Here I am shining boots and shoes in an oil boom town out in the middle of nowhere, this afternoon I am with my favorite customer, a young engineer who always likes to look his best. He is awfully nice to me and very good looking, something about him that makes me want to shine his boots and shoes more than any other of my customers.

Every afternoon at four I come over after school to shine shoes, I go from apartment to apartment looking for customers. I have my regulars and know how they like their shoes. I am a Mexican born boy living with my mom who works cleaning apartments while I go to school. We are legal here, but just the same, many treat us as if we shouldn't be around here.

But not our customers, they love us and the work we do for them, right now it is summer and the sun is hot, I am outside on the patio shinning these shoes and boots and enjoying it. There is something about them that I haven't figured out; I love their feel not only outside but inside as well. In fact I love to smell them and it excites me to do so. Nobody can see me enjoy myself alone with a bunch of boots and shoes.

All of a sudden the man of my dreams interrupts my dream, I found out his name is Roger and is 22 years old. He has an athletic slim body, just like mine, but bigger and whiter than I. In fact I have brown skin and black eyes and straight short hair and he is pink white with blue eyes and light brown curly hair. "Man you are sweating, why don't you come in and finish in the cool air inside, oh and have some iced tea, I am having some too"

He helped me in with his shoes and I carried his boots. "I am done now sir, but I will take you up on the ice tea" He closed the door behind me and while I went to his bedroom to put away the boots and shoes, he prepared the ice tea for both of us. "Take a break and sit down" I did and he sat down next too me on his couch. My whole body shivered with excitement.

"Sir, may I ask a favor" "Hey don't sir me, just call me Roger and you are?" "Maikol"

"What can I do for you Maikol?" "Gulp, would you let me take a shower, there is a broken pipe in our building and I haven't showered in a couple of days" "Sure dude, no problem, and by the way, you aren't going to wear those sweaty clothes again, are you? I can put them in the washer and dryer for you" "Gee thanks Roger"

I undressed in the bathroom, handed him my clothes, and got in the shower with a raging hard on. I was never so excited before in my life even when I first jacked off. Now I knew for sure I attracted to men, not any man, but him, Roger, the man of my dreams. I longed to be closer to him, would he feel what I felt? I did not know, but wanted to find out sooner than later.

My chance arrived; there was no soap in the shower. "Roger, I called out, where is the soap?" "Just a second Maikol, sorry I forgot to get a new bar" He came in just in his briefs, with the soap bar. " I put my clothes in the washer too, I was going to shower anyway" I opened the shower curtain to get the soap and let him see me naked with my raging hard on.

"Wow Maikol, you sure are hot, looks like you need to get cooled down" "Come in the shower with me Roger and do it". He pulled down his briefs and I liked what I saw, a big boner on him too. He stepped in and I just turned my face up against his and kissed his showering lips. I hugged him and felt his hard white body against my brown one. What a contrast. With what passion I hugged him.

Our hard wet dicks were greeting each other at last, my hands clutching his ass cheeks and his mine. "Let's get the soap work out of the way," I said as I eagerly began to soap his hairy ass. I soaped a finger and easily pushed it up his manhole. He didn't object, just smiled and said, "Let me do yours too" and I gave him the soap bar. His fingers deftly left me feeling very clean all over as he soaped my whole body. My hard on was bigger than ever and I nearly shot my load when he soaped my cock.

"You got a tight ass Maikol" "You do to" I said. "Virgin" we both answered together. He kissed me now and said "I want it now" "It's yours Roger anytime". He reached out of the shower into his cabinet for baby oil, put on his cock and my ass hole, and proceeded to drive his big dick slowly into me. I winced, I had no idea he wanted me so badly, to fuck me in the shower. "Ever since you came to shine my shoes the first time, I lusted for you, dreamt about you and jacked off with this same oil to your picture.

"My picture. When, where" "On my night table, but it faces the bed, you did not see it when you came in the bathroom, but you will see it on your way out, after you are mine." "Ohhh fuck me Roger, yes fuck me and make me yours" His cock was pleasuring my boy hole now. I loved the feeling. There was something so intense about his lovemaking. I could feel something strange and wonderful as he continued to pound my ass, I felt his. I wanted to be his.

Then it happened, he began to spasm all over and I knew he was breeding me, giving me his seed, making me his boy. I shook all over too and began shooting my cum helplessly against the shower wall. He noticed it; put his hand around my cock head capturing my creamy boy juice. He brought it up to our faces, he sniffed it and smiling said "taste it with me" we did together, put our lips on my seed and kissed each other. It was awesome, his cock still inside me giving me the last of his hot seed and we both hugging and kissing under the warm shower tasting my Mexican seed.

He pulled his shaft out of me; I turned off the shower and went down on my knees to worship his spear. Sucked and tasted his cum and licked his cock dry. It tasted so good; I had to share it with him. I stood up and we kissed again this time on my cummy mouth and lips. I turned on the shower once more and we finished rinsing off.

"I want to now Roger; I want to fuck you real bad. I want you to be my man, my daddy. You know, I never had a daddy, but I do now, if you say yes" Roger looked at me in my eyes and said "Yes, let's go to my bed" I got a hard on right away, to think I would fuck Roger, the man of my dreams and now my daddy. We dried each other off with his towel. "Next time I'll be prepared with soap and towel for you" he stammered. "No need daddy, I like it more this way, sharing yours."

I put my arm around his waist, grabbed the baby oil and took him to his bed. There I saw my smiling brown face on his night table. I kissed him and pushing him down and back I decided I wanted to see me fuck him. I raised his legs, and stared at his gorgeous plump white ass with its golden brown bush hiding his manhole from view. I was surprised when he pulled his ass cheeks apart for me to see his virgin cherry.

Oh wow! I really felt like a man now. My cock hard and leaking precum inches from his bushy cherry. I savored the sight. "Can I take a picture?" "Sure Maikol if you share it with me" I grabbed my cell phone, got back into position and took a great pic, in fact more as I lubed his ass with one, then, two and finally three fingers. I did not want to hurt him with my massive brown fuck tool I was going to use for the first time.

The excitedly I entered him and distinctly heard or felt a pop as my cock helmet pierced his O-ring, and his cherry was mine. He moaned softly and said, "Now fuck me good and hard Maikol. I really want to feel you all the way in" I began pumping in and out excitedly. It sure was a wonderful feeling to have him in my power giving him what he craved. I felt so manly, so mature fucking away with lust and abandon.

Then I got the urge to mount him, top him, and feel his big white body under my smaller brown one. It was an incredible need. I pushed his legs to the mattress and got on top of him without pulling out and all the time driving my cock deeper and deeper into Roger. We kissed passionately now he wrapped his legs around me and grabbed my ass pulling it toward him. We were now one mass of humanity enjoying each other for the first time.

Oh Roger I'm cumming I cried out as I started to shoot volley after volley of my seed into him. He clutched me harder and whispered into my ear "Breed me baby, I want to be your bitch too" Tears came to my eyes as I realized all we had done together. "Stay the night baby, will you" It was Friday night, and we both could. I texted mom not to worry and would spend the night at my best friends place as we were going to watch a baseball game on TV and he let me use his shower.

We were both sweating again after this fantastic first fuck of mine. Shower time again, this was a quickie. He gave me thong of his to wear and he put on another. We went to take care of the laundry and fix some supper. I helped him, just as I helped mom, and soon we sat down to a nice meal. Being with him was like being home. I felt so comfy. "How about going out to the woods tomorrow and spending the day together" "Yes" was my eager reply, for I knew I needed a man like him in my life.

We tuned in the baseball game and watched it lovingly embraced, what a new life for us.



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