I was literally floored my first day at community college. I had just arrived in town a few days before and was not familiar with anything, much less a huge college. I was trying to find my way to my next class looking at the floor plan in my hand when I crashed into this big hulk of a guy. My books went all over the floor, my glasses too and I joined them.

I was dazed and then this guy apologizes, starts picking up my books and puts my glasses back on. Are you hurt? he asks me apologetically. Nope I'm fine thanks. I should be apologizing to you, I answered. He was also clutching a floor plan in his hand. You new here too? I added. Yup, don't know a soul. Well now we do, I'm Cary, I said. Mike here, let's get together after class and grab a soda together. I couldn't believe it. He helped me up, he was a head taller than I, had a gorgeous golden tan, strong muscles, must be a football player, I thought to myself. Man he is a hot looking dude, must be quite a ladies man.

I couldn't help thinking about him and his hot looks all day. I did not see him again, but there he was at the end of classes by the school doors waiting for me. Live far from here? he asked me, Nope. Me neither, he answered let's walk to the mall. OK and we started chatting about our day. At the mall he took me to an old fashioned soda fountain I had not seen before and the place was filling up with guys. He said grab a table, I'll get in line and he handed me his back pack. I did find a little table near the back. Sat down and parked my books and his back pack on the other chair. In a while he sauntered over with a big grin on his face holding a large soda and a large ice cream cup, two straws and two plastic spoons. I picked up my books, piled them on the and he sat down next to me and shared his goodies with me.

A thrill shot through me as he looked at me and gave me a straw and a spoon. I am a lefty and he right handed, so all of a sudden while we are sharing his ice cream, I feel his left hand on top of my right hand and he just let his fingers casually fall between mine while he looked at me longingly. I had never experienced anything in my life like this, but it felt so good. I just let it happen. 'You are so cute', he said to me just like that. I blushed and he smiled. 'Nobody told you that before', 'nope' I answered still dazed. 'Well Cary get used to it, cause you are very cute, just look at how some of the other guys here are smacking their lips looking at you.' I looked up from our hands and did notice some guys staring at me and Mike. I blushed again and blurted out: 'you are so hot Mike, I like you a lot'.

He squeezed my fingers between his, smiled at me and said: 'Close your eyes Cary'. I did. and he kissed my ice creamy lips with his. He put his hand behind my neck so I wouldn't back off and slipped his creamy tongue into my mouth. I gave up any pretense of shyness now. He wanted me and knew I wanted him too. I kissed him back, sucked his tongue and let it curl up with mine. He took my hand off the table and down to his thigh where he placed it close to his crotch so I could fell the heat. I started feeling his powerful leg muscles and he just sighed and said: 'That's just what I need Cary, keep going baby, you are hot too'. Just then I broke the kiss and looked down at our hands still together, mine was stroking his leg coming closer to and closer to his bulging crotch. 'Go ahead Cary, feel it how hard it is just for you', he said quietly. I did and felt the thrill of my life as for the first time I felt another guys joy stick and it was as hard as mine.

'Wow!! I said, man you are so big and hard!', 'You like it?' he asked me anxiously. 'Feels real good, I'd like to see it.' I answered, excited to be talking like this to a great looking guy. I had always fantasized about meeting a guy like this, but had no idea how it could happen, and here I was in a soda fountain playing around with a gorgeous dude's power tool and enjoying it. 'How about coming over to my place so we can get to know each other better. Nobody else will be there till 8 pm'. 'Oh man thats a real cool idea Cary, let's go now!' We both got up and flattened our jean's bulges and took off to my place.

Once inside he grabbed me and kissed me passionately. Man what a kiss!! He held me tight and I could feel the thrill of his growing stiffy against my thigh. He also grabbed my tail and squeezed my butt. I grabbed his too and he let me fondle his ass cheeks. Man they were nice and firm. My little pecker grew hard too and I rubbed it against his leg. We both moaned and sighed softly. I couldn't believe I was in his arms. He pulled off my shirt and started rubbing my chest, pinching my little nipples. 'Wow that feels so good Mike', 'you like it', 'yup I like everything you do to me', 'oh we are going to have a lot of fun together, where do you hang out?' 'Upstairs' I said and he led the way up the stairs to my bed room, there we stripped for each other and liked what we saw.

I pulled him into bed with me. and he landed on top of me. I opened my legs wide and let his thighs fall between them. His hard big cock pressed against my crotch and it felt oh so good and I told him so. I use lube to jack off and finger my ass hole, so I opened my night table drawer and gave it to him. He kissed me, I parted my lips to let his tongue in my mouth and started sucking it. Meanwhile he started playing with my nipples making them hard, then he licked and sucked them too. I was happy he was enjoying them and making me feel so good. I never thought he could give me such a thrill. He kissed my neck and left a mark on it, saying I was his. I told him I wanted to be his.

After a while he asked if I would suck his cock and I said yes, I wanted to. He sat on my chest with his legs spread and brought my head up till my lips touched the tip of his cock. I was oozing precum and I licked it. He felt a thrill all over and moaned when I did it. Wow! I did it again and again teasing his cock and he kept moaning asking me to suck it. Then he put his hand behind my neck and slowly pushed his throbbing man tool into my hungry and very willing mouth. My lips were drooling between my saliva and his precum as I took in his hot manhood and savored it. Then he slowly pulled it out while I clamped my lips around it and felt it withdraw. Then he pushed it in again, this time deeper, pretty soon I was going wild with his face fuck. Every time he got more shaft in, till finally his black curly pubes tickled my nose. 'Grab my balls and feel how heavy they are', he joked. 'I'm gonna breed you real good Cary, you are going to be my bitch'. 'Oh yes Mike, go ahead make me your bitch and seed me good'.

'You really like it Cary', he finally told me, and I said, 'I love it. It feels and tastes so good'. I kept it up, looking up at his sweet face as he blew me kisses and caressed my face. Then he put some lube on one hand and began feeling up my ass crack. 'Gee Cary, you have such a smooth pussy', he said as he fondled my butt and fingered my virgin man cunt. His finger felt much better than mine up my ass and soon I was begging him to fuck me. I was hot and horny and I wanted him inside me. He quickly took his cock out of my mouth, got off me and raising my legs started sucking and rimming my hole. I gasped as I began to enjoy this new feeling and realizing that in a few minutes I would be his bitch and he would breed me and fill my pussy with joy.

Before I knew it he was behind me, raised my leg, asked me to hold it and put his wet cock head against my hole, 'Push Cary, open your pussy for me' he commanded me, I obeyed and felt his hard helmet get past my o ring. 'Ohh! Mike' I moaned in ecstasy as I lost my virginity to him and felt him slowly and deliberately fill my pussy with his joy stick. It was what I wanted and needed from him. He let me adjust to his tool and then began to fuck me slowly and deliberately, and I started to enjoy it. Before long I was moving back and forth making his hot hard tool come in and out of what was fast becoming my man cunt. He was right I was becoming his hot bitch and loved it.

I felt this powerful urge to get laid by him and give him my pussy to enjoy, but also I felt he was making me feel like I wanted to cum. My little prick was not hard now, it was soft and dangled freely as I moved back and forth faster and clamped my o ring around his power tool to feel it more and more getting me so excited till all of a sudden I moaned, shuddered and began shooting my load onto the bed. He kissed me, held me tight and shuddered too as he began seeding me, filling me with his love juice that I so much wanted. We both were in ecstasy now. We kissed as hard as we could, his hard tongue was inside my mouth filling it with his hot saliva as his dick unloaded all his cum inside me. I was his now, his hot bitch boy. What more could I want that first time. It was pure bliss. Joy at discovering a guy who wanted me as much as I wanted him.

Soon we would be involved in a long series of adventures which I would like to tell you guys about if you encourage me with your comments below.



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