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Toby Ross is a new site from the landmark gay porn director of the same name who has been producing gay erotic films since the '70s. Toby Ross remains the only member site where you can watch the director's complete catalog of the uncensored XXX versions of his films. Mr. Ross has won multiple awards for his films and has also made some mainstream movies, including "Bowser Makes a Movie". So let's get inside this new site and see what it has to offer.

The videos here offer twinks, jocks, average guys and daddies in movies from the '70s to the present, and many are feature films with an art house feel. Expect gritty reality, guys cruising or getting picked up in alleys, sucking cock in anonymous motels, doing an interview with a seedy porn scout and being groped. In other videos you can expect romance, comedy or even surrealism. Many of these are not linear porn videos that switch from one complete scene to another - these are movies that make you think while you watch guys sucking cock and fucking ass.

When you log into Toby Ross, you'll find the movies sorted into several sections on the homepage: Big Dick Factory, Dark Erotica, Erotica, Vintage, Sex Comedies, Festival Gay Films, and there are Bonus Videos, which are four videos not produced by Ross. There are 70 videos total, and these are scenes taken from around 30 feature films.

One series of DVDs under Sex Comedies is called "Straight Boys Gay Boys"; in the third DVD a gay muscled masseur meets a straight basketball player in an alley and gives him his card. The straight guy eventually shows up for the promised hot experience which doesn't include any massage except for the gay guy rubbing his face against the basketball player's jockstrap bulge. The straight guy is slender and smooth, and he's sporting a big dick and a dark, hairy bush. The masseur sucks his cock and the basketball player finally cums on the cocksucker's chest.

Other videos like "Bubble Gum Memories" have full-on sucking and fucking, while others feature guys jerking off, and videos like "Sex Without Rules" have kinkier play like blindfolded guys getting their asses paddled and dicks stroked. And still others are more film than porn, as discussed above.

As mentioned, Toby Ross offers 70 scenes from 30 films that are a mix of full-length DVDs running over an hour and movies broken into shorter scenes. The 70 scenes are found in the Scenes section, but keep in mind that some are actual scenes and others are actually full-length movies. They're in MP4 format and stream at 624x470. They're amateur productions, and the videos have been re-encoded at a small screen size with pretty decent picture quality There's also a full-screen mode and the videos hold up pretty well, but results vary on the age of the original productions. The movies are compatible with mobile devices, although part of the site's interface overlaps the video in landscape orientation, so it's not ideal. The videos are not offered as downloads.

Most of the videos have a small picture gallery of screencaps that display at 1280x720, however, because of the irregular sizes of the movies, some of the screencaps have been inserted into the display area leaving wide black borders on both sides. You can save the pictures individually if you like, and the quality ranges from fuzzy to pretty good. There's no slideshows or downloadable zip files.

As mentioned, there's a Bonus area and this includes four videos from three other sites run by the same company, these are full scenes that stream at 850x470.

There's no real issues here. The videos are dated, but because the site is new, all the videos were added recently and in a short period of time, so it appears the site is updating like crazy. We'll have to wait and see how often the site will be adding updates. Something worth mentioning is that while this site is new, much of the content was previously available on another site called Big Dik Factory which evolved into this eponymous site.

Toby Ross delivers hot classic porn and sexy modern flicks from the director who helped bring porn from seedy loops to movies with stars and plots. There's variety from dark crime and seedy alley sex to erotic comedies, romance and classics from the '80s. There are 70 videos here from 30 feature films. With a mix of porn and art house films, this site has a refreshing and unique mix; almost nothing here reminds me of most porn sites. If you're open-minded and enjoy something a little different, Toby Ross will be well worth a visit.

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