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Today we're re-visiting Dirty Boy Video, a site that's been on our radar since 2002. The guys are mostly college-aged; many are average amateurs you might might run into at the store or just about anywhere, some are cute, boyish twinks, guys with tattoos, horny Latinos and a few skater dudes. I found smooth guys and hairy guys, and even some of the smooth guys had hairy assholes. Dick sizes are all over the map, including some that are huge, and there were some uncut cocks, as well. Some of the models here are clean-cut and wholesome-looking, while others look like hard-partying frat boys.

These days most of the action is hardcore - of the 12 most recent updates, only one is solo. The older content has a lot more quirky stuff than the newer, and the photography and the guys were rougher, less perfect but to my mind, that made it more exciting. There was the scene where two probably-straight buddies strip naked in the back of a car and jerk off together while the car is driving, the camera work jerky but catching everything to the final cumshots. And the blowjob that's filmed entirely through a window, peeping-Tom style. There were locations including a construction site, a couple jerk-off sessions on a roof, sex in basements and restrooms, and oral sex on stage with a guy wearing a cute plushy bear costume.

That's not to say the newer videos aren't hot and sometimes creative. There's more rimming by guys who look like they love getting their face buried in hot asses, messy facial cumshots, more holes getting fucked, and some cute twinks, as well. The newest guy/guy session is a blowjob in a car that is obviously in a public location in broad daylight. The latest solo shoot is Ryder's audition. This guy is 19 years old, and he's from New Jersey; listening to him talk about wanting to try watersports and his masturbation experience in a public restroom is pretty sexy stuff, and he finishes his session by jerking off, fingering his hairy hole and shooting a big load. There's even a guy/guy session in a tent at an occupy camp.

Dirty Boy Video offers 224 videos, and updates happen every 6 to 12 days, with most updates around 9 days apart. All the videos are now offered as streaming MP4s, which means the oldest videos have been remastered. They're sized at 960x560, and are for the most part are fair to good amateur quality. I was disappointed that the site no longer offers downloadable videos, especially since the streaming videos on the site can't be fast-forwarded till they've fully loaded.

All but a few of the videos come with picture sets. Most of the pics are sized at around 720x480, give or take a few pixels (the newest are bigger), and some are fairly good quality screencaps while many other sets contain good amateur quality digital stills. The digital stills are very well shot to show off the guys, their cocks and the action, and there's always some hot closeups. While there are no downloadable zip files or hands-free slideshows, you can easily download individual pics and picture to picture navigation is available.

Your Dirty Boy Video membership comes with access to 16 feeds, each offering 20 videos. Many of these are the feed versions of famous sites like Falcon, Hot Desert Knights and Treasure Island, and there's all sorts of niches including barebacking, twinks, Latinos, hunks, fetish and more. There's also a link to Live Cams, and this actually leads off-site to a cam site where you can chat for free, but must pay for full nudity or action.

Updates are irregular; there were three updates last month, and every one was added on a different day of the week. Also I wish the videos were still downloadable, and some of the older videos' quality isn't too good - those vids would probably look better if they were shown in a smaller player. But we have less complaints about the site than we've had in the past. The site has recently updated their design and navigation, and it's a big improvement. Navigation is so much easier - you can either browse all the episodes by date, most popular or title, and you can also browse by category. I got very good results from the site's search box, too.

Looking back at the site's early days (back in 2002 and 2003), it used to focus on hidden camera action, sex dares, college guys fucking sex dolls and sex in public places. While the content was interesting, it appears someone made the decision to remove the oldest stuff, probably because it was very small and low in quality by today's standards. But I have to admit there was something raw and real about the old content; it would have been nice if the site had created an archive section for the older stuff so we could still enjoy it, even if the quality and size wasn't up to today's standards.

Dirty Boy Video is a fun site that offers stuff that you don't see much of elsewhere. You'll find college-age amateurs in sex dares, solo guys fucking an inflatable sex cow doll, group sex, public restroom jackoff sessions, public blowjobs and lots of sex toy action. While there's some regular guy-on-guy sex, there's also a lot of creative and sexy stuff here in 224 streaming videos and 212 picture sets. The site is currently updating three times per month, and while the videos aren't offered for download, they will keep you interested.

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