I couldn't help thinking and then dreaming about James, he had been such a good sport. I wanted him back for more pictures and sex. I was home early every evening eagerly awaiting his call. Damn, he needed the money, I offered him double, why didn't he call? My male friends loved his pictures and I jacked off every night to them.

Finally one sultry afternoon he called. He wanted to come over Friday after sunset. I hardly could hide my happiness. 'Yes sure James come over, and listen, after your two hours of work, if you would like to have dinner with me, please stay.' I offered it longingly. He accepted with pleasure. Man was I excited, like a kid with a new toy, and that was what I wanted, a new boi toy to play with.

I cleaned and spruced up my apartment as I had not done in years, placed cut fresh flowers on the dining table with candles and fine table setting, everything and anything to win over James. I wanted him. I needed him around me. I cooked up a fine dinner with all the trimmings. I was amazed and happy to be doing this for the first time in many years, too many wasted years I thought.

When the doorbell rang at sunset Friday evening my heart jumped for joy. James was here! When I opened the door and saw him I was stunned. Here he was, more beautiful than ever. A lovely pony tail with curly locks dangling behind his head, gorgeous jet-black long eyelashes, and sculpted eyebrows, sexy dark blue eye shadows and pink cheeks with glossy red lips. I licked my lips in anticipation.

He wore a pink tight sleeveless t-shirt and low slung tight black toreador jeans just above the knee, showing off his smooth boyish calves, and sandals showing his beautiful feet and pink toenails. His hands were delicately sculpted and manicured in soft pink nail polish.

I gasped and he smiled at me. He was wearing the dark brown dog collar I had given him. The studs were polished. I drooled and ushered James in. He walked by next to me swishing his broad hips, while my cock got an incredibly hot hard on. 'Got any more of that vodka and cola' He said softly to my ear. 'I need one now'. I served his triple vodka and cola and my scotch on the rocks and sat next to him on the sofa.

I had a new video on the plasma giant screen; these were two cute boys dressing up to be fembois for a stag party. He watched transfixed, as they became two gorgeous boisluts, just like he looked and wanted to be now. I stroked his cute face and told him how beautiful he was. He liked that, and I went for more, kissing him and fondling him, making sure he was getting hotter and sexier by the minute.

Then I told James it was picture time and I wanted him to show me all he wanted to do to attract men like me. He went to the front room and changed into what I had set up for him. A flaming red corset that pinched his slim waist, broadened his hips and boosted his breasts, showing off his quarter sized tits; red mesh stockings, high heeled matching sandals, bracelets, rings and a necklace. He was my lovely willing femboi now.

James shamelessly posed for me in every way I asked him. He invitingly showed off his smooth shaved boi pussy and little boicock and walnuts. He blew kisses at the camera and more. I was going wild with desire and decided I had to fuck him right then and now. He let me, and made me have the most incredible orgasm of my life while he did too as I fucked him silly.

Our first hour of work was up and I needed a change of pace, so I suggested to James that dinner was ready and we could resume our work after. He readily agreed and helped me warm and serve our dinner. James asked me to be nude like he was and I complied. He put on a pink baby doll cape and we sat down to a romantic candlelight dinner. He ate daintily beside me holding hands with me all the time and expecting to be kissed and fondled continuously while enjoying his meal.

I drooled all dinnertime. He had me where he wanted me, he knew it, and knew I knew it too. After dinner James insinuated he wanted me to service his cock, before I fucked him again. The fresh memory of my last fuck was all I needed to say yes to his request and soon I was kneeling in front of him sucking and licking away at his cock as I had not done to anyone else in years, such was his overwhelming attraction.

He was insatiable; I sucked and licked his prick trying desperately to make him cum in my mouth or anywhere else on me he wanted. I was cum hungry and finally I let my fem boy fuck me. It was incredible. James wanted man cunt now and I gave it to him readily. In fact I wanted him in my bed that night, told him so, and he agreed provided he could fuck me again.

He was in control now. He took of the dog collar and put it on me as he kissed me. I fondled his little prick that had felt so good up my bum a few minutes before. He got another hard on and so did I. This time he wanted 69 from me and I complied. We sucked each other wantonly, cock and balls and ass holes. They were both cummy and we lapped up our juices hungrily. Soon our cocks erupted like volcanoes in each others' eager and tired mouths. Then we kissed and shared our love juices. Yes they were love juices now. I was in love with him and I could feel his love for me.

'Let's go to bed now', he agreed. He took off the clothes I had made him wear, and came to me in bed with a smile. 'I just want to be like this with you always' he told me looking me straight in the eye. I knew what he meant. 'It's a deal,' I answered softly and pulling him close to me we embraced and kissed. It was going to be different now. No more femboi, just James, my boy friend and lover.



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