A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #3

By : A. Williams

    All 8 of us walked into "Captain Bills Seafood" for dinner. Tommy and I were still holding each other's hands as well as my boys holding his girls hands. "Eight for dinner please. Ocean view if you have it." I said. "Right this way Sir." The waitress said as she turned and walked us to a long rectangle table that would seat all of us.

    I pulled out the chair at the head of the table and helped Tommy sit. The boys followed my lead and seated the girls along the side facing the huge glass windows with the view of the sea. Then we sat ourselves, with everyone smiling and smelling the aroma of fresh seafood cooking.    

    Soon the waitress was back telling me of the specials and asking me if we were ready to order. Tom winked at me so ... "May we have a pitcher of Bud Light, two mugs along with 6 Pepsi's with lids and straws please." I answered. "Right away Sir." She said and quickly walked away to get our drink order.

    "Tommy may I order dinner for you please?" I asked causing the girls to giggle, "What?" I asked.

    The 10 year old Mary spoke up first, "Mr. Bill, no one calls Daddy Tommy," she said matter of fact like. I had to laugh out loud at her confidence. "I have a special name for Mr. Bill too sweetie, that's Billy," Tommy said to his daughter.

    Now it was time for the boys to chuckle. "Cut it out fellas," I said to the boys, all of us laughing. So much like a large family I thought.

    Tommy was thinking the same thing... one big happy family finally. God he was so scared to think this might... just might work out for all of them.

    The waitress returned and placed the drinks around. I gave our order, "Lots of Hushpuppies, 6 orders of fried shrimp with fries and coleslaw. Two of the crabmeat stuffed flounder with baked potato, sour cream and butter and add two salads with ranch dressing." She wrote the order down and repeated it back and I looked to Tommy. "Perfect Billy, no changes," he said smiling. She went to kitchen to place the order and I filled a mug and stood to walk it to Tommy.

    When I sat it down he grabbed my hand and pulled my body down so he could speak in my ear. "Perfect, the order was perfect and you are perfect. Today was perfect and I am so happy Billy, because of you and your special boys... Thank you," Tommy said as he kissed my ear so softly.

    I felt a lump in my throat as I walked back to my chair... God I was falling so hard for Mr. Tom Henry and his sweet girls. I had to hold back even though all I wanted was HIM... all of him in every way possible. I wanted us, all of us in a big family unit but that was crazy.

    Dinner was a ruckus affair, all of us laughing and picking fun. The food was amazing as usual and all the kids seemed to enjoy it as their plates were empty.

    We left the restaurant, back to holding hands and looking out for each other. As we walked back to the Hotel Tommy said, "Billy that was so wonderful, the food the time we were all together. Thanks special friend for taking us there."

    "I am so glad you enjoyed it. It's a great place we always visit when we're here," I said squeezing his hand. "I know the kids are bushed and so am I really. I always sleep so deep at the beach. The sound of the surf sings me to sleep," I confessed to Tommy.

    We all walked into the lobby just as it was getting darker outside. Up to the fifth floor again, me and the boys to the left... him and the girls to the right. "Good Night," we called out as we parted ways.

    We all brushed teeth and changed into pajamas. We crawled into bed and snuggled up ready for deep sleep. The boys all snuggled up together and I was alone yet again.

    I stared at the ceiling listening to the crashing waves and allowing my mind to drift. I thought of Tommy, his handsome face and his sweet words. Two years is a long time to be alone. Tom had been alone a while too. Men are not made to be alone, they need a partner and a lot of sex. Damn I wanted him in the worse way but.....but. Fuck I hate that word I thought finally dozing off to the sounds of the ocean.

    Tom was laying on his back staring at ceiling and thinking of Billy's hairy body. How he wanted to run his hands thru all that hair, from head to foot. He was falling for that man... Mr. Bill Clarkston and his boys too. He wanted it all, the man... the family... the new life. What a dream come true that would be, he thought as he fell asleep.


    I woke early the next morning in need of coffee...badly. I started the pot in the room and went out on the balcony to look at the ocean as it brewed. Another beautiful day at the beach and I could see a group of dolphins swimming as they broke the surface to breath. I wondered if Tommy was up and seeing this magnificent sight. I wanted to be holding his hand and sharing this moment with him. I was pulled out of my daydream of Tommy by the beep of the coffee maker.

    I walked back in the room and poured my first cup of the day. I looked over at the boys, blowing on my hot coffee. Legs and arms here and there, it looked like a mishmash of human bodies on that bed. I snickered heading back to the balcony to relax and enjoy the morning with my coffee.

    Tommy was on his balcony with coffee and thinking of Billy. He had dreamed of being in his arms last night, all that hair of his rubbing all over his body. He wanted so much for it to be real but ... but it had ONLY been a dream. Fuck I hate that word...BUT, he thought.

    The girls stirred and that pulled Tommy out of his daydream of Billy. Daddy time, breakfasts was needed. "Morning Ladies, cereal this morning then we hit the beach," he said as he gathered all the needed bowls, spoons, milk and a box of Frosted Flakes.

    "Morning Daddy," they all said in harmony. All I saw was blonde hair every which way, arms and legs stretching. "Morning Darlings, here's the stuff for breakfast ya'll eat when you are ready," I said as I stepped out on the balcony to give them privacy to pee and change. It was hard being a man raising girls, I could only pray I was doing the right things.

    The boys became to wake. One by one they joined me on the balcony. "Morning Pop." Lewis said. "Hey Lewis, sleep good Buddy?" I asked. "Yes Sir." he answered remembering his manners. "Cereal ok for breakfast this morning guys?"  I asked. "Then we can get to the beach." All three nodded so we got to it, all of us working together breakfast was ready in no time. As they ate, I changed into my swimwear opting for a tight blue and white Speedo. I hoped Tommy would love the way it showed off my package so nicely.

    The phone rang "Hello... Hey Tommy... Sure see ya'll there." I said before hanging up the phone, "Pop are we meeting Mr. Tom and the girls?" Josh, my six year old asked. "Yep Buddy, down on the beach. You guys ready to go?" Yes Sir, I heard 3 times so we headed out to the board walk and the van to get our beach stuff.

    We meet up with Tommy and the girls setting up at OUR spot. Today we set-up all together as a big group, not separated like yesterday. Tommy and I slathered up the kids with sunscreen and off they went, running and laughing to the water.

    "Billy, will you help me with my back please?" Tommy said smiling as he held out the sunscreen. O my God... Yes...Yes! An excuse to touch his body, I grabbed the bottle.

    "Of course Tommy, come closer to me and turn around," I said my heart pounding in my chest. He looked amazing, his blonde hair blowing in the wind and his small black suit so full of what I wanted badly in my mouth.

    I squirted the lotion in my hands and as they shook, I started to rub Tummy's back slowly. "Uuuummm your hands feel so nice Billy," he said leaning back into me. God help me... I wanted to push tight against that perfect ass. I continued to rub in the lotion but could not help myself as I refiled my hands, I slide them under his arms and stared to rub his smooth chest. As my hands slid down to his tight abs, we both moaned. I was so close to what I wanted the most but stopped. "You feel so good Tommy," I whispered in his ear, pushing into his ass before I released him.

    "Your turn Billy, come to me so I can rub you down," he said as I turned around my back to him. When he laid his hands on me, I moaned loudly. "Tommy, please touch me, I want you to so much." As he rubbed my back and whispered in my ear. "I want you Billy, so damn bad... but?" He pushed into me and I felt his hard cock on my ass. He began to rub my chest and hard nipples causing me to push back into him, I enjoyed his touch for a minute. Then frustration took over.

    "Fuck, I hate that word ...BUT!" I yelled as I pulled away from him and his hands. I slammed down in the beach chair looking out at the kids, making sure they were fine. I sat back in a huff "You are killing me here Tommy." I said exasperated my head in my hands. He sat beside me, lightly stroking my back. "I am so sorry Billy, I got carried away. Here," he said handing me a beer. I took it and popped the top why the hell not I thought, its noon somewhere. Tommy joined me getting one of his own.

    We sat and drank as we watched the kids play and laugh. Amazing how well they all got along. They had not even had a small disagreement yet. As if Tommy read my mind he said, "They get along so well together. Not even a small tiff yet." I laughed out loud. "My thoughts exactly dear man," I said as I reached for his hand.

    "That's what I've been missing Billy, your hand," he said as we laced our fingers together smiling at one another and I raised them to my lips kissing his hand.......my new best habit.....I was falling so hard for Tommy......so hard..........

Part #4 soon............. Thanks for reading and posting...........A.......


A. Williams

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