A Day in the Sun... A Life in the Sunset #7

By : A. Williams

    After that fantastic blow job I gave Tommy in the car on the way to the restaurant, I was starving. I had worked up a huge appetite. I was ready for that big juicy steak since I had already had my protein drink....YUM...YUM. "Tommy I need that steak you promised me.... I'm starving. Your big dessert in right here in safe keeping for later my sweet man." I said grabbing my large cock and squeezing.

    Tommy snickered "You tease, I love it! My favorite steak house coming up just for you Babe." I relaxed against him. Damn he smelt so good, felt so warm. Just then he tightened his arm around me, like he could read my mind or something. I was falling so fucking hard for Tommy. Lord help me.

    We pulled into a small parking lot and parked. "Stay here." Tommy said jumping out of the car and coming around to me side to open my door and help me out. "May I help you Babe, allow me," he said trying to be the gentleman of our date. I found it very endearing "Yes please Sir." I said giving him my hand and following my date to the door. We walked in and the place was stunning, we waited hand in hand by the podium for the maitre'd. He walked slowly to us in a wonderful silk Tuxedo.

    "How may I be of service please sir?" he asked one hand behind his back and the other white gloved hand was holding a small tablet.

"Yes Sir, Mr. Tom Henry, party of two." Tommy said discretely slipping him a folded up bill.

"OOohh yes SIR! We have been expecting you....Please, right this way Sir."

    We were escorted into a large private room with a huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling. One small table was lavishly set for two. Flowers and candles everywhere....it was overwhelming. Tommy helped me with my chair and then sat down opposite me. Instantly 4 men appeared in white jackets, gloves and black slacks. The maitre'd said "These men will be your servers tonight. Please enjoy Sir." he bowed and left.

    The Sommelier (wine steward) soundlessly appeared from nowhere. He silently held the bottle where Tommy could see the label. Tommy nodded and the Sommelier popped the cork and delicately poured a small amount of wine in a glass and presented it to Tommy. Tommy sniffed it, checking the bouquet. Then he took a small sip, just enough to dampen his tongue. Satisfied, he nodded and the Sommelier poured two glasses and served them before he left, just as quiet as he'd arrived.

    "A toast, to us Babe" Tommy said raising his glass. I followed his lead raising mine as well still in shock. "To our beginning ... sweet ... loving and fucking hot as hell!" He shouted while laughing with that face full of those deep dimples I loved so much. "Damn Right!" I shouted as we said cheers together and downed our glasses.

    "May I?" Tommy asked wine bottle over my glass. I nodded and he poured "I am so happy we have this time alone Babe. I wanted our first date to be memorable. I wanted to make sure that you would never forget it." He said softly blushing deep.

    I grabbed his hand and intertwined our fingers "Baby, every second I am with you is memorable to me. This place is off the charts, so elegant and classy and it makes me feel wonderful but so would Mc Donald's with you baby. YOU are the reason it feels good, without that...us...us....YOU." I started to cry...fuck!

    In a split second Tommy was at my feet, my head in his hands. "No you do not... no crying here... not now, I will not have it!" he snatched me up in his arms and kissed me until my toes curled. All of a sudden I heard music, sweet music. A harp, violins a saxophone all together and Tommy pulled me away from the table and started to dance with me.

    It felt so good to be in his arms, our bodies touching and his sweet hot breath on my cheek. "Tommy this is so nice you feel amazing, hold me tighter please Baby." I whispered in his ear as he moved us effortlessly around the dance floor. I am not sure how long we danced, lost in each other's arms but we suddenly stopped "Sir, sorry to interrupt but appetizers are severed, Sir," he backed away as Tommy walked us to the table and helped me sit and he sat across from me smiling. "I hope you love this Babe, Crab stuffed mushrooms and Lobster tail chunks in a creamy lemon sauce, my very favorites here."

    We drank that wonderful wine and even though the food was fantastic we ate very little. "Tommy dance with me again please?" I said standing and leading this time. We fit together so perfectly, like pieces of a puzzle as we floated on the dance floor. I held him so close to me and I felt his hands kneading my back. It was glorious.

    The main course arrived and I helped my Baby sit and I sat myself. The aroma was out of this world, I poured more wine and we dug into the steaks. Damn they were 4 inches thick and the size of softballs. The garlic butter with that perfect medium rare steak was phenomenal. We were both speechless for a few minutes as we Oooed and Aaaaed at the marvelous taste.

    After 4 or 5 bites I was done, so good but so rich. I reached for my wine. "Baby this is the best meal I have ever had in my life....and this wine .... We need a case to take home!"

    Tommy laughed, done himself, "That wine is wonderful. Where is home Babe? I think we need to see my place ...then see your place and decide where we are going to live." He said matter of fact. My mouth dropped open and I was in shock at what I just heard.

    "You ready? You are carrying my dessert so I am great." He said grabbing my hand and walking us out."Sir do you require a take home bag Sir?" one of the severs asked. "Yes please pack up our leftovers as we settle up and have them at the front." Tommy said as he walked us to the exit.

    Tommy tucked in 3-100 dollar bills into the padded envelope the server had slide into his hand and said "I need to order a case of that wine to be delivered later. It was wonderful... we will be back, Right Babe?" he said looking at me for an answer. "Most definitely Sir." I said as we left quickly, for some reason Tommy was in a hurry. 

    We entered the car with a huge Doggy bag and I yelled "Stop Baby! Fuck slow down...why are you rushing baby?"

    Tommy slowly took the bags from me and placed them in the back seat. Smiling he pulled me to him and slowly and softly kissed me making me moan. "Babe, I am sorry, I just want so much to start our life together. I have been waiting for you for so long. Can we go to my place now?" he asked so hopefully.

    I had to snicker, such a sweet sexy man... and he does not know it and that makes it so fucking hot! "Yes baby, to your place so we can check it out." I knew what he was doing and I wanted the same thing. Please hurry I thought my hard cock aching for release.

    We were there in less than ten minutes as Tommy broke every speed limit on the way. His place looked large as we drove up but soon I was pulled from the car and rushed inside. Before the door was shut Tommy had me in his arms and his tongue down my throat. We were moaning and groaning and it was clear we would not make it to the bedroom.

    Soon we were on the floor rolling around trying desperately to undress the other. After much struggle, we were naked and I had his lovely cock back in my mouth and my rock hard ten-incher was down his throat. We were slurping and sucking each other oblivious to the open front door.

    Tommy pulled off my cock "Please babe, I need you inside me...please make love to me." He said as he lay on his back and raised those smooth tan legs letting me see his man pussy for the first time.

    My God it was twitching, so smooth and beautifully pink. I lowered my mouth and began to eat the most perfect pussy I had ever tasted. I went crazy, licking, biting and sucking along with pressing my long tongue in deep over and over.

    Tommy moaned loud and screamed "Yes fuck YYYEEESSS.....eat me EAT ME!" as he grabbed my hair and pulled, grinding my face in his wet sweet ass.

    I rose up, wet face and spit on my fat cock and pressed in that sweet pussy of mine. Inch by inch his ass sucked me in ....OOooohhhh so fucking hot his ass was making slurping sounds. When I got balls deep, I lowered my hairy body down on my babies. "I need to fuck you hard and deep Tommy, please I need to make us one for all time."

    "Yes Billy...Babe take me ... Hard now... make me cum all over the place .....please NOW!" he screamed.

    That's all I needed to hear. I was a wild man with no control only pent up lust needing to be set free NOW. I fucked Tommy hard sliding him all over the floor. Then I had him on the coffee table banging in his ass hard the first time he shot his load. Then on the fireplace hearth with scratches all over his hot ass from the bricks, he shot again. Finally on the couch we shot together with both of us screaming like lunatics.

    The short marathon of sex over as we calmed down, we both slide to the floor sweating and struggling for breath. "Baby you okay?" I asked gently.

    "Never been better Babe, please don't move. I cannot walk, hold me babe." Tommy said softly. I did just that because I could not walk either. My dick was shaking and pulsing with aftershocks still in his wet ass...over and over. We laid there with the front door open for all to see, that breeze felt wonderful over my sweaty body.

    As our breath slowed down and the aftershocks stopped, I moved pulling my hard cock out of Tommy's ass as I stood and helped him stand my cum running down his beautiful legs. We kissed softly but with lots of tongue so sweet. We stumbled to the open door and closed it and locked it tight.

    "Babe you ready for bed? I can do no more right now you fucked me so done. I don't think I can cum again for a week. You were spectacular babe." Tommy was saying as we climbed the stairs slowly to his bedroom.

    We fell into the bed totally exhausted, we curled up together and then I heard "I love you Billy, so much Babe." I smiled "Tommy ... my baby I love you more. Goodnight lover, sleep tight. I am here, always here."

    I felt his gorgeous body relax in my arms and so did I... I fell into the most peaceful sleep ever..................

Part #8 coming soon......Thanks for reading and posting.......please comment.....A.


A. Williams

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