• You never know about people

    How my neighbors and I became lovers.

  • Alpha Zulu 69: Chapter 2

    A story of romance and lust between two special forces soldiers recruited to provide protective service for two ten year old twin boys which are out of control.

  • Herbie's First Time

    Herbie finally has real sex in high school...

  • Hardy

    My dad's stepbrother takes me under his pungent wing...

  • Moving in with dad: Chapter 2

    After a few months dad and I found ourselves alone in the house and things heated up. And then he told me about the weekend gangbangs.

  • Straight Jock Boy

    Straight jock boy learns a thing or two & ends up enjoying it.

  • Alex and Edward

    My hardening cock had given me some discomfort as I watched him stride toward me. The sudden stiffening became uncomfortable as I became aroused just watching him walk toward me.

  • Alpha Zulu 69

    A story of romance and lust between two special forces soldiers recruited to provide protective service for two ten year old twin which are out of control

  • One Small Suitcase

    A man adopts an almost grown kid to be his son. He gets what he wants and considerably more.

  • The Start: Chapter 4

    I was on my back looking up in his eyes as he filled me.

  • Willing Second Time

    I actually had some other fantastic experiences but i just realized I never actually published the story of my meeting my rapist face to face.

  • The Offer: Chapter 8

    Bao shows Tom more of what his new life has in store.

  • Father & Son's Jock Sweat

    I was home from work at the normal time, around 5:30. My 18 year old son and I were scheduled to hit the gym for some tension release. At least that is what I called it

  • Practice

    Derek has been lusting over his straight neighbor. Now his neighbor needs some practice in bedroom, and enlists Derek's help

  • My Brother & His Friend - Perfect Assholes

    I had always known that my brother, Tommy and his best friend, George were perfect assholes.

  • Friend's Husband Breeds Me

    My friend asks me to check in on his husband while he is away and being the slut I am, I couldn't resist getting an ass full of cum after a casual coffee in town.

  • The Offer: Chapter 7

    Tom discovers Bao's place.

  • Tommy, Again

    Two former college room mates reunite 10 years later.

  • The Offer: Chapter 6

    Tom finds the wonders of the outside world - some of them...

  • The Weekend

    My fantasy about a straight guy comes true, with mind-blowing consequences...

  • The Offer: Chapter 5

    Our hero (?) keeps learning.

  • The Start: Chapter 3

    I wanted him to make a baby with me.

  • A Stranger's Kindness

    The young man looked up, his eyes suddenly looking at him. Ben felt a small shiver inside, seeing the look of gratitude in them that made his heart skip a beat or two.

  • My First Love

    Bastian kind of wanted to know what it would be like to be in love. To be a relationship, but there was a problem, Bastian liked guys. Bastian wasn't sure how to even approach a guy, until Will.

  • Coming Full Circle

    The desire for a new life, the pathway taken and the realization of how it is sometimes closer than you think.

  • Christmas Market Sweets

    Aiden buys his pleasure at a German Christmas Market.

  • Neighbour

    Falling into the clutches of a skanky neighbour...

  • Moving in with dad

    I had enough of living with my mum and bastard of a stepdad and moved in with my biological father - and that was the beginning of a journey that I didn't see coming.

  • A gay Mormon love story

    A story of two Mormon men and the start of a wonder relationship

  • House Sitting

    Things discovered while house sitting