yum.

    Tommy was ogling me too I could see. I had on a red tank-top showing off some chest hair, making my black hair and dark eyes stand out. Levi shorts that were very tight in the crotch showing off my hairy legs down to my flip flops.

    The kids held the elevator for us as we walked in side by side. Damn he smelled fantastic. As we all rode to the lobby Tommy snickered whispering, "Hell Billy, you look and smell good enough to eat. Are you on the menu?" I had to laugh, "Stop it, you ain't half bad yourself... hot stuff." I said to him with a wink.

    All eight of us exited the elevator and walked out of the lobby to the side streets. The boys were still holding the girls hands and blocking them from traffic, a gentlemanly thing to do at their very young age.

    "Isn't that so sweet, your boys watching out for my girls like that? You have taught them well Daddy." Tommy said smiling.

"Yes I am a proud Pop, that's what they call me you know." I said puffing out my chest.

    Tommy laughed as he took my hand, holding it tight. I liked the feel of our hands together. I absentmindedly took his hand to my lips and kissed. It was becoming a habit of mine and Tommy smiled not really caring if anyone saw us. We walked along behind the kids holding hands. It almost felt like we were a couple... almost felt like we were one big family.......... almost.....................

Part #3 soon.......................thanks for reading and posting............A...............


A. Williams

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