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Straight Boys Fucking explores what happens when you get a couple of guys together to share a chick. Everyone gets cozy on a bed or couch, then she takes turns blowing each of the guys and they fuck her, sometimes one at a time, but often spit-roasting style. Sometimes the guys even blow each other, but the woman is mostly the center of attention. It's been nearly two years since we reviewed the site, so it's time to freshen up this review as there's some new stuff happening.

I was pretty happy with the variety of guys here. The performers here are mostly in their early twenties. Most of the guys have slender or athletic physiques, some a bit more muscular. They're a variety of studs, jocks, average guys, alt dudes, skaters, hipsters, you name it. You'll find a mix of smooth and hairy guys including some with natural pubic hair. Expect models with tattoos, including a few who are pretty inked, and some with face scruff as well. Most of the guys here aren't professional porn performers, just guys who have always wanted to film a porno. And I must say that the performers here seem horny, playful, and eager to get it on with their partners.

Most of the action here is MMF (male/male/female) threesomes, but there are a couple of videos with three guys and a girl, and I saw one fourway with two couples. In many of the videos, the guys do interact sexually - at least to some extent - stroking or sucking each other's cocks. Sometimes one of the guys gets blown by the other dude and the chick at the same time, and often the guys each pump one of the chick's holes in a spit-roast session that frequently ends with both guys blowing their loads.

In a few videos that I watched the guys didn't touch each other's dicks, but did watch each other being serviced or they spit-roasted the girl, one guy fucking her pussy and the other her face. There were also some scenes where the guys jerk off together side by side, and I saw others where one guy jacked off while watching the other fucking the girl or performing cunnilingus on her.

Straight Boys Fucking offers 81 exclusive videos to download, stream, and watch on most mobiles. The videos are offered in MP4 format, the newer downloads sized at 720x480 at good amateur quality and the oldest sized at 320x240. While the oldest vids are good amateur quality at their original size, they don't enlarge well. The videos can also be streamed in a player sized at around 1210x678; the newer vids look pretty good at this size while the oldest don't fill the player, displaying at about 900x640 at average quality, and I don't recommend going full screen with these.

Since our last review the site added pictures galleries. All but a couple of the oldest episodes come with eight or more good amateur quality pics that mostly seem to be digital stills, although there could be a few sets of also good amateur quality screencaps. The pics display at 1024x685 (newer) or 700x469 (older) in thumbnail galleries. There are forward and back controls on the viewer but no slideshow. You can save pictures individually but there are no downloadable zip files.

There are some extras. Members get access to 320 bonus videos from 16 gay feeds, each offering 20 videos. I gather the feeds update, rotating out the current videos and adding new ones. There's a nice selection of niches including twinks, barebacking and fetish, and some of these are the feed versions of popular sites like Falcon, Hot Desert Knights, and Treasure Island.

Now let's talk about updates, or rather the lack of them. The site has only added three videos since our last review in January 2016, so I'm pretty comfortable saying that this site is no longer updating. However there's enough in the existing library to keep you entertained for a month or so, just don't expect anything new.

Are there other issues? I wish they'd remaster the oldest videos as they are pretty rough. In our last review we complained that the site had removed downloadable videos and didn't offer picture galleries, but both of those issues have been resolved. Finally, the download link under each player, which I suspect was supposed to download picture set zip files, doesn't work - they lead to a page that says "Forbidden."

Straight Boys Fucking offers exclusive content focusing on male/male/female threeways. In many of the scenes, the guys may stroke or suck each other, as well as both getting serviced by the chick, and there's plenty of spit roasting. These guys are definitely turned on by sharing a woman, and tag teaming her helps them last longer. There are 81 videos available to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles, and most episodes come with pics. Members also get access to a selection of bonus feeds that apparently do update. While I wish the site was still updating, I liked watching the straight guys experiment with each other while playing around with women.

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