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Pits and Pubes opened in the summer of 2016 and features lots of naked guys showing off their hairy armpits with a banner taunting us to "Go ahead, bury your face in them!" There are titles like "Big Hairy Nuts," "Musky Pits and Balls," and "Self Pit Worship," so you can get a good idea of what to expect. The site was just getting off the ground when we first reviewed it, but it's been over a year since our visit, and the site has grown, so let's head back and see what else has been happening.

There are 54 guys inside, a mix of mostly twenty-somethings with slim to average bodies. There are a few exceptions like Jizzy McBone, a sexy scruffy-faced guy with a chiseled swimmer's body and Jake Jammer with his muscular physique with a hairy chest and belly. Some of the guys have an alt look with whiskers on their faces and piercings through their noses; two are even wearing guyliner. Others have tattoos, and Gage Sin is heavily inked; one guy is an Emo, a couple look like rockers, and there are a few skateboarders in the mix. Some are clean shaven while others sport face scruff; some are smooth but many have a bit of body hair, and a couple are very furry. There's a fair number of uncut cocks as well as some that are good sized.

While most of the guys are amateurs and first-timers, I did see some familiar faces including porn regulars Christian Matthews, Eli Hunter, Zack Randall, Owen Michaels, Lance Hart, and Gabriel Dalessandro. But let's talk about some of the less-known or unknown guys.

Cameron Dane is a 19-year-old snorting his hairy armpits in "I Trim My Pubes." He smells them, licks them and talks dirty to the camera, telling us how smelly they are. He jacks his cock and cums on his trimmed pubes then scoops up his own jizz and rubs it into his hairy pits. Tyler Durden is a beefy surfer who lies back with one arm behind his head exposing his dark armpit hair who jacks off until he shoots right up his body - he even shoots one blast over his head. All but eight of the videos are solo jack-off sessions with the guys showing off their pits while they masturbate, but only a few of them get into smelling or licking their armpits.

There is one duo with two lads playing around; one has shaved pits, the other's are hairy. After fucking his buddy and giving him a facial, the guy with hairy pits lies back while his buddy jacks off on them and coats his hair with jizz. Another duo features a horny guy fucking his buddy's armpit before dumping his load on the guy's face. "Shower Studs" features Owen Michaels and Lance Hart lathering their armpits and other things. Lance jacks off on Owen's chest and Owen spunks his buddy's armpit and smears his cum around with this still-hard cock.

As for the pubes portion of the site, some of the guys have hairy bushes while others have trimmed pubic hair. Noah Wood is a rocker who jacks off in his t-shirt while massaging his butt hole and after he finally cums in his fist, he rubs his jizz into his pubic hair like it's conditioner. Dhaggur is a 21-year-old drummer who's straight with a lean and smooth body, and his torso is covered in freckles. He's got a dark, natural bush, and his big dick is crowned with a extra-plump, pink head, and he jacks off on his hairy treasure trail and even eats some of his own cum.

There are 50 videos inside Pits and Pubes, and you can watch them in MP4 format in the site's streaming player. The videos play at 1172x660 and they're mostly good amateur quality, although some suffer from interlacing when the motion speeds up, like when the guys get closer to cumming and jack their dicks faster. The videos also have good sound so you can hear the guys panting as they get close and shoot their loads. There is a full-screen mode with minimal quality loss, but considering that most already have slight artifacting, expect varying results. Unfortunately the videos are not offered for download.

The site also has a mobile version for those on phones and smaller tablets, and you are automatically taken there if you're on a mobile device. While I found the videos loaded a little slowly, once they start playing they're smooth and look good - better than they look on my computer monitor. Navigation on my phone and tablet was simple and easy to use.

All but two of the videos have picture sets. The photos are digital stills that resize to fit your browser window, so the display size of pics depends on your screen size. These are good quality and you can view them in thumbnail galleries and save them individually and they're huge, coming in at 3840x2160. Unfortunately there's no downloadable zip files or hands-free slideshows. There are between 25 and 50 pictures per set.

The episodes don't have release dates and the site has no schedule listed, which means at a glance there's no way to know if or when the site adds new content. However one telling thing is that the Coming Soon section on the homepage, which used to show future releases, now highlights other sites that you can join. So it's a fairly safe bet that there are no new videos coming.

Are there other drawbacks? Pits and Pubes offers content that appears on another site called AlternaDudes, which is an upsell along with two other sites inside the members area. There's also quite a bit of advertising for sex toys and a live cam site, all which cost you extra money to enjoy. And while pube and armpit fans might like looking at the mostly hairy pits and bushes, there's not as much snorting and licking as some more  action-oriented fans will want to see.

Pits and Pubes delivers the pits and the pubes, and those who love seeing them on display will like what they find, but fetishists into more pit and pube action may be disappointed, although there are now eight videos featuring duos. There are now 50 streaming, mobile compatible videos here, more than double what the site offered on launch, but it appears updates have stopped. Still, if you the kind of guys and action that Pits and Pubes has to offer, there's probably enough to keep you busy for a month, and some of the guys are cute with hairy armpits, unshaven pubes and big, uncut cocks.

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