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BadPuppy has been around for over 21 years, entertaining members with a wide variety of hot guys and horny action. You'll find smooth slender twinks, well-built jocks, average guys, bodybuilders, the occasional porn star, a few daddies, guys with beards, plenty of first-time amateurs, porn regulars ... the list goes on and on. If you're looking for variety, this is the place to find it: there are tattooed men, clean-cut college types, guys with cock sizes ranging from average to huge, European guys (which means uncut cocks), and model ages range from 18 to maybe late thirties with many performers in their twenties.

While the older content is mostly solos, the newer content offers a lot more hardcore; of the 24 most recently added videos, ten feature horny duos and 14 are solos. There are plenty of guys sucking cock and getting fucked on camera, including both condom and bareback action, and you'll find lots of kissing, asses getting fingered or rimmed and guys riding hard dicks. There are some outdoor scenes, the occasional threesome or foursome (although none in the past year), 69ing, massages and sometimes a little kink or dildo play. Some of the solo guys do a little muscle posing, and many show off their assholes for the camera. And you'll find a lot of posing in the older photo sets, not to mention plenty of masturbation and lots and lots of cumshots.

The Models section isn't actually a model index; it's where you'll find BadPuppy's exclusive pic sets and videos. There are currently 1,741 videos, and the site continues to add three new videos every week. Each scene gives you three download options in MP4 format. Newer videos are offered in full HD at 1920x1080 plus two smaller versions that should play on most smaller screen mobiles except for very oldest ones. Older videos come in similar configurations, and while these older ones did come in the HD versions, they probably shouldn't have because the quality doesn't hold up at all. Best to stick to the smaller sizes when watching the older ones. Each video can also be streamed in several qualities.

There are also 3,047 picture sets - one for each video plus over a thousand standalone picture sets, the standalones mostly from between 1997 and 2007. The photo sizes run the gamut from 400x600 at average quality to 682x1024 at good quality. You can view these in thumbnail galleries; slideshows are available as is picture-to-picture navigation, and you can also download the sets in zip files or just save individual pics you like. Some episodes have one size available in the zips, others have three different sizes for you to choose from. The oldest pics are sometimes grainy or over-sharpened, but most of the pics look good, and some episodes come with screencaps instead of digital stills, but the newest screencaps look good enough to pass as digital stills.

BadPuppy members get access to a couple bonus sites - ClubAmateurUSA and Boardwalk Bar. ClubAmateurUSA houses over 700 videos. These videos feature a mix of straight, bisexual and gay guys on the massage table getting handjobs and oral sex, as well as a few anal sessions. They're offered in the same format and configurations as BadPuppy's own streaming and downloadable videos. Boardwalk is a male strip club in Florida that offers a few videos, over 50 pic sets plus and streams their shows live on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Members also get access to over 60 gay feeds. Quality and amount vary greatly, as these feeds come from a variety of companies. You'll find the feed versions of well-known sites like Hot Desert Knights and Falcon, there's several large barebacking sites, plenty of twinks, hairy men, Latinos, older men, and fetish action. There's also a collection of Classics listed by studio, a collection of erotic stories, and last is the blog, which is shared between this site, Boardwalk Bar and Club Amateur USA.

One last extra worth mentioning is BadPuppy and ClubAmateurUSA's shared Roku channel. For those with a Roku box who want to watch porn on their TVs, this is a nice option. While not all the current videos are available, they say there are over 1,875 vids available for Roku - 1,400 HD videos and 476 in standard definition. This, by the way, is almost the same number they said there were a year and a half ago, but it is enough to keep members busy for quite a while.

The biggest issues here has to do with navigation. There's no way to list only updates that include video, and considering over 1,000 of the oldest updates don't have videos, this can be frustrating when browsing the older content. There are rows of thumbs at the bottom of the members home page that are actually ads for a live cam site. The DVDs link to the right of FAVORITES on top of the pages leads offsite to a DVD store. By the way, the tour claim of daily updates is only true if you count the feed updates.

While 1,741 videos is nothing to sneeze at, as the site has been around since 1996, I was expecting to be tripping over thousands upon thousands of exclusive videos. That's because from 1996 to around 2007 most of the updates were pictures, and it's only in 2007 that the number of videos overtake the number of standalone picture updates. In 2008, we started seeing videos with close to every update, so it's been about ten years since the video library really started increasing.

If anything, BadPuppy's best feature - the wide variety of guys and action - is also its downside. There's no category list, although each video does have a list of tags which you can click to get more of what you're looking for. There's also a search box, although results aren't always great. Search results have improved from our last visit, though; I searched for "blond" and got 83 results, although I'm pretty sure there are more blonds than that on the site. A search for "uncut" got over 1,800 results, but results are often from older photo sets while others seemed to be bonus videos.

BadPuppy has changed and evolved over the years, sometimes for the better and other times, not so much. The high points include the 1,741 exclusive videos to download, stream and watch on your mobile, as well as the three weekly updates. The variety when it comes to guys and action is hot, and over 600 of the videos were shot by acclaimed director William Higgins, most featuring sexy Czech guys. There's also full access to ClubAmateurUSA, Boardwalk Bar, a large collection of feeds, the Roku channel and the blog. You'll definitely get value for your money. BadPuppy has a lot of content and a lot going for it, and the tour has previews of all the latest updates to give you an idea of what to expect.

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