A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #4

By : A. Williams

    From part #3........ We sat and drank as we watched the kids play and laugh. Amazing how well they all got along. They had not even had a small disagreement yet. As if Tommy read my mind he said, "They get along so well together. Not even a small tiff yet." I laughed out loud. "My thoughts exactly dear man," I said as I reached for his hand.

    "That's what I've been missing Billy, your hand," he said as we laced our fingers together smiling at one another and I raised them to my lips kissing his hand.......my new best habit.....I was falling so hard for Tommy......so hard..........

    Tommy and I sat and watched the kids playing in the ocean, so free and untroubled. Lord, I thought I would give anything to be untroubled and to move forward toward being happy. The man I wanted to be with was sitting next to me... my hand in his, BUT we had to wait. I hate that word... BUT, it only holds you back with nagging doubts.

    "Since it's our last day here Billy, why don't we take the kids to the big water park after lunch?" Tommy said pulling me out of my own mind. "Billy man, you ok?" Tommy asked full of concern for me, making my heart melt even more. I knew right then ... I loved him, was in love with him.

    I could hold back no longer, "Tommy, I need to asked you something," I said standing and then knelling between his legs in the sand. Never letting go of his soft warm hand, "Tommy I want you... I want us to get to know one another to our deepest level. God that sounds so stupid, shit ... what I mean is..is.. Damn I am messin' this up. Tommy will you be mine, be my Boyfriend?" I asked felling like a complete fool.

    His face held a huge smile full of his sweet dimples, "Ooohh Billy yes!" he said loudly jumping up and taking me with him. He picked me up and spun me around and sat me down. I returned the favor and picked him up and spun him around as we laughed and smiled at each other.

    "Yes... Yes you are mine. I am so happy Tommy!!" I yelled putting him down as everyone watched. He looked deep in my eyes, "I want you so much and your boys too. Please Babe, kiss me." I wrapped my hands around his head in his soft blonde hair and pulled his face to mine. I did not care who saw us... my man had said yes, that's all that mattered.

    When our lips meet it was pure magic... so soft and sweet and we wrapped our arms around each other. I pressed my tongue on his lips and he opened up for me, as our tongues touched I felt chills all over my body. We rolled our tongues together for the first time and the whole world fell away. Our hands were all over each other's backs... but we regained our senses and were pulled out of our fantasy. We came back to the real world as all six kids grabbed our legs in a full group hug. Seems all the kids were happy about this too.

    Lewis, my 7 year old, extended his hand to me "I'm happy for you Pop, I know about the "Gay thing", we learned about it at school." I shook his hand "Really, what did they teach you son?" I asked not sure what to expect. Lewis snickered "It's when two guys love each other, or two girls love each other," he said factually. I saw Tommy was shaking his 10 year old daughter's hand. Tommy was for sure having the same talk with Mary that I was having with Lewis.

    We all hugged and laughed. We all spread out on the beach blankets and had a small snack of Peanut Butter crackers and juice boxes. We, Tommy and I, told the kids about his idea about going to the water park after lunch. They loved the idea and so did I. The kids went back in the ocean and Tommy and I remained on the blankets. He had a cat eating cream grin on his handsome face. "What?" I asked winking at him smiling myself.

    I was laying on my side propped up on one elbow and ankles crossed. Tommy was lying on his back head propped up by folded beach towels and hands behind his head. That smooth tan skin glowing and that small black bathing suit did not hide one bit of his large package. Those tan smooth legs were driving me crazy.

    Tommy thought Billy was the most gorgeous man he had ever seen. His tan hairy body drives me wild... Damn that tight striped Speedo is so hot... that smile, those eyes... uummm those lips. "What?" Billy asked again.

    "Babe, you are absolutely amazing. I know we're trying to take it slow but I have to honest. All I want to do at this moment is jump on you, rip off that Speedo and have my way with you!" Tommy said laughing.

    "I dare you Baby!" I challenged, winking at him. God, how I wanted him to do just that. I wanted to do the exact same thing to him in the worse way.

"Don't push me you tease, let's wait till after the first date," Tommy said.

    "After the first date?" I said acting shocked, eyebrows rising. "You slut...how dare you think I'm that easy!"

    "Really, a slut huh? ... Maybe I will have to find someone else to satisfy my needs, maybe I new Boyfriend!" Tommy teased chuckling.

    "Go ahead Baby... try to find someone that is better than me," I said rubbing my hairy chest and pinching a nipple. I licked my lips and rubbed my crotch lightly for added effect.

    "God Babe you ... only you drive me so crazy. Stop now before I shoot a load in my Speedo," Tommy  begged.

    I could see his long cock was rock hard and mine was starting to stiffen with all this sexy flirting.

    Lord How Mercy....I knew our sex was going to be out of this fucking world......I had no idea how long I could hold back.........

Part #5 coming soon...........Thanks for reading and posting.....A.....


A. Williams

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