I just finished my junior year in college working on a degree in Civil Engineering. For the past three summers I have been working for Mr. George Smith a retired Navy man. He runs a painting company doing both commercial and residential jobs. George has the painting business simply to keep busy. This meant a very relaxed working environment with lots of time to complete the jobs.

This summer, however, was going to be different. George decided to take the summer off and travel to Europe. His wife Marie has been nagging him since he retired from the navy to spend a summer in France, Germany and Italy. He put it off as long as he could, but this was going to be the year his fight came to an end.

Luckily, I have been working with him long enough to understand the basics of the business and would be able to handle all the jobs scheduled for this summer. It was going to be more responsibility and a lot less jerk off time, but he was paying me a good deal more so it was worth it.

George's nephew began college last year and at his brother's request, wanted a summer job. So with everything else, I would need to baby sit a new employee on top of managing the business. The bosses relative no less.

I walked into the office early, my first day of summer work, greeted by George. 'Hi, Hank' he said. 'How's school going boy? Down to the last year, eh.' 'Yeah, I'm going to have to really bust my ass next year to graduate on schedule' I said.

'So your ditching me this summer to look at some castles?' I asked sarcastically. 'Well I'm sorry about this Hank, but, I've been promising Marie for about five years now. With Corey old enough to work this summer, I didn't have much of a choice but to agree. Besides, I wouldn't mind taking the summer off from scrapping houses.

After all, I am retired' he said smiling. 'All

kidding aside George, you deserve having some fun traveling Europe for three months, I'm actually pretty envious' I said smiling back.

'So when do I meet my new partner?' At that very

moment, a tall blond teen stud muffin walked through the office door. He was 6' 4', maybe 230lbs and built like 'Terminator'. I was transfixed! 'Hi Uncle George' he said while looking over at me. He extended his hand 'You must be Hank. I'm Corey.' I caught his eye looking me up and down assessing my bod.

I didn't match his body builder profile, but I'm no slouch either. I'm 6' 1'' about 190lbs, brown hair, green eyes with an athletic build.

Everyone tells me I should be on a Nike billboard or something. 'Nice to meet you' I answered back keeping my eyes glued to his deep blue pools and feeling my prick starting to stir.

George's voice jerked me back to reality saying 'Hank all the jobs for this summer are in the desk, like we discussed earlier. I also want the office building painted this summer and was thinking you guys could do it first. It will

give Corey a chance to learn the ropes without

fucking up one of the client jobs.' 'Sure George, sounds like a good plan' I said knowing it would take a while for Corey to get the hang of things and he was bound to make a few mistakes along the way.

'Well, I'm heading home to pack. I know I can trust you boys to run things.' George got up and started for the door. 'Hey George, you and Marie have a good time.' He turned saying 'Thanks, Hank.' He faced his nephew ' Corey, you're

learning from the best, you so do everything that Hank asks of you.' 'I will Uncle George and don't worry about a thing. I'll do whatever Hank wants me to' Corey said and turned a little red when he thought about his words. I could tell he was a little nervous about his comment as well as being left to work with a complete stranger.

George's truck drove down the road towards his long deserved R&R. I went over to the desk to check on the invoices he left for the summer. Everything seemed to be in order and as we discussed there were only five jobs for the whole summer. They were good sized, but this summer was going to be a piece of cake. I got up from the desk noticing Corey walking aimlessly around the office. 'So, Corey, what college are you going to?' I asked to break the ice. 'I'm over at Trent

in Burns' he answered.'How



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