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RetroMales focuses on classic porn from the '70s, '80s and '90s, and that means all the hot porn stars from yesteryear. You'll find bearded, hung and handsome Al Parker, as well as vintage porn icon Jack Wrangler, dark-haired and sexy Richard Locke, and cute, boyish Gavin Geoffrey. And don't forget Jon King - everyone was in love with this big-dicked stud. There's a nice variety of men here from slim to muscular, some quite handsome and others with regular guy looks. There are smooth guys, although most have trimmed or unshaven pubes, and some hairy hunks, and there are more uncut cocks than there are in today's porn. And you can expect some of the performers will have not only big dicks, but also those sexy '70s porn mustaches. The site opened in 2016, and it's been growing steadily so let's see what's been going on since our last visit.

There's a lot of variety when it comes to the sex from a dirty, back-alley blowjob to a romantic, first gay encounter. There are some hot outdoor sessions and group sex in a barn, an abusive prison guard who forces the convicts to suck his dick. The vintage videos tend to have more in the way of backstory and plot, so you can expect anything from locker room sex to a guy about to join the priesthood who decides to take three months off and falls into wild debauchery. A lot of the action here is pre-condom, so you can expect plenty of raw cocks thrusting into willing asses. And I find that the videos from the '70s, in particular, tend to be more experimental and creative, not surprising as porn was pretty much underground at the time, and directors like Steve Scott and Peter de Rome were willing to take risks.

Updates take a bit of explaining. The site updates every three or four days. The latest update is "The Night Before", which was one of the highest grossing and most popular gay films ever made, but the previous seven updates each contained one scene from a movie called "Just Blonds". Each of the scenes is self-contained, but each is released as its own update. Before that came another seven-scene movie called "Non-Stop", but it was preceded by five scenes from another movie called "M.A.G.I.C." and three from another before that named "Shop Sex". Sometimes scenes aren't released sequential; this was particularly the case when the site first launched, and sometimes an update is a single movie and not an individual scene.

RetroMales launched with 55 videos, and thanks to those twice weekly updates, the site has grown to 335 DRM-free videos. The videos are offered in MP4 format in three qualities; the highest and second highest are both sized at 1280x720, or occasionally one is slightly smaller, and they are similar in quality at full screen. There's also a mobile version at 640x360 that looked good on my Android phone. If you prefer to watch rather than download, you can stream the videos in two to three qualities at about 1228x692. Keep in mind that these videos were all shot years ago on film, and I found them to look pretty good for vintage, but don't expect crisp picture quality we see on modern vids. Likewise, most have pretty decent sound, although a couple have some issues, probably due to the age of the productions. The videos play smoothly, and each vid has 12 non-clickable preview thumbs under the player.

There's one very important thing you'll need to know about the downloads. If you buy a monthly membership, you won't be able to download any videos until your membership renews on day 31, so for the first 30 days you'll only be able to stream the videos. However if you buy a 90-day or one-year membership, you'll be able to download videos from the start. Also, there's a 40 GB daily download limit, and the site doesn't allow you to save more than five videos at a time. If you break the rules, you'll need to contact the site to have your password reset.

RetroMales also offers 91 picture sets. Some of the sets are pics from a particular movie, and these not only include production stills but also copies of ads or flyers advertising the videos, which I quite liked. But most of the galleries are of particular porn stars including Rick Donovan, Bob Blount and Jack Wrangler. Photo sizes are all over the map; the smallest I found was 236x317 and the largest was 1200x1803. Quality varies, but considering the age of the pics and that they were all taken from film, I'd say they're actually pretty good for the most part.

When you first log into the site you'll land on the network homepage, you'll have to click into the Videos section then sort the videos by site to see the RetroMales videos. Once you've done that you should be good for your browsing session, but you will probably have to repeat these steps when you return to the site.

RetroMales members get access to eight bonus sites from the same network. Spunk U and Swingin' Balls update several times a month, while SD Boy only updates occasionally; as well, you'll get access to these non-updating sites: Backroom Fuckers, Boys from Prague, Daddy Raunchy, Harlem Boyz and Straight Men XXX. There are 2,000 videos in all including the 335 from RetroMales.

Aside from the issues around downloads that I highlighted earlier, there are a few things you may want to know about. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that will sign you up for another membership unless you opt out. I ran into a pop-over on the tour. Site navigation is generally a breeze, but there are some ads on the pages, as well as an upsell link on the navigation bar. And of course, it's worth mentioning again that many of the videos here are over 30 years old and were shot on film, so quality isn't what you'll find on sites with more modern content, although if you're into classic videos, these deliver the goods.

RetroMales takes us on a journey through the golden age of gay porn. The site has grown to 335 videos, each a scene from a classic porn movie. Each video is available to download, stream and watch on your mobile, and the site continues to update twice each week. You'll find many of the adult stars who helped shape gay porn today, and there's all sorts of action from the '70s though the '90s. The men are often unshaven with hairy bodies and there are those retro haircuts and mustaches, but you can also expect some smooth college types. Overall, a lot of work was put into this site and it shows. RetroMales is definitely on our recommended list for those into classic porn, but it'll be especially fun for newcomers to the vintage genre as it offers a great selection.

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