The Victoria's Secret Male Model #3

By : A. Williams

From part #2... "Gather your things and come with me Lance, to my home for drinks please?" Frankie said flashing that killer smile............

Lance did not need to be asked twice, he gathered his cameras and was ready lickety split. They walked out to that extraordinary elevator that had defined their destiny, two virgin men together in lust, feeling that this was meant to be somehow. They had both sampled the famine side with no fulfillment, both men knew ... only another man would satisfy that deep longing need.

They entered the elevator and Frankie said grabbing Lance's hand.

"Follow me home, we are going to drink too much for you to drive... you will spend the night in the guest room. Okay Lance?"

His heart fluttering and his cock going rock hard at the possibilities for another kiss, another touch but he needed to be the aggressor. Lance had always been the pursuer, not the prey. He stopped the elevator, dropped his gear and pushed Frankie against the wall of the elevator.

"No, Frankie will ride home with me and you WILL spend the weekend with me... in my bed beside me nude." he commanded.

He laid a toe curling kiss on Frankie, slurping his lips, tongue down his throat as they both moaned ...Uuuuummmmm. He backed off the kiss and began to lick Frankie's neck.

Lance whispered "We need to be together, no sex... just holding and cuddling."

"Yes...Ohoooo yes Lance, that's what I want so much. Take me home, your home now!!!" Frankie said breathlessly.

Lance backed away and started the elevator again still holding Frankie's hand. When they arrived at the parking garage, he picked up his discarded gear and winked at Frankie.

"Come, let's go home...I have Bud Light on ice." Lance laughed as they walked to his Cadillac limousine.

The Chauffeur opened the back door for them.

"Good day Mr. Summers, where to Sir?" Lance helped Frankie inside,

"Home David please quickly." David closed the door saying "Of course Sir."

"Frankie I do not live far from here, we will be there soon. I don't think you should be worried about your modeling career. What I captured on film was killer. Tom seems to know we are both gay and doesn't seem to care in the least."

Frankie pondered what Lance had said "Tom said something about us being the perfect fit for each other. Didn't he? Maybe you're right, I shouldn't worry just yet."

They pulled into the parking garage and David opened the door for them and retrieved Lance's equipment from the trunk. They made their way to the Penthouse and entered, Lance and Frankie went to the living room.

"Find a seat Frankie and get comfortable... shoes off first thing. I'll get us something to drink." Lance said removing his own shoes and socks.

Lance then headed to the fridge and came back with an ice cold six pack, sitting them on the coffee table. He pulled off two and handed one to Frankie and took on for himself. As they sat back and popped the tops, both taking long pulls and all that could be heard was content sighs. They looked at each other and laughed.

"Better Frankie?" Lance asked smiling.

"Much, my friend... much better, Thank you." Frankie replied. "Really nice place, very well laid out and decorated... homey and comfy. Did you do all this Lance?"

"Yep all me, I love to pick out my own things, my taste you know makes it all mine." He laughed tossing another beer to Frankie.

They drank and stared at each other both thinking dirty sexy thoughts about the other till David walked in. "Sir your equipment is in the dark room. Do you require anything else today Sir?"

Lance never broke the stare saying "No." David nodded and departed the Penthouse.

Finally alone, Lance's mind raced... what to do? Hold back and talk?... jump his bones?... said no sex... fuck why did I say that... shit. He rose and started some jazz music playing through the whole Penthouse, not too loud sort of background music. He walked back to Frankie and sat next to him... why did he smell so good? He gave him another beer and asked.

"I am not trying to come on to you Frankie but I have to ask... are you wearing some kind of cologne or something... you smell so good?"

Frankie laughed taking the beer and drinking half "Yes I am wearing my own designed cologne and line of body wash products. The line is called "Man Virgin."

Lance choked on his swallow of beer hearing those words...VIRGIN... could it be true ... he was a man virgin too?

"You do not have to answer if you do want to Frankie but are you... a man virgin?" Lance asked softly.

"Yes... Yes I am Lance." Frankie whispered ashamed. Lance let out a sigh.

He was so glad now he said no sex, only cuddling and kissing. He scooted closer to Frankie and took his hand in his own. Looking deep into his eyes he confessed.

"So am I Frankie, I am a man virgin too. Maybe that's why Tom said we were a perfect fit." Lance said in all honesty.

He raised Frankie's hand to his lips and kissed. Frankie moaned as his hot lips touched him. Frankie wanted him so bad, so deep but he was scared to move on his desires.

"How about we grab a few more beers and head to the dark room to see how stunning you look on film Frankie. I know we have some killer footage and I can't wait to see. What do you say?" Lance asked.

"Lead the way Mr. Photographer, let's see what you captured on film." Frankie replied.

They grabbed a new cold six-pack and each other's hand and made their way to the dark room on naked feet. Smiling, so happy to be together... at this moment... at this time everything felt perfect... magical.

Lance worked fast from the monotony of doing this for years. Soon the photos were hanging and drying on the clothes lines in the large dark room. Frankie looked over them drinking his beer.

"Damn Lance these are fucking great !!! No one has ever caught me this raw, so clear and true like you have. Shit these should make Tom "do a dance" in his office... maybe naked!! As he dreams of the money he will make." Frankie said.

They both laughed at the suggestion of Tom dancing naked...........

Part 4 coming soon........Thanks for reading and posting...means a lot to me.....A...


A. Williams

[email protected]


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