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SpunkU opened their doors in mid December 2017. The site features lots of interracial sex, and while many interracial porn sites like to focus on one flavor like black and white guys, SpunkU likes to get everyone involves so you can expect to see Caucasian/Asian, Latino/Caucasian, Asian/Latino, Caucasian/black, and black/Asian (some of these pairings are already filmed and planned for future updates). But you'll also see Caucasian pairings and Latin-Latin couplings, but no Asian-Asian scenes are planned because this company already has a couple of sites like Japan Boyz and Peter Fever that focus on Asian guys. And there are some solos as well. There's a lot to cover, so let's head inside.

The models are a good mix of Caucasians, Asians, and Latinos, as well as a couple black studs, and the guys appear to be in their twenties. They're generally slim and smooth, some a little more muscular or well defined than the rest. There are a few hairy guys and some with ink, and some of the performers are wearing face scruff. And pubes range according to each guy's personal taste so everything from completely shaved to natural and everything in between. By and large they aren't well-known porn performers; they're mostly newcomers or guys just breaking into the business, but I did see a few that I recognized like Gabriel Delessandro and Ken Ott. Most of the models each have their own profile page with a nice write-up and links to all of their videos and photo sets.

So where does the name SpunkU come from? The site's producer tells me that SpunkU is a place where guys go to learn about the adult entertainment business from underwear and nude modeling to acting in hardcore scenes. Those students who graduate with the highest honors (known as Sum Cum Louder) are guaranteed a six-month contract with a studio, others are offered a position at the university in filming and video editing, maybe even as fluffers if they're lucky. One of the recurring characters is Mr. Dickham (Gabe Dalessandro), who helps the guys learn their craft, although he doesn't interfere in the scene filming. Fun concept.

There are now 49 videos; the recent videos are a 40/60 split between solo jack-off sessions with more hardcore sucking and fucking, and the action is pretty mixed. I saw one video with an Asian and black guy jerking off side by side while another video I watched was oral only; in fact, several feature guys blowing each other. But there is fucking, too, and it's a mix of bareback and condom sex. And if you like interracial sex, you should be pretty happy with many of the scenes here. The hardcore scenes are mostly guys playing together in duos, but there is a threeway and one fourway.

The videos here are streaming MP4s sized 1238x696, and they're good amateur quality or better, fairly crisp and well lit. The video player auto-detects the best of three speeds for your set-up, but you're free to change it if you want; the lower quality versions are good for most mobiles. There is a full-screen option available, and the results for the highest quality versions are good with little quality loss. Each episode has a good write-up on the scene as well as clickable tags on the right to help you find more of what you're looking for.

There are also 80 picture sets. There's 31 sets of digital stills that come in various sizes from 600x800 to 1325x2001, and there are 49 sets of screencaps (one for each video) displaying at 1000x563. The digital stills are model glamour shots (nude and clothed) while the screencaps are taken from both the solo and action videos. They're good quality; of course the digital stills are crisper, however the screencaps are very good considering they're grabs. You can view the pictures in galleries with a hands-free slideshow option. You can save the pictures individually or download a zip file.

Now let's talk about updates. The episodes are dated to show that SpunkU updates are added weekly except for a recent late video, but there was an early video added afterward to make up for it. There's also a bonus update added every so often.

Your membership gives you access to the Gay Porn Megasites network that is made up of six additional sites: Backroom Fuckers, Daddy Raunch, SD Boy, Straight Men XXX, Boys From Prague and Harlem Boyz. Only SD Boy, Straight Men XXX, and Backroom Fuckers add new scenes, and only every now and then. There are also four videos from Hot Desert Knights plus three Gay Porn Megasites bonus videos.

There are a few issues and quibbles. There is a pre-checked offer on the billing page for one of the processors that will sign you up for a second recurring site membership if you don't opt out. The clickable tags on the episodes aren't always accurate; for example, I clicked interracial, and among the results were a number of solos. Also, while not exactly an issue, not all of the content here is brand new. Some of it has been migrated from a site called Straight Men XXX, which is shutting down, however this represents a small part of the SpunkU inventory. And while not exactly an issue, I was disappointed that the videos weren't available to download.

One last thing I wanted to bring up is that there's no "about" page or larger text on the tour or the members area mention the theme the site's producer told me about. If you read the scene descriptions, it becomes obvious, but they're written from the point of view that you already know the theme. I'd have liked to see something about this on the first tour page or the join page. And not all the recent videos seemed to include that theme, although some of the solos include nice long interviews.

SpunkU offers lots of fresh guys as well as a few familiar faces in a mix of solo and hardcore action, and some of the action videos are interracial with Caucasian, Asian, Latin or black guys playing in various configurations. The site now offers 49 videos, a 40/60 mix of solo and hardcore, and they've been updating weekly, with one late update but a couple extras. And members get access to the rest of the network that gives access to over 1,500 from six different sites, so in addition to SpankU's own videos there's still lots more porn to see.

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