The Victoria's Secret Male Model #7

By : A. Williams

    "Hey it's lunch time, care for a drink to celebrate? Have a few bottle of Champagne left over from the holidays already chilled." Lance said smiling, trying to break the awkward silence.

    "Sure, that is a great deal they gave us. We should celebrate. We need some music too." Frankie said getting into the celebrating spirit.

    Lance hit a button and easy jazz drifted through the penthouse. He went to the wine cooler and pulled out the champagne and got two glasses. Frankie had made a huge pallet on the floor filled with the large throw pillows from the couches and was splayed out on one side. His head propped up, hands behind his head, lying on his back ankles crossed and no shoes or socks.

God he is so fucking gorgeous thought Lance. Sitting down and started opening the bottle. When both men smiled at the other. Lance asked "What?" Snickering and pulling on the cork.

"Let your hair out, I like it better loose... so sexy." Frankie said sternly.

    Lance immediately set the bottle down and removed his ponytail band. He slowly shook out his mane and unbuttoned his shirt so Frankie could see his chest hair as well.

"Better Baby?" Lance asked seductively.

    "Much better, loose the shirt... now. I want to see all that soft fur that covers you Tiger." Frankie smirked.

Lance removed his shirt, belt and his socks. "Better or would you rather me be naked?"

"Only when I say ... only when I say Tiger," chuckled Frankie.

    Lance got back to work on that cork... POP... Lance filled the glasses and handed one to Frankie.

    He raised his glass and Lance followed, "To our three year deal, may it be lots of fun and full of HOT STEAMY SEX!" "Here...Here," they both shouted and down there glasses.

    Lance refilled them and just starred at Frankie deep in thought as he sipped his second glass. His heart felt a small pang, nothing about love or them as a couple in that toast. Maybe he had misread Frankie's actions and not understood his words. He thought they were in love, deep love. He had thought Frankie wanted him. Wanted them to be a couple, boyfriends and partners.

    Suddenly he was no longer in the party mood. He sat down his full glass, stood, grabbed his shirt and said, "Excuse me Frankie." Then he walked to his bedroom and shut the door. He was holding back tears now as he changed into a pair of sweat pants and a T-shirt. How could he be such a fool? He called down to David and told him that Frankie would soon be coming and for him to take him home. He put his hair back in his trade mark ponytail and headed back to the living room.

    Lance stood by the elevator and called Frankie over. "What's up Lance, what's wrong? Frankie asked walking toward him. The elevator arrived and Lance held the door. "I think you need some time to think Frankie. Time to think about what you want. We will be business partners for the next three years and if that's all you want, I can live with that. I want you Frankie, I want an US and I will wait as long as you need me to. You go and figure out what you want. David will drive you home." Lance escorted Frankie into the elevator and as the door closed he said "I will be waiting Baby."

    Frankie was not surprised, shocked or upset at all. He knew Lance was right, he needed time to think. He rode home with David is silence and soon he was back home but somehow he felt lost... alone. Not really happy to be home, not all comfy and cozy like he should have felt.

    I guess I will have to celebrate alone he thought. He went and made himself a very strong gin and tonic and sat on the couch hitting the remote playing some down home blues songs. Those 4 photos of him in the fan were on his coffee table and he began to study them and drink. He missed Lance so much, he was no longer unsure. He finished his drink, pissed and left for Lance's place.

    He knew what he wanted and he craved and that was LANCE!!! All of him... every single hair on his bad-ass body ... every single inch of that monster cock ... every single inch of the beautifully soft long curly hair on his head... God I have been so stupid.

    He walked into the lobby and the manger had seen him many times before, so he let him go up alone. Frankie snuck into the Penthouse, and went in search of Lance and found him reading on his bed. He took several deep breaths trying to calm his nerves. He held his head high and walked in the bedroom, "Hello Lance, sorry to intrude.... Please listen to what I need to say... please."

    "Yes ... Yes Baby, I will listen to anything you need to tell me." Lance closed his book and waited, eyes focused on his one true love.

    "Lance here and now," Frankie began, "I promise to love you faithfully. Here in my heart, I truly believe I was wrong to leave and when I look in your eyes I know what happiness really is. The love we share makes life so sweet Tiger, your love is all I need." With tears streaming down his face Frankie lowered his head.

    Lance's eyes were not dry, he too was crying but in joy. "Baby come to me, be with me now. All is forgiven and I will never let you me leave again." Lance said his arms wide open to receive Frankie.

    Frankie ran to the bed and jumped into Lance's outstretched arms and they held each other tight sobbing together. They were both so happy to be back in each other's arms where the belonged all along. Soon they were kissing wet sloppy man kisses and tearing each other's clothes off. "I crave you Baby... God please take my cherry, make me yours forever." Lance begged wanting his true love make sweet love to him.

    "Lance I love you so much, I want you so bad... promise me you will tell me if I hurt you in anyway." Frankie pleaded.

"I promise Baby. Please I need you... come inside of me." Lance begged again.

    Frankie pushed his legs over his head and pushed his face into Lance's butt crack. Oooooh my, he smells so good and taste even better Frankie thought as he licked his hairy hole. He loved the taste and the smell that was ALL Lance. I never knew it could be so great eating ass, he thought as his hard cock started to leak.

    He probed deeper with his tongue, "Fucks soooo...good, damn. Baby that feels great! Eat my pussy...yyyeeessssssssssss. Oooh deeepperrrr." Lance moaned out. Both in pure lust mode now, Frankie could not hold back. He raised his wet face, "I have to fuck you NOW....PLEASE?" He screamed.

    Lance shouted back, "Take me...FUCK YES do it Baby." Frankie grabbed the lube and greased them up and pushed. When he popped in Lanced moaned, "YYEES... alllll the way Baby... keep pushing... good." Neither had ever felt anything so fantastic. "Lance ..fuckkkk... you aarreee .....sssooo damn tight....shiiittt" he groaned in deep concertation holding back his churning balls.

    When he was in deep surrounded by Lance's hot ass walls he bent over and place a soft kiss on his lips, "Tiger, I need you to look me in the eyes as I make love to you. God I love you so much. I want you to see it in my eyes and feel it in your body... see my love for you."

    Frankie started pulling out slow and their eyes were looked in a deep soul searching stare. Then back in slow as they both shivered with delight. Back out slow.... Back in slow... over and over. They clung to one another shivering and moaning softly. it was to be one together....totally one. Heart, body and soul, the absolute best ecstasy in THIS WORLD!

    "Baby... Frankie... I love you...ssooo gggooooddd....uummmmm." Lance moaned getting close. "Tiger...fuck close.....ccuuummm...wwwiiittthhh mmmmmeee," he groaned as he unloaded in Lance's ass. Feeling his ass fill with hot cum, Lance shot huge ropes of cum all over them, their spasms went on and on. Finally spent, Frankie collapsed on top of Lance in his huge pool of cum and matted chest hair. Both me floated back down to earth and grabbed each other tighter.

    They rested awhile, gaining their breath back and heart beats slowing. "I love you Lance." "I love you too Frankie. When are you moving in?" he asked. "The moving truck is at my place now." Frankie snickered. "Marry me Frankie?" Lance asked out of the blue.

"ABSO...FUCKING...LUTELY !!!!!...................

THE END......thanks for reading... and posting........A.....


A. Williams

[email protected]


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