The Victoria's Secret Male Model #4

By : A. Williams

    They finished looking over all the stunning photographs Lance had taken and both decided the ones that they like the best were the 4 shots he snapped of Frankie in front of the fan...cooling down after the break to reload film in the camera. Sort of ironic really since it was supposed to be run-way shots but the Fan-Shots were very sexy and showed the lingerie off to perfection.

    The sensual nature off the shots came from Frankie's beautiful smooth body.  The panties were almost see thru and you could clearly make out his semi-erect cut cock and balls. His ass so smooth, round and blemish free with enough sweat to make it glisten in the photo. His hair was blowing in the wind, perfectly showing he was flushed from the heat in his face along with his high cheekbones and his full lips. They loved them so much Lance made 8 x 10 copies for both of them.

    They left the dark room and were headed back to the living room when Lance asked. "How about a pizza, a salad and a Bud Light or two for dinner Frankie?"

"Sound wonderful, pepperoni, sausage and extra-cheese?" asked Frankie.

Lance stopped dead in his tracks and pulled him in his arms. Then staring at him he said "Your favorite too?"

    "Yes Lance ... my Favorite too." he said breathless squeezing Lance tight to his body. The contact making his heart race and blood boil. Lance leaned in and when their lips touched they were both hard in an instant and were making out with passion in two seconds flat.

    Lance walked Frankie backwards to the couch in the living room still lip locked and tight to each other, they fell on the couch. Frankie on the bottom with Lance on top of him, soon shirts were off and hot skin to hot skin made them moan. Hands were caressing and touching.

    "I love your soft hair Lance... feels so nice on me." Frankie said breaking the kiss and flipping Lance under him. He sat straddling Lance's crotch, feeling his hard member under his ass. He placed both hands on his chest and rubbed his fur.

"So soft...feels silky in my hands. I could play with it all night." Frankie cooed.

"Please do. Please play with me all night Frankie. I would love that." Lance pleaded.

"What about the pizza, the salad and the beer?" Frankie teased smiling still playing in Lance's chest hair.

"I can wait a few hours... let's go play, I want you Frankie... so much." Lance begged.

"I'm scared Lance. Not of you but of the not knowing... I have heard it hurts something awful. Can we wait just a little longer, maybe a few more drinks?" Frankie resisted.

"Maybe a compromise, me, you and beer in the Jacuzzi tub naked?" Lance offered.

"Yes ... Oooh yes perfect let's go now." Frankie said perking up.

Standing he held out his hand for Lance to grab. "Come ... take my hand and lead the way so you can undress me." Lance took his hand smiling, longing to see Frankie nude. They entered the Jacuzzi room, Lance removed the cover and turned on the jets. He opened the mini fridge and grabbed two Bud Lights, he handed one to Frankie. Lance popped his and downed the whole can, then tossed it in the trash.

"Time to see that entire sweet body Frankie, ready?" Lance asked

"Yes, I am ready to show you all of me." Frankie said nervously.

Lance quickly closed the gap between them and fell to his knees. He reached up unbuckling Frankie's belt, he pulled it through all the loops and placed it between his teeth biting down. Then Lance grabbed the waist of his pants with both hands. In one hard pull, his pants and underwear were at his ankles still button and zipped. Frankie stepped out of them, his hard nine inch cock slapping his abs as Lance moaned "UUuugghh," and dropped the belt from his mouth as his tongue snaked out to lick his lips.

"Ooooh, Frankie you are heavenly, please Baby... let me taste your beautiful cock." Lance begged as he ran his hands up and down Frankie's smooth perfect pair of man legs.

"WAIT!" Frankie yelled. "Not until I see ALL of you Lance," he said on shaking legs.

    Lance stood, placed a small kiss on his thick lips and whispered in his ear, "Baby, you are killing me with this teasing. Soon I won't be able to hold back and will have no choice but to take you by force." Lance kissed his ear and backed away with his arms up and out to his sides.

    "Come Frankie, finish undressing me, let me show you all of me and what I have to offer you." Lance said self-assuredly as he removed the band from his ponytail and shook out his long curly hair.

    God damn he is gorgeous thought Frankie as he gulped trying to swallow the excess spit accumulating in his mouth at the site of Lance's hairy muscled body. Frankie loved looking at hairy guys, now he had his own for the taking and was scared shitless. He downed his beer for added nerve and tossed the can in the trash as Lance had done earlier.

    Lance laughed "Liquid courage?" He reached around and grabbed two more Bud Lights tossing one to Frankie "Here, have another Baby."

    Frankie caught the can mid-air, popped the tap and gulped down half "Fuck Lance you are gorgeous, I need to feel all that soft hair," he sighed. "But not here... take me to bed please Lance."

    Lance dropped his beer and swooped Frankie in his arms and ran to his bedroom. He tossed Frankie on the bed and snatched off his pants and boxers.

    Frankie saw his eleven inch monster cock. "Ooooh my god Lance you are hung like a horse... NNNOO.... STOP!!!" Frankie yelled shaking all over like a virgin bride.

    "Baby." Lance said smiling. "How about you take my cherry first? I want that beautiful dick of yours buried deep in me, let me get you ready Baby."

    Lance crawled onto the bed and swallowed Frankie's cock to his balls groaning with this first taste finally. Yes so sweet, so soft but hard and luscious he thought.

    Frankie moaned out loudly. "UUHHHGGG.....YYYEEESSSS....." he grabbed handfuls of Lance's long silky hair and held his head down on his cock.

"Suck me... yes Lance... please slide around, I need you monster in my mouth too."

    Lance rose up off on off his dick, scooted around and they both swallowed the other whole. Both men moaned in the joy of receiving while giving pleasure at the same time. They sensually rubbed every inch a skin they could reach, one smooth the other hairy. They reveled in the difference and soon the 69 they had going became intense.

    There was no holding it back any longer, slurping sounds and sucking sounds grew louder. They wanted and needed to cum in the others mouth as they began to face fuck each other in earnest and their grunts and groans became animalistic. They both erupted, hard and long gripped in intense body locking euphoria.

    After their eruptions, both men were more relaxed still tasting the other on their lips, they leisurely licked and cleaned the others softening beautiful appendages. Heavy sighs of satisfaction was all that could be heard as they shifted around to snuggle each other. Lance moved behind Frankie and wrapped him tight in his arms. Frankie pushed back tight against him loving his soft hairy body.

    "Frankie you taste so sweet, I am on hooked on your flavor Baby I will never get enough." Lance said in all honesty.

Frankie giggled "My Hairy Bear, I love your creamy cum as sweet as honey."

    They both laughed at the irony in his words, bear-honey... It was not lost on either of them. Lance found the blanket and covered them both up.

"Baby you feel so good in my arms, I think I can hibernate tonight." Lance said smiling at the bear reference.

"You smart sexy man, hold me like your cub and protect me all night long." Frankie said content and happy like never before........

Part 5 coming soon......... Thanks for reading and posting......A.....


A. Williams

[email protected]


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