• Enemies

    Sworn enemies are brought together by a hot pussy, in a sizzling bisexual threesome...

  • Horny Tennis Brothers

    Two athletic brothers discover their true feelings

  • Manly Persuasion: Chapter 2

    Connor strips Javier of his inhibitions and persuades the masculine muscle stud to go farther into the forbidden world where straight men are slowly seduced into intimate sexual relationships with other men.

  • Manly Persuasion

    Step by step, Connor Bishop persuades gym buddy Javier Torres to open up to new experiences. But their relationship takes a turn, which forces Javier to finally decide what direction his life will take.

  • My Final School Year

    My sex life blossoms on grandpa's farm..

  • Cocklust: Chapter 10

    Scott and Chad reach a milestone.

  • Educating Noah

    When 35 year old Noah Hudson throws a house warming party, he meets 18 year old stud Jesse Saravillo. And comes face to face with a decision that could change his life forever.

  • The Delivery Guy

    Enjoying 'delightful' deliveries...

  • Straight Tequila

    Sexy, straight hunk Carlos has problems. His friends are trying to "help" his hot body into their beds, while his gay best friend, Ian, has his own lustful reasons for helping. Can their friendship survive?

  • Quid Pro Quo

    A joke with a straight friend had interesting consequences...

  • Master Eric

    Wesley experiences a night of hell with his new master...

  • My ex-brother-in-law

    Once a man gets his nut with a hard cock deep in his ass, nothing else will ever do!

  • Plumber's Dilemma

    Resolving a plumbing irritation can sometimes be sexually gratifying.

  • I love seducing straight guys

    Larry was too gorgeous to be straight. I showed him the error of his ways.

  • Antonios' Garden

    Becoming a straight hot Latino gardener's woman...

  • My brother in law hurts his leg: Chapter 4

    Things develop with Phil and Matt gets an unexpected surprise

  • Perils of a British summer

    Two friends, thanks to their wives, gonon a fishing trip. Unfortunately the first night is a down pour.

  • Be Bold

    The best advice someone could ever give, or live by.

  • Jacob

    Gym owner gets a strange request from his Ex Girlfriend’s younger brother, it’s my first story, please be kind

  • Cocklust: Chapter 8

    Scott and Chad set out on a new journey together.

  • The Bet

    A straight guy loses a bet and his cherry at the gym...

  • My boss named Bull

    Being a sexy hardworking bartender you be lucky the benefits you can reap with your well hung muscled boss.

  • The Handyman

    After moving into a new apartment, the handyman catches my eye.

  • Double Benefit

    JP's life in prison changes when Gullah departs sooner than both of them expected...

  • Turning the tables: Chapter 7

    A messed up prom date gets a saving grace after all

  • Corn-Fed

    I discover how much I like 'corn'...

  • Kyle & Robbie

    Fulton has to choose between two studs...

  • Cocklust: Chapter 7

    Chad confesses his feelings for Scott.

  • Cum Out, Cum Out, Wherever You Are

    Alex had a crush on his best friend's brother, Luke. So, he jacked off in Luke's closet while his friends played hide and seek. Then he took a couple dirty souvenirs from Luke's hamper which would lead to him being caught red-handed years later.

  • Guilty pleasure

    When a one time thing turns into a two time thing with a boyfriend's older brother.