A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #6

By : A. Williams

    "I would love to go out to dinner with you Baby. How can I refuse that handsome face and that smile of yours? You have a place in mind?" I asked watching his whole face light up.

    "As a matter of fact I do. How's a big fat juicy steak sound?" he asked raising his eyebrows, winking and starring at my crotch.

    When he raised his eyes to mine, I licked my lips slowly and winked back "Sounds so yummy, I need a large dose of protein," I said grinning and tightening my grip on his hand.

    "Oohh my horny Babe, are we talking about the hot salty-sweet liquid kind? You are killing me here," he said blushing.

    "We will see Baby, dinner first... then let's see what rises to the occasion. Woof!" I said snickering.

    Six splashes at the end of the water slide announced that the kids were ready for ice cream. So after a quick dry off, we all walked to the ice cream trailer. Mary was allowed to order first with all of getting the same thing. As we sat to eat our hot fudge sundaes with extra cherries on top, Tommy took the time to tell the kids about the plans for when we all got home.

    "Hey, listen up kids," he began. "Ya'll have another treat coming your way. You guys and gals have been so good and well behaved this weekend, all 6 of you get to camp out at Aunt Penny's tonight!" The girls started to all squeal, while the guys plugged their ears. Something I hoped to hear lots more of, when they calmed down the girls started talking excitedly to the boys about Aunt Penny. Seems she was a big hit with the girls and the boys started to get excited too.

    We decided to meet up at Aunt Penny's house and go to dinner from there. As Tommy gave me the directions, I was surprised to see it was about a ten minute drive from mine and the boy's house. I knew the neighborhood well, nice large older homes and large old trees lining the roads.

    We loaded back into the vans with bellies full of ice cream, all of us talking and laughing excited about the night to come. Tommy and I stood at my van door "Be careful Babe, meet you at Penny's at 4:00pm?" he said handing me a piece of paper. I looked at him confused, "My cell and home number, don't want to lose you now, when I have just found you." He snickered placing a soft kiss on my lips. "I will be there Baby, wild horses couldn't keep me away." I winked and kissed him again.

    We headed our separate ways and the drive home was short. We unloaded our beach stuff in the garage and drug the suitcases to the bedrooms to sort out. Next rotating showers were in order for the kids and getting dressed and packed for Aunt Penny's sleep over. They were so excited, I did not hear one complaint or argument from them and in fact there were little angels.

    It seems I was the only one having trouble, somehow I was so nervous. I had no Idea what outfit to wear, or what cologne to wear. Lewis stepped in my room and saw me in a tizzy.

    "Pop, you need to calm down, Mr. Tom is perfect for you and us and he won't care what you look like or smell like." He snickered. How did my 7 year old get smarter than me..... I busted out laughing at his simplicity and honesty. I grabbed him up and kissed his face. "Thanks Son, you are so smart. Thanks' for your help Lewis, you are so right Mr. Tom is a good man." I said relaxing and setting him down and on his way.

    I picked out a pair of tan dress slacks, a dark green silk dress shirt with gold and ruby cuff-links, gold necklace and gold Cartier watch, with Armani cologne. Dark brown belt and brown dress boots finished my look.

    I walked out of my room and all three boys stared at me motionless. "What?" I asked. "Something on my face? My zipper down?" I asked checking myself. My 6 year old Josh spoke up "Pops you look nice, you going to a work?" I had to snicker, "Come here my fellas." I went to my knees and grabbed them up in my arms kissing there sweet faces.

    "Mr. Tom and I are going out to dinner, that's why I am dressed up. You guys are having dinner with the girls and Aunt Penny. He told me, ya'll will probably make cookies, watch movies and campout in the living room. Really, we need to get going, everybody ready?" I asked "Yes Sir!" three little voices sang out.

    We all headed to the van and in about ten minutes we were at Penny's house, right on time. The House was 3 stories with a huge wrap around porch filled with rocking chairs and porch swings and flowers and plants hang from the porch beams. It was really a lovely old place with tall old trees in the front, one that held a tree house that the boys spotted right away and I saw a tire swing too.

    Tommy appeared on the porch. "Hello Fella's, see you found us okay," he said flashing that smile. I stood frozen, my God he was glorious. Blonde hair all styled nicely to the side, dark blue dress shirt, black slacks and boots. I really liked his black leather vest and silver necklace. He looked too good for me to resist for long.

    The boys and I walked quickly up the steps and onto the porch, I grabbed Tommy around the waist and growled in his ear "Damn Baby, trying to make me cum in my pants, you look fucking fantastic." I said low and deep. He snickered saying "No Babe, you have to save that for my dessert. You clean up real nice yourself boyfriend and you smell amazing."

    The girls appeared at the screen door and I heard Penny's voice ring out. "Come on in Guys, got ya'll a couple of cold ones." Penny said. We all went in the girls leading the boys off and Tommy walking me to the kitchen where Penny was humming and cooking up a storm. I was surprised by her appearance, 5 foot tall at the most and a tiny little thing. She couldn't have weighed more than 80 pounds soaking wet.

    "Hey guy's, there's cold beer in the fridge ...or you can hit the bar," she said full of spunk. I heard a wolf whistle and she said "Damn Tom Cat you found yourself a looker. Hey there pretty man, names Penny, that fools younger sister. JC we have company," she yelled out as Tommy came back with 2 large frozen mugs of beer.

    I loved her immediately and Tommy introduced us as her husband JC when he walked into the kitchen. We had a short conversation about kids and their needs as all 6 of them came stampeding into the kitchen. Introductions all around again and the boys seemed to take to the couple as I had.

    Soon as Tommy and I finished our beers, our departure was announced by Tommy "OK gals and guys Billy and I are heading out, kisses and hugs all around." We said our goodbyes with the kids promising to be on their best behavior for the night. As we all walked out on the porch Penny grabbed me in a soft hug and whispered in my ear, "Don't worry about the boys they will be fine and have a great time. Do not.... And I mean do not rush back in the morning. Tom is a great man, be good to him please Bill," she said sincerely.

    I kissed her cheek and winked at her as Tommy pulled me away by my hand and walked me to a black 1960 Cadillac fully restored and opened the passenger door for me to get in. "Yours?" I asked. "Yes Sir, Daddy needs a toy too. Have a seat Babe." He said as he helped me in and closed the door. When he entered the driver's side, he had a huge grin on his handsome face as he leaned over and kissed me, I opened my lips and his hot thick tongue touched mine.

    I grabbed the back of his head and forced our mouths hard together and we both moaned loud. Fuck this flirting shit, I needed cock and I wanted it soon. He must have felt the same way because he roughly grabbed my head and hair trying to choke me with his tongue. We were almost eating each other's mouths, suddenly he pulled back. "I better start driving before I rip off your clothes Babe. Damn you are one phenomenal kisser!" he said with a devilish grin.

    The powerful engine roared to life and we were off, the Cadillac's engine purring like a kitten. All I wanted was more, lot's more of Tommy. We drove out of the old tree lined neighborhood and onto the city streets. I slipped my arm around his neck, sliding closer to him on the bench seat and whispered in his ear "I need your cock... in my mouth... right now." I licked his ear as he moaned.

    I reached down undid his belt buckle, unbuttoned his pants and slowly unzipped his pants while still licking his ear. "Yes God, suck me Babe," he whispered hoarsely. I found he was going commando (no underwear), "You hoping to get lucky tonight Lover Boy?" I snickered in his ear as I grabbed his rock hard shaft and began to stroke him. "Uummm, yes I was but with you Billy, only with you. That feels good," he growled. His hard but soft cock felt hot in my hand, I moved down and placed my lips on Tommy's wet cock head. I swirled my tongue around the head tasting his sweet pre-cum. As I slowly lowered my mouth and tongue down his pulsing shaft his foot pressed the accelerator as he moaned loudly. "Fuck yesssss Billy suck me!"

    Enjoying his dirty talk, I moaned my approval around his cock squeezing his big fat hairy balls as my lips reached his blonde pubic hair. He smelled amazing and tasted even better. Judging by how much of his thick cock was down my throat, I'd say he had about 9 inches of yumminess. I wanted my cum prize in the worse way so I slurped licked and sucked my very best. Tommy was loving my talented tongue and mouth on his manhood as I heard his grunts and groans of appreciation.

    Suddenly the car stopped and I heard "Fuck...Yes that dude is getting a blow job form another guy!!!! LOOK GUYS!" I heard whistles and laughing and "Suck that cock bitch...YES.....YES....do it!!!" Then Tommy exploded in my mouth screaming "FUCK.....YYYEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!"

    He came in gallons.... I had a hard time keeping up... 2...no 4...no 6 shots of the creamiest thickest cum I have ever had in my mouth. I heard the unknown guys whooping and hollering "YEAH....YES... FUCK ... HE'S CUMMING... SWALLOW BITCH...."

    The car started moving with horns blowing, I figured out we were at a stop light as I cleaned off Tommy's spent dick. I fixed his clothes and sat up, big smile on my face. I had to laugh at Tommy, his handsome face was wet with sweat, hair matted down but the most content relaxed smile on his face I had ever seen.

"Better Baby?" I asked seductively licking my lips.

"Uuummm you know it, you devil. Come here, give me a kiss and a taste," he said softly.

    We kissed, sharing the last taste of his huge load. As we relaxed, Tommy's arm over my shoulder and our hand intertwined on my chest he said "You know, I could pull over and collect on my dessert before the meal Babe?" he said snickering...............................


Part #7 soon............Thanks for reading and posting ...............A..........


A. Williams

[email protected]


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