The Victoria's Secret Male Model #1

By : A. Williams

    He was the hottest male model in the world right now, 25 years old and single. Loving life, enjoying his youth with all the money he was making from walking the runways. Frankie Lewis was born to Cherokee descendants so he was dark brown all over, black eyes and the most perfect man legs to ever walk in the USA. He stood six foot tall on a large frame, smooth all over except for his silky medium length brown hair. "Sex on legs" all the models and mangers said. He had a touch of feminine qualities about his gorgeous face. Perfect full lips, high cheekbones and full eyelashes along with a killer smile.

    His uncut package showed off so well in that underwear he modeled. Soft he was four inches, when hard he was nine and his balls were average. All the models were jealous of him but desired him. All the mangers knew he was a money maker and they wanted to work with him. He however, was oblivious to all the fuss over him, he was shy and did not see what others saw in him. As a matter of fact he was a gay virgin, still waiting for "The One".

    He decided to take his career in his own hands. Do something so out of the box that people in the modeling field would notice and be speechless about. He left the photo shoot, drove home in his Jaguar and pulled into his private parking place in a high-rise in New York City. Frankie made his way to the top floor penthouse suite, he owned the building. He removed his jacket, tie and slipped off his shoes as he walked to the bar.

    He made himself a strong gin and tonic as he started the jazz music with one flick of his finger. He sat and drank as he scribbled notes to himself about his next step in his modeling career. NO MAN had ever modeled for Victoria's Secret in woman's lingerie and he believed he should be the first. In hiding he loved to dress in their silk gowns and panties they were so soft, sensual.

    He decided to place the call first thing in the morning, he knew the C.E.O. of the company and knew he could get in to see him. Frankie drank and wrote a sells speech for his idea to present to his friend and C.E.O., Tom Daniels. He suddenly longed to share his ideas with a partner, a special man of his own. He was lonely and horny and craved male affection. He did not know that half way across town a man, a Photographer for Victoria's Secret was feeling the exact same way as he was and he was a man virgin too.

    His name was Lance Summers, 30 years old very good at his work and very highly paid. He owned his high-rise and lived on the top floor alone like Frankie. He was very different in looks, brown curly hair down his back and bright blue eyes and was very hairy all over. His handsome manly squared face wore a neatly trimmed bread and mustache and his chest, arms and legs were covered in brown fur. He stood six feet five inches and was a gym rat, big veiny muscles all over his large frame. All the female models wanted that extra-large package he could never seem hide. Lance was indeed horse hung, his cut cock was nine inches soft and eleven hard. The ladies pined for him not knowing he was gay.

        The next morning on the way to the home office of Victoria's Secret, both Lance and Frankie felt some kind of magic in the air. They were first aware of each other on the crowded elevator, Frankie notice this hairy guy in faded skintight blue jeans with a huge package, hair pulled back in a ponytail and the biggest brightest blue eyes he had ever seen. He was struggling with camera equipment and grumbling under his breath about the elevator stopping on every floor obviously late for a photo shoot.

    Lance smelt him before he saw his stunning face, O MY GOD he thought!!! I need to take his photograph, he is perfect... his face... his body. When the doors opened for Lance's floor he bumped into him on purpose for a smell and a touch. "Excuse me kind Sir." He apologized smiling at him sexy - like with a wink. "No problem." Frankie said as he held the door open for him and winked back and flashed his killer smile.

    Frankie made his way to the top floor and the receptions desk where he introduced himself and asked to see Tom Daniels. He took a seat and waited for his friend to walk out. "Frankie my man! Where have you been hiding?" They gave each other a man hug. "I been around Tom, you look great! Got a sells pitch for you, got time for a cup of coffee?" Tom laughed "Gina, heading out for about an hour, please hold down the fort. Where to Buddy, cafeteria or coffee shop around the corner?" They both picked the coffee shop, ordered and picked a table.

    "Spill the idea Frankie." Tom laughed. Frankie went into his businesses mode laying out his plan in full details and waited while Tom mulled it over. "Love the idea and I know the perfect Photographer for the shoot, best man we have. His name is Lance Summers all the ladies love him. Does brilliant work and I am sure he would love to work with you. Frankie was thrilled that Tom was so open to his ideas and excited about the possibilities for this partnership between them.

    Both men's days came to an end and they found their selves alone with drinks and jazz music playing lost in their thoughts. They were thinking of that unforgettable man on the elevator this morning not knowing they were each thinking of the other.........

Part #2 coming soon.......... Thanks for reading and posting A......


A. Williams

[email protected]


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