After living with my first daddy Sam, one day we broke up, and I decided not to get attached to another daddy for a while but to enjoy life.

I am a slim boyish preppy college student that now loves to get fucked and seeded by older married men. I found a gold mine among college professors tired of their whining aging wives and eager for some gay fun with a preppy straight looking and acting college boy.

A few days ago a hot retired alpha male college professor I had met and serviced before called me and asked for a date, my boy hole fluttered at the invite, had to say yes.

He is one of the hottest men I know, a well-focused alpha top, a raging stallion ready to BREED and SEED his boy mare. His fuck really fills me and makes my boy clit leak helplessly. He DEGRADED and USED me so well. It was wonderful.

First he invited me to meet him at the SAUNA downtown where a lot of call boys hang out waiting for men to use them. I had to go in hot pants, t-shirt and sneakers. I was approached and accosted by men in the bus, metro and the walk over. Then I waited in the lobby with the whore boys who wait for a daddy to pay for their admission, had to chat with them, made me feel like one of them, refuse men who wanted to use me, all so DEGRADING to reinforce that I am a tart and a BOY SLUT, no matter how preppy I look and behave on campus

My man came in looking very macho but seedy, took out a bit of cash as if he were buying my services, put his hand around my waist as if he bought me with the cash, paid for our entrance and pushed me inside. The whore boys hooted, cheered and laughed at me for being such a cheap slut for a cheap old man having turned down younger more attractive looking daddies while I waited. I felt DEGRADED no end.

Once inside he paraded me around the bar area naked on a chain leash and black dog collar that said SLAVE. He pushed me down on my knees and ordered me take out his limp cock and big droopy hairy balls to fondle, lick and suck till he became hard, all the while we getting very lewd comments from the men and whore boys at the bar.

He nonchalantly sipped a drink, watching me slave over and worship his manhood enjoying my further degradation. By now my BOYCUNT was super excited, my cock was looking small and withdrawn like a good whore boy's and I was hungrily getting his fuckpole to maximum strength so he could fuck me good and hard.

Then he put me on all fours and passed his precum leaking cock all over my ass and ass hole for all to see and enjoy, he fingered my smooth gaping boy pussy with some of his spit and then rammed his man tool inside. I moaned like the BOY BITCH I am and he proceeded to enjoy riding my BOY CUNT. I was so happy to service him. He fucked me real hard for all to see and enjoy. Other men took out their cocks and had their whore boys do the same thing for them. Soon we were all getting bred and seeded and we whined and moaned like the hot bitches we are when our boy pussies are being used.

He was massaging my prostrate with his fuck stick so well, I knew my shriveled useless boiclit would leak and it did. I got such a great anal orgasm I cried out as I felt it and my cum leaked out helplessly on the floor for all to see how a BITCHBOY enjoys his DADDY and I had to say so out loud several times. It was so degrading!

He was cuming too, deep inside me, seeding me his big creamy load, and then he pulled out his still stiff man tool wet and dripping for all to see what he had done to me. I sucked it dry hungrily and he proceeded to ram it in my swollen boy cunt and use it again.

By now as other couples finished their first orgasm, they came around to cheer us, most cheered the old geezer fucking me and a few whore boys cheered me as if I were one of them, encouraging me to service my man to the end. I had such incredible mixed feelings about this, being degraded and used publicly, cheered by whore boys and pleasing my man top no end. I was in total bliss.

I leaked cum again, he pulled out his cum wet stiff cock for all to admire and the whore boys fell on it licking and sucking, I joined them and got another taste of this incredible alpha male that drives me wild with desire. Now I was tired, he led me with the chain and collar around my neck, to a cubicle where I fell asleep on him, my alpha fuck daddy now, while he played with my swollen cunt lips wet from his cum leaking out of my distended boy hole. He took some cum on his fingers and I sucked them in my half slumber, it tasted and smelled so good.

When I woke up, it was late, there was a wonderful smile on his face, he took my face in his hands and kissed me deeply, then he told me how great I had been. I cuddled up to him and kissed his hairy nipples while he kept on feeling up my sore well-used boy cunt.

We then took a cold shower; my boy hole was closing now and my cunt lips getting back to normal. He took me to dinner, wine and all; I proudly wore my slave collar for all to see. Afterward, he drove me home, my head on his lap sucking precum from his wonderful man tool, promising me an even more exciting time next time.



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