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Swingin' Balls is a brand new site that just opened in June 2018. Pornland producers tend to focus on cocks, so it's nice to see a site that gives testicles their turn in the spotlight. The guys here feature big heavy nuts full of cum, huge low hangers and large sweaty sacks, some hairy and others smooth. And these balls aren't just hanging around, either. The guys love pulling and tugging on them, rolling them around in their hands and making them bounce during vigorous jack-off sessions - even getting them licked and sucked when there's a cocksucker around. I'm excited about this site, so let's get inside and see how big these balls really are.

The great thing about the men at Swingin' Balls isn't just that they're swinging large nut sacks - most of them are amateurs or newcomers to the world of porn. John is a slim bald man maybe in his mid-twenties and he's wearing long chin scruff; he's got some tattoos and he's got a healthy pair of round, hairy nuts. Cesar Cummings is a smooth and clean-shaven guy in his twenties and his balls aren't as big as some of the others, but he enjoys having them rubbed and pulled. John Powers is a sexy, bearded guy with a furry body and a huge pair of low hangers, the kind of nuts that cocksuckers love tea bagging.

All of the guys here appear to be in their twenties. There are two black guys, and the rest are white; some are hairy and others smooth. Quite a few are sporting ink, and most of the men are wearing face scruff of one kind or another. The cocks range in size and you'll find both cut and uncut. And of course, the balls are generally big and heavy. As I mentioned, most of the guys are new to the adult industry, but there is one famous performer; notably hung self-sucker Zack Randall appears in two scenes.

Most of the guys are featured in solo jack-off session where they stroke their dicks and play with their balls. John Powers really loves pulling his nuts hard and stretching them as far as he can. And six of these strokers play with dildos to give their butt holes some added pleasure. A couple of the videos feature the guys on a massage table getting a rub down when the masseur's hands eventually make their way between the guy's legs. He rubs their balls in his hands and gets them good and slippery, then pulls and tugs on them. Sometimes he adds a small dildo for some extra fun while he strokes and sucks their dicks. And each guy finally unloads his cum-filled nuts. Zack Randall not only plays with his cock and balls in his solo, but he sucks his own dick, too.

Aside from those helping-hand videos, there are two duos with guys sucking cock, and of course, licking those big balls. There's also some tea bagging, which is always hot to watch. One final thing worth mentioning is that the ball play here doesn't get very rough, so if you're looking for cock-and-ball torture (CBT) you'll be disappointed. In fact, I didn't even see any of the guys wearing cock rings or ball stretchers – the balls here are all hanging freely.

Swingin' Balls just opened in June 2018 with 21 exclusive videos, and it's important to be aware that the first month of the monthly recurring membership offers streaming videos only; downloads kick in after your first 30 days.  The videos stream in MP4 format and play at 1230x692. They're good amateur quality with fairly clear picture and sound. The site uses full-streaming servers, so I had no problem jumping forward in the scenes. After your first 30 days, or instantly if you're buying a three-month or one-year membership, you can download the videos, also available in MP4 format. They come in three sizes: 1920x1080, 1280x720 and 640x360 at good quality productions and they played well. They're also mobile compatible, and I had no problems watching them on my Android phone.

Each episode also has a picture gallery and these appear to be digital stills. There are 40 to 80 pics in each set and they display at 667x1000 in thumbnail galleries. You can view the pictures individually or use the hands-free slideshow feature. You can also save the pictures one at a time or download the whole set in a zip file. Each episode also has a smaller gallery of 12 screencaps showing the action from the video.

Before launch the site started adding content in April 2018, but you can ignore those dates as those videos were added pre-launch. Now now they add a new video every Tuesday and have been updating consistently since the beginning of May.

Members also get access to nine bonus sites from the same network featuring a variety of guys and themes. Three of the sites update regularly - Retro Males features classic content from earlier decades and updates more than once a week, SD Boy offers us guys in their twenties sucking and fucking and adds two scenes a month. And Spunk U is a relatively new site bringing us newcomers in their first jack-off and hardcore sex scenes and updates weekly. The rest of the bonus sites no longer update but include two sites produced by Hot Desert Knights with lots of masculine and hairy men in bareback action. There's a backroom sex site, Boys from Prague features European guys, and Harlem Boys offers us black guys in hardcore action, and Straight Men XXX features guys getting off in their first jack-off and guy-on-guy sex scenes.

New sites often have quirks to work out, so what about Swingin' Balls? There aren't any huge stumbling blocks but there are a couple of things to mention. First, remember that the first month of your monthly membership is streaming only and downloads only kick in after the first 30 days, although you can download immediately if you purchase a multi-month option. Second, there's a 40 GB daily download limit, but it's quite liberal: I downloaded three videos and only hit 3% of my limit. Third, because the site is a part of a network, every click on Videos or Photos, or anywhere really, gives you content for the entire network; in order to see Swingin' Balls only I had to resort using a dropdown menu and I find this a bit of a pain.

Swingin' Balls is off to a good start with 21 exclusive videos featuring big-balled men in jack-off, handjob or blowjob action with plenty of sac-stretching. While most of the videos offer guys in solos, there are eight videos giving us more than solo masturbation, and I'm assuming this will continue to grow. The site updates consistently every week with a new full scene, and you can stream them on your desktop and mobile devices; after your first month, you can download them, too. And of course, there are also 1,895 videos across nine bonus sites that you can enjoy with your membership. There aren't many sites out there focusing on men's balls, so this site is most welcome and worth checking out.

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