The Victoria's Secret Male Model #2

By : A. Williams

    Later that night when Lance was getting ready for bed he got a call from the boss, "Speak." Lance said when he answered the phone. "Evening Lance, Tom here. Have a special project for you, one-on-one runway at 10 am tomorrow." Tom groaned, one-on-one meant more work for him. "Location?" He asked. "Home offices, 9th floor room 2012... think you will be pleased with the model." He laughed knowing no one knew he was gay, he would only be pleased if it was a man. "Any special shot you want Tom?" Lance asked. "Run with it Buddy, you always do me proud." He said knowing Lance's eye was perfect and he knew his work very well. "Will do Tom, night."

    Both men meet again on the elevator, Lance knew his smell and stood close to him enjoying the aroma. Frankie thought it was uncanny running into this man again, the one he had dreamed of last night. His dream had been full of hot sex and thinking of it now made his cock thicken and that was not wasted on Lance. He saw his state of arousal and held back a moan, God he could only dream he was gay. He was one fine looking man, perfect for modeling. Lance wondered what he looked like naked, the "Bing" of the elevator brought both men out of their daze and they were surprised as they exited on the same floor. Shocked as they walked to the same door and Frankie held it open for Lance to enter first. "I see your hands are full, please allow me." He said flashing that killer smile.

    They parted ways at that point, Frankie to the changing rooms and Lance to set up lights and cameras. He wondered which Diva Bitch he would be working with today as he finished the set-up and put the music on a loop to play over and over. He headed to the coffee machine, poured a cup and waited with his Nikon around his neck. His thoughts went back to the guy that walked in the back dressing area.

    Who was he, was he a models brother? Did he work here, he had never seen him around before yesterday? Why did he smell so good, why do I seem infatuated with him? Why is he constantly on my mind, could he be gay? He was lost in a sea of his own questions and did not see Frankie walk out dressed in a white silk half sleep shirt and white silk thong bikini panties. He started the music and slipped behind the entrance curtain of the runway.

    Lance was startled from his thoughts by the sound of the music and positioned himself at the end of the runway his camera off his neck, held at the ready. He called out "Let's go doll... all ready." Frankie loved runway and gave his all for camera, knowing the elevator guy was the photographer only made him give his very best show. He walked out proud and tall all man, killer smile and face glowing. Lance never missed a beat, his camera could not work fast enough or his fingers. Damn, he was perfect and so much sexier than those ladies. "That's it Baby, swing those hips... yes much better. Now turn and look back at me... yes hot ass Baby. Yes to me now...closer... turn...bend." Lance moaned out loudly in lust now and Frankie laughed. "Yes smile like that Baby... yes perfect... laugh some more yes... mess up that hair Baby... uummm... so hot yes."

    This went on until Lance was out of film and he called a break. They walked in different directions, Lance toward his equipment to reload his cameras and Frankie to the fans to cool off. As he reloaded, Lance glanced at his subject in the wind of the fans and snapped 4 quick shots. They meet back up at the coffee machine both grabbing the same water bottle, the hair raising shocks they both received from the touch were clearly felt and neither moved. They locked eyes and both smiled at the other. "My name is Lance Summers nice to meet you." Frankie tightened his hand over Lance's on the bottle "My name is Frankie Lewis, very nice to meet you... very nice indeed." Frankie raised the water bottle with Lance's hand under his and twisted off the cap, took a long swig and licked his lips seductively and released the bottle along with Lance's hand.

    Lance's cock when full hard and he gulped trying to use his bigger head, the one with the mind inside, to think of what to say. Their eyes still locked in the stare, Lance raised the bottle and licked the opening to taste Frankie's spit. He drank and moaned "So much sweeter with our taste there Frankie." Lance said while sitting the bottle down.

    He suddenly grabbed Frankie in his big strong muscle arms and pulled him close. "I need to taste your sweetness at the source Baby." He pressed their lips together to greater shocks and they both moaned and when their tongues meet, both men's knees buckled. They crumbled to the floor locked together, mouths, arms and legs. They were making out intensely when they heard a voice. "So happy you two are into each other, I knew you two were the perfect fit." Tom said laughing at their shocked faces. Both Frankie and Lance stood trying unsuccessively to hide their erections. "I came in too soon, carry on men." He turned and left locking the door.

    Frankie panicked at being caught with another man, he was so sure he had hid being gay but now Tom seemed to know... of course he knew, he caught them dead to rights. They had been locked together, humping away on each other and slobbering on each other's faces. Frankie ran away to the dressing room so ashamed to be gay, my career is over he thought as he slammed the door and snatched off the lingerie. He dressed quickly needing to get the hell out of there and back home for many drinks to dull his mind. Lance stood there at a loss for words, thinking what the hell just happened. I had the man of my dreams in my arms... now he ran away from me?

    Frankie walked briskly out of the dressing room headed for the door and the elevator. Lance grabbed his arm as he passed "Wait Frankie don't go. Stay please." Lance asked. He turned slowly toward Lance "Sorry Lance, I allowed myself to get carried away with you, by you and it has more than likely cost me my career. I need to go." Lance released his arm in defeat but Frankie made no move to leave. "Gather your things and come with me Lance, to my home for drinks please?" Frankie said flashing that killer smile............

Part #3 soon.......... Thanks for reading and posting........A.


A. Williams

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