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Like any good southerner, we like to tell stories on occasion. Some better than others.

Stories by Grant

  • Freshman's First Day

    After all the anticipation, all the fears, he finally made it to the university.

  • Spring Break

    A time for cutting loose, of putting the last semester behind them and being rowdy. It was about drinking too much, getting high and sex. Lots of sex. For Warren, it was more than that.

  • A paradox

    Charles knew how life was to play out. He had it planned. Knew how it was to unfold. Or he thought he did.

  • Clay

    This is just a story. A rebuke of past norms. A hope.

  • The Dance

    A night out.

  • One Year: Chapter 2

    Another year passes.

  • One Year

    David and Tommy were childhood friends, grew up together till their relationship became something more intimate. Then real life began.

  • Racin'

    Set in the deep South, at a small town oval, we find Tanner among the others in the pit. A place he sometimes felt he didn't belong.

  • The Games We Play

    What attracts us? What sparks that initial arousal? And if we find it, do we dare go where it leads?

  • Twisted

    Eli did't believe it. Couldn't understand how things got so fucked up. It was surreal.

  • On any particular day...

    Just another day in the barn.

  • The Barn

    Lamont was searching for something, late at night online or in some bar in a nearby city. To his surprise what he was searching for came to him.

  • Coming Full Circle

    The desire for a new life, the pathway taken and the realization of how it is sometimes closer than you think.

  • A Rainy Day

    What is it about a rainy day?

  • Black Water Tavern

    John Russell just wanted to a drink and the tavern was the only place nearby.

  • A Longing

    The desire for acceptance then the reality of not really needing it.

  • Growing Up

    It was only three years, the difference between their ages. As teenagers it was a wide divide, but as adults it was nothing.

  • A Story

    Do you want to hear a story?

  • The Dark Side

    Dylan had considered himself straight, his admiration of other guys nothing more than that. But once he crossed the line his sexual attractions changed.

  • A reckoning

    The point where the fight goes out of him.

  • The Tutor

    Oscar was trying to find his place at college. Struggling with his self identity he was isolating himself until he agreed to tutor another student.

  • A Rural Life

    Fen lived on the fringe of the community but a new arrival challenged him, pulled him out of his isolation.

  • The Development of Joshua

    From that first crush to the exploration of sex.

  • Control

    Mike played the field, brought boys home and fucked them. But after each encounter he felt something was missing.

  • The Mechanic

    A small town auto repair shop and a truck that needs one of its mechanics.

  • Good Morning

    The start of a new day.

  • Be Bold

    The best advice someone could ever give, or live by.

  • Remembering

    Kenneth remembers his past and how it led to this day, this time.

  • Boys of College

    Freshman year was going to be worst, or Kenny believed, as he approached the dorm that was going to be home for the next year.

  • That First Time

    Watching the youth at the center I felt hope for them, able to be themselves in ways my generation never could. As I watched their flirting, the quick kisses or holding of hands I considered how different it had been for me that first time.