• First Date

    Justin waited impatiently for him to arrive, pacing from room to room.

  • Bathhouse Experience (The God of Amsterdam)

    I went with my friend Darren to Iceland and Amsterdam as a post-college vacation. It rained on Sunday afternoon and so we went to Sauna NZ, a gay bathhouse. This was brand new territory for me, and I was turned on the moment we walked in... and then my arousal surged even higher when I saw this ...

  • Geologist

    Skull-fucked by my skanky straight roommate at college...

  • Late Night Laundry

    Doing a load of laundry late night in my apartment complex seemed innocent enough, but this guy had different plans... bigger plans.

  • Easy Money

    The message was blunt yet vague: "Want some easy money?" I texted back with a laughing emoji, asking Danny to get more specific. He did. "Trust fund brat wants to get gang banged for his 30th bday. I'm the event producer :-) Next week, Fri nite. Want to take a turn on his ass for $200?"

  • Firehouse Blows

    I was invited to a party in the city with about 25 other people. Most of them strangers and older than I. It was a gay party with mostly men. Most were drinking and seeming to have a good time but since I did not drink nor did I know too many people there, I was getting bored. That is until I met ...

  • Hot Chocolate

    Glyn gets smothered by 'hot chocolate,' in an interracial gangbang...

  • The Cop Sucker - Part 2

    An encounter with a police man and a willing neighbor.

  • A Charmed Life

    Two childhood friends reunite after fifteen years apart.

  • The Cop Sucker - Part 1 - Forced Entry

    This is a story of a young man and his encounter with a Uniform Motorcycle City Policeman. It contains domination and male-to-male sexual encounter. No intent of any particular person or persons should be intended. No one was injured in this story and all participants were willing. If you are ...

  • Fucking it the Greenhouse

    A morning trip to a garden center for some plants finds me naked on my knees with a raw cock up my ass!

  • Fun And Games

    Fun and games with my horny neighbours makes me question my sexuality...

  • FIRE!

    Combined with his magnetic personality and his tall, lean and very sexual body, Parker Ferguson has become the personification of a walking, talking wet dream for this gay man.

  • Japhta

    A masterclass in irony, as the college nerd becomes the college stud...

  • Tyler 10

    Tyler wakes up in bed with someone after a night he can't remember.

  • The River

    They hired a local to navigate, to lead them up river. Someone who defied their expectations, especially Connor's.

  • My Mother's Boyfriend 2

    The training continues. Nicolas learns the pleasure of taking dick.


    He placed his house keys on the end table and walked out the door and out of my life. I slipped off the sofa arm and onto the floor, I lay there for hours, it was dark outside when I woke.

  • Who are you?

    Divorce is unpleasant on kids. Toby stayed with his dad after the split but a few years of his dad working lots and getting lonely Toby needed a break so he spent a the year before senior year at high school with his mum. Now it was time to go home.

  • Naked Truth

    Hank loves the naked truth...

  • The Zoo

    Meeting the man of my dream results in an unpleasant itch...

  • Connor's Pretty Horny - Part 7

    Connor meets for coffee with Alex. And Alex, uh, doesn't wear underwear.

  • Jogger's Dilemma

    A jogger falls into the horny clutches of a homeless duo...

  • Kenny Kissed a Boy

    That first kiss...then the second one.

  • Sexual

    He was the one that knew the boundaries of his sexuality, and how to push them.

  • Cum-Dump

    Becoming an older stepbrother's cum-dump...

  • Connor's Pretty Horny - Part 6

    Connor ties up some loose ends and sees a familiar face.

  • Fucked by a Dick Dancer

    Needing some cock really bad so off to the XXX arcade, I got more than I expected

  • Getting Fucked by my French Exchange Student

    My curiosity about dicks led me to get viciously fucked my host student in France.

  • THE CENTURY Chapter 1

    Intorduction: Kyle and Jason meet