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Like any good southerner, we like to tell stories on occasion. Some better than others.

Stories by Grant

  • Black Water Tavern

    John Russell just wanted to a drink and the tavern was the only place nearby.

  • A Longing

    The desire for acceptance then the reality of not really needing it.

  • Growing Up

    It was only three years, the difference between their ages. As teenagers it was a wide divide, but as adults it was nothing.

  • A Story

    Do you want to hear a story?

  • The Dark Side

    Dylan had considered himself straight, his admiration of other guys nothing more than that. But once he crossed the line his sexual attractions changed.

  • A reckoning

    The point where the fight goes out of him.

  • The Tutor

    Oscar was trying to find his place at college. Struggling with his self identity he was isolating himself until he agreed to tutor another student.

  • A Rural Life

    Fen lived on the fringe of the community but a new arrival challenged him, pulled him out of his isolation.

  • The Development of Joshua

    From that first crush to the exploration of sex.

  • Control

    Mike played the field, brought boys home and fucked them. But after each encounter he felt something was missing.

  • The Mechanic

    A small town auto repair shop and a truck that needs one of its mechanics.

  • Good Morning

    The start of a new day.

  • Be Bold

    The best advice someone could ever give, or live by.

  • Remembering

    Kenneth remembers his past and how it led to this day, this time.

  • Boys of College

    Freshman year was going to be worst, or Kenny believed, as he approached the dorm that was going to be home for the next year.

  • That First Time

    Watching the youth at the center I felt hope for them, able to be themselves in ways my generation never could. As I watched their flirting, the quick kisses or holding of hands I considered how different it had been for me that first time.

  • Pretty Boy

    Julian wasn't like the others, not as masculine. He seemed out of place in the remote area they found themselves. But it was Julian that captured their attention.

  • First Date

    Justin waited impatiently for him to arrive, pacing from room to room.

  • The River

    They hired a local to navigate, to lead them up river. Someone who defied their expectations, especially Connor's.

  • Kenny Kissed a Boy

    That first kiss...then the second one.

  • Sexual

    He was the one that knew the boundaries of his sexuality, and how to push them.

  • The Introduction

    Sometimes a formal introduction is not necessary.

  • Just Two Good ole Boys

    They knew each other since they were kids, but one evening everything changed.

  • The Enticement

    Logan wanted to entice his roommate into sex, find a way to lure him down from the upper bunk.

  • Educating Ricky

    Ricky gets an education before going away to college.

  • The Mountain

    It divided the region, a natural divide most didn't circumvent. But Wesley did, cutting his own path over the mountain, a path he could ride his bike as he visited the other side.

  • Watching: Chapter 2

    Lamont watched him, all through school, struggling to contain his feelings, keeping them to himself.

  • The Familiar

    You don't always see it at first, what is right in front of you. Sometimes it may be too late, but occasionally, events unfold that bring everything together.

  • Trespass

    Allow me the conceit of taking a previous idea and give it a different slant. Take a scene and re-imagine it.

  • Fate

    That moment when events come together.