My Favorite Popsicle

by Maikol

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For the longest time I was obsessed with finding a wonderful popsicle to suck and enjoy. I had  checked out most of the guys in my class but hadn’t found one to excite me until I saw Rick’s uncut long popsicle, it’s foreskin rolled back exposing a beautiful mushroom head with a noticeable juice slit. Rick was a big and muscular smart farm boy. He was bashful and unlike the other boys who liked to show off their assets, he didn’t seem to like that anyone should see his, but I managed to see his popsicle one day showering alone in the gym and it was a beautiful and  exciting sight! I immediately became aroused more than I had ever been aroused  by anyone or anything else before! 

And as luck would have it, soaping his popsicle gave him a a gorgeous boner too and that’s when I became obsessed with his popsicle, I desperately wanted to feel it in my mouth, to lick it, suck it, enjoy its fruity goodness as I swallowed it’s spermy juice as it flowed down my throat! 

I entered the shower room not looking at him, but turning my back to him to let him view my ass globes and hoping he liked them, and maybe he might come closer and talk to me! I soaped my balls and boner and then soaped my ass fingering it and rinsing it several times, opening my globes to show off my pink virgin hole, all for him to notice how squeaky clean and interested I wanted to be for him! I waited anxiously for his response as I was sure he had noticed me. 

He finally took the clue, and when I was shampooing my hair, still my back to him, he changed showers, came over and offered to soap my back! I said “Yes please” and he proceeded from my neck down to soap and massage my back, I oohed and aahed as I felt his strong hands slowly  work their way down my spine and ribs toward my waist which he then grabbed and suddenly I saw and felt his big long uncut popsicle between my legs just below my crotch, I bent my knees, closed my legs and hugged his popsicle begging him to fuck me! 

He kissed my neck several times, put his strong arms around my soft chest pinching my quarter sized tits with his fingers and pointed the tip of his hard popsicle to my soapy rosebud which he effortlessly entered to my moans of pleasure! It was a quickie, it did not take him long to shudder and shake as he filled my throbbing excited pussy with his warm popsicle juice! I shuddered too and helplessly spilt my own juice on the shower floor!
 I turned around, kissed him passionately and knelt to suck his still hard cum wet popsicle and was rewarded by a second load of its tasty creamy juice! He pulled me up and kissed my now cummy lips! “You are spending the night with me baby! You are going to be my bitch”! I said “I want to be your bitch and suck on your popsicle all night long”! 

He replied “You are a thirsty little bitch boy,  I like that, I’ve had my eye on that hot ass of yours since school started!” “And me since I first saw your popsicle!” Not willing to give away that it was just a while ago that I fell in love with his gorgeous very tasty popsicle and that I had been looking at all the other boys’s popsicles since school started! 

by Maikol

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