• Dude Shows College Coach What His Drunk Buddies Did to His Pubic Hair

    A cute 19-year-old friend visits my apartment and insists on showing me what three drunken college buddies did to his patch of pubic hair at a wild party the night before. Wow, was this a move to have sex with me, a 35-year-old baseball coach?

  • The Lineman

    after being seen in an orgy by a power company lineman, things develope.

  • The Promotion

    You never know what might happen at work.

  • Oliver's Story

    A transsexual love story...

  • Paulo

    A gay love story about marriage and adoption...

  • Fabio and Chance, Part 1

    Fabio is an escort in NYC and a good one. He gets booked on a job with a new guy, Chance. He figures he has to show the newbie the tricks of the trade but Chance has a trick of his own.

  • The Fit

    Sam and Max don't see eye to eye on buying a suit for the big day, but there may be more to it than either expected as the look for the right fit.

  • Joe the Mechanic

    My Mechanic catches me sniffing his dirty clothes and uses me up real good as a punishment. His parts delivery buddy shows up and things get even hotter!

  • The Odd Boy

    Joey's initiation into sex with his godfather has many twists and turns...

  • The Toilet Junkie

    A 'straight' guy becomes obsessed with gay toilet sex...

  • Fucking in a Leather Shop

    I'd been lusting for the guy at the leather store and soon he's gets one of his customers fucking me and then he 's taking his place up my ass and more fun was to follow

  • Skanky College Guy

    A skanky college guy torments his financially deprived roommate...

  • Dorm Room Dilemma Chapter 3: Broke The Ice

    Finally, sex.

  • The Relic

    Idolizing Vincent's enormous 'holy relic'...

  • Win Win

    Jock bro and perennial screwup Gio has finally managed to get placed under house arrest for the summer, with no access to beer or sex. But his younger brother has a deal in mind to get them both what they want.

  • Gangbanged

    How my fantasy of being gangbanged finally became real.

  • Fabio and Chance, Part 3: Is it a party, an orgy or a gang bang?

    Fabio goes to a party in a Manhattan townhouse. What happens when a cross section of New York's sexiest men, all high class escorts, collilde and connect in a space where there are no limits?

  • Fabio and Chance, Part 2: All Meat, No Veggies

    Fabio is an experienced, high class whore in NYC. After he meets the spectacular but clueless Chance on a job, he takes the newbie under his wing and back to his place to teach him the basics: how to suck a big cock and then take it up your gorgeous ass.

  • Encounters - Muscle Jock Becomes Bottom Slut

    Frankie is the all around jock on campus. What no one knows is he’s a big Muscle Bottom, and the biggest nerd in school has exactly what he’s looking for

  • Percy

    You need a large hammer to pound a thick nail...

  • Designated Driver

    On the last day of classes before winter break Sol has a special favor to ask housemate Chaz.

  • Comersby Castle: A Rescue, part 1

    In 1816 England, an Earl and his stableboy have become lovers. This is the story of their adventures.

  • Nurse Rudy

    Smother-fucked by my big daddy...

  • The Hottest Restaurant in Albania

    Dritan Faja just turned 18. With his sandy hair, smoky green eyes, lean sexy body, he may be the sexiest boy in Shkodra, Albania. His perfect ass is his best feature; it makes you want to feel it, kiss it, munch it and fuck it. He gets his first job as a bus boy at Venezia, where the bartenders, ...

  • Hung dumb and full of cum

    This big tall dopey looking guy obviously hasn't much experience with guys, good thing I know what I'm doing!

  • The Contract

    Learning to ride a horse...


    After finding out my identical twin is gay, I try it and found it was for me also. then we both discover more.

  • The Hot Spring

    Two straight blue-collar boys visit a hot spring, hoping to get lucky with the ladies...

  • Apartment 607

    My introduction to group sex, and bisexual sex...

  • The Ride

    Picking up a dirty hitchhiker changes my life...