• Todd's Caribbean Vacation

    Todd heads to a tropical paradise and gets more than a sun burn.

  • A Rural Life

    Fen lived on the fringe of the community but a new arrival challenged him, pulled him out of his isolation.

  • Top King

    Newly moving into a condo and seeing the man of his dreams at a local gym, Jason decides to take a chance when he again finds that stud on Grindr and soon falls under that stud's spell.

  • The Development of Joshua

    From that first crush to the exploration of sex.

  • Get It Into the Hole

    A straight stud must pay up with his body after he loses a game of pool.

  • Riding Cowboy Randy, Bareback!

    Another guy at the mall, worked at the Western wear store fucked me after work one night

  • Richard Takes Some Leave

    Lieutenant Richard Finch takes some leave in the UK. His R&R is unexpectedly strenuous.

  • The Mechanic

    A small town auto repair shop and a truck that needs one of its mechanics.

  • Tyler: Chapter 15

    Joe has finally given in and let Tyler fuck him again but Tyler still wants more.

  • Corbett

    Only one person has ever called me Jase. That voice stopped me dead in my tracks.....

  • Crossing the Stream

    Letting it all hang out in the Rocky Mountains.

  • Cousin trains me....: Chapter 2

    My cousin Owen returned from Vietnam and lived with our families tobacco farm.

  • The Swimming Pool

    Dad & sons day out

  • Just a number

    Being in y early twenties, I discovered that age is just a number.

  • Lottery Winner

    Older men find each other on Caribbean gay men's cruise

  • Wylie's Stepdad

    Wylie’s stepdad breaks him in…

  • The Job

    My skanky co-worker makes me work hard for his large snake …

  • Fishing

    Three straight rednecks take a walk on the ‘wild side’…

  • Good Morning

    The start of a new day.

  • Blue Moon

    An unexpected stopover turns into an evening of bliss…

  • The Fisherman

    Subdued by a fisherman’s ‘tackle’…

  • The Chef

    Ugly hands can be very sexy...

  • The Apprentice

    Young apprentice has gay encounter for the first time

  • Tyler: Chapter 14

    It's time for the pool party and Tyler hopes to finally get to spend some time with Joe. Will it happen or will someone else catch Tyler's eye?

  • Bad Boy Pursues Men for Their Cocks

    Bad Boy Kory is a sex addict when it comes to men's cocks. But his ultimate goal is to taste and suck his best friend Cody's giant juicy cock.

  • Bull

    Bull, as his name suggested, was into a rougher variety of sex...

  • Knob Polisher

    Wesley becomes the knob polisher for three straight guys at college…

  • More Than A Bromance

    Cole wants more than just friendship from his good pal Kai. He wants to get pounded down. Hard.

  • First and ten

    Working in sports, you never know what you might discover.

  • Wrestler

    Intoxicated by the smell of a wrestler…