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Started to share some of my adventures as a gay student, have continued over the years adding a few more adventures. Please comment and encourage me to write more if you like any.

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My Favorite Popsicle

18 Sep 2023 2338 readers comments 2 Min Read

Rick was a big and muscular smart farm boy, his cocks foreskin rolled back exposing a beautiful mushroom head with a noticeable juice slit.

Topics: Bareback, Boypussy, Twink, Young Top

17 Votes

Maikol hires Andy

15 Sep 2023 710 readers comments 5 Min Read

Maikol goes for a latte and finds an unexpected surprise in Andy

Topics: Romance, Seduction, Twink, Virgin, Office Sex

31 Votes

My First Gay Sex

30 Aug 2023 3072 readers comments 4 Min Read

A friend told me this story some time ago and I just remembered it

Topics: First Time, High School, Twink

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Daddy and Candy

29 Aug 2023 1657 readers comments 4 Min Read

An admirer who was very excited after reading some of my stories here sent me this story where I play the the role of Candy and told me to publish it, he wrote most of it and I added a few more details. I think he is Daddy!

Topics: Crossdressing, Daddy, Femboy

76 Votes

An Awesome Day for Eric

22 Aug 2023 4181 readers comments 14 Min Read

Eric hitchhikes and makes a discovery

Topics: Breeding, Hitchhiking, Twink

86 Votes

An amazing camping trip

25 Jul 2023 6487 readers comments 4 Min Read

I fell in love with my neighbors cock and he let me enjoy it!

Topics: First Time, Oral & Blowjobs, Camping

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A visit to Canada changes my life

11 Jun 2023 3465 readers comments 4 Min Read

I was cleaned up inside and out. He liked that my body was hairless and commented about not having to shave. Dressing me up in stockings, garter belt, panties, bra and a very girly dress all in pink we went to the living room where he sat on one end of the couch and I kneeled in the middle being instructed on how to suck cock.

Topics: Group Sex, First Time, Submission

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Frat House First Time

5 Jan 2023 5358 readers comments 7 Min Read

White college boy gets laid for the first time in frat house

Topics: Black Men, First Time, College, Interracial, Femboy, Sling

44 Votes

Shoe shine boy

7 Jan 2013 4909 readers comments 7 Min Read

A Mexican boy finds a daddy in the oil patch.

Topics: Latin Men, Anal Sex, Daddy, Breeding, Mexican

816 Votes

Black men's pusy

8 Oct 2012 160913 readers comments 20 Min Read

A white college boy discovers how attractive he is to black men and enjoys their favors .

Topics: Black Men, Big Dick, College, Interracial, Breeding, Felching, Oral & Blowjobs, Small Cock

93 Votes

Loving my black teen daddy

26 Sep 2012 18280 readers comments 7 Min Read

A Latino sissy faggot's hot weekend with her black teen daddy.

Topics: Black Men, Latin Men, Anal Sex, Crossdressing, Big Dick, Daddy, Sissy, Oral & Blowjobs

27 Votes

My First Daddy (ch. 2)

26 Sep 2012 3552 readers comments 4 Min Read

I leave my first daddy-son party with Sam and become his new boy toy.....

Topics: Daddy

53 Votes

My First Daddy

25 Jun 2012 9938 readers comments 6 Min Read

I get invited to my first daddy and son party and bagged my first daddy.

Topics: Enema, Daddy

396 Votes

Becoming a Sissyboy

1 Mar 2010 56840 readers comments 5 Min Read

I try pantyhose for the first time, enjoy it, get my buddy Corey to enjoy it too and we become sissy buddies.

Topics: Crossdressing, Sissy, Pantyhose

153 Votes

My New Pretty Sissy-boi James

26 Feb 2010 31834 readers comments 11 Min Read

James comes over to my place to make some money posing for pictures and finds he enjoys the whole experience very much. At the end he is ready to come back for more.

Topics: Anal Sex, Crossdressing, Sissy, Face Fuck, Small Cock

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